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    Plummer had a great match, at least according to the stats. :heart:

    Her perfect passing is much higher than both De Gennaro and Castillo and the highest of all players. And she's still the second best scorer of her team, despite Vero Volley targeted her on service to limit her offesive game. :dance6:

    She has indeed improved in her passing game. Her next target of improvement should be her floor defense.

    Even Castillo couldn't contain her attacks. It was packed with so much power.

    I miss MBH. She's super stable in receiving, digging, and setting out of system balls. She may not be the explosive attacker in her last season in Vakif but she sure did know how to contribute to the team.

    Frantti is not yet there but stats alone, she is okay. She's not shining because she's not the first choice in offense unlike in her former mid level team.

    I only hope Eczacibasi realises that Gray is great only as 3rd OH, not as starter, too inconsistent in attack and huge liability in reception for them.

    They should target one of Skinner/Uzelac imo if they don’t intend to give Czyrnianska any chance, not that I think she is ready but they are wasting her talent on the bench. Ofc if they don’t continue with Voronkova.

    denzz were there any talks about Stevanovic? I really want Ecza to go for either Aleksic or Weitzel tbh

    Skinner is a good catch as long as she is healthy. She can play fast and out of system. Bosko needs a reliable support in Attack. She could be the missing link for Ecza.

    Haak started bad in 2021 but played well at the end of season. Current Thompson is too inconsistent to carry a team like Vakıfbank in a long season.

    Vakif knows that Thompson is not that kind of player that's why they got Frantti as supposedly to aid her and Gabi. Ideally all three pins will be contributing however Frantti hasn't really showed up. JT however is doing better than expected.

    Texas manhandled Wisconsin 3-1. In two sets fans wondered if Wisconsin would even score 10 points. (They did.). Wisconsin was pressured by Texas’ serve and relentless defense all around, and especially by the Texas Libero, Emma Halter. With Wisconsin passing being off most of the night, and the setter struggling with location, Wisconsin couldn’t get the ball to big 6’9” Anna Smrek, who made just one attack error all night. Exciting win by Texas.…ens-volleyball-semifinals


    The middles were barely used. Their coach didn't make any adjustments just the usual subs in the backrow. I would've put Smrek at opp rather than the hybrid opp/middle and put Robinson in the middle. Their setter is also a problem with so many location issues.

    Madisen Skinner on the other hand played lights out for Texas. If she can pass better, she will have a very successful career as a pro. O'neal is ready for pro.

    Fearless forecast: Nebraska will win as all players can actually score and their defense is the best in collegiate volleyball.

    TF! It was the hair that touched the net during the match point. But Nebraska has superb defense. Still a deserved win.

    Olivia Babcock will be a dominant opp someday and Stafford will a viable OH as they are still freshmen. Pittsburg will be a staple in the NCAA final 8 with them.

    Final four is set up. I'm surprised Texas managed to make it. The sister of Avery is just like her just taller.

    Betting that Wisconsin will win this time as they have the tallest starters in the world (including the pro teams) and they can hit sharp angles.

    I can say Ze is the real flop. Statisticially Bergmann looked good at that game but she is terrible this season. Diana and Macris do not play much.They are cut by Kübra-Dicle and Sıla

    Also Van RYK did not play. I guess she has an injury. She is missing half of the games and if she is not missing, she chokes half of them. I think THY should bring someone else to the OPP position.

    Maybe they can bring in Annie Drews once the Japanese League is over. Macris and her can work with fast sets.

    I just watched a few sets and I understand why she has got so much hype after playing only a few matches in Turkey. The first impression she gave me is that she has even higher ceiling than Arina. She can hit from all positions and score without looking any awkward. She is very tall but still is a very good jumper and with good agility, shown by some of her defense. More importantly, this Russian girl can pass!

    Of course with all being said, the techniques are still very raw and she made mistakes (I blame her setter for some of the errors though). But she’s just playing the first few matches of her whole professional career, with this performance is truly impressive. If she could meet a right coach at this early stage of career, she will definitely become the one who the others don’t want to face across the net.

    I find it weird that she is now a good passer because back in Florida she was subbed out at the backrow