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    I think your message was only to belittle the VGSTT fans so I was annoyed from it and I asked what do you want to mean in it..This is my last message to you..

    Sorry for every user in the forum!! It won't be again..Promise :D :drink:

    Well if you would have 600 thousand dollars to spend for Kasia, maybe you wouldnt be annoyed that easy:)

    It was a disdain to only the users who thinks the result is unfair because of the referee's biased judgement on FBA's side. It is a respond on their own way, so whether you like it or not, you gotta be learn to act fair at first, and what about that comment? Why you thought it is relative to discuss?

    Okay, so why you didn't answer to my question?

    ask in english so everyone can see, then i'll answer your question, this way they will also know about what we're talking about, you got it?
    i shouldnt be even answering you in that way anyway ,after your kind messages, but maybe the other members have been curious about what is the deal between us, so thats gonna be the last one, just ask it, and i'll respond it, and we reach a conclusion..


    Ne yapmaya çalıştığını anlamıyorum..Her zaman polemik yaratmaya yönelik yorumların var!! Hadi buna Türk forumlarında alıştık da sıra yabancı forumlara mı geldi!! Türkiyeyi ve Fenerbahce taraftarını çok iyi temsil ediyosun!! Kimin hangi takımı desteklediği de seni hiiç ilgilendirmez!! Sanki beyfendi Galatasaray bi takımla oynadığında Galatasarayı destekliyo! :lol: Yabancıların bazı Fenerbahce taraftarları hakkında ne düşündüklerini bi bilseniz..Bergamoyu bile Galatasaray gibi görüyosunuz :lol: Lütfen kendini ve bizi daha fazla rezil etme! :roll:

    I am sorry for everybody coz I am writing my message in Turkish :S

    Yazdıklarım ortada Kadir, ingilizcen yeterli gelmediği için anlayamamış olabilirsin, işte hakem şöyle hakem böyle, hakem olmasaydı biz kazanırdık geyiklerine cevap verdiğim için olay mı çıkarmış oluyorum? ayrıca şu rezil etme ifadesine cevap vermiyorum, şu üslubu gören görüyor, Türkçe bilen insanlar anlıyor neyin ne olduğunu..

    this is a FORUM, everyone can talk to everyone, just in case to remember you. if i want to say something, then i say, if you like it or not. fba played bad and deserved the win ? thats your opinion and not ours

    hey King, i meant by talking to you, i was trying to say that i wasn't addressing you, that was a case between Starnight and me, so it was not a bizarre thing for you not to understand what i've said before. Are we clear now? Yeah this is a forum and everyone can talk to anyone i know that, because of that i wasn't talking to you, i was talking to Starnight..

    Well i have just talked about the refree and his fairness there was not a comment about Fenerbahce's play or their players.Actually you are right,i dont care with Fenerbahce too anymore since last season during play-off's as you know anyway no need to talk congratz Fenerbahce.

    thats a cliche but still need to put here anyway, every person can make mistakes and those mistakes dont make him or her unfair! These criticisms about that referee like he was biased on FBA's side overshadows FBA' victory, so it effects indirectly, and it effects me that way, cause i also know something about you, anyway in conclusion thank you for congratulating us..

    i did NOT understand anything what you are talking about. anyway it was not a well deserved win by fba, they only won of silly mistakes by vgs, thats it.

    I'm not talking to you, so you dont need to,
    and if there is a game between 2 team and one of them made more mistakes than other that means the other one deserved the game. A simple equation!

    We both know who you support when FBA is playing against an another national club team, so again we both know VGSTT was your team for that game. And i want also fair comments, on that Eda's case it might have been a wrong decision or not, nobody is certain about that. Lets say you're all right, FBA would still have a significant lead at that moment, and FBA deserved the game. Fair game concept is not that easy, you need to expand your fair game perception. Though my guess, you must be still teasing about the payment to Kasia, in your own joint..

    The reason some of our comments sound (and seem, given the use of smileys and icons) arrogant is most probably because of insufficient language skills. Hence the more provocation, the more arrogant those posts will become I'm afraid.

    And thank you for your spot-on observations Saybia.

    Sure you're wellcome:) And you're right i didnt wanna hurt them but thats the major reason, insuffiency, also there are some pure arrogants too, i cant omit that, but afterall somebody has to balance the presence of Bartek:)


    Come on, Saybia. You know yourself no single member has prvivleges...some FB-fans AND Bartek should stop their inpolite comments to eachother :) Do you agree?

    yeah because of that, after the succession of posts, you got a feeling that FB-fans and Barteks messages are both inpolite and decided to warn Bartek right? Where is that post? cause I can't see the Bartek part of that,

    and by the way i wasnt addresing you, at least you are not the most significant one, just writing this post cause you responded..

    Come on guys Bartek has always been in good faith. Don't respond him like that! He can annoy you but we can't, dont you all know that? He's the only privileged member in here, so dont make any assumptions, otherwise you may get warned!

    If am not wrong, two best third teams is going to advance to next phase.
    And i checked it out and noticed that these two best third teams are likely to be Polish Bialska Biala,Russian Zarechie Odintsovo.( or Polish Muzina).If Zarechie,Muzina and Biala can achieve one more win then these teams can advance to next phase.Italian Bergamo is not likely to beat Dinamo and Fba.( at least it seems like that for now,nothing is certain ,of course.)

    Muzina is second of its group above Zarechie for now.

    3 best third teams will advance,..

    I think it depends on the games of Group A, cause i dont believe in Group D Prostejov or Lodz can get a win from Villa or Cannes. If VGSTT or Zarechie wont loose any games to Fakro or Beograd, Bergamo might go through the second round even with just wins against ZOK and tie-break loses against FBA and Dinamo..

    İf Bergamo cant advance to next phase, can they still be the host or a a candidate for f4?

    no they cant, the regulation says the three best 3rd ranked team of the groups will go through the next round in addition to the others, and the host will be selected among them, so none team among worst two 3rd ranked teams can be selected as the host for the F4,

    but of course i dont know CEV's capability of changing the rules during the competition:) at least that is what regulation says..

    Something that i like in Fofao is that she plays with whole team, not concetrated in one or two players. This game was good to sleep. Fenerbahce won so easily.

    Seda needs to improve her attack in positioin 4. When she attacks in position 2 i think she feels more confortable.

    She cant jump on 4 as high as she can do on 2, for me thats the story, in my opinion its all physical, she played all the year again with an another great OH Osmokrovic, but still Seda hadnt shown us any promises, she is with us for about 5-6 years or maybe more and i have sympathy to her, still i am glad we got Sokolova replacing her when i consider my teams success. Hope Seda can do better and sideline Sokolova or Osmo, but like I said i dont think its highly possible..