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    OMG Jastrzębie ;( Unfortunately I haven't seen this match, but I hoped they will managed to win it! Yeah, Jastrzębie aren't in their top shape, but in couple of last matches we could see a little progress...that gave me a little hope...I really expected them to win against Delecta...FUCK! :mad:

    Too bad!It's disappointing.I don't understand why they could win in Championship league,but they losed in plusliga.I really think that they could win in the next 3 matches that time.But the truth is that they are out of top six.

    this is...a nightamre. i can't believe that we changed so much in 2 days, no fight no spirit tons of silly mistakes absolutly embarassing service...hard to watch really. i can't understand why after huge success in 2006 and 2009 year after we are playing like 3rd world country(no offense).
    Bulgaria played great match . Kazyski and Niklol were unstopable . congratulations.

    this WCH is disgraceful, i just watched Spain-Russia...really no words for what Russia did.i have no recpect for teams like Russia or Serbia. in the tie break Russian players were worried that they are scoring points-pathetic

    It's really terrible when I watched them.No spirit,they couldn't find the rhythm of the game.But I quite sure that their victory in european championahip was luck.Luck is a important element during these kind of cometitions,not only ability.

    Speechless for Russia and Spain.They all wanted to lose in this game. :whistle:

    I really don't want any team to be out from group N. But if there's one team I want to advance, that's POLAND!!! By looking at how they're playing right now, they deserve to reach the semis at least!

    Absolutely.I really want Poland can be advanced.Brazil and Bulgaria are just make in this group 'unfortunately',but the Poles tried hard to win all 3 matches to be in this group.

    :down: :down:
    and frankly Germany is in the best situation of all group's F teams. this is ridiculous i just realise that if Bulagaria lose to Czech rep , Poland(if we win our gruop ofc)or Serbia will end up with Bulgaria and Brazil/Cuba , hell great amaward for being the best in the strongest group ;/

    I can't imagine what will happen that group,it contains three good teams,it's so murderous to foul one team from them. :down:
    So the German should be happy,right??

    It's nice to see Kim Glass played in this match,although it's just a short time.She is passionate.But I doubt she is not suitable in this US national team. Hope to watch Garay more.

    Actually,India played quite well,it's out of my expectation.For Australia,they had not use Carroll in the starting six,it's quite hard for them to play.Anyway,the final is Iran-China.

    Unpredictable results in pool B,Kazakhstan defeated Korea.Moreover,Iran won over China again in the tie break.

    Australia-Chinese Taipei

    Marechal isn't as good as Rouzier but he is young so maybe some day he will :) don't you know why Rouzier doesn't play? Is something wrong with him?
    Ngapeth is getting better and he is already really good player for me.
    Samica has some problem with himself because he doesn't play as good as he really can. But I hope this is just a short moment of weakness.
    France have a lot amazing players but I still waiting for big come back of Antiga. He's the best :D

    Yes,I agree Ngapeth has a great talent after I watched the matches this year.He is young and has the good attack.Besides, I much prefer to see Pierre plays as the setter.

    Seems like Serbian players are in great shape, like they have rested for months, impressive!

    I surprised their performance too. They have not contain Ivan and Grbic in this world league but they still play like this.It's quite good already.

    04 June
    Brazil - Bulgaria 3:1
    Serbia - China 3:2
    Italy - France 3:1
    Russia - USA 3:2
    Cuba - Argentina 3:1

    05 June
    Brazil - Bulgaria 3:0
    Korea - Netherlands 1:3
    Italy - France 2:3
    Russia - USA 1:3
    Finland - Egypt 3:0
    Germany - Poland 1:3
    Cuba - Argentina 3:0

    06 June
    Korea - Netherlands 3:2
    Serbia - China 3:2
    Finland - Egypt 3:1
    Germany - Poland 1:3

    Wow,Trento beated Dinamo quickly.Dinamo played awfully today,especially the reception.Maybe trento is entirely strong.Osma,Sala,Bira,Vissotto and Matey all got aces.It is incredible.Congratulation Trento!

    I think that the bronze match is more exciting than the gold medal match.The bronze match is great.Wlazly showed his leadership of Skra.Also got the best scorer too! :lol:

    A disappointing game.I think skra can play for 5 sets with dinamo.But today they played awfully,dinamo played well. I quite surprised Semen, Grankin played well . I can expect Dante play well. it was strange that dynamo did not use Yuriy to play at first.

    I do think Nawocki made substitutions slowly too.He can be confident to use more different players early,but it's not the main problem.