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    Megan and her former teammate in Penn State University Christa Harmatto also suffered the same fate of being injury prone. The latter could've reached the status of Milena Rasic if she was able to keep herself healthy. I remember watching them together with Alisha Glass and Nicole Fawcett dominating the NCAA for 3 years in a row. In fact that batch is considered as the best team in the history of NCAA.

    Megan should listen to her body that it's time to quit. It's just sad that she wasn't able to reach her maximum potential.

    4 Thai players (3/4 are current and 1 is a former NT member) will play in the Indonesia Jadwal Proliga 2019 starting next month. (OH/OP) Ajcharaporn Kongyot to Jakarta BNI Taplus, (S) Guedpard Pornpun to Jakarta Popsivo Polwan, (OP) Pimpichaya Kokram to Bandung Bank BJB Pakuan and (OH/OP) Jutarat Montripila to Jakarta Elektric PLN. It's not a competitive league but it's a start and maybe next year they might get better offers.......

    Indonesia in pumping up their league. I hope South East Asia will have a champions league format even for just a month or two. Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam have pretty solid local leagues that gets stronger every year.

    Hooker did came and and played for a few points, near the end of set 2. She made a hitting error, then was blocked, then made a serving mistake. However in the 4th she played much much better, I think she was given 5-6 balls, and she killed all of those. She looks kinda slow to me, especially moving on court. Also I noticed she still jumps pretty high, but the timing with the sets is off.. she usually hit them, while coming down. Which is understandable considering she has been training with her setter for a short time. I'm hoping she gets back to her beast shape

    Hooker only practised with the team 5 times prior to this match and she hasn't played volleyball for nearly 6 months since she's not part of NT. Just like last season, she will be a sub and slowly get the starting position. We will see her best shape in the second round.

    Remember London 2012 when the US had the chance to eliminate Brazil and didn't take it. Unfortunately fair play doesn't win gold medals.

    Brazil might be looking erratic and shaky but they can still beat anyone in the world in a in/out match.

    Same thought! The Brazilians are the most resilient team there is and USA learned that the hard way. If a team can eliminate them now, they should without reservation.

    Italy may rest their starters against the USA since that core has been playing non-stop. Serbia is losing to Japan so that changes everything.

    I see Italy giving up and then losing the very same moment Poland takes the 20th point of a set.

    So it's probably going to be Poland-USA and Brazil-Serbia.

    USA Team is playing again with the full B Team. No way to beat Brazil this way... Still funny watching McDonnell delivering a more decent game than many real outside hitters (Lanza, can you hear me? :wavy:).

    He's also serving well too.

    The crowd looks bored with this exhibition match.

    Mark Espejo is a 5-time MVP in a collegiate tournament of his country. He is good but he never experienced a really high level tournament. I wish him luck.

    As for Aleona Santiago, she played really bad in her last club season. I'm happy for her if the news is indeed true.

    US takes 3rd set...

    hmmm... doesn't US have better liberos than benson? she seems too inexperienced to be playing at this level...

    are these just former collegians? they look quite young.

    They are all newly graduates of at least not more than 2 years (for some).

    Ogbogu and Washington were the bright spots. Carlini still had some head scratching moments but when the coach told her to set the ball higher in the third set that’s when they started winning.

    DR is just a mess. Losing to a newly formed and inexperienced team tells something about their mental strength.