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    Ok I will find another example in Men's Volleyball because Ojla will say that I only attack Polish NT.
    When was the score like that... 14-9... 14-9... 13-8... yes! I remember... 3rd set... Poland-Brazil.

    That's easy to find.Won't you remember when Italy vs Japan at Olympics Qualification in 2008,Japan led Italy with 24-17 in the fourth set,then they lost 35-33 at the end.Finally Italy won in tie-break.

    Russia made many faults at the end of the first set.Italy played quite well till now,long time haven't watched Fei plays as a middle blocker.
    Zaytsev is amazing!

    I'm pretty sure that the match between China and Germany on the last day of the competition will be a bronze medal match :!: that is so exciting how the world cup ends :dance6:

    I think this game is a tough match and will play in tie-break.If it's so,that will be more interesting.These two teams always played in tie-break since these two years. I want Germany wins more.

    I hope so, Gioli is definitely better weapon as MB and Costagrande as Opp :)

    Too bad to know Orto has injury.I don't think they will use Gioli to play as a Opp anymore.Maybe they can choose between Costagrande and Bosetti.

    Not a big chance at all :D but who knows? :roll: Naahh :lol:

    Everything is possible. :lol: I don't like him at the beginning,his impression gave to me was not good,really a fighter and 'overactive'.But after two years,I start to appreciate on him.Sometimes,we need this fighting spirit. :cheesy:

    It is a mess, indeed. I'm trying to understand both sides, seems to be too complicated....I they know such word like compromise? Maybe they should think about it. I mean...Mariusz said it's not like he doesn't want to play for NT, 'cause he wants, but he won't play untill PZPS won't change their approach to human...get yourself men and go on a compromise...somehow....'cause this situation obviously isn't good both for Mariusz and PZPS. And personally even though sometimes Mariusz was seriously pissing me off, I miss him in the team, 'cause I have always been a huge fan of him as a player, so I really would love them to solve this problem...somehow.

    And with this Skra/Piechocki manipulating thing...I don't think it's really truth. Piechocki said that Mariusz picks up his brain, but I'm sure Mariusz wouldn't let Piechocki or anyone else manipulate him! That's ridiculous!


    Indeed, it is too unrealistic, Wlazly has prooved that he does whatever he likes and whatever he thinks is right, so it is hard to imagine that someone can influence him to such extent. :P

    Oh,this case is too messy and I don't want to stand for any side.Wlazly always is this kind of person in my opinion. Although he may want to go back to NT,I don't think he will help the team a lot.Let's pass the chance to other opposite.

    Maybe because Nawrocki is stupid. I have no other explain 'cause it wasn't said anything about Kooistra's problems. I mean he isn't injured or something like that.
    I didn't watch this match from the beginning so even if commentators said something about him, I don't know..

    I think he want to give some chance to Mozdzonek,just like taking turns.But I prefer Kooistra more instead of Mozdzonek.

    I love crazy Meo production,also the video in Piacenza.Athough I don't know what they said much..

    I repeat, I didn't do the list, legavolley did!! You don't need to convince me that Fei wasn't the best "spiker" last year :)

    And they didn't count play off and italian cup, because not everybody played its.

    I always check stats, so I know that he isn't even in top 5 in attacker stats... but he was the best blocker between the spiker (OH+ opposite) (and in top 5 counting the MBs), that's probably why he came out to be the "best attacker".

    Fei sometimes will be the middle blocker when he doesn't stand on attacker position in Treviso last year.His blocking skill is quite good,you know he was a middle blocker before.

    Im quite surprise with Vissotto out too, though like you I dont like him very much! hehehehehe

    But well, it is like Bernardinho always makes, if you are not trainning well, then u are off, after all it is a big competition inside to see who make the cut. ^^

    Glad to know giba and Gustavo will be with the rest of the guys, cause their experience is really important.
    I must say I like this team (of course if Giba dna Gustavo could be playing at their best now would be better..but for South America championship I think is enough...lets see. ^^

    Vissoto isn't suitable for the Brazilian team,he is quite slow and plays more as the European style.I am not surprised he was being cut.