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    What are your guys thoughts on Plummer and her potential? Is she a shoe in for the national team or does she have a lot to learn yet?

    not sure if she will fit the karch system but 2020 is the end of his contract to NT. her playing style is like haak. may be the next coach will have a different take.

    im excited about rettke. she's just about to turn junior in college so 2 years more before playing pro. she had noticeable improvements in her game in just 1 year. in fact she was always one of the top scorers of her team even though she plays middle. she was the top blocker is the last NCAA tournament.

    i really feel bad about ajanaku. she was full of promise but we might not see her play her full potential because of her weakened body.

    I'm surprised by Sorokaite and Cuttino once again. Indre has been leading her team in every match while Cuttino has showed better performances than Rahimova to me, she really has to be called for Usa NT :teach:

    Indre proved me wrong again 😂

    Cuttino played great in her last match. Considering that this is her first time to play opposite because in college she played middle for 2 years and non-receiving OH for another 2 and didn’t play backrow defense at all! Add to the fact that she stepped up when Rahimova left. This is a remarkable development for her. Karch should at least invite her to the pool.

    yeah what is that all about america not having any pro volleyball league what so ever not for men or women ? taught volleyball is popular in the states seeing nt was really good for the last couple of years both men and women, if college vball is so popular why not make it pro like ? i tried watching some of that college vball and it is just painfull to watch most of the time cause the gameplay is on level of high school teams in europe

    The sport isn’t just that popular and kids just see it as a scholarship grant for a college degree. But there is silverlining, for girls the sport has overtaken basketball as a sport that they would try in high school. Maybe in few years a pro league can shape up as the sport keeps getting popular in the women’s side.

    NCAA can get boring but once the top 16 teams started gunning for the title the level of play gets really good. Lots of European players who did not turn pro outright are playing there.

    Danielle Cuttino is the best american Opposite for now.

    I like the rate of her improvement.

    Back in Purdue University, she played middle in the first 2 years and later played OH/middle minus the backrow (as libero serve for her). This season is her first time to actually play opp position full time and play back row as well as serve the ball.

    When Rahimova left she was able to rise on the occasion. Getting more experience in NT and next season will further develop her. She has the potential to become a top 5 or even top 3 opp in the world if she continuously grow.

    Thats not how that went down though : ) she said she wanted to leave Brazil, had a verbal agreement with Galatasaray and said she was coming to sign them afaik I'm flying there was even said. But then she suddenly and randomly ignored the team management and never came to sign, GS fans were disappointed by her behaviour so she decided to post shady tweets and tweets about how strong and great she was and about how bad some ppl were totally not referring to GS fans *rolleyes*

    She is definitely very immature and her problems don't just end with being greedy.I'm saying this as someone that had Destinee Hooker fanpages in 2012 era

    Uhm, isn’t the same? You just gave the details.

    She’s in Brazil because she’s comfy there despite the better offer.

    Logan was never going after the money. Every player has different priorities, hers was to play in as many different countries as possible. Kasia, for example, was known for her love for expensive contracts

    We also have the case of Destinee where she found comfort in one country (Brazil). The fans treat her like a royalty that even a better contract from Turkey she opted to stay.

    Pomi should just stick with Cuttino is they can’t find a world class opp. The girl is slowly proving herself considering that she did not play in the backrow in her college days and played mostly as middle blocker. Her ceiling of improvement is higher than Lutz. Though Lutz is an ok replacement for Arighetti (middle blocker was her original position ).

    Finally Carlini used much more MB, Stefana shined. Her and Christina got 31sets !! They are probably making “new” style of their game... Overusing Egonu is not working.

    And Bartsch had good performance too.

    With Picci in the game they have great reciver so they can use much more MBs but Picci is not getting and will not get so much sets. But for now I think this is their best line up.

    See what happens when Carlini sets her middles. This should be the type of game for Novara. Egonu can't do it alone. Having Picci on the floor stabilizes the reception and Carlini can use both the middles in every chance as possible.