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    Hooker hast been playing well in the beggining of the season for a couple of seasons. She starts really slow and increase her game during the competition.

    Hooker, Brakocevic and Sheilla :drink:

    Which is a bad thing. Her team needs her now. I know that she is a slow burner even in Brazil where she starts playing great during the start of the second half of the season. I hope she shows up with better mindset today.

    Im very disappointed with performance of Madison kingdon. Do you guys think she is considered as one of the transition players? With her current performance, she looks very average

    Nope! She’s in the same age group of Hill and KRob. There are many young NCAA players that can easily outdo her at least in the offense department.

    lol vnl is like playtime.

    edit: LUCRATIVE and SHINY playtime. I wont ever mind my team getting a million dollars by playing shitty squads while getting to travel and play.

    Not exactly. VLN can be used by countries that have huge pool to give their next gen a taste of high level volleyball or experiment with different line ups.

    Really? I'm all for asian teams but also for fact checking, because last time I checked teams like South Korea and Thailand were struggling and losing vs teams like Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Azerbaijan. Which are definitely 2nd tier, even Russia's C team won some matches.

    This looking at both recent VNL's and also World Championship 2018. The only team consistent in beating 2nd (and 1st) tier Euros is China and Japan is on the positive side vs 2nd tier also even though it's still not rare for them to lose matches against 2nd tier at all either.

    So if they lose so many matches, it doesn't seem like they are beating Euros easily at all, all I'm saying.

    Im not sure when South Korea and Thailand face Bulgaria and Azerbaijan in the last 2 years but based on VNL results in 2018 SK was Beaten by Belgium but they were able to take down Russia and Germany. I rest my case with Thailand since they are not performing well in the past 2 years but they can make surprise outings.

    My point is SK and Thailand were able to challenge or even shock top Euro teams much more with non top tier teams from that region.

    If you can show all the records of the meetings for the past 2 or 3 years disapproving my claim then I will digress.

    For me, she's a stud this year: way transcending her two previous campaigns (from a 2x AA HM to a top candidate for NPOY). She had fairly high dig totals the past two seasons. Yes, she's an OH; one who I feel could be a candidate for future USWNT duties. Yes, she serve-receives. A lotta errors, for sure; she is kinda-sorta in the same workload category as Kathryn Plummer has been (before this year): "hit-until-your-arm-comes-off" syndrome. I Think she's 6-rotation.

    She's a six rotation player but she is covered in receiving. I think she only received 3 or 4 times in that 5 setter match. Her digging is pretty good though. She's a prospect for NT but will kinda struggle in she remains as OH without learning to receive. I see her as opp. She's the closest 90's Cuban type of game that we have right now.

    The george tech team has any chance to win this competition?

    I dont understand the system of this competition.

    Think of this way. Each region or group of universities has their own conference (like their own Italian or Turking league). On top of it they have the NCAA tournament which can be considered as their own Champions League. During the whole 4 months of competion, each team battle it out in their own conference but at the same time also play againts other teams from different conferences. All matches are considered for the ranking and qualification for the actual NCAA finals which is held on December.

    Georgia Tech is doing okay. I don’t see them winning their conference but they will make it in the actual NCAA tournament. Maybe next year they will be more competitive as their Brazilian coach is looking for more Brazilians to play for her.