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    I like the new format especially for the teams that cant play in world stage even though some matches in pool stage can be boring sometimes.However, participating in ECH might get some attention in these countries so that volleyball can grow this way IMO. If some top teams think that some of the matches are useless, they can play with their back up players in 1or 2 matches:whistle:

    He played as OPP last year in Arkas. As we seen yesterday, he has to improve his receving so one season as OH in Arkas would be good for his development in this position. After this year, I am quite sure he will be on the radar of Italian clubs. It is better for his development to play regularly as OH rather than possibly being back up in an Italian club due to his bad receiving. He is still so young (born in 2002) so I think he has still time for the bigger tasks:win:

    I would say the chances would be equal if the match would be played in neutral court. Serbia has the advantage of this. They are so depended to Tijana but beyond everything Serbia is Serbia(or I would say Tijana is Tijana:whistle:) I expect a very tough match for both sides but I see Serbia clear favourite. I can see Tijana smashing all the balls she sees up on the air and scoring at least 30 points:teach:

    I hope Guidetti wont substitute the players immediatly even they play bad in first set which is very likely because of the tension. He should show his trust and let them fix their faults. I dont want to see something like Seyma playing against Korea all 4 sets in our most important match of the volleyball history.

    Good luck for the both sides:super:

    Is there any chance we can participate WCH next year? It would be a huge step for the team. I hope they can win the next games so that the position in the world ranking can be kept. Mandıracı and Bayram can gain more experience in their clubs and we can find a better setter maybe for next year:whistle:

    Gorecka, 1 point from 6 attacking, reciving 31 ball with %10 excellent and 4 errors. I really want to know what Nawrocki sees in her.

    Congratulations to our girls:super: 4th ECH semifinal back to back. I hope we can see them playing in the final again but Serbia is waiting for us:S:S

    By the way, I think Zehra-Eda duo is the best one in the world right now. I just remembered while watching the match that our MB duo in 2013 ECH was Busra Cansu and Bahar:gone::gone:

    The weakest link of Russia is its coach Buzato, how many nonsense challenges he called and how many nonsense timeouts he made today? He might be a decent trainer but definitely he is not a court side coach. He acted so weirdly often when the games were in their critical moments.

    Busato made a clever move for himself with sending young talents to ECH. To explain it further: he created his excuses for possible failure in this tournament (if it is called failure not to get a medal with this young team) and he will try to be in the head coach position at least one more year. We all know that Russian volleyball community always want to see Russia in top, fighting for gold medal whicever tournament they play as it is their tredition in this sport. I remember their head coach committed suicide right after the failure in London Olympics. There were rumors about his possible death that he couldnt handle the pressure of the volleyball community from Russia (I dont know if its reason was cleared later, why he did something like that, but I remember there were news about the pressure from the volleyball community and he couldt handle it). In Busatos case, After 2019 ECH, Russia won bronze medal in World Cup and it was a good start for Busato, and this year before the VNL there were statements from him that they aim to get a medal but he failed despite of Russia was one of the few teams participating with A team. I think Russia had played a great Olympics this year, they beat the olympic champion in the group phase, they had the chance to be at the top of the pool in the last match, showed a very good volleyball in quarterfinal but they 'failed',if you can say it so. I think he knew he was runing out of credit and a possible failure in ECH with A team might be his end with Russian NT so that he choose to play with youngesters. I think Fetisova, Voronkova, Zaryazko, Malova could have played in this tournament. They are not old and they could have played in this tournament if the chance was given.

    However, this tournament has showed that Russia has full of talented girls to be ready to represent their country, maybe bring back their glory days for the upcoming years. All the volleyball world is excited about Arinas development in upcoming years:super: I feel like has Sokolova has reincarnated in the body of Arina :lol::lol: