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    That is what I am against for. You know nothing about me but you have your opinions. I dont want anything like that in this forum. However, I wont go any further. Everyone has own opinions and I respect that.

    I dont know why you have brought this subject here, it is nonsense. This is a volleyball forum and I dont think anyone here wants to read political news. Turkish volleyball has been in the world stage since 2003 and Erdogan is the president since 2002 and biggest achievements have been achieved after 2010 (both in NT and club teams) . This is not fare to show like he is against sports in Turkey and he is the biggest 'obstacle' for development at sports in Turkey. You dont have to like AKP or Erdogan but there are many good sports halls and stadiums made in Turkey since AKP government. Turkey has organised many tournaments and eager to organise more. Turkey isnt Arabian or Iranian like country (unlike many Europeans think of) and never will be. So I must say I am very uncomfortable because you brought this subject to here(noone makes this in this forum and you have just started hijab thing also.)

    I have a request from the moderators that both messages from beri and me should be deleted. This is a sports forum, politics shouldnt be involved because everyone has own opinions.

    Edit: You can think like I am Erdogan fan and votes for AKP but I am not. I have voted like 7-8 times since I am 18 and always voted against him. I have always voted for CHP and I still vote. I dont like many many things of what Erdogan has done. However, I believe it is unfair to show him like he is against sports in Turkey and now everything will be better yeeeaahh. I believe this victory for CHP and Ekrem Imamoglu(:heart: ) is a great improvement for Turkey but it is not relevant to volleyball.

    This OHs trio looks so defensive for my taste (though I think Kelsey is a great all around player). I wish Mihajlovic would be in Vakıfbank. Actually I am quite sure Guidetti offered her a room in his team but Mihajlovic has been rejecting it(there were rumors about that last couple of years). Considering Eczacibasi has Boskovic-Natalia and Fenerbahce has Mihajlovic-Vargas duo, Vakifbank will miss Zhu a lot and have a great difficulties at crucial times because they wont have their 'safe button'. I am curious if Gui will choose to play with either Ebrar(OH)-Rasic or 3 foreigners at OHs-OPP.

    I agree that Busa made a great tournament for Serbia but playing that style in club for 6-7 months would be so exhausting. And also I am afraid libero position will be a bigger problem because I dont see any Turkish libero suitable for 2 receiving system. Gizem and Gozde was so good at this when Glinka played OH in Vakifbank but Gizem was one of the best liberoes in the world back then. Eventually I see Mihajlovic having a bigger role at receiving unlike Serbian NT. However I still think Busa isnt what Fenerbahce is looking for

    As far as I remember Vargas signed 3 years deal with Fenerbahce but I couldnt find any news about it. Do you remember that guys? or is there any news about it?

    I really enjoy watching Vargas and hope that she will stay many years in Turkey. If Fenerbahce has signed just 1 year she will get many good offers from Italy, Russia, China and even Japan. Please stay in Turkey Melissa:win::rose:

    Why didnt Orthmann play NT last season? She looks such a stable player and she surely could have helped Lippmann. Lippmann, Orthmann and Geerties trio look very stable and stronge. However German NT lacks a good MB nowadays( God, how I miss watching Fürst:heart:)

    Vakıfbank is one of the best teams in the world and maybe they have the best organisation, players feel comfortable and can get many international trophies.I mean , many world class players would like to play for Vakıf even they offer half of what they offer.That situation was not like that 10 years ago when Turkish league just started to be better, and the clubs had to offer big amounts of money but now it is different. The club management shouldnt feel like they must offer ×2-3 of what they earn in their clubs now. Haak is a good player but she hasnt proved anything yet and offering her a 1 million euro is a big dumbass of the management. Haak can be convinced to 300k euro easily.

    Polen and Gözde Yılmaz become very good players by training with worlds best trainers all these years. Cant you see 3+1 wont make NT better and we are still at where we are 10 years ago.

    WCH results: 2006 》10, 2010》6, , 2014》9, 2018》10

    Where is the improvement? We couldnt qualify to Olympics and I dont have much big hope for 2020. Look at Serbia's evolution in last 15 years and this is because their players play everywhere in the world.(Even when I say I am talking about the mentality difference and dont say they dont have a decent league, you did it:teach::whistle:) We are quite good at young age categories and maybe better then them.Italy manages to be one of the best NTs in the world with 4+ foreigners but our little, fragile girls must be protected by the rules because their heart would be broken if they cant find a team in Istanbul nearby their boyfriends.

    Anyway, everyone has own opinion. I would like to watch more competitive league than a NT that fails always in the big tournaments.

    Game changer is a big word but what I tried to say was she isnt even a stable player, just mediocre. Of course I dont compare her with Zhu or Mihajlovic. If you understand that way... :whistle:And I wont make a list of Italian players here because I see a resistance from you to understand what I say.:wavy:

    Oh come on:white: Fulden is 28 years old and she has never been a game changer neither in her club nor in NT last season. She is just a mediocre player. She can find a place in the league because we dont have many decent players. Please be realistic and dont try to show mediocre Turkish players good enough(and this is a very common attitude among Turkish users here). There arent any single Turkish player that plays even decent game in 5-12 placed teams. I wish we had eoungh good locals just as Italians so that our league would be a lot more fun to watch. Italian league is more fun because of their good locals that unfortunately we dont have.

    You didnt understand my point of view:aww: 4+1 foreign rule will make players go to another teams. For example if Meliha and Güldeniz know from the begining of the season that Eczacibasi will have 4+1 foreigners and they still stay at the club, sorry but they deserve to be benched and be a mediocre player. They can choose either going to a different team in Turkey or other countries. This is the same for other girls. One more thing; Ecem Alıcı or Fulden Ural's playing wont effect Turkish NT that both are very mediocre players as you can see in the stats. Neither of them cant play a decent game that they benched during the game all the time. I would prefer Nikolova to play:wavy:(She is having a good stats at Challenge Cup) By the way look at young Serbian or American girls that they can easily go anywhere at such a young age and develop their skills(Dont say they dont have a decent league, here I am talking about mentality and you know young Turkish girls mentality). Our players mentality has to change or we will be at where we are next 10 years.:whistle:

    The only solution that comes to my mind is 4+1 foreign rule as queenpiccinini says. 3+1 rule hasnt made Turkish NT world number 1:wavy: This way big teams wont try to have all good local prospects because they wont need and these players will choose to go another teams. The level will be higher this way and local players will have a chance to play against and near world class players.

    Turkish leagues problem is there are not many high level or even decent local players so dont be so excited about next year. And some of decent local players prefer to sit in the benches of big teams. Even you have the best foreigners if you dont have good local players there is no way to compete with big 3. Yeah big 3 are one of the best clubs in the world(maybe the best and the international competition shows that) but it isnt entertaining to watch them fool other teams every week. Unfortunately this year the league has been super boring,the champions leage as well. It is the same there.:down::down: I hope the playoffs will be more interesting, at least the finals.