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    Representing your country at Olympics can be a motivation for both Bahar and Neriman. They wont be in the team after 2020 Olympics for sure. However they are definetely needed for Olympics qualifications

    S: Cansu Özbay, Gamze Alikaya

    OPP: Ebrar Karakurt, Meryem Boz, Neriman Özsoy

    OH: Meliha Ismailoglu, Hande Baladin, Seyma Ercan

    MB: Eda Erdem, Zehra Günes, Bahar Toksoy, Beyza Arici

    L: Simge Aköz, Gizem Örge

    (Aylin Sarıoglu can be added as a receiving specialiast insted of Beyza Arici)

    S: Cansu will be the main setter as the last year so I am not sure if Gamze will accept that. Naz is definetely needed here but she will probably be back to European Olympic qualifier in 2020 (I assume we wont be able to win against China) If Gamze doesnt accept being back up I would love to see Ezgi Dilik in the team.(Please no more Cagla. I dont want to see her anymore. Sooo many chances has given her and she couldnt use it)

    OPP: I really hope Neriman would be back. We desperately need her. She also can play as OH with Meliha helping her with the reception. Otherwise Ebrar should be starter.

    (I see there are people saying Melis Durul can be a choice. Oh please! Can you imagine her playing good against big teams in the world. She has no chance)

    OH: We dont have much choice. Saliha Sahin and Tugba can be added but i dont have big hope for especially Tugba. Saliha is better.

    MB: Eda- Zehra is a great duo. I like Bahar unlike many users here. She is experienced and probably 2019 and 2020 (if we qualify to the Olympics) will be her last years with NT. Asli and Busra having quite a good season doesnt mean anything to me. We have seen so many times what they are capable of in international area so NO! I prefer Yasemin Guveli.

    L: Not much to say. These 2 are the best local liberos.

    For some reason people are freaking out every time she doesn't kill every single ball. While it's true that her hitting percentage is not as high as it was a couple of years ago, it's not nearly as bad as it's made out to be. And she more than makes up for it with her blocking, which is certainly not matched by any of her teammates.

    Definetely agree with you. Milena is a great attacker and actually I dont think her hitting % goes down. Whenever she gets the ball she scores around %50-60 percentage.People talk here like she barely score over 10 points:whistle: I am quite sure if she would get around 25-30 sets she can score over 20 pts(adding her great blocking skills and killing services) . She is the best middle in the world and she is on the same level since she is 20 years old. There are a lot of individual awards waiting to be held by her:cup:

    I hope Guidetti invites Neriman back to NT. This year is so important for Turkish NT to be part of Olympics. There were rumors they had arguments in 2017 European Championship and after that tournament Neriman retired from NT at the age of 29. She is still has so much to give this NT and she finally can play as OPP and doesnt have to receive. I prefer Neriman over Meryem who is mediocre even in VNL.

    I wont get mad at Turkish middle level teams after seeing this game and the differences of the sets. Loosing sets with only getting 17,18,11 points:whistle:The same story for Eczacibasi too

    Galatasaray should transfer 2 foreigners (setter and OH) if they want to be in playoffs. The two best scorers of Turkish NT(Meryem and Hande) are horrible. I think I will give up on Hande after this season. I dont think we will able to qualify Olympics next summer:aww:

    Karayolları's idiot coach started the match with Aydın again:aww: and they lost the set 25-15 then he subbed her Saliha Sahin and the match turned around. Anyway I dont think he knows anything about volleyball and he will use Aydın all season long and bench Salihan Sahin.

    Yasemin Güveli(18 years old MB) with 9 block. She is from the same generation of Zehra Gunes. I hope we can see her in NT next year. She is a good prospect and a very good slide attacker.:rose:

    33 years old Mariana Aydın instead of Saliha Sahin who is quite promising and played in NT this summer:mad: What an intelligence from Karayolları's coach. Aydın cant even get a point and she is terrible at receiving. This way we cant produce any good local player.

    As far as I know Cuban federation has no intention to get Vargas back to NT. It would be such a wise move by Fenerbahce to offer a Turkish citizenship for Vargas. Of course this cant be a single handed taken desicion by Fenerbahce, it is all up to Vargas (Hi Matthias, yeah I know clubs dont go to a market and get the players by paying off their prize, players choose the club they want to play:lol:) This way they can have a world class OPP and 3 more foreigners. Taking into account our OPP problem in NT, I would like to see a strong girl like Vargas playing in NT. She can be our 'Taismary Agüero' ( Oh God how i missed watching her:heart:)