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    kabayan, OUCH! :lol:

    Yeap, and saddest part that's all so true :S

    Here the team and Bernardinho has a lot of "haters" because of their bad and arrogant attitudes over the years.....

    And the hard criticism over them, specially over Bruninho/Bernardinho is back. Of course, not from the media, but from THE FANS.

    The only things I've read were Rezende's words about mental condition of Spiridonov, that he should be checked by doctors and Spiridonov's, that he doesn't care what old schizophrenic says :lol:

    I laugh about it. Both statements are funny. :lol: :lol:

    Kids, kids.... :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:

    The media here in Brazil is not talking about the lost, but the attitude of Alexey Spiridonov. Really, is in all over the websites

    I have to say, that attitude makes me remember the 90's, Cuba female team. This is so Carvajal :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Welcome! By the way, I love to use AVS video editor

    It's very good one! If you know torrents, you can find it easily.

    Faster or sooner something will be instead of the park, it's only time's matter.

    Curious how often that demonstrants are in the park. 80% of Them probably never.

    As you have the power to predict, give us the lotery number. That's the only prediction we want from you :D

    2012 Miss Russia Inna Zhirkova resigned from the Title after interview where She said that She doesn't know if Earth revolves around the Sun or Sun around the Earth ... .. .



    Our boys won in USA :woohoo: Even though we played with our nerves at the end, they played their best match in the last two years I would say. Excellent Sole and Crer (coming back to 2011 level?) and very good Bengolea (Facu's absence wasn't felt at all). Also, for some reason Uriarte started and played most of the match instead of De Cecco 8| and did it really well.

    USA was very poor in general except in serve, which was the only aspect that prevented a 0-3 loss for them. Thornton especially was very poor, setting balls too low all the time. The japanese boy improved their game a bit, but wasn't much better.

    Felicitaciones, hermanos! :drink:

    As I said before, in my contry, the media is giving NO ATTENTION to this fact, the featured news is: SOCCER, celebrities, tv shows... I found out about it on facebook...

    It's fantastic to see what Turkish people are doing. The government serves the people and there's no discussion about that!!!!!