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    It seems Iran is going to sacrifice the World Championship to win the Asian Games title ! while they were supposed to send a "B team" to Jakarta, all of a sudden they changed their mind (because of the order they got from the Iran NOC and the sport ministry) and they will send the A team to Jakarta to defend the gold medal they won 4 years ago.
    Asian Games will finish only few days before the World Champs and this is going to ruin their normal preparation plans, and beside that there will be only 2-3 good teams in Jakarta (China and Japan likely to send B teams even though I'm not sure) playing likes of Maldives and Hong Kong won't prepare you for Poland !

    but I think younger players are probably happy with this. winning the gold medal in AG will make them exempt from the military service. for this reason Javad Manavinejad wanted to play for B team in AG instead of the A team, problem solved for him now.

    Saber Kazemi zu Ziraat Bankası Ankara.

    is there any limitation about the number of foreign players in Turkish league ?

    I'm a bit surprised with this. Youngster Kazemi only played few matches for the NT and this will be his first professional contract. :huh:

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    I think Iran deserved a set at least. that was a good game for such inexperienced squad. Vadi, Mojarrad and Yali never played for national team seriously before this weekend. still the only difference between two teams was their much better serves.

    winning 4 out of 12 matches so far is a poor result but in general I'm satisfied with the performance (mostly because I had very low expectations) Kolakovic tried so many young and new players . he was supposed to go full force for the last weekend in Tehran but now some players are injured and not available. still he knows he has to win all 3 home matches to have a respectful result overall.

    Why Ghafour is all the time on the match? Is he injured?

    yep . he and Ghaemi both got injured in last training before the Poland match. Ghaemi comes sometimes just to receive but he can't jump.

    Sharifi also got injured today. which means Iran have only 2 OH and 1 OP available for the next match. Yali. Ebadipour and MirzaJP will play the entire match no matter what.

    very tough schedule for Iran, Iran played in France, Argentina, Russia and now USA. they traveled a lot ! probably more than any other team. those injuries were expected.

    Good match but Marouf and his ego just ruined the 5th set :mad: his choices were terrible in 5th set. and so many times he tried to score himself and Serbian players were ready for that.

    looks like Iran will continue with 1W-2L per weekend ! I don't see them challenging USA with this depleted squad

    for whatever reason Poland never have it easy against Iran, :D no matter who plays for both teams.

    I think the 1st weekend was terrible but I see improvement since then, last minute injury of Ghafour and Ghaemi forced Kolakovic to play with Sharifi and Yali (his NT debut) and I think they both did well. interestingly Kolakovic used Ghaemi few times for his better reception but once Marouf made a mistake and set for Ghaemi who wasn't suppose to spike tonight ! even though he managed to score that point despite feeling pain.

    It seems USA denied VISA to some iranian player…am-were-denied-u-s-visas/

    well they had tons of problems to get the visa, had to work for that for months which is stupid. but I think Kolakovic is exaggerating here. Manavinejad is injured, he didn't use Salafzoun and Kazemi last weekend as well , and Toukhteh because of his age needs so many paperwork to leave the country, that's why he missed the 1st and 2nd weekends as well.

    and I have to say, since this is a long long process, they started this for a group of players 3-4 months ago, I think Toukhteh and Kazemi weren't in the list at the time.

    but yeah they didn't give visa to the team manager, but it happens all the time and whenever Iranians teams going to the USA, they always deny visa for some team members (mostly non-important members) just to show they have that power.
    bottom line, this is the team Kolakovic wanted to take to the US with himself. so no excuse.

    Always feels bad to lose like that, :S the match was totally winnable for Iran. they had their chances , if only someone could stop Muserskiy once or twice per set. he was the big big difference between two teams.

    having both Ghaemi and Ebadipour at the same time weakens the offense for Iran and Ghafour is not good enough to make up for that. I wonder if Manavinejad can solve this against better teams.

    well. didn't expect Iran to take two sets from Brazil with this starting lineup. Toukhteh, Hazratpour, Kazemi, Sharifi and M. Gholami ! they could even win the match which would be the biggest upset of all time ! :D (at least for me)

    great match overall maybe someone of these kids become something special in future.

    I heard a lot about this Chinese team with Lozano but they were toothless today ?( Their reception was terrible on Iran's not-so-strong serves.

    I think Iran played OK today, but hard to judge when you face a very weak team. I'm sure China can play much better than this.
    next 5 matches will be very hard for Iran, (traveling to USA itself will be very tough) I will be happy with even one win in next 5 matches.

    For Iran, Salafzoon's not bad. I think he'll be better than Marouf when reception gone wrong. I feel he's hitters are adjusting to the set than with Marouf. He just have to be more aggressive with the second touch than just settiing solely. It adds unpredictability when he can do it more often. He just have to sharpen his killer instincts and read the defense without giving away some hints you are doing a dump or tips.

    Salafzoon made his debut in the national team back in 2008 when he was apparently 16. and he didn't improve since then. I would try someone else as the 2nd setter.

    btw Kolakovic replaced him with Taher Vadi for the 3rd weekend in Russia. he also sent Mohammad Mousavi home replacing him with youngster Toukhteh. the youngest player in this edition of Nations League. he is supposed to be talented.

    What's going on in Iran? Is everyone leaving for Europe?

    I think I predicted this in another thread. they used to earn much more in Iran but not anymore. Sarmayeh Bank club doesn't exist anymore and no other club can pay big considering the current economic situation in Iran. beside that there will be a rule next year limiting the number of NT players per team. even if one or two clubs can pay better they can't hire all big players because of this.

