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    Is Kubiak like Iran's biggest public enemy at this point? lmao

    lol I knew he had history with some Iran NT players but this one was interesting because I'm sure he didn't know these players before the tournament. I think he is always like that but the thing is Iranian players always react to these kind of provocation.

    Varamin's reserve libero (also their captain, grandpa Shirkavand) is a master of these kind of fights. when this started I was hoping someone just grab him with two hands ! but surprisingly he was nice today lol

    just to know what kind of animal he is. watch this…7%DB%8C%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%86

    After winning the Iranian league, Shahrdari Varamin just won the Asian Club Championships in a dramatic way. with a depleted squad they weren't really a favorite but still they came back from 2-0 down to beat a very strong Panasonic Panthers team with Kubiak and Shimizu.

    from their original squad, they had some injured players and also some players in the national team camp. Kolakovic only agreed to release their key player (and Iranian league MVP) Pourya Fayazi who joined the team only for the last 3 matches and played a huge role in the final. their last point in tie-break was a great service point from Fayazi, taking that from Kubiak . and Pezeshki's celebration (actually starring at Kubiak) started almost a fight after the match.

    here is a short clip of what happened after the match. that was interesting because Kubiak never played against these players (well except the preliminary round match between these teams) they were starring at each other the whole match and referee was very weak to handle the situation.

    I already answered your private message but just for others in case


    S: Parviz Pezeshki, Hamid Hamoudi

    OP: Alireza Jalali, Mohammad Mohammadkazem

    OH: Pouria Fayyazi, Arash Keshavarzi, Arash Taghavi

    MB: Masoud Gholami, Ali Asghar Mojarrad, Mohammad Razipour

    L: Amin Razavi, Ahsanollah Shirkavand

    Coach: Rahman Mohammadirad


    S: Amir Hosseini, Amir Mohammad Falahatkhah

    OP: Javad Hosseinabadi, Reza Ghara

    OH: Hamzeh Zarrini, Mojtaba Gholizad, Behnam Hajipour

    MB: Ali Shafiei, Mehrdad Babaei, Amir Hossein Toukhteh

    L: Mohammad Hazratpour, Mostafa Heidari

    Coach: Peiman Akbari

    the next final will be on Sunday and Saipa can finish the job and wins the title for the first time ever (hard to believe an old club like Saipa never won that, they were close so many times)

    if you look at the moment it touched the ground, i think it is in. in the first picture the ball was shown just after it touched the ground. look at balls shape. it is not even deformed. it is perfect circle. i think there is nothing wrong with challenge system.

    maybe if we were talking about millimeters but there is a huge difference between those two pics. the animation even shows part of the ball was inside the court and not even on the line. to me noway that's possible.

    and actually I even think in the first picture the ball is showing just "before" it touches the ground. before or after, it still has contact with the ground.

    I simply think showing the real picture is better. I just don't trust this system. I had seen such mistakes before.

    The TV replay doesn't show the correct image. When the ball fully touches the floor, it is pressed. In the images they show, the balls are mostly spherical. It's either before or after fully touching the floor.

    that one yes but I remember one action from 2nd set , Vettori on service line. his service was clearly out from what we saw on the replay but the animation from the video challenge was "in" and gave point to Trentino.

    By what criteria is this mid ranked Iranian team invited to this competition? Isn’t there Asian club championship?

    well actually they won the Asian Club Championship, but it was a series of accidents that led them to this position. they finished 7th in Iranian league regular season but somehow managed to beat top ranked teams in playoffs losing the final to Sarmayeh Bank. and since Sarmayeh doesn't exist anymore. they went to the Asian Club Champs as the Iranian league champion. the AVC Club Champs was in a poor level this year (because so many competitions close to each other in 2018) and they won it and I have to say they had couple of additional players (from other Iranian clubs) for that competition but now in middle of the Iranian league that's impossible. instead they lost their star players because of late injuries making them even weaker. they have to use someone else as a libero because of Marandi's injury.

    6 out of 8 teams come from Europe and it’s called clubs world championship? What a joke.

    I wanted to write the same, and actually 6 teams from 3 countries !

    I didn't follow this competition that much in past couple of years. did FIVB announced a reason for not inviting African teams here ? unlike North America, we have Continental Club Championship in Africa.

    the Iranian team "Khatam Ardakan" is not even a good team in Asian standards, let alone in such competition. they are a mid table team in Iranian league right now, and because of last minute injuries of Shahram Mahmoudi and Mehdi Marandi they can't even bring that team to Poland. I highly doubt this team can win a set here. maybe FIVB won't invite any Asian team next year :lol:

    I heard some rumors about Iran withdrawing from the VNL for different reasons, first financial problems. 2nd USA being host of the finals and 3rd massive problems inside the Iran Volleyball Federation but now I see they didn't withdraw but they will host 2 weekends !

    and unlike 2018 when Iran had a very tough schedule. 2019 is different China > Japan > Iran > Iran > Bulgaria ! no travel to American continent !

    Is Sharifi injured? He seldom played in this WCh. During the VNL, he's been the main weapon for Iran.

    he got injured in last friendly match before the competition against Canada if I'm not wrong. that's why he had less playing time in the whole competition.

    btw Kolakovic made a perfect job by players selection. today in the last match when Ghafour was injured he had to play with youngster Saber Kazemi and the kid almost missed every single spike. at some point Marouf stopped to set for him no matter what. it was like Iran playing with 5 players on the court.

    sorry for the OT, but maybe if IRN would support its women athletes the way they support the men... :- (

    Iran also didn't send a team in men's baseball or men's hockey because they were not competitive. actually they are "less strict" about the women. at least in this case it's not about gender, the NOC just doesn't send non-competitive teams. it's not the volleyball federation's decision.

    there is no doubt that the situation is not equal for the women's team. and there are so many limitations for the girls but at least in this case it's not about the gender but the quality.

    btw that was an easy competition for Iran. they won the gold without dropping a set. and we will see how much it will affect the team in the World Championship.

    mosi, what are they going to change with AVC cup?

    I'm sure I heard something about that but I can't remember exactly unfortunately. but they are trying to find a solution to improve their competitions, they want to revolutionary change their calendar. I mean we had Asian Club Championship only few days before the AVC Cup and we had more or less the same teams competing in both competitions . and then most of those teams left to Indonesia for the Asian Games. for example Vietnam. this is the 3rd tournament in a month for the exact group of players. or Kazakhstan or Thailand. I think that was smart from Qatar to withdraw from the AVC Club Champs. they won the AVC Cup and they have a very good chance for a bronze here.

    if I'm not wrong they want to create something specifically for second/third tier teams, and not letting VNL teams sending B/C squads. but since this is AVC I'm not really optimistic about a positive change. I mean take a look at their "new format" nobody understands how the hell they set things in knockout round. even at the Asian Games. Iran got a "bye" in quarterfinal ! AVC's changes are not usually positive !

    PS: AVC Club Championship is supposed to be a club competitions but as we know most countries simply send their national teams under a sponsor name. sometimes they don't even have a name !

    it's not always about the ranking. at least for Iran, Asian Games is the most important competition in Asia, I think this is the same for other countries , they sent B teams only because of the World Championship , if you remember guys South Korea withdrew from 2002 World Championship to participate in Busan 2002 Games.

    then it's the Asian Championship, I know Iran didn't take 2017 and 2015 Championships seriously , they sent B team to 2015 (which hosted by Iran) and a very bad U21 team to Indonesia for 2017. I remember sometimes Australia also didn't bring its best European-based players. but still most of the times we see Asian teams bringing their best possible teams. to me that was very stupid from the Iranian federation to sent B/U21 teams. and i have to say they also wanted to send B team to the Asian Games but the Iran NOC pushed them to send A team. and as I mentioned in another post, most of the players also wanted to play in Jakarta for some personal reasons.

    AVC Cup is a totally non-important competition. Iran used to take it serious when Iran was also a second tier team in Asia. right now top teams don't take it seriously at all and from what I heard 2017 was the last edition of AVC Cup . at least under current format.