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    Mark Espejo is a 5-time MVP in a collegiate tournament of his country. He is good but he never experienced a really high level tournament. I wish him luck.

    As for Aleona Santiago, she played really bad in her last club season. I'm happy for her if the news is indeed true.

    US takes 3rd set...

    hmmm... doesn't US have better liberos than benson? she seems too inexperienced to be playing at this level...

    are these just former collegians? they look quite young.

    They are all newly graduates of at least not more than 2 years (for some).

    Ogbogu and Washington were the bright spots. Carlini still had some head scratching moments but when the coach told her to set the ball higher in the third set that’s when they started winning.

    DR is just a mess. Losing to a newly formed and inexperienced team tells something about their mental strength.

    Oddly, Carlini is doing a decent job setting the middles (once in a while).

    I wonder if USA can challenge Brazil and DM with this squad. They are having a hard time closing Cuba out.

    Edit: Cuba won! USA's reception couldn't take a proper jump serve. :lol:

    I guess this Mapuan guy have already forgotten how USA almost went out of the Rio Olympics during the preliminary round if it wasn't for the consistency of that player named Aaron Russell. :gone:

    He also shanked so many balls during the semis against Italy. USA will make it at least to the quarters of Rio with or without Russell.

    Boyer has improved so much in consistency since his debut last year. He's not just brute force. As a high jumper, this guy has also got skills. He could be better than his predecessor, Rouzier.

    Yup. He has perfect combination of athleticism and technique. I always compare him with Patch since they both debuted last year but Boyer has leapfrogged his game by so much. He is the opposite player to watch out for in the coming years.

    Boyer has improved so much in consistency since his debut last year. He's not just brute force. As a high jumper, this guy has also got skills. He could be better than his predecessor, Rouzier.

    I don't really want to see Russel in Tokyo. He makes too many errors. He's just lucky that he got a good club team that gave him the experience to play in high level but still his errors are always almost rookie mistakes. Defalco and Jaeschke have higher ceiling for improvement and consistency given a good pro experience.

    I don't know what you guys are yapping about but the match was above average. Sure there are mistakes here and there but I though it was high level as both teams are grinding on the floor.

    Maybe USA thinks they have a bigger chance beating France versus Brazil? That's why I have big respect for teams like France, Russia & Brazil playing with their strongest squad as much as they can

    Russia always playing their A squad? No! Musersky was rested when they saw the USA first 6 :rolll:

    This is beneficial for USA. They are playing 2 games straight and Sander is injured. The kids need the get warmed up to this level of game just in case someone got injured again, they are somehow ready.

    Defalco trying to get smart against Maxim during the last point of first set just didn't work. Boy needs more experience in order to outsmart a player of high caliber.

    Stankovic has a big contract with Lube. We don't have so much money to pay a buy-out for a position which is already well covered by 3 good players. Our main target is the OH, even if the rumors about them are quite disturbing (...Kaliberda :thumbdown: )

    They should try to convince Defalco to skip his last year in college. He's young, inexpensive, and has high ceiling for improvement along the season.

    What's Micha's deal with serve.. I mean she has been making errors with her jump, today she has 2/2 errors on the floater

    She was on her way to become one of the best jump servers in the world - she already was. Then suddenly Karch changed it to float. Her serves then were game changing.

    Larson is really frustrating to watch. She was blocked several times even with high balls.