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    We'll never know but they completely smashed USA, Brazil and Peru at the 1987 pan american games (which was a serious competition back then) and then won world cup 89 very easily as well.

    I think at the very least they would have played the final in Seoul.

    They were already a powerhouse during the 2nd half of the 1980s. If they joined 1988, they could easily make it to the finals. I mean, they were whipping Peru that got silver at that time. It's a huge what if but I believe that they could've gotten 4 straight gold medals.

    If the Cuban federation made some changes in allowing their players to go abroad and not take their money, they will still be at the top or at least in the top 5 of the volleyball standing.

    Other teams might not shut down Zhu completely. However, Zhu in Tianjin is different than Zhu in NT. She will not be playing along side Ding Xia, Yan Ni, Yuan Xinyue, et al. The coach is not Lang Ping. So the overall dynamics is different. And Tianjin is arguably weaker than the Chinese NT.

    But I do agree with u guys. Cannot wait to watch the games :cheesy:

    But she will play with Li Yingying, Yao Di, and Destinee. That will be good enough to power through.

    Nice game by China!

    This is the problem with USA's system, without a good passing they are pretty much done when facing top teams like China and Serbia. Their system relies heavily of fast sets beating the middle blocker. Essentially, they don't have plan B whenever things aren't going their way.

    KP will finish her studies this December and she plans to go pro right away, I hope she gets transferred in team where she can be a starting 6 right away. Many standout US college players bomb in the pro-league.

    hancock was the starting setter at the recent pan am cup, which the US won.

    at the recent pan am games, cuttino could be a big hitter sometimes, but oh boy, her defense/backrow play was atrocious. at one point, on a free ball, she managed to shank the pass to the setter. has she never played defense in her life? i thought rivers was more impressive.

    I can't remember a ball in Pan Am that she was able to dig.

    She's mentally weak given the fact that her peers are in the same pressure as her. She will not reach her full potential or even reach a career longevity with this type of mentality. But if this will keep her sane and enjoy stress-free life then good for her.

    Europe hasnt won the golden medal since 1988 :!::!::!:

    URSS was the last country which won it. Actualy, it is the ONLY european country which has gotten it.

    Though it was considered under Europe, lots of countries from the defunct USSR are actually in Asia.

    This coming OG, Italy and Serbia are the only European countries that have an actual shot of winning gold.