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    Bricio was serving, but still chemik had 2 set balls and when it was 24:22 - grajber attacked into the net and when it was 24:23 chemik had a perfect receprion and mirkovic decided to score the second ball but she failed and fenerbache won the set.

    thanks. they had a good/enough margin to win the set with 19-23 indeed

    good game by Vargas and particularly Bricio..i hope Rabadizeva will upgrade her game match by match..her stats look reall bad for this FIRST CL match (Ana seems to have helped the team more than her lol )

    Rabadzieva's contribution matters for Fener to imagine bigger things in CL and TL

    Meryem is doing better in the last two matches..her percentage is not high, yet her contribution is important for Gala

    Aslı has 4 blocks and seems Hande's reception was not bad during this match

    Gala could always push for first tempo with Jackson.unfortunately the setters are not that kind liking first tempo

    If Setters can play smart next week Gala can pass Blaj..also many things will depend on the quality of reception and serve

    lets see what Ataman's team will do in the return match..that will be a different match than this for sure

    seems to me reception and Gala's setter's game quality will decide how far Gala will go

    btw..what happened in the first set of Chemik - Fener? it was 19-23 for Chemik...why didnt they win that set ?

    seems that Maret is doing her best against good teams to show them "hey! im here! cant you consider me in your team next season"

    Turkish middle level teams could consider Thruskina again..she is a useful player where she goes..isnt she ?

    i generally agree on this

    could Bucuresti win a set against Moscow maybe?

    Alba Blaj is a good team, currently leading the fairly good Romanian league, and this match is fairly open IMHO, with only slight advantage for Galatasaray. The return match may decide even in Golden Set the outcome...

    thanks for the answer..i agree with you. what about Blaj's serve ?

    if im not mistaken Galatasaray has played two finals at this cup against Yamamay and lost both of them..if they can pass Alba Blaj then can face Yamamay third time lol

    edit : or one of the meets of Gala-Yama was in CEV CL ? :/

    what are your thoughts on Galatasaray - Alba Blaj match ?

    Blaj has a good roster so it will be a tough match for Gala..particularly the return match

    how are they doing in the Romanian league ? are their serves good enough ?

    i guess Gala can win in a way today but i dont know what happens in the return match maybe they should push for a 2-3 loss or 3-2 win or a golden set ?

    if Blaj is a good serving team then anything can happen

    Meryem Boz and Leys should play a good match for sure..its a dilemma how Ataman will use Hande ? with Meryem or without her as OPP ?

    i like Cansu Çetin recently..her serves are good too

    im also worried about Gala's setters..i could prefer Nursevil..i hope she can use MBs bcz the most working offensive part of Gala is MBs particularly Jackson

    Aydın BB is inconsistent indeed..Beşiktaş is doing better currently

    Aydın's best player is OH Brayelin other OHs are weak..i dont like their opp Lopez..MB Jiniery is good attacker but weak blocker

    i like their setter Duygu Düzceler

    i dont like the liberal approach about this kind of subjects ( everyone is free to do whatever they want bla bla bla..thats not how it appears/works in real life ) (btw,the liberals in turkey acted a serious part in the current administration's coming to power with the same kind of thinking,reasoning and now many of them are in ) and find it footless

    it makes me feel strange to express an opinion on women as a male but imo, this isnt how it appears with this matter. we cant talk about an equal environment,equal conditions(to reach informational resources) ,individualization for some (the relevant) women,children..therefore that isnt a matter of doing whatever one wants.. taking a stand/posture seems more honest to me as opposed to liberal approach

    on the other hand that girl's playing volleyball is good with hijab or something else..thats the good part of the matter

    also,we souldnt miss the economic part in the subject. thats also matters a lot

    I know it could sound a bit unbelieavable, but Vargas is really that young. Since her first appereance, she was easy to recognize thanks to her baby face, which has also been pointed out. Her debut was when she was 13 yo and she was sooooo thin. And she didnt have her current height. Her height was 179-180cm. Now, 184.

    It was also unbelievable when Leon broke into the vball scene. I remember his baby face in the WGCC 09. He was just 15.

    Cuba isnt the caribbean country which is famous for changing the birth dates of their players.

    It is quite weird that, for example, Brayelin Martinez hasnt grown a single centimeter since her debut, which was an U20 WCH. She was 14.

    As well as her sister, Natalia.

    Vargas is 193 cm ; not 184...

    It is such a pity Vargas lost almost 2 years without playing. Because of injuries and also because of her federation :wall:

    If I am not wrong, she started to play for her NT when she was only 13 yo. And at 14, she was already winning prizes in senior level competitions. She is like Leon, who also was a phenomenon when he was almost a kid (I think Leon also started playing for Cuba when he was 14-15).

    Vargas could be so dominant now. Let's hope such a talent wont be lost. So many cuban players havent been the same after the federation ban. Names as Giel (who used to be a block machine), Palacios, Salas and Silva

    fortunately Vargas is pretty young..i mean if she was some thing like 25-yo then we could say she lost 2 very important years and couldnt put them back but she is 19-yo and doing pretty well and still learning so no worry!

    De Kruijf Just had her First block. :lol:

    Once more Danesi is the most impressive player. She may not make 10+ block points each match like Jessica Jones, but her quality is amazing on the net. Everything is easier for her teammates in defence.

    where is Jones now? that short woman was a good blocker (i remember she wasnt that tall)