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    Neriman and Guldeniz are like best friends. They played beachvolley together last year. If Neriman decides to come back Guldeniz can come back as well. She is playing in starting six in Galatasaray and she would be more useful than Seyma. She is a great server, defender and her receiving is a lot better. My ideal roster would be:

    S: Naz, Cansu

    OH: Hande, Meliha, Güldeniz, Fatma

    OPP: Ebrar, Neriman, Meryem

    MB : Eda, Kübra, Zehra

    L: Simge, Gizem

    3 middle blockers are enough for me. Aslı is always good when she is playing for Galatasaray but she hasnt showed anything good when she is playing for NT. Her height is definetely a disadvantage in international area. I would like to see Yasemin instead of Aslı who is joining the NT every year but being cut at the last minute.

    I can understand the hate from the Greek people now. I am sure Turkey has no intention to occupy Greece. Soldiers that escaped from Turkey are FETO members (who are a terrorists accepted by all the parties in Turkey, they were 'friends' with AKP back then untill 2013 and all other parties were claming they have bad plans on Turkey and after that they tried to make a coup in 2016) that tried to make a coup , killed 250 people and even bombed the parliament. They had many members in military and some of them escaped.

    I am really sorry for this non endless Greek Turkish hate. We have many commen things with Greek people(food and cultural things), we have lived together for sooo many years and there is no reason to be enemy. We are neighbours and we should get along well. I hope some day this will happen because I love Greek people(not the politics)

    Do you really compare these two things and see it as it is the same:obey:? USA forces coming mileees away to Iraq with 'fighting against terrorist' and Turkey forces fighting with PKK/YPG right behind its border with Syria(which is 900 kilometers)? I can respect your opinion if you are not considering YPG as terrorist but these two occasions arent comparable for me.

    The other thing with your saying Kurdish movements supporters being imprisoned is totally different for me. Of course I have no problem with Kurdish parliamenterians in parliament(they definetely should be in there) but the problem is some of Kurdish parliaments from HDP officially and publicly shows their interests and sympathy to PKK. I believe that is the reason why they are imprisoned, not because of their being Kurdish.Otherwise HDP(which is Kurdish nationalist party being the 3rd biggest party in parliament) wouldnt be there from the very begining and they wouldnt be allowed to participate to elections. The problem in Turkey is not the Kurdish people themselves but the terrorist PKK. I just cant imagine a parliamenterian in USA wouldnt be imprisoned if they show their interest for example ISIS or some other terrorist group like Al Qaeda or Taliban.

    This is typical European action towards Turkey, no surprise.:whistle:And Greeks can display any banner against Turkey. They love doing these things but Turkish people dont care anything about such things coming from Greece:whistle::lol:

    It is a long story about this Turkish and Kurdish problem but this operation that has been ongoing in north Syria is not against Kurdish people but against PKK=YPG. Turkey doesnt want a terror coridor near its border and we have right for this. PKK is a terrorist group that led by Kurdish Abdullah Öcalan(he is in prison since 1998) and has been killing many people( both civilians and soldiers) in Turkey and Turkey is suffering this problem since 1980s. PKK is considered as a terrorist group by both European Union and United Nations. And we say that YPG is Syrian version of PKK that try to make a terror corridor near our border. That is it. But the whole world ignores this fact and USA(that is our ally in NATO) has been supporting this terrorist group just because they were against ISIL.

    I dont like any of Erdogans politics in Turkey, I have never voted for him but this time %90 of Turkish people support this operation. I dont know the exact number but in Turkey more than 10 million Kurdish people live and Turkey is definetely not attacking civilian Kurdish in Syria. We are hosting 4 million Syrian refugees (no other country in the world has this amount of refugee) in Turkey and definetely have right to make our border safer.

    Sorry but after this ECH, do they really need her?? :what:

    I don't think so... On the bench maybe..

    If you think Seyma or Gozde are enough for bench I dont have any words left for you.

    Neriman can be used both as OPP and OH, coming from bench. She is still a great attacker and can be so useful. I cant stand to watch Seyma anymore.

    Neriman has announced via her instagram that she had personel issues in her private life so that she couldnt be part of NT. She thanks to president for being understanding to her and now she is ready to play for NT whenever she is called.:super:

    Great news:drink: I knew that she would like to be part of Olympics. I hope Gui will call her for January.

    I dont get all the fool about Carli. We dont know that has happened in NT but she is still the best US setter for me and one of the best in the world.

    When some players choose to play in Turkish clubs or while playing in Turkey, they suddenly become such an avarage player by 'some users'. Such as Haak, Kim, Natalia, Carli that comes to my mind right now. Natalia: injury prone, Kim: not good anymore, Carli: 'OMG she got MVP award ahahaha'. And bla bla bla.

