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    Not a popular opinion here but Saliha is doing an OK job considering it is her first big international tournamet. We dont have a superstar spiker like Egonu, Boskovic or Zhu to compensate lack of offense from our second OH. Meliha is doing a great job at backrow but she is like a ghost in front of the net and that forces Cansu to avoid setting to zone 4 which makes the game more predictable. Saliha is a great improvement over Meliha in terms of attacking and she should be used more, actually both of our OHs.

    Congrats Egonu, 36 points in 4 sets! I wonder who is the closest scorer to her :sos:

    Italy's serve pressure was far too advanced for Chinese receivers today.

    On the other side, I am sorry to see China like that. Good work by middles and Gong, rest should seriously question what they did wrong today during their flight to home :down:

    Egonu will score +40 against Turkey if we manage to pass Thailand:whistle:

    It is shocking for me to read something like that Maja should retire:white::white:

    Guys, this woman is literally one of the best setters of all time, her level is still at so high to reach for other setters. We must pray for God that the volleyball passion in Maja will still exist couple of years so that we can watch this legandry woman 1 or 2 seasons:obey:

    The players must prove their worth in their clubs rather than NT but this is the opposite when it comes to Turkish players. I really hope Derya improves her receiving. I like her skills in attacking but her receiving is so bad. Gui should focus on that in Vakıfbank.

    9 points combined from GS middles whole 5 sets. Fatma is disaster and Saša isnt deliviring in attack as well. I am not sure if they are planing to get someone in mid season but they seriously need to think making a move because this team is giving good vibes this season.

    Meliha, girl, how can you be so bad after playing in decent teams with great players and coaches for years and years:wavy:I am complaning the low quality of the local players of the mid level teams but even the NT members arent performing in a decent level this season. Guidetti should worry for the NT season already. I am curious what he is planing about Vargas in NT. Vargas and Ebrar definetely should be in starting six, seeing this performances from Turkish OHs, he has no choice other than that

    Gamze-Anthi connection is great pleasure to watch :drink:After disaster performance of Cagla for years, Gamze is like Maja for Galatasaray. On the other hand, where did they find this Fatma girl, she is disaster for this level:whistle: Whenever she touches the ball, it is a point for Fenerbahce. She already has sent 3 second balls to the other side of the net:down:

    My eyes are bleeding while watching THY. Poor Carlini, she is trying everything not to set her when she is in pos4. Thy could have been more dangerous team if they had a local OH that scores at least 7-8 points in attack. Seyma is very consistent with scoring 1 or 2 points in every match:whistle:

    Congrats THY:drink: