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    Pool A
    06.08 Japan - Korea 1-3
    06.08 Brazil - Cameroon 3-0
    07.08 Russia - Argentina 3-0

    08.08 Japan - Cameroon 3-0
    09.08 Russia - Korea 3-1
    09.08 Brazil - Argentina 3-0

    10.08 Russia - Cameroon 3-0
    11.08 Korea - Argentina 3-0
    11.08 Brazil - Japan 3-0

    12.08 Argentina - Cameroon 3-0
    13.08 Russia - Japan 3-1
    13.08 Brazil - Korea 3-0

    14.08 Korea - Cameroon 3-0
    15.08 Japan - Argentina 3-0
    15.08 Brazil - Russia 3-1

    Pool B
    06.08 China - Netherlands 3-1
    06.08 USA - Puerto Rico 3-0
    07.08 Serbia - Italy 3-0

    08.08 China - Italy 3-0
    08.08 USA - Netherlands 3-1
    08.08 Serbia - Puerto Rico 3-0

    10.08 China - Puerto Rico 3-0
    10.08 Italy - Netherlands 2-3
    10.08 USA - Serbia 3-1

    12.08 China - Serbia 2-3
    12.08 USA - Italy 3-0
    12.08 Netherlands - Puerto Rico 3-0

    14.08 Serbia - Netherlands 3-1
    14.08 Italy - Puerto Rico 3-1
    14.08 USA - China 3-1

    I looked at old posts and reliazed how much fun we had :lol: Especially Anton was such a funny guy but it seems he canceled his account. I am still reading the forum but cant write so much as in the old days .

    Anyway TPAM is such a volleyball addict that he cant leave this forum more than 5 minutes :lol::drink:

    Congratulations to Pomi. I have to say I didnt expect Vakıf to play THAT BAD. Nothing worked well for the team on tue other hand everything went so well for Pomi, their organisation was great and Piccinini played extraordinary well. She must be MVP.

    After Croatia, Fabris, Poljak crovolley is now obsessed with comparing Turkish and Italian league. Please stop comparing both leagues. I am bored to see always the same thing after an Italian team win against Turkish team. Some of the useres are obsessed with something and talks about always the same thing.

    Anyway again congratulations to Pomi. And it is important for Vakıfbank to be in F4 every year. One you loose next you win. Hope they will get Turkish championship.

    Always the same comments when " Sokolova returns " news appears. Yeah she isnt as good as before, but lets see the fact that there isnt any world class or very promising Russian player being out of the roster because of her. I would still prefer Sokolova rather than Hodunova or Paaynkova

    Coach: Lang Ping

    1) Zhu Thing ( for her grrat performance in World Cup)
    2 Tatiana Kosheleva ( she carried her team to ECH title and eventeally to Olympics )
    3) Jordan Larson ( MVP of both champions league and world club championship)

    Gözde's blocking skill is soo good despite her height :obey: Good thing for Turkey is Neriman's attacking shape. It is obvius that when she doesnt have to receive she can show her attacking skills. On the other hand bad thing for Turkey is Germany will 'eat' Neslihan with their serves. By the way Naz-Eda connection is great :super:

    Turkish team started preperations in Antalya.

    S: Naz Aydemir Akyol, Özge Çemberci, Nilay Özdemir
    MB: Bahar Toksoy Guidetti, Eda Erdem Dündar, Kübra Akman, Büşra Cansu Kılıçlı, Özgenur Yurtdagülen
    OH: Gözde Kırdar, Neriman Özsoy, Güldeniz Önal, Fatma Yıldırım, Gözde Yılmaz
    OPP: Polen Uslupehlivan, Neslihan Demir Güler, Hande Baladın
    L: Gizem Örge, Gizem Karadayı, Merve Dalbeldr

    Pool A

    Dinamo KAZAN - Azerrail BAKU 3:0
    Lokomotiv BAKU - Allianz MTV STUTTGART 3:0

    Pool B

    Calcit LJUBLJANA - VakıfBank ISTANBUL 0:3
    PGE Atom Trefl SOPOT - Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA 1:3

    Pool C

    Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL - Chemik POLICE 3:1

    Pool D

    Vizura BEOGRAD - Volero ZÜRICH 1:3

    Pool E

    DRESDNER SC - Telekom BAKU 3:2
    Fenerbahce Grundig ISTANBUL - Impel WROCLAW 3:1

    Pool F

    Nordmeccanica PIACENZA - Rocheville LE CANNET 3:0
    Dinamo MOSCOW - CS Volei Alba BLAJ 3:0

    Pool A:
    303 Allianz MTV Stuttgart - Dinamo Kazan 0-3
    304 Lokomotiv Baku - Azerrail Baku 3-1

    Pool B:
    315 Igor Gorgonzola Novara - Calcit Ljubljana 3-0
    316 PGE Atom Trefl Sopot - VakifBank istanbul 1-3

    Pool C:
    327 Agel Prostejov - Eczacibasi Vitra Istanbul 1-3
    328 Pomi Casalmaggiore - Chemik Police 3-2

    Pool D:
    339 Uralochka-NTMK Ekaterinburg - Vizura Beograd 1-3
    340 RC Cannes - Volero Zurich 1-3

    Pool E:
    351 Impel Wrocław - Dresdner SC 3-1
    352 Fenerbahce Grundig Istanbul - Telekom Baku 3-0

    Pool F:
    363 CS Volei Alba-Balaj - Nordmecchanica Piacenza 0-3
    364 Dinamo Moscow - Rocheville Le Cannet 3-0

    My team:

    S: Ognjenovic, Galeotti
    OPP: Lowe, Tomsia
    OH: Piccinini, Meijners, Di Iulio, Guerra
    M: Gioli, Aelbrecht, Danesi
    L: Arcangeli

    It seems my team is very similar to Joannamns team :aww:
    S: First of all I think the best setter in the world is Maja so that is my choice. I dont know Galeotti. She is just cheap :whistle:

    OPP: I tried to take the OPPs who are gonna play starter in theor teams. I like Lowe and she will play with American setter in Yamamay so I think she will perform well. Tomsia is OK for a back up OPP. I spent so much money for this position.

    OH: Piccinini is the best overall player in the league as Italian and she is cheap as well(even Di Iulio is 18 but Piccinini 17). Meijners is the best scoring OH so Meijners -Piccinini looks fine to me.

    M:IMHO Gioli and Aelbrecht will get so many balls from their setters and score a lot. And they are really cheap(bith 15). I watched Danesi in U23 world championship and she is a promising girl. I looked her stats last year and she scores a lot too

    L: This position can look a bit weak but Arcangeli is quite good so I hope there wont be any problem