    Who's injured?

    Has Mahmoudi ever taken any coaching role at NT last or this year? Yes, I agree that it'd be good for NT if Mahmoudi stays. His style is different from Ghafour. To me Ghafour it's all about power, but Mahmoudi's play is a fix of technique, power and wisdom.

    Manavinejad. he will probably miss the whole league , maybe except the last weekend in Tehran.

    Mahmoudi is not retired as a player to be a coach, he is still 29 and still playing in the league and was a part of Sarmayeh Club in World Club Champs. he is just not interested to play for the national team. lack of motivation, old injuries, marriage etc. :(

    That was a very good analyze, more or less I agree with you. I have to add for some players specially Mousavi the biggest problem is lack of motivation, they used to fight for every point. they won everything in Asia, they played at the Olympics and had some good results in World Championships, they probably think getting better results is impossible and that's why they are not that motivated.

    Gholami was out last year for disciplinary reasons, Kolakovic invited him this year , but he said no thanks I don't want to play for the NT. same as Mahmoudi, who is not officially retired from the NT But I doubt we will see him again playing for the NT. but yeah I also think we don't miss Gholami, but Mahmoudi is a different story specially because Ghafour is getting weaker and slower. there are two other OPs in Iran's list for the Nations League, both of them 19 years old but talented. I wonder when Kolakovic will start using them. after all I think Iran will lose the next 9 matches away from home.

    I blame previous coaches for this, they used to play with the same group of players for 7-8 years. which exhausted them physically and mentally. I see this year Kolakovic started to add new players to the team, he also has Manavinejad to replace Ghaemi/Mirza in the starting lineup who got injured in his flight from Italy to Iran :lol: (according to himself)

    In which year did Velasco kick Marouf out of NT? Could you shed more light on the whole incident?

    after his first training camp with the team in Italy. back in 2011. The grandpa Amir Hosseini (who is still playing volleyball :lol: ) was Iran's setter during the 2011 Asian Champs and 2011 World Cup.
    I can't remember the details but apparently Marouf wanted guarantee from the coach to be the starting setter. but Velasco kicked him out instead. he later solved his problems with Velasco and was a "good boy" until Velasco leaves.

    I have the theory that Kovac only reaped the fruits of Velasco's tenure (he left just few months before the competition). The following year Iran was very bad under him.

    Making the olympics isn't that impressive, Iran was already far above other asian teams. Yes, I know they missed it in 2012, but that was just a massive accident of a loss against Australia.
    Point taken about the grand champions cup, I had forgotten about it. Maybe they are resurrecting now.

    Yep. I think most people here agree with you on this
    I don't know if Kovac was good or bad but players weren't listening to him. Velasco (as a very smart person) found the problem too early by kicking Marouf out of the NT in his first decision. that was a good lesson for everybody. Marouf later came back to the team after a year.
    as you said Lozano did nothing special with Iran, they even had hard time for the qualification, China brought Iran to the 5th set. even Iran B or Iran U23 teams had beaten China before and after that. he also didn't have control over his players, the 3 musketeers Marouf/Mousavi/Mahmoudi boycotted the Olympic opening ceremony for some stupid reasons, I would send them home right away

    Too early to judge Kolakovic, I'm glad with that WGCC bronze but we know that's not a serious tournament. still they beat some big teams in tie-break which reminds me of the old team with that fighting spirit. i like some of his disciplinary decisions though


    like that Ebadipour and Manavi are playing overseas so he's still probably oing something that wasn't popular among iranian players. Their
    roles are very important after all. It could make or break any team if the OHs are inexperienced.

    I did not follow Manavinejad and Ebadipour for the whole season, I watched few matches but I don't know if they were successful with their clubs or not. but I give them credit for that, they could get more money for less number of matches in Iran.

    but I assume we will see more Iranian players in European clubs next year. the only club who could pay big in Iran doesn't exist anymore, and considering the current financial situations for other clubs I think few more will go abroad , this time mostly for money.

    Thank you so much. Do you have information about Havosh Gonbad roster ?

    this one is a bit harder, cuz I know they had so many changes during the season, the roster I know and remember is different than what I have in that PDF file. at some point they started to play only with local Gonbad based players. (and actually they got better results after that) they fired some of their players and got some Gonbad-born players from lower division clubs.

    this is their roster based on what I remember and I might miss few players

    S: Abdolhamid Chogan, Behzad Heidarshahi
    OP: Soheil Ahmadi, Vafa Zeitounli, Javad Hekmati
    OH: Ali Sajjadi, Kamal Ghoreishi, Abdollah Nazeri, Mohammad Amin Hassanzadeh, Benyamin Igderi
    MB: Alireza Nadi, Sakhi Eidi, Matin Takavar, Armin Igderi, Farhad Yolmeh, Vali Nourmohammadi
    L: Golmohammad Sakhavi, Hamid Mohammadalgh , Behzad Fotouhifar

    * Heidarshahi, Sajjadi, Nadi and Ahmadi all got fired by the club before the half season. as far as I know they didn't play for any other club.


    as for other clubs, I have the same problems for Urmia, Sari-21 and Raad Kashan. they had so many changes during the season. and Shams was actually Iran U19 team (not the 2017 world champion team. but the next U19 team) with the exception of 1-2 players the rest were 18 or younger. and they almost made it to the playoffs which was a big big surprise.