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    Pool A - Halle

    06-09 Germany - Spain 3-0

    06-09 Netherlands - Turkey 1-3

    07-09 Germany - Netherlands 3-1

    07-09 Spain - Turkey 0-3

    08-09 Spain - Netherlands 1-3

    08-09 Turkey - Germany 1-3

    Pool B - Zurich

    06-09 Italy - Switzerland 3-0

    06-09 France - Belgium 1-3

    07-09 Italy - France 3-0

    07-09 Switzerland - Belgium 0-3

    08-09 France - Switzerland 3-0

    08-09 Belgium - Italy 2-3

    Pool C - Dresden

    06-09 Azerbaijan - Croatia 1-3

    06-09 Belarus - Russia 0-3

    07-09 Azerbaijan - Belarus 1-3

    07-09 Croatia - Russia 0-3

    08-09 Belarus - Croatia 2-3

    08-09 Russia - Azerbaijan 3-0

    Pool D - Schwerin

    06-09 Serbia - Bulgaria 3-1

    06-09 Czech Republic - Poland 1-3

    07-09 Serbia - Czech Republic 3-0

    07-09 Bulgaria - Poland 1-3

    08-09 Czech Republic - Bulgaria 1-3

    08-09 Poland - Serbia 1-3

    So Guidetti is going to convert to islam or something ? I thought islamic women cant marry outside their faith.
    Anyway congrats to him she's really nice piece of a.. Sexiest girl on turkish team imo.

    I heard that KSD ans Skorupa where a bit too much preoccupied with each other (a bit like as if Skorupa was Mari and KSD Sheilla) plus Kasias husband was too invasive with the group trying to do his business.

    I was only half listening but i think our commentator just said that Salparov used to play for Trefl Gdansk :lol: I guess Samardzić and him look a bit alike but come on ...

    her reception is awful and she doesn't really have basic skills...

    that i and looking at her career choices i dont think she ever had any need to improve as a volleyball player. Lets hope move to China means she finally wants to change herself and mature but imo she's going to be perma-benched after few games when Chinese see how bad she is. Shes not even that good of an Opposite - she had one great game against Cortese in CL like 2 years ago and thats it, her attacks are digged way too often.

    Theres really no point for her on even Kasa to play this year in nt (well she could be on the bench at the most to mentor younger players and come in as a sub) , we need to see new faces/talents.

    For me the only missing player is Zaroslińska, after Montreux 2010 she was never really given a proper chance to show her skills (Matlak liked Kaczor way too much even though she showed nothing special - she had one good tournament in NT - EHC2009 and thats all). Never liked Skorupa so happy Radecka is back. Bednarek, Okuniewska - Its a post OG season so no need for them to play this year plus Bendarek is not as good as few years ago and Okuniewska imo didnt make such a greater progress as some people here say after last season in Italy (watched few games on Rai sport and she looked pretty bad in block - liked her play a lot better when she was in Bielsko). Also no Zenik but she probalby doesnt want to play in NT anymore which is shame, still the best polish libero - Maj imo doesnt compare. About Damaske - calm down people its not Cuba or China where often players start early and end NT career before their 25th birthday :lol: