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    What do you mean - didn't play well - He is top scorer for Trento with 14 pts - 1 bl, 59% in attack, all his serves lead to negative reception for the opponent. He has 65% positive reception and 35% perfect. He has only one reception error, Huantorena has 6 errors. He has only one error in attack, Visotto has 3. Visotto and Huantorena and Sala are in debt to the club with their mistakes in my opinion. Stoychev also couldn't respond to the tactics of the opponent.
    May be you expect Matey to score another 8 aces in 4 sets - impossible when he is tired :bump:

    I just want to say the first match in the semifinal,doesn't mean the third match.You misunderstand my point.

    He played quite good in the third match.Just like you have said he got 14 pts in three sets,especially when you compare with the last two matches.

    Certainly,i will not expect he can get many aces in each game.If someone really does,that is a miracle. :lol:

    It is the first win for macerata beated trento this season.It's rare. :dance6:

    I agreed that Kaziyski seems to be tired,he has played the whole year.So he didn't play well in semifinal.

    I hope he will be better,also Raphael recovers quickly.They are going to have champions league this week.

    I glad to see Mika won the mvp yesterday too.It's quite surprised to see a young player did it well.

    I agree that Patryk is a great player , he does well in blocking and attack.I hope he can do well in NT.

    It is such a great match yesterday.Unfortunately,JAS lose again in the fifth set.It's really hurtful for me.

    I think Piacenza really play without passion.Only they played with Trento had more passion.

    This Cuneo is strong,especially Wijsmans is back to the game.I think they need to focus more on it.