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    Vakifbank has been playing like a well oiled machine since the begining of the 2nd half of the seaon. Especially Haak is literally flying:super: She has improved a lot compared to her last season in Italy, even the begining of the season. It is pleasure to watch Maja as well. Her connection with the hitters and all her moves while setting is brilliant:rose:

    Kadir I agree about everything on your list except Beyza instead of Asli. (And I'm not a huge fan of Asli at all) I feel like that might have been a mistake on you anyway/or you forgot.

    Pls no Ayça Aykaç or Cagla Akin lol 😆

    Actually I didnt forget Aslı. I love her passion and she was having a great performance in first half of the season but her performance has dropped a lot after Olympics qualification tournament in January. The other reason is she has been in NT for many years (although she is still young) but she didnt impressed me in NT whenever she got a chance to play. On the other hand Beyza looks so much better than last year, she is so much faster now, and Yasemin has really developed a lot. Our MB position can be one of the best in the world and it is really hard to be part of it when there is legendary Eda and great Zehra. However if Eda wont play in VNL like last year Zehra,Kübra,Aslı, Yasemin,Beyza can be rotated week to week. But I believe Gui will pick 3 MBs to Olympics and two spots, Eda and Zehra, are locked and the other one will be Kübra most likely.

    Time to open up a new thread for 2020:drink:

    The most important tournament for this year is of course the Olympics. Gui has to make a good plan to have his team at peak in Olympics. I dont expect him to play with A team all VNL. I havent seen any news about VNL finals being held by Turkey recently but I really hope federation can do that. This way Gui can try all his players knowing the finals are in the pocket. My prediction for 18 players (taking into account the rumors that in VNL all teams can have max 18 players list) :

    S: Naz Aydemir, Cansu Özbay, Buse Ünal

    OPP: Ebrar Karakurt, Meryem Boz, Gözde Yılmaz

    OH: Hande Baladın, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Fatma Yıldırım, Şeyma Ercan, Tuğba Şenoğlu

    MB: Eda Erdem, Zehra Güneş, Kübra Akman, Beyza Arıcı, Yasemin Güveli

    L: Simge Aköz, Aylin Sarıoğlu

    I dont expect any big changes in the roster compared to last year. Gio will stick to his players that he made to the Olympics and worked with past 3 years so Gamze, Neriman or Gizem Örge wont have a chance I believe.

    The players didnt have much court time in the league should play all the VNL so my ideal starting seven, at least for the first 3 weeks, is like: Cansu/Ebrar, Meliha/Fatma, Kübra/Yasemin or Beyza, Aylin. Especially the important players of the A team Meliha, Ebrar and Kübra should play as much as possible to get their confidence back.

    If there wont be any big surprise in next matches the pots will look like:






    D. Moscow(RUS)




    When I mentioned Artamonova case, I wanted to point out she went to the Olympics more than one when she wasnt part of the whole process, the whole Olympic cycle. She came back more than one time in order to get the so desired gold medal. She wasnt great like during the 90s and early 00s, but she was called cuz she was quite solid in reception.

    She did almost all the dirty job in the IOQT in Japan in 2012, where Russia finished undefeated and she was starter.

    She went injured to Athens 2004. I really dont remember her playing any match. I remember her always in the bench. Actually, praying in the epic SF match against Brazil.

    In London 2012, she played some matches as starter. Like it was pointed out, she did a great job with Kryuchkova in reception. But on the main matches, she was benched by Sokolova.

    In 2012 olympics cycle Sokolova was the one that wasnt the part of the Olympics process. I remember it was still uncertain whether she would be with the NT or not. However she played in European qualifications in January, Ankara then Artamonova was the starter in IOQT in Japan. Sokolova even had an operation for her boobs just before the Olympics

    We will be in Olympics:super::super:

    Congratulations to all the teams that showed a great play and ambition. Every player showed how important for them to be in Olympics. I am sorry only one team has the chance to make their dreams come true. I didnt have so much hope for the Turkish team because my favourite, The Netherlands, was host and had a big advantage in my eyes. I am still so grateful for German girls cause they eleminate them in semifinal. Germany showed a great performance until the final and their players were in a great shape but The Netherlands could have been much harder opponent for Turkey. Anyway I am really happy for the team and good luck in Olympics:win:

    WGP 2014, since then Turkey was 9-0 vs Germany up until today.

    I think you are too pessimistic though, I agree about Gio insisting but the same negative views were given in Ech vs Finland by a bunch of people.

    ECH did last almost 1 moth. It is not the same. When you are in a bad form in a 6 day lasting tournament, you dont have a chance. Turkey lost 2 friendlies vs Belgium by the way so anything can happen.

    Insisting on Meryem at 4th set:wall: This is not an experimental friendly tournament that you can use different starting players in every set Gio. I didnt have big hopes for the tournament but after I watched this there isnt left any. When was the last time Turkey had lost to Germany?

    I expect Ebrar to play as OH unless Meryem screws up real bad at OPP and Guidetti needs her there more.

    Seeing Ebrar handling good with the receiving I expect this way too. Meliha-Ebrar-Meryem will be starter and when the change will be needed Hande will come as OH and Ebrar to OPP. I wish Hande had more court time this season but Motta never uses her in big matches or Champions league.

    Naz-Meryem, Eda-Zehra, Meliha-Ebrar, Simge looks like the best available now.

    My favourite in this tournament is The Netherlands. Meijners coming bact to team is a great addition for them considering Plak,Grothues and Slötjes not in a good form.

    Final roster for Turkish NT:

    S: Cansu Özbay, Naz Aydemir Akyol

    Opp: Meryem Boz, Ebrar Karakurt

    Oh: Hande Baladın, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Tuğba Şenoğlu, Fatma Yıldırım, Şeyma Ercan

    Mb: Eda Erdem, Zehra Güneş, Aslı Kalaç

    L: Simge Aköz, Ayça Aykaç

    Neriman and Guldeniz are like best friends. They played beachvolley together last year. If Neriman decides to come back Guldeniz can come back as well. She is playing in starting six in Galatasaray and she would be more useful than Seyma. She is a great server, defender and her receiving is a lot better. My ideal roster would be:

    S: Naz, Cansu

    OH: Hande, Meliha, Güldeniz, Fatma

    OPP: Ebrar, Neriman, Meryem

    MB : Eda, Kübra, Zehra

    L: Simge, Gizem

    3 middle blockers are enough for me. Aslı is always good when she is playing for Galatasaray but she hasnt showed anything good when she is playing for NT. Her height is definetely a disadvantage in international area. I would like to see Yasemin instead of Aslı who is joining the NT every year but being cut at the last minute.

    I can understand the hate from the Greek people now. I am sure Turkey has no intention to occupy Greece. Soldiers that escaped from Turkey are FETO members (who are a terrorists accepted by all the parties in Turkey, they were 'friends' with AKP back then untill 2013 and all other parties were claming they have bad plans on Turkey and after that they tried to make a coup in 2016) that tried to make a coup , killed 250 people and even bombed the parliament. They had many members in military and some of them escaped.

    I am really sorry for this non endless Greek Turkish hate. We have many commen things with Greek people(food and cultural things), we have lived together for sooo many years and there is no reason to be enemy. We are neighbours and we should get along well. I hope some day this will happen because I love Greek people(not the politics)