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    ha ha :D

    I had his name too on my source Iran Volleyball Federation website, but I thought this name is most probably wrong and I was correct, they wrote it Rin Giu :thumbsup:

    That's funny.I want to know how to pronounce this name, it's quite different from the chinese pronunciation. :lol:
    And I have doubt on why the receiver is Zingel,he is a middle blocker. ?(

    I'm curious to know what the Australian have played.I think this AUS team is quite young so they are usually unstable.This year they played with a new setter and Edgar trys to do his best,I remember this guy starts his professional for few years only.

    I'm so suprise of our game. It was fantastic match. Whole sets was nice. Zygadlo played very well today - especially with middle blockers and Kubiak. This second one was unstoppable today.
    Of course, I don't understand this changes with Jarosz on attack, he didn't showed anything today, and when he appeared on the court I just left my room, because I didn't want to watched this. Kurek's attack in the end of the set was unbelievable. Amazing, so amazing.
    I should say something about polish fans, because they are the best in the volleyball world. They are everywhere.
    What else can I say, after these emotions? :roll:

    Kubiak was amazing today.For Jarosz,I think he really need to find himself,he can't show what he can do.Today the attackers were still not good,but I think Gruzka played better than last month.

    I don't like Batman at all,but I like Bartman. :roll: Won't you believing,my school asked our students introduce a country each class and my class has drawn out Poland.The first thing appeared in my mind is Bartman. :aww: How crazy I was,then I kept laughing when I having a short test.I hope this is a presage before the European championship.

    Zibi would be happy :D For sure. I mean, who wouldn't be if he was named as one of the greatest superheroes? And Zibi is superhero.
    Anyway, even some people in Poland misspell his name calling him Batman. Actually, when I saw him for the first time I was like "What? Who is he?" and at once I thought that his name was similar to Batman.

    It's a good nickname to be one of the superhero.More funny is that I always say 'Bartman' when I want to say Batman. :D
    Maybe I wish they are the same person. :love:

    I'm sorry for your exam :( I'm sure you'll pass it eventually! :win:

    btw, another Polish NT fan! May be you're rare in China, but not in this forum... so, if there is anything I can do to convince you tu support Italian NT, tell me! :lol: Or may be I can pay you... :lol:

    Oh my god.I'm also a Italian fans,the first team I like actually is Italy in Beijing Olympics. :win:
    I can't control myself to keep my eyes on the Italian.

    Yeah, you right, but Cristian's part is too short :(
    So what, when I see them I just want to sing and dance! :lol::dance6:

    Amazing video by Buti.I can't stop laughing and moving my body.It's so rock.
    I just wonder Boninfante was there too.Then it will become more amusing.

    It's so funny. I think it is better to change Gamova to another player in one of the posters. Maybe the maker is Gamova fan.
    But I do like her pose,it's cool,also Maggie ones.

    Just a curiosity. We are only in january and Jastrzębie will play more 2 games in this league. And than, they will play only CL??? If they not get to playoff 6 in CL they are free the rest of season??

    No,they still need to play the playoff for the 7-10 places. If they can be in final four of CL,they may have more works. What they can fight for is just CL.