    Slöetjes was the one that most users didnt like her performance last year in Vakifbank and there were pages of comments how she had become an avarage player despite she was still good most of the time(anyone can have some bad moments but you cant expect a player to shine always when she has Zhu next to her) However I am soo sure that Slöetjes will be one of the best OPP in the world again because she will be playing in Italy next year. Everybody just take a note and you will see it:wavy:

    I wonder why Turkey did not strive harder to win the host bidding... I don't think the Turkish VB federation lacks of resources compared to the Dutch VB federation in this regard. It seems just a matter of priority or focus... or anything else that we may not know?

    I think Turkey has a good team in this cycle, thus a good opportunity for a contest in 2020 Olympics.

    I am quite sure the olympics are a great priority for all the players and especially for the federation. I am quite sure the current economic problems in Turkey and Turkish liras being down against € (sorry, dont know about economics terms much ) had an effect on this. 1€=6.19 Turkish liras rigt now. On the other hand I think the Dutch federation wanted this so much after seeing their ECH performance against Turkey so this may have an effect also. I wonder how much money they offered.

    The host team hasnt been decided yet. I guess a big war is happining between Turkey and The Netherlands:whistle: Both federations are awere of being host means a lot. The mens tournaments host has been announced much earlier.

    I am quite sure the teams would have been different teams and the federations would have taken this tournament more serious if they had known this ranking points would be counted for years. I hate FIVB's lack of planning. They come up with brand new system every year.

    Cameroon 0–3 Russia

    China 3–0 South Korea

    Dominican Republic 1–3 Japan

    Cameroon 0–3 China

    South Korea 1–3 Dominican Republic

    Russia 3–2 Japan

    Dominican Republic 3–0 Cameroon

    China 3–0 Russia

    Japan 3–2 South Korea

    Russia 3–1 South Korea

    China 3–0 Dominican Republic

    Cameroon 0–3 Japan

    Dominican Republic 1–3 Russia

    South Korea 3–0 Cameroon

    Japan 1–3 China

    USA 3–0 Kenya

    Argentina 0–3 Netherlands

    Serbia 0–3 Brazil

    Kenya 0-3 Netherlands

    USA 3–0 Serbia

    Brazil 3–0 Argentina

    Serbia 3–0 Kenya

    Argentina 0–3 USA

    Netherlands 3–2 Brazil

    Serbia 3–1 Argentina

    USA 3–2 Netherlands

    Kenya 0–3 Brazil

    Netherlands 3–0 Serbia

    Argentina 3–0 Kenya

    Brazil 1–3 USA

    Dominican Republic 3–0 Kenya

    China 3–1 Brazil

    Japan 1–3 USA

    Dominican Republic 1–3 Brazil

    China 3–2 USA

    Japan 3–0 Kenya

    Dominican Republic 1–3 USA

    China 3–0 Kenya

    Japan 1–3 Brazil

    South Korea 3–0 Argentina

    Cameroon 0–3 Netherlands

    Russia 3–1 Serbia

    South Korea 1–3 Netherlands

    Cameroon 0–3 Serbia

    Russia 3–0 Argentina

    South Korea 3–1 Serbia

    Cameroon 1–3 Argentina

    Russia 1–3 Netherlands

    Dominican Republic 3–0 Argentina

    China 3–1 Netherlands

    Japan 3–0 Serbia

    Dominican Republic 1–3 Netherlands

    China 3–0 Serbia

    Japan 3–0 Argentina

    Dominican Republic 3–1 Serbia

    China 3–0 Argentina

    Japan 2–3 Netherlands

    South Korea 3–0 Kenya

    Cameroon 0–3 Brazil

    Russia 1–3 USA

    South Korea 1–3 Brazil

    Cameroon 0–3 USA

    Russia 3–0 Kenya

    South Korea 0–3 USA

    Russia 1–3 Brazil

    Cameroon 3-1 Kenya

    You said tur should try to be first in the group since they can't beat NED but clearly they could😘

    Of course Turkey can win against The Netherlands and they did. However, my point is/was that we shouldt take risk being out of top 4 just to make our way to final easier because The Netherlands in quarterfinal isnt in the bag opponent for Turkey(instead of Bulgaria). I still think like that and the girls showed they do think the same way as they fought hard to win against Serbia in group match. Nobody in the team wanted to loose against Serbia as you said:whistle:

    We already talking about this. 2nd place in the group had to face NED in the quaters which is undoubtedly better opponent than Bulgaria.

    Do u think really think Turkey was already thinking about avoiding Italy in semis when they were heading to a 5 set against Finland, and facing the Dutch in the quaters would be easier than Bulgaria. :gone:

    That was exaxtly my point but Serdar come up with this old topic as if he is wright and the players lost against serbia intentionally :aww: Anyway, if you want to believe that way you are free to. :wavy: