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    I am glad Maja is back to Turkey. Vakıfbank has the core players of the Turkish NT such as Ebrar, Meliha, Cansu, Zehra, Kübra and I hope she will have a good impact on these girls. Beyza, Büsra and Meliha had one of their best leagues season in their careers with Maja. I always think that a good setter has a big impact on a young player's development so I hope Ebrar is gonna have so much playing time with Maja.

    By the way I really like the OPP player of Brazil, Paula. I remember her against Turkey in of the previous Montreux Volley masters tournament and she impressed me a lot. And then I saw her coming from bench for Prai Club in this years Club WCH:aww: I guess she is one of those players prefer sitting on big teams bench instead of playing. I wonder where she will play this year. She can easily be the back up for Tandara instead of Monique who is physically very limited and old.

    She just saved the match against Poland with attack ratio of 65%. Seems like she is not as useless as your comments:roll:

    I wish she has choosen a team to play regularly in the league. She really can be a good back up player instead of Meryem(31 years old) in NT but she never plays in club season. And she will sit on Vakifbank bench again this year:wall: She can easily find a team to play as starter in the league but she choose Vakifbank that have Ebrar and Haak:mad:

    I dont remember reading any statement from neither Neriman nor Guidetti whether Neriman will join NT or not. Her league season in Japan has ended much earlier than Turkish league but she hasmt showed up in NT yet. I started to loose my hope to see her in NT. On the other hand, Eda and Naz will surely join the team. If Turkey can make it to Final 6, I expect them to join.

    This girl, Gözde, has no motivation to play volleyball. She was a promising player once, 4-5 years ago but she has choosen to sit in the bench for ages instead of playing as a starter in any team other than big 4 in the league. She could have been the starter OPP instead of Meryem who has played in every season and hasnt sit in the bench. And now, we see that she will go to Vakifbank:wall: I cant understand her desicions, you are a pro volleyball player(27 years old) and when you look back at your volleyball history you only sit in the bench:mad:Anyway, good luck to her, she loves this way. And I dont want to see such players in the NT, I agree with Umu11.

    Neriman as OPP and Hande/Meliha OHs duo is the best now. Neriman had played as OPP in her team but as far as I watched her some matches, she switched to position 4 when her team served. This system can be used in NT too. Hande feels more comfortable at position 2 and Neriman at 4. And I believe Hande's receiving is better than Neriman.

    I am really happy to see Neriman back. She had played a great season in Japan and definetely needed for this team. She is just 30 years old and still has something to give this team for the road to Olympics.

    The wide roster looks okey but I would like to see Sahila Sahin instead of forexample Cansu Cetin or Humay Topaloglu. Saliha had some chances to play last year and she had quite a good season in a mediocre team like Karayollari. She has bigger potential than Cansu(who is 26) and Humay.

    Overall I dont think the team will have big changes compared to last years roster. My ideal 14 is like:

    S: Cansu, Naz

    OPP: Meryem, Neriman, Ebrar

    OH: Hande, Meliha, Fatma

    MB: Eda, Zehra, Kübra, Yasemin

    L: Gizem, Simge

    VNL starts so early this season and the players from the semifinalists teams(the majority of the group) wont have time to rest so the players have played less in their clubs should play the first 2 weeks I think. VNL doesnt mean anything to me actually. It would be nice to be in the finals but if we dont, I wont care. No need to play all summer with the same team like last year. The team cant play with its maximum level all summer long and the peack level should be reached at Olympics qualifications and ECH. So my ideal starting 7 for VNL's first 2 weeks is like : Ezgi/Ebrar, Meliha/Fatma, Kübra/Yasemin, Aylin.

    Because in Mihajlovic birth papers says that She is “Serb” (or serbian :gone:) but She is citizen of BIH.

    That is with all nations in BiH (Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian)

    I am surprised. Does ID card really says you are Serbian or Bosnian? I mean if you have BIH's ID card you are Bosnian.

    Why she has to wait 4 years? As far as I remember Mihajlovic didnt wait even 1 year to play for Serbia when she got the citizenship in 2012 before World Olympic Qualification tournament and I remember even she was surprised by FIVB that approved so quickly.

    That is what I am against for. You know nothing about me but you have your opinions. I dont want anything like that in this forum. However, I wont go any further. Everyone has own opinions and I respect that.

    I dont know why you have brought this subject here, it is nonsense. This is a volleyball forum and I dont think anyone here wants to read political news. Turkish volleyball has been in the world stage since 2003 and Erdogan is the president since 2002 and biggest achievements have been achieved after 2010 (both in NT and club teams) . This is not fare to show like he is against sports in Turkey and he is the biggest 'obstacle' for development at sports in Turkey. You dont have to like AKP or Erdogan but there are many good sports halls and stadiums made in Turkey since AKP government. Turkey has organised many tournaments and eager to organise more. Turkey isnt Arabian or Iranian like country (unlike many Europeans think of) and never will be. So I must say I am very uncomfortable because you brought this subject to here(noone makes this in this forum and you have just started hijab thing also.)

    I have a request from the moderators that both messages from beri and me should be deleted. This is a sports forum, politics shouldnt be involved because everyone has own opinions.

    Edit: You can think like I am Erdogan fan and votes for AKP but I am not. I have voted like 7-8 times since I am 18 and always voted against him. I have always voted for CHP and I still vote. I dont like many many things of what Erdogan has done. However, I believe it is unfair to show him like he is against sports in Turkey and now everything will be better yeeeaahh. I believe this victory for CHP and Ekrem Imamoglu(:heart: ) is a great improvement for Turkey but it is not relevant to volleyball.

    This OHs trio looks so defensive for my taste (though I think Kelsey is a great all around player). I wish Mihajlovic would be in Vakıfbank. Actually I am quite sure Guidetti offered her a room in his team but Mihajlovic has been rejecting it(there were rumors about that last couple of years). Considering Eczacibasi has Boskovic-Natalia and Fenerbahce has Mihajlovic-Vargas duo, Vakifbank will miss Zhu a lot and have a great difficulties at crucial times because they wont have their 'safe button'. I am curious if Gui will choose to play with either Ebrar(OH)-Rasic or 3 foreigners at OHs-OPP.

    I agree that Busa made a great tournament for Serbia but playing that style in club for 6-7 months would be so exhausting. And also I am afraid libero position will be a bigger problem because I dont see any Turkish libero suitable for 2 receiving system. Gizem and Gozde was so good at this when Glinka played OH in Vakifbank but Gizem was one of the best liberoes in the world back then. Eventually I see Mihajlovic having a bigger role at receiving unlike Serbian NT. However I still think Busa isnt what Fenerbahce is looking for