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    Naz has played her first match after 1 year of break. Her connection with the players was so much better than Cansu. I realized how much I missed watching her:win:. Cansu can become so unstable during crucial times, this young team needs a experienced leader and Naz fits that role very much.

    There isnt any official statement from federation about Meliha issue :down: I am pretty sure she wont play in ECH and our dumbass federation cant solve the problem, that is why they dont make any statement.

    I feel like this qualification system was created by FIVB to get more money from the federations, by making 6 pools and 6 organizers and money income:whistle: I know it sounds very suspicious but we all know how much FIVB loves money so...:whistle:

    The problem for Poland is they cant have many scoring options without Stysiak but Medrzyk cant handle 2 receiving system. Grajber can be a good receiver but Medrzyk and Grajber duo is a little bit weak. And they dont have a scoring middle as well.

    They wanted to host the tournament this time, but Italy paid over 1 million euro. I hope they organise the tournament in January, because they always perform better in front of their home crowd. IMHO they also deserve it, because they are the highest ranked team.

    It can be again "who pays more, gets the court advantage". Turkish federation can pay a lot as well. I think the federation knew from the very begining that Turkey didnt have a chance against China so wasnt interested in organizing + China is so strong in FIVB.

    The Netherlands is still favourite in January for me. They have the experience and depth in their bench. Their all players play in different leagues as starter and it is very important when we consider the tournament will be played in the middle of the club season and there wont be much time to prepare. And they can get the hosting as well. Cev wont give it to Turkey 3rd consecutive time. Poland can be a candidate too.

    Fingers crossed for Serbia and Italy victories. Netherlands, Poland and Germany will be the biggest rivals in European qualification. However knowing we cant play under pressure and Netherlands' experience, we arent the favourite for sure.

    Congrats to China. They played amazing and deserved the win. They showed they have a winner attitude. They are again the biggest favourite for the Olympics next year

    She is not mediocre at everything, she is very good at blocking, serving and defense. Her reception is also in a good level. I think she just needs to improve her offense

    Gui thinks the same way probably and he brings Seyma every tournament. I can see why she is in the team because we dont have any better OH than her but that doesnt make her a good player. She is just mediocre and she never improves. She has been in the NT for years and she doesnt show any sign of improvement. I hope Gui calls Derya Cebecioğlu for the ECH and sends Şeyma home.

    Turkey's chance today is very small if we think logically. However, deep insede me, I want to believe that girls can manage to qualify through this match. Then Zhu Ting and our endless mistakes come to my mind and I become :aww: like that. I am not a very religious person but I believe in God and will pray for our girls :sos::)

    I wasnt so hopeful about this tournament even with the best roster available, but after seeing Meliha out, it is definetely done for us. Even though she doesnt get much appreciation, Meliha has a very important role in this team and neither Seyma nor Fatma can fill this role. I am curious about the cut as well.

    Group A

    Serbia 3-0 Thailand

    Poland 3-0 Puerto Rico

    Serbia 3-0 Puerto Rico

    Thailand 1-3 Poland

    Puerto Rico 1-3 Thailand

    Serbia 3-1 Poland

    Group B

    China 3-0 Czech Republic

    Turkey 3-0 Germany

    Germany 3-1 Czech Republic

    China 3-1 Turkey

    Czech Republic 0-3 Turkey

    China 3-0 Germany

    Group C

    Argentina 1-3 Bulgaria

    USA 3-0 Kazakhstan

    USA 3-0 Bulgaria

    Kazakhstan 1-3 Argentina

    USA 3-0 Argentina

    Kazakhstan 0-3 Bulgaria

    Group D

    Brazil 3-0 Cameroon

    Dominican Republic 3-1 Azerbaijan

    Brazil 3-0 Azerbaijan

    Cameroon 0-3 Dominican Republic

    Brazil 3-0 Dominican Republic

    Azerbaijan 3-0 Cameroon

    Group E

    South Korea 3-1 Canada

    Russia 3-0 Mexico

    South Korea 3-0 Mexico

    Russia 3-0 Canada

    Mexico 1-3 Canada

    Russia 3-1 South Korea

    Group F

    Belgium 1-3 Netherlands

    Italy 3-0 Kenya

    Netherlands 3-0 Kenya

    Belgium 0-3 Italy

    Kenya 0-3 Belgium

    Netherlands 2-3 Italy