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    a healthy Natalia could have helped Tandara a lot but seems she wont be able to be in her best shape in 2 months..if she cant give her best and show her %50 then Rosamaria should be added to the team for the approaching WCH in Japan,imo

    Rosamaria could be the best third option amongs all the attackers (i think so at least)..i like Drussyla too..Gabi should focus more/most of the time on the dirty job like Lucia Bosetti...nice to see Thaisa is back ..maybe she is currently not better than any of Ade,Carol and Bia but as if her presence gives her setters a mental strength when she is on the couth

    what about this lineup ?

    Roberta or Dani Lins


    Garay - Drussyla/Rosamaria

    Ade - Carol /Thaisa (if she is ready)

    Gabiru (or even Gabi as libero ??? )

    thx ^^ honestly,im not much interested in the second division of turkey....ill try to follow her at times at least :lol: but TVF doenst still publish any stats about the second divison :aww:

    Yes, their level will rise, but the level of the other teams will rise also.

    Inconsistency is the main issue right now. In one day we can beat China with their full squad, in the other day we might lose to USA C-team by 3x0...

    I think the USA and China are the best teams in the world right now, far from the others. Serbia, Netherlands, Brazil and Italy will probably complete the F6. I dont trust Russia and Turkey. Let's see.

    actually none of the teams looks superb or unbeatable to me...e.g. you can beat the usa but you have to be as consistent as they are during the whole match...i had high opinion of china before but they didnt show anything special at the VNL...some top teams know better now how to slow down Zhu Ting..i dont know maybe Z Changning could make a difference for china.with her,Zhu could be more effective

    i still like serbian team..they have an "OH" problem...they need Tijana and Brankica to be at the same time on the courth ..dutch team is a good team but they have difficulties beating the top teams when it counts most such as semi finals etc..i like italy..they may do better than the dutch team at the wch..young/new turkish team need to play the same way as in the VNL and should reach its top shape at right time.also, absence of Naz Aydemir seems to be a "problem." at times..i dont know what to expect from russia..they could do better or worse than expected

    Brazil is dead. Maybe Garay and Thaisa can help in the WCH. I like Dani Lins, in only game she showed she is a hundred times better than Roberta. But I think we will fight for Final 6 this year, with chances of not reaching that phase.

    Brazil was playing quite well till the semifinals during the VNL after that they havent been playig well till guessing they will raise their level at the WCH is going to broadcast the matches

    there dont seem to be any competitive matches on the schedule on Day 1

    once Israel had a team which was similar to Azerbaijan consisting of many foreigner nationals, was not a bad team

    is Israeli team good enough currently? can they resist against Slovenia today ?

    also, Austria vs. Switzerland match could be boring but interesting , couldnt it ?

    maybe Czech R vs. Sweden too ?

    id like to watch :

    Bel vs Slovenia

    Slovakia vs. Fin

    Rom vs Esp

    Ukr vs Gre

    which team do you think will win the matches right above ?

    The teams' rosters in Gloria CUP :

    Italy :

    Ss : Ofelia Malinov, Alessia Orro, Carlotta Cambi

    OPPs : Paola Egonu, Serena Ortolani, Sylvia Nwakalor

    OHs : Lucia Bosetti, Miriam Sylla, Elena Pietrini, Anastasia Guerra, Camilla Mingardi

    MBs : Cristina Chirichella, Anna Danesi, Sarah Fahr, Marina Lubian, Laura Melandri

    Ls : Monica De Gennaro, Beatrice Parrocchiale

    Russia :

    Ss : Evgeniya Startseva, Tatiana Romanova

    OPPs : Nataliya Goncharova, Natalia Malykh, Iuliia Kutiukova, Anna Kotikova

    OHs : Natalia Krutkova, Irina Voronkova, Kseniia Parubets, Olga Biryukova
    MBs : Irina Koroleva, Irina Fetisova, Ekaterina Lyubushkina, Ekaterina Efimova

    Ls : Daria Talysheva, Alla Galkina

    Azerbaijan :

    Ss : Shafagat Alishanova, Krystsina Yagubova

    OPP : Polina Rahimova

    OHs : Odina Aliyeva, Yelyzaveta Samadova, Natalya Mammadova, Jana Kulan

    MBs : Olena Hasanova, Aynur Karimova, Ayshan Abdulazimova

    Ls : Jeyran Imanova, Luliia Karimova, Bayaz Aliyeva

    Turkey :
    Ss : Cansu Özbay, Cansu Aydınoğulları, Çağla Akın

    OPPs : Meryem Boz, Ebrar Karakurt

    OHs : Hande Baladın, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Şeyma Ercan, Saliha Şahin, Tuğba Şenoğlu

    MBs : Eda Erdem Dündar, Beyza Arıcı, Zehra Güneş, Aslı Kalaç

    Ls : Hatice Gizem Örge, Şebnem Simge Aköz, Aylin Sarıoğlu

    Schedule of Gloria Cup in Antalya (Turkey)


    16.30 Russia - Italy

    19.00 Turkey - Azerbaijan


    16.30 Italy - Azerbaijan

    19.00 Turkey - Russia

    16.30 Azerbaijan - Russia
    19.00 Turkey - Italy

    all the times are according to the local time