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    Please tell something about that. Who is injured? Who can't play in Saturday?

    When i opened FB TV ,Fenerbahçe Acıbadem's assistant coach told Serbian opposite Durakovic injured in last Mullhouse match.I was late for other news.Fiorin played as opposite.I dont know why Centoni isnt playing?Did she injure too?

    StarNight, Canter, you are joking, right? Kożuch is not a team leader ?! In European Championships she was the best scorer, played much better than Neslihan or Gamova. Moreover you wrote that she is lucky because she plays with star setter Krilova. In my opinion she has bad luck, because she plays with Kiriłłova.You are watching Serie A? Kiriłłova has a horrible season, she is one of the worst setter in whole league.

    This is my idea.I didnt tell Kozuch cant score points and she plays awful.She is a talented player but dont think she isnt a team leader.Explain me how Novara reach to F4? With Kirillova's horrible play?Kirillova is much better than many setters in Serie A.She is a bit old :lol: but still good for Novara.Novara has a chance to reach final with Kirillova like last year.

    Kozuch is a talented player and she played a good season with German NT.Guess Kozuch will be much better in future.She is a good team player but i cant see her a team leader like Aguero,Gamova,Neslihan,Grün ... So she must play in Novara,Bergamo or Pesaro coz Turkish clubs are playing with few players on court and that requires high level opposites like Gamova,Neslihan,Francia.Kozuch is in my favorite lists but i agree with Canter about it.

    Eczacibasi had a chance to win first two sets.Eczaci had 4-5 points advance in 1&2 sets.Gülden played amazing :drink: and Nihan was awful yesterday :thumbdown: .Why Alle doesnt invite Gülden to NT? I cant understand really.Nihan bring only mistakes to Turkish NT.

    Kerstin comes best after Cardullo and gülden for me.I watched her yesterday again in Challange Cup final.She played well(Most important players in Dresden with Hippe) but belgian libero rewarded best libero :what:


    I have a question.Kerstin Tzscherlich is several best liberos in europe but she prefers to stay in german clubs.I wonder why she doesnt prefer to go italian clubs or strong clubs? (Rest German players are playing in Italy mostly.)

    Hello , I am Mert from Turkey(Istanbul).I am playing Volleyball.I am women volleyball follower(Coz of Turkish NT).
    I followed inside-volley 3-4 year, just signed yet.Wish i will spend good time here :win: