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    For some selfish reasons I felt the urge to post my predictions for todays game in basketball, handball, water polo and volleyball here.
    I know it doesn't interest anyone feel free to ignore me.

    argentina wins by 5 against russia
    usa wins by 21 against spain

    crotia by 2 against hungary
    france by 3 against sweden

    water polo
    serbia by 1 against montenegro
    crotia by 1 against italy

    italy wins 3-2 against bulgaria
    brazil wins 3-1 against russia

    oh and deuce thinks

    Volleyball: Bulgaria-Italy 3:1; Russia-Brazil 1:3
    Handball: Croatia by 3, France by 3
    Basketball; Russia by 3, USA by 19.

    As always- big Fenerbahce Club, 34 times Champions League Champion aren't interested and Everyone wants play there.

    don't read everything so literally.
    in order to make an educated assumption, one should know how things go in transfer market, specifically the transfer market in turkey.
    players have agents who work closely with some local agents.

    turkish agents usually leak some not so reliable information to media, in order to convince fans that that particular transfer is good for the team.

    so probably this is how it went;

    gigi wants to make a transfer
    informs his manager.
    his manager contacts other managers including a turkish one.
    turkish manager trying to get some commission contacts fenerbahce, since they are looking for a MB, says that he's willing to negotiate a deal with gigi for a good some of money.
    in the same time he leaks an info to media that fenerbahce is interested in gigi.
    fans speculate and are anxious to see him in the team.
    fenerbahce, because of monetary issues or simply gigi would be a luxury to bench, refuses the offer.
    and to quench the growing speculations among fans, declare they are not interested in gigi.

    and voila.

    Skra is in the 1st pot, hun. :wavy: Turkish league is just poor therefore in the 1st is place only for 2 clubs from Italy, Poland, Russia and 1 from Belgium.

    sorry dear, you are dead wrong. :tzz:

    The champions of the seven highest ranked federations go to pot 1, when the runner ups go to the second pot.
    Thus, Resovia was in the first pot and Skra in the second.
    Third teams from any federation go automatically to the last pot.

    Don't believe everything you hear from unofficial sources (including here and Skra's site).

    If you want to make sure just check the results of DOL from CEV site. (download box, in the CEV CL main page, as pdf file) There you can see the groups, as well as the distribution to pots (first teams from each group were in the first pot, second were in the second pot, so and so on)

    besides turkish league is not as poor as you think they are. Granted they are not at the same level as Poland, Italy and Russia, but are comparable to or better than the rest of the leagues.

    Groucho, it's proper draw :thumbup:

    you are right

    Fenerbahce supposed to be in the first pot. the way you put it it seemed like they were in second. that's made me confused. but apparently skra is in the second pot so it makes it correct.

    damn two years in a row and arkas gets the easier draw despite being the second rank team from turkey.
    now that is depressing

    there is something wrong with this.
    where did you get it

    Never seen a Turkish player do that in my life.

    it is against regulations, so you won't find anyone covered in the major leagues.
    there may be some women who prefer to wear head-scarfs in the minor leagues.

    Aysun Ozbek, ex NT player, once decided to wear hijab and couldn't play for that period.
    She resumed her career after she took the hijab off.

    So explain Me why does, in Your opinion, Everyone spade downs under Fenerbahce?

    it is a subject way too long and way off topic to be discussed here.
    basically fenerbahce fans think they their club is being made a subject to a conspiracy.other fans being other fans poke them with insults at every opportunity.

    if you are really interested you can read one opinion about what's been happening, you can read this article. (not altogether objective, but you can take the jist)…fenerbahce-akp-fethullah/

    groucho I can't imagine that Fenerbahce pause in CL may destroy Fans temper, more that They haven't distance to that.

    see that's the problem. you can't imagine, and i don't expect you to.
    it is not all about wc, not even about volleyball. fenerbahce is being lynched all year long (match-fixing saga in football), and fans suffer the most for things they are not part of.
    this wc thing is another wound they have to nurse. there is a limit to the amount of wounds a person can endure before snapping.

    Very good decision by CEV. If Someone thinks that big money in back gives rights to do everything without rules.. may watch CL only on TV.

    please once in your life behave like a compassionate human being and refrain from adding salt to injury.
    you may be right in what you are saying, but there is a good time to say it and this isn't it.
    fenerbahce fans, players didn't deserve this (even if all the blame lies within the club, yet i highly doubt it does). they feel cheated and angry.
    imagine a huge fan base constantly being put down for the last 11 months, don't expect ever single one of them to behave logically.


    np. ^^

    Is it true that the CEV refused a Wild Card to Fenerbahce because of 'bad behaviour' during F4 in Baku ???

    ( this is what Google Translator tells me, after translating an interview with Turkish Federation-president)

    unfortunately it is true. (at least that was the reason given by CEV to the tvf president.
    there were several "misbehaviours".
    first fbu refused to stay at the hotel, reserved by the organization comity.
    then they didn't wear the jerseys they were told to, accepting financial sanctions thereof.
    the manager didn't participate to a meeting (or several meetings, i am not clear on that)
    lastly when andrew meyers asked the manager to a meeting she didn't reply.

    a week ago cev sent a mail to tvf that they are not willing to consider fbu as a wc candidate because they disrespect cev authority. (basically asking for an apology)
    fb administrator claims that they never received such a message from tvf.

    so i am quite confused here.

    it is certain that some officials of fbu team are at fault here. it could be a minor issue when handled correctly and on time. it seems to me that some people (don't know whether it is from tvf side or fb side) deliberately or not are causing the club to suffer the consequences.

    Yes, you r right. So, do you have idea when this handbook was released to the site? Actually i didn't realise that download window at the right - bottom of the site. Is it possible to be released today? I wanna hope there may be some changes in the rules for next season.

    not sure.
    i saw it yesterday. but it could be there a while ago.

    new cl handbook is however dated to 30.03.2012

    is it updated, source please? Actually i found some handbooks related to regulations of CEV and all of them were released to the net 2011 or earlier. So some regulations will may be valid after 2012-2013 season.

    yes it is updated.

    go to cev site, european competitions, champions league; on the right hand of the site there is a "downloads" window. you can find the new version of the cl handbook.

    did i write it is unfair? ?( I just mentioned the rule matching two clubs from the same country. it was good for italian teams last year, i think if the rule was different there wont be any italian team ^^

    Good to hear they will change the rule :thumbup:

    nothing changed in regards of dol.
    from 2013 handbook:

    The FIRST DRAWING OF LOTS is performed using the following principles:
     To avoid that more than 1 team stemming from the same country will meet in
    the League Round pools;
    THE SECOND DRAWING OF LOTS is performed during a public session of the
    European Cups Commission.
    The principles of the Drawing of Lots for the Playoffs 12 are:
     to avoid that teams stemming from the same League Round Pool will meet
    each other again;
     to avoid that 3 teams from the same country will enter the Final Four
     as far as possible to grant advantage to the better ranked teams of the
    various League Round pools.
    The principles of the Drawing of Lots for the Semi-Final Matches are:
     To avoid that 2 teams stemming from the same country will proceed to the
    Final Match.
    The CEV Office is responsible for coordinating the preparations for all Drawing of Lots

    Wild Cards never has a logic, remember Telekom get the Wild Card instead of Vakıfbank due to a stupid reason about different city rule which CEV never care about after that season :roll:

    Since there is a such demand, they should increase the number of teams as they did in male version. Or the best case to make agreement with teams like World league or Euroleague in Basketball :tzz: So teams would know that they will play in CL or not, so it would be easier to make plan of the next season and transfer proper players.

    And I really don't get what is point to make 3 teams quota. It works very well in basketball indeed :mad:

    Theoretically WC do not follow a certain logic, but practically they do. If you want to, you can check which teams received WCs in recent competitions. CEV always consider the ranking of the national competitions when distributing WCs. The example you have given about VGS vs TT cannot be considered as norm, it was because of a rule that was stupid but was in effect at that time and was changed after that period.

    I am not saying this because the team i am supporting can be left out of the competition, but the title holder should never never be left out of a competition. I said the same thing two years ago when bergamo was almost left out the competition, when they were in danger of not finishing the italian league at the top spots and didn't have the chance to receive a Wc cause italy already had 3 spots in CL.

    no one can give a plausible reason to it, if fenerbahce (as the title holder and third in the local league) doesn't receive a wc, but any other turkish team does.

    some rumors say that, fenerbahce won't receive a wc because they didn't stay in the hotel reserved by the organization during the last f4.
    if this is true, this is the worst reason to penalize a club in such a way. (barring of course if this somehow hindered doping tests, but i cannot see how it could)