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    Mingardi is better opposite right now. They don't need her. I hope Busto will sign 1 more foreign MB. They will not be strong as this season but again on very good level.

    If Adams is coming and with one more foreign MB, with great setter that they have. Busto will be very fun team to watch.

    So far or the confirmed players of Busto?




    Karsta will most likely play in China with shorter season. She wants to be in Anaheim as soon as possible to make the team going to Tokyo. I heard she plans to retire after Olympics which should have been this year.

    Havelkova is rumored to join Pomì too. Maybe Helena and Lloyd can find the same vibes they had together in Busto in 2011/12 season.

    Since I like Montibeller Rosamaria, I hope Pomì can build a competitive team.

    That team were killing it. Lloyd, Havelkova, Havlickova, Bauer, Meijners and even Marcon played really well. This is the first pro club of Lloyd and she’s always the top blocker of her team 😆…ommettere-su-megan-hodge/

    Perugia is trying to sign Megan Hodge :!:

    I thought she’s done with volleyball. Still, happy to see her back in the sport. Though she never really reached her full potential because of injuries.

    I remember her playing under the guidance of Lang Ping and looking at the stats that time her receiving vastly improved that would make her become an all around player then she was suddenly sidelined because of injury.

    Btw, she’s perfect for Karch’es system.

    Top 5 setters:

    1. Takeshita

    2. Fofoa

    3. Lo Bianco

    4. Berg

    5. Glass

    Top 5 opposites:

    1. Jelic

    2. Egonu

    3. Boskovic

    4. Hooker

    5. Gamova

    Top 5 outside hitters:

    1. Luis

    2. Ruiz

    3. Ting

    4. KYK

    5. Artamanova

    Top 5 middle blockers:

    1. Torres

    2. Carvahal

    3. Thaisa

    4. Foluke

    5. Tischenko

    Top 5 libero:

    1. de Gennaro

    2. Fabi

    3. Sano

    4. Castillo

    5. Sykora

    Top 10 Premium:

    1. Luis

    2. Torres

    3. Carvajal

    4. Ting

    5. Ruiz

    6. KYK

    7. Takeshita

    8. Fafao

    9. Sano

    10. Hooker

    Lol you dont get it. Well! That's your opinion and you are just fine with it. Lets say if a team already contacted a player. All agreements were paid and If i would be the player i will grratly honour my agreement because of my respect to the team who noticed my skills in volleyball meet the club's criteria. This is not because the other team paid the former any money. The main point here is honouring contracts. It led the former team to look for new players in the market. Do you even know the stress she made to Flamengo? You just said that was just alright because hitachi paid Flamengo but how aboud the result of it to the former? Uhmmm looking for new players to complete the team! have some time to understand this! 😅🤣😂

    Sadly it’s you who don’t get it. There was a mutual agreement between two clubs. In fact Flamengo earned from it no matter how small so what stress are you talking about? Were they stressed to begin with?

    Flamengo could’ve easily refused the offer of Hitachi so they will not be “stressed”. So again, why blame Tapp when she was the who was tossed to go to Japan? 😂

    i would honour contracts i first signed. that for me is my business. having a word of honour and respect to other business partners/reputable clubs.

    I don’t want this discussion be any longer but Hitachi paid Flamengo for her release in which the latter agreed upon. So I don’t understand why Tapp is to blame (as imposed) when she actually honored the agreed arrangement of the two clubs.

    Yulia Panova. I thought that she would make it big the first time I saw her play in which she carried her team.

    Priscilla Daroit. She never really leveled up in comparison to her contemporaries like Natalia and Garay.

    Maybe Hodge is a good example too? She suffered too many injuries :( I remember seeing her in NCAA with Glass and thinking that they were really amazing together.. she was really special in that level, and played super well pro at the beginning, but the injuries made it difficult for her to reach her potential.

    No. She had a good run despite being injury prone. She won MVP at 2012 GP. She also actively played with some top clubs her whole career.

    There was a major cover up with China. Taiwan wrote them a letter of inquiry dated back December but it fell on deaf ears.

    If Plummer is planning to be an OH in the future for USA, she can kiss that goodbye if she plans to play in Japan. She won't be getting any passing reps there as she'd mostly be used for scoring. Same as with Simone Lee. Maybe she plans on being an Opposite more in her career.

    Lee’s club gave her a chance to pass but to no avail. If the club sees that Plummer’s passing is okay then they will let her... once in a while.

    Drews can do it (for Paris). She’s the most hardworking NT member of the US. From team C to team A in just a couple of years speaks volume to her determination.