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    Rabadzhieva is performing good both on attack and reception.. Merve deserves a chance in NT.. she has been playing on a high level throughout the season

    Totally agree! She is much better reciever than Gizem and their defences are almost equal so there is no reason to keep her at home at summers,she definitly has to be a member of NT.

    She used to earn 650k € last year in China so I don't think it's a joke. Of course she'll have to reduce it next year because she is not anymore that great scorer..

    She doesn't worth 700€ at all.For Evagrande it's only solution to bring players China with offering high amounts but VB didn't had to pay that much,they were the last CL champion and any player wants to work with Guidetti so i am really suprised :rolleyes:

    I can't imagine. Havlickova is doing a good job, so Fener doesn't need Neslihan. So, maybe GSD :win:

    Well if they had Neslihan,they would be able to let
    Glass or Bauer to play which is a big advantage for them and still she is better than Aneta i think but it might break Fenerbahce's team chemistry since Kim is the commander of team,they don't need another.

    If Micelli leaves (That's for sure) Senna will also leave, i don't think any other coach will demand her for next season and club also tired of her disappointments.

    -Havelkova,Gulden,Asuman,Busra stays.I think Esra will also stay one more season.
    -Neslihan's situation is not clear.She may go to Fenerbahce or Galatasaray.Poljak's contract is also over but Nalan said they definitly wanna keep her in team,no idea about how many years contract Harmotto signed.
    -Hanke has an also valid contract but not sure about her future,they may break her contract,depend on new coach (Ozge and Sokolova also had valid contracts but club didn't want them)

    First of all, Voleybolmagazin Forum is really legend about transfer rumors, news etc. Everyone can register on Voleybolmagazin Forum and you can write what you want. So, that site is not reliable at all. (Even Bartek is more reliable)

    Second, Bartek writes the absurd messages here like that curious if Dinamo Moscow will try to sign Kim then a lot of people from Voleybolmagazin Forum believes in all these messages.

    On the other hand, Gamova's news must be joking or April Fool.

    I saw the rumors in diffrent sources not in forum :aww: Gamova news appeared in Hurriyet newspaper and the following next 3 rumors were from today's 5. Set program in SPORTS TV discussed by old NT coach Resat Yaziciogullari and LoBianco news appeared in voleybolextra. (I only read Larson's salary in forum and found it interesting to share)

    Please ! Since it is about Turkish women NT , you must guess there must be some drama :lol:
    It is not Barbolini's decision. It is because federation doesn't like her manager and don't want her in NT.

    What's up with her manager? I tought her husband is her manager and he is just a popular dentist in Istanbul.

    Haha replacing Esra with Neriman is ridiculous! They are totally different players! Do they think Havelkova is able to cover all the reception line? :aww:
    As for Larson, I think every team in Turkey wants/needs her since she is one of the very few well balanced OH in the World. She and Lucia Bosetti are the Key Players of the incoming transfers season IMO... and I'm wond€ring who'$ gonna off€r mor€ to get at £ea$t on€ of th€m :D

    With replacing i didn't mean she will try to keep Esra's role in team.She will be the new local spiker instead of Esra considering foreign rule so they need to transfer a good defensive OH instead of Senna.Neriman/Havelkova/Bosetti for example would be a nice trio.Bosetti will take Esra's role and Neriman & Havelkova will make some rotations.

    Some rumors that i have heared so far about Turkish league.
    -A turkish newspaper wrote that Fenerbahce wants Gamova back.
    -Esra wants a baby and she will give a break to volleyball next season
    -Eczacibasi wants Neriman for next season to replace Esra's position (A turkish volleyball coach also confirmed that in today's volleyball program)
    -A turkish team wants Larson and they are ready to pay higher than Kazan (In turkish forum it's been written that she earns 800k € for one season)
    -Eczacibasi and Galatasaray wants Ana Antonjevic (?)
    -Galatasaray doesn't want to renew LoBianco's contract.

    Those are only rumors but Neriman transfer is likely to come true her contract will end this season also Naz,Neslihan and Poljak will be free in the end of season.

    Why nobody didn't mention Yeliz Basa's name? She is still young (26) and she performs really well in Asian leagues.Even club back-ups like Seda and Polen are in the wide rosters but Yeliz played in starting six but still Barbolini didn't even invite her.She is currently miles better than Seda.

    Asuman Karakoyun and Busra Cansu extended their contracts with Eczacibasi VitrA for 2 more seasons.Asuman should definitly stay but i am not sure about Busra nowadays,they could have look for better local MBs (Dicle,Gozde Dal etc)

    If Lloyd can reach the same shape she had in her first season in Busto, she might fit well in Eczacıbaşı. I don't think Eczacıbaşı would try to keep Harmotto for next season and Arrighetti&Poljak couple would be great to watch again :rose:

    Yeah Harmotto disappointed me a lot ! She doesn't even plan to come back Turkey for play-offs and wondering which knee injury last more than 6 months ?