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    I never heard about Kasia Kasia never will be as Gamova,Glinka She thinks only much more money.She never thougt CL winner,Poland NT,Polish League.
    There is one legend her name is Glinka.She is amazing player She has CL cup She has a dream.I am sure Kasia has a perfect manager.

    I hope Kasia doesn't stay in FB.I wish Carcares or Gonchhorova come to FB.I'm very sad for Songul Nihan is not enough for Fb.We must take a perfect libero but We can't use foreign player for libero may be Gizem Orge(Nilufer) can come to FB.Probably Zulfiye,Ergul,Seda leave from FB.

    I wish signed Micelli instead of Ze Roberto.

    I think 4. set was very important us We could 4. set very easyly 25-13 but we earned 25-19 and rest the Bergamo star player also increased motivated them.Also We have 2 normal player If We have one more 4 number with Osmokrovic We could match.Bergamo lived this atmosphere since 7 years We have no experience it.But the most factor playing quality If we have last year Costagrande or Del Core,Sokolova Everything could be different.
    This year we have same quality foreign players I wish We can transfer libero also Lo Bianco or Ferretti,Berg and I hope We will play eliminate groups with İtalian teams and Dinamo Moskow last year this groups was very easy Go Celtics,Go Fenerbahce Time to Win

    Kasia Pesaro 200 FB 600 also Pesaro took I think min. 250 just like a joke also Pesaro never to be success in Europe We played final only a few mounth ago.
    I wish We transferred by Neslihan or Ivana Djerisilo Kasi is not a Gamova or Neslihan

    İtalians usually say Naz is perfect,amazing etc..This is true may be but she is very young also lastyear she was very bad only last 1-2 games played good.Seda is a high quality and Fenerbahce everytime trust to Seda gave the captain also played everytime.Seda is very important us also Eda In my opinion Eda is the 2. middle player and Furst best middle player.Everybody wants big player instead of Drixx Eventhough she is not perfect player but she made good job for last year.This year made upgrade Drixx and Alice Bloom with high quality players.Only need perfecr setter We will see on Sunday

    Only a few cities has World City such as NY,LA,İstanbul,Paris,London,Madrid
    Milano is small also very dark İtalians said that Milano is Austria of İtaly Pesaro is good city also Bergamo Firenze Rome but istanbul is a different world 2 continents big history big value for all of the relagions also you want to İstanbul,Moskow,St Petersburg,İzmir and compare the other cities and add to compare clubs and facilities write Fenerbahce SK preview Ankara Turk Telekom İncek Tesisleri write Fenerbahce Ulker City complex

    samba player I write for general I never think answer to you or another.When you read the İtalian forums who come to İtaly for career and improve skills but the other countrys prefer only for money.Also lots of critics for Furst,Kasia etc...We are not sally If you are a Turkish or Russian citizen you don't like İt.Osmokrovic played 180000 in Novarro playing FB 400000 look the diffrerence Del Core played 250000 in Pesaro will play 650000 in D Moskow.This is not acceptable Eventhough money M Ali president of Acibadem I went to go Milano from Cannes with rent a car after speak She accept İt.İstanbul,London,Paris,Moscow is a world city also FB is really big club and has lots of comfort.Hotels,Saloons,Apartmens
    We paid to Pesaro lots of money for finish the contract also Kasia said I said incridible money and I thought they don't accept it.But they accept on her websites.You are very angry for this players also I am very angry I hope understand me

    World is not floating only around the Italy.If a women for example Furst come to the Italy that means She want to improve herself If she come to the Turkey She gone only for money.You are not respect the other countrys and clubs.Only Bergamo is very good in Cl and was upon a time Despar Perugia.Usually İtaly sports saloon is very old and small also the countrys is very small.Italian sports club has 20-30 years history but Fenerbahce has 70 years history.Also the players while playing very cheap in İtaly for play the Turkey and Russia They want astronomic money.I hate from this sittutation.I hope coming soon finish this situtation also I hope all İtalian clubs come into the economical crisis.Volleyball is not playing only İtaly

    Anybody never compare Eczacibası and Rabita or Polish teams.While we are happy Krismonovic went because not enaugh player Rabita collected all as same as players also Rabita has any Azeri players this is very stupid decision.Eczacibasi is the strongest team also has big culture as same as Bergamo big mistake

    This is amazing news for Aquero last 3 years She became very rich She must say thanks Turk Telekom and Villa Cortese If the news is correct I never want to Fenerbahce
    She played TT not good also she is old.How is the news Pesaro,Bergamo,Novarra

    It will nor big difference last year between this year.Last year was play 4 foreign player also this year may be 5 foreign player a little big difference.But important this year we will play more quality players instead of Drixx and Bloom I mostly want middle player Eda may be the first or second middle player eventhough İpek is not enough also Cigdem is old and slow She is delay to block.Probably we will transfer Maja Poljak may be Furst.Also President said that we speak to players about this situtaion.We will wait and see

    If discuss about Fb everybody talks it.We are not join in EU also we never use this advantages.Usually latin players has an İtalian passport or citizen.Costagrande,Aquero,Francia etc also Almost all Cannes team created by foreign players usually SSCB but French citizen.Novarra played lots of foreign players.Turkish federation rules very stupid also they want to stop FB.We want to go CL Champions We are the biggest vollleyball team supporters,media,saloons,financial Normally Sokolova Turkish citizen but we can't use this situtaion We never become Novarra because Novarra has a few problems last year.Logan Tom is good player but she is a big problem we read on internet figt to Flier also Kozuch and Flier not perfect player eventhough Natasha Osmokrovic,Luibov Saskova,Aquero also Seda perfect players 4 and 2 can play İstanbul is a world city such as NY,London,Paris when they come they will understand We have lots of facilities Dinamo Moskova will be big problem for CL I never afraid of Pesaro,Villa Cortese Pesaro every time big heartbreak for their supporters No Europe only domestics Skovranska never be perfect player big player Nati,Gamova,Aquero,Mirka,Lo Bianco,Sokolova

    I read on some blog on internet.Also I disagree Pesaro is good team.Only Bergamo is good team Pesaro never become in Europe.Only Bergamo and Perugia the others only domestic.In addition last year Novarra earned Cev Cup.Pesaro has some problems for me Skovranska is not perfect player for me sometimes good sometimes bad also they have no leader player but for example Villa Cortese Aquero is leader player or Perugia Mirka Francia was leader player.Only one true Bergamo is good team I hope this year We will earn CL Cup