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    the league is kinda unpredictable at

    i didnt expect Aydın which had played badly recently,would get two sets fromın lacks a real scorer for this kind of matches..the best scorer of them had 18 points in a 5-set match

    Eda didnt play against Aydın...why ?

    Ebrar played as OH also new transfer Di Lulio too..Both played very well..what is more interesting is that Ebrar's passing stats slightly better than Di lulio though Ebrar received many more balls than Di Lulio did :rolll:

    on the other hand i dont like to jump into big conclusion just bcz Ebrar played two good matches as OH..its not that the NT has finally found the OH it had been looking for ...i must admit that these stats have surprised me :thumbup:

    Gala beat Nilüfer : 3-1

    Nilüfer's MB Özgenur 's lateral movement is quite fast in going for a block. better teams than Nilüfer could consider her for next season. MBs having fast legs are pretty important in volleyball

    i like MB jackson..she can ascend out of nowhere going for a slide..if she were a good blocker she would be playing in the Usa NT now

    im hesistant to go to the gym in order to watch Gala-Nilüfer match live

    maybe i will

    Nilüfer has to serve well otherwise Gala seems to win

    Bystenko should be resolute in her game

    Lazic needs to play one of her good matches as well

    Bailey seems to be the first opt. for her setter to go

    Özgenur should play a good defensive game over the net as MB

    the interesting matches of this round (18) could be :

    Galatasaray - Nilüfer : two teams playing well recently, i expect a 3-1 win by Gala.If Bystenko plays a real good match that means a better battle is ahead of us
    Beşiktaş - Beylikdüzü : this could be a good match. maybe a tie break ? Beşiktaş could win eventually (3-1 or 3-2 win by Beşiktaş)
    Çanakkale - THY : THY's been playin weakly like Aydın in the recent rounds.yet They have a good scorer called Rahimova. i expect a 3-1 win by THY..could we see a tie break? not sure maybe

    of course there are some other possibilities too..if Lodz beats Minsk providing a 3-point win and can get 1 point from Novara etc..Lodz should win in Minsk for sure!

    if Conegliano and Schwerin beat Scandicci then Scandicci out!

    if Scandicci beats Schwerin with any results (3-0,3-1 or 3-2) they are very likely in the QF race!

    so i can say Stuttgart and Scandicci will be very likely in

    third team ?

    imo : either Moscow or Conegliano :)

    what about yours?

    the possibilities look mixed

    i think Stuttgart will be one of the three teams

    who can be other two ?

    Moscow can be

    third ?

    anybody! if Conegliano wins the last two matches then they are in! then if Scandicci can get a 3-point win against Schwerin then Both Conegliano and Scandicci are in! this seems the best scenario for the Italian teams..if Conegliano lose 2-3 to Scandicci then they higgle with Moscow adn Lodz for a spor in the QF...

    seems Lodz's job is harder one amonsgt the four teams ( Scandicci,Moscow,Conegliano adn Lodz)

    That's why I say Schwerin is not a strong team. Imoco maintained a 4-5 point gaps in the last 3 sets.

    Drewniok is not even a starter in German NT. During WCH 2018, Drewniok was only a substitute of Lippmann who's a starter OPP for German NT.

    Drewniok is newly shining /improving its normal that she isnt a starter there..she can get her spot if she keeps improving

    the current situation amongst the teams competing for best three second teams spots :

    1.Scandicci : 3-1 (W-L)=> 10 points

    2.Stuttgart : 3-1=>9 points =>2,5 (set ratio)

    3.Lodz : 3-1=>8 points =>1,8 (set ratio)

    4.Moscow : 3-1=>8 points =>1,66 (set ratio)

    5.Conegliano : 3-1=>7 points =>1,28 (set ratio)

    the remaining matches :

    Scandicci : Conegliano (home) , Schwerin (away)

    Sttutgart : Vakıfbank (home), Plovdiv (away)

    Lodz : Novara (home) , Minsk (away)

    Moscow : Fenerbahçe (away) , Chemik (home)

    Conegliano : Scandicci (away) , LKS (home)

    interestingly four teams are going to play their thoughest matches next week and the matches week after seem easier

    what are your thoughts on which teams will be in the QF ?

    so Conegliano won in the end..Scwerin's players percentage dropped significantly after two sets..i couldndt watch the match ..seems Lowe made the difference..Robin and Danesi played a good match (the owner of this post concludes that based on the stats,lol)..Drewniok was the better player of Schwerin..anyway..they lost but yet good job Schwerin :thumbup:

    i think Conegliano will do a lot from now on to get Egonu for next season ( i dont know if they have already had an (verbal)agrement with her or not)

    if Zhu leaves Vakı you think even they can sign her ?? (it doesn sound likely to me though bcz we know why Zhu may leave Vakıf if she really leaves)

    i had said that Monza's toughest rival at this cup could be Volero Le Cannet, however Volero isnt having an easy time against Hapoel Saba..