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    Maja is the best setter of all time for me. I have the impression like "she has found the 'trick' of volleyball" whenever I see her play :obey:It is a big pleasure to see her on court and her conditions and skills show that she can play at least 2-3 more years still. And I am sure all the volleyball fans would like this to happen. Vakifbank is a great club for her as well, not playing all the mathes, having great conditions in club and possible big achievements. Fingers are crossed:)

    I hope teams wont invest much wont play in Sultanlar Ligi. Besiktas, Karayolları, Beylikdüzü were all hopeless last year. 16 teams are too much and Turkey doesnt have so many local players to provide a good level league consists of 16 teams. I wish federation would make a team like 'Club Italia' to invest on young prospects. 14 teams are somehow acceptable but not 16. The economics in Turkey and all over the world is getting worse and it is getting harder to invest in sports. By the way I wish Aydin would play in European Cups. They are building a good team with quality local players and they have good foreign players too. Except big 3, THY and Aydin has good teams. Even though there were roumors Galatasaray wont invest much I am sure they will have a decent team as well. Nilufer always makes good choices for the foreigner spot (there are roumors Van Ryke will play in Nilufer and I hope Helena will stay too).

    The limit for the foreigner should be 4 to make local players go to other teams rather than sitting on bench in big clubs. This way big clubs wont have necessary to have talented local players in their bench. However this is very unlikely before the Olympics.

    There are rumours about Vargas being naturalized. How about Sinead Jack and Meijners? Can they also play as local players since they are married to someone Turkish?

    Where did you get this information about Vargas? There were some rumors abput this last year too but then nothing happened. I hope it comes true. Vargas would be a great addition to NT. She is still too young

    I am aware that the Serbians are living in Republica Srpska region but they are BIH's citizen so they can play for BIH NT as well. And as far as I remember before joining the Serbian NT, Mihajlovic did play for BIH NT so Serbians can play for BIH NT as well. I would be pissed by Serbia if I were Bosnian because of stealing the talented girls from BIH (just kidding, I know players choose to play for Serbia)

    I am curious about this so I want to ask it in here because it is related to Serbia. I know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually is divided to Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republica Srpska. However I believe the people from both sides have the Bosnian passport so why dont these players from Republica Srpska choose to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Is it easy to swith the nationality that easy?

    you are a doctor?

    Yes, I am a doctor in one of the emergency service in Istanbul.

    good luck <3 keep us updated please on your situation and everything else you know.

    I am still at hospital doing my job but the infection specialist told me that I am not needed to be tested considering the current guideliness , as I dont have any symptoms such as cough, dyspnoea or sore throat and my connection with the patient wasnt in 'risky zone'. However the ones that had to be closer to the patients and intubated is on the quarantine right now.

    Thank you for the best wishes:drink:

    "Turkey was one of the first countries that closed borders with Italy. "

    It shouldnt be so hard to close a border that doesn't exist😏

    Are you really like that in your real life too? :aww:or is it so much easier to behave like that in forum ? Get a life please instead of attacking everyone that is not having the same opinion with you.

    I agree with taylor10 that the minister is doing a fairly good job with this coronavirus thing. I am saying this as a doctor in emergency service in Istanbul.

    'Derya Cebecioglu is gonna be such a good all around OH'

    I'm just throwing it out here, the person knows who they are :lol: no drama, just a self-awareness moment for them

    There were so many users here saying Hande should play as OPP, she is hopeless at OH, she should change her position bla bla:whistle:And now the next target is Derya who is just 19 years old. Nobody borns with great reception skills, it can definetely be developed. I like Derya a lot and I do believe she will be a good all around OH. This year she wont have a chance in VNL probably but if she stays in AGY or moves to a team she can play full time with a decent setter she will be better. :drink: She is important for Paris 2024:olympia:

    Vakifbank has been playing like a well oiled machine since the begining of the 2nd half of the seaon. Especially Haak is literally flying:super: She has improved a lot compared to her last season in Italy, even the begining of the season. It is pleasure to watch Maja as well. Her connection with the hitters and all her moves while setting is brilliant:rose:

    Kadir I agree about everything on your list except Beyza instead of Asli. (And I'm not a huge fan of Asli at all) I feel like that might have been a mistake on you anyway/or you forgot.

    Pls no Ayça Aykaç or Cagla Akin lol 😆

    Actually I didnt forget Aslı. I love her passion and she was having a great performance in first half of the season but her performance has dropped a lot after Olympics qualification tournament in January. The other reason is she has been in NT for many years (although she is still young) but she didnt impressed me in NT whenever she got a chance to play. On the other hand Beyza looks so much better than last year, she is so much faster now, and Yasemin has really developed a lot. Our MB position can be one of the best in the world and it is really hard to be part of it when there is legendary Eda and great Zehra. However if Eda wont play in VNL like last year Zehra,Kübra,Aslı, Yasemin,Beyza can be rotated week to week. But I believe Gui will pick 3 MBs to Olympics and two spots, Eda and Zehra, are locked and the other one will be Kübra most likely.

    Time to open up a new thread for 2020:drink:

    The most important tournament for this year is of course the Olympics. Gui has to make a good plan to have his team at peak in Olympics. I dont expect him to play with A team all VNL. I havent seen any news about VNL finals being held by Turkey recently but I really hope federation can do that. This way Gui can try all his players knowing the finals are in the pocket. My prediction for 18 players (taking into account the rumors that in VNL all teams can have max 18 players list) :

    S: Naz Aydemir, Cansu Özbay, Buse Ünal

    OPP: Ebrar Karakurt, Meryem Boz, Gözde Yılmaz

    OH: Hande Baladın, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Fatma Yıldırım, Şeyma Ercan, Tuğba Şenoğlu

    MB: Eda Erdem, Zehra Güneş, Kübra Akman, Beyza Arıcı, Yasemin Güveli

    L: Simge Aköz, Aylin Sarıoğlu

    I dont expect any big changes in the roster compared to last year. Gio will stick to his players that he made to the Olympics and worked with past 3 years so Gamze, Neriman or Gizem Örge wont have a chance I believe.

    The players didnt have much court time in the league should play all the VNL so my ideal starting seven, at least for the first 3 weeks, is like: Cansu/Ebrar, Meliha/Fatma, Kübra/Yasemin or Beyza, Aylin. Especially the important players of the A team Meliha, Ebrar and Kübra should play as much as possible to get their confidence back.