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    Congratulations to both Serbia and Italy:drink:. Their performances throughout the tournament was great. I am quite sure these 2 teams will rule the championships for many years too. They have many young players at such a high level. Boskovic is 21 and Egonu is still 19 years old :white:There are many years ahead of them.

    Azerbaijani setter(Alishanova) is horrible to watch :white: Where is the starting setter of last ECH ? As far as I remember she was better than this scissors hand (sorry I have to say)

    I dont know why Guidetti insist on Seyma that much. She is more stable at backrow than Hande but we neeed Handes power at attacking. Seyma would be a just good backup for Meliha.

    Turkish roster for Rabobank Super Series tournament in The Netherlands:

    S: Cansu Özbay, Cansu Aydınoğulları
    OPPs: Meryem Boz, Ebrar Karakurt
    OHs: Hande Baladın, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Şeyma Ercan, Saliha Şahin, Tuğba Şenoğlu
    MBs: Eda Erdem Dündar, Beyza Arıcı, Zehra Güneş, Aslı Kalaç
    L: Simge Aköz, Gizem Örge, Aylin Sarıoğlu

    The schedule of the tournament:

    07 August

    TSİ 17.30 Italy-Russia

    TSİ 20.00 The Netherlands-Turkey

    08 August

    TSİ 17.30 Turkey-Russia

    TSİ 21.00 The Netherlands-Italy

    09 August

    TSİ 17.30 Turkey-Italy

    TSİ 20.00 The Netherlands-Russia

    11 August

    TSİ 15.30 Semifinal 1

    TSİ 18.00 Semifinal 2

    12 August

    TSİ 15.30 3./4.

    TSİ 18.00 Final

    I hope there will be a livestream.

    Neriman would like to play at Olympics and we know she has a dream getting medal. However I feel like she will try her chance from another way: beachvolley. Meliha-Hande duo seems fine to me but sometimes the team needs a powerful hitter coming from bench and it is definetely not Seyma. She can be the substutite for Meliha as a defencive player but not for Hande. So there comes a question in our minds: Would neriman accept being benched?

    crovolley   beri

    I'm really tired of this conversation. Every fu*king given day the same topic. You want your trash talk? Go to your trash can tread topic. There's no reason to keep it open if you keep talking about whatever you want here, being off topic most of the time.

    Thank you :white: I am really sick of these two users. Crovolley defending every thing from Italy and beri as the same for Turkey. You are not the presidents of these countries and dont have to defend every negative posts coming from other users. :white:

    I am sick of reading always the same posts here. Turkish users and others fight :down: This forum wasnt like that some time ago. Please just calm down and try not to make somebody accept your opinion. Everyone must be respectful to each other. And my last word to some Turkish users: not everyone must love Turkish NT or appreciate. You cant make all the users love Turkish NT, please ignore some users.

    do you think Vakıf keeps Robinson and considers as Gözde's replacement ?

    Actually I was thinking the same. Robinson is a very solid receiver and can do the Gözde's job. Guidetti trusts Meryem in NT so maybe Vakifbank can use Meryem and Rasic in Turkish league .Zhu-Robinson-Meryem looks fine to me. However it must be hard to convince Sloetjes just play in CL.

    Day 1

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Hungary 0 -3 Azerbaijan
    Poland 3-1 Germany

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Italy 3 -0 Georgia
    Croatia 3-1 Belarus

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Ukraine 0-3 Russia

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Serbia 3-0 Czech Republic
    The Netherlands 3-1 Belgium

    Day 2

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Poland 3-0 Hungary

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Georgia 0-3 Croatia
    Italy 3-0 Belarus

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Bulgaria 3-0 Ukraine
    Turkey 1-3 Russia

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Czech Republic 3-2 Belgium
    The Netherlands 3-2 Serbia

    Day 3

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Azerbaijan 3-1 Poland
    Germany 3-0 Hungary

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Georgia 0-3 Belarus
    Croatia 0-3 Italy

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Bulgaria 2-3 Turkey

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Belgium 0-3 Serbia
    Czech Republic 1-3 The Netherlands

    Day 4

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Germany 1- 3 Azerbaijan

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Russia 3-1 Bulgaria
    Turkey 3-0 Ukraine

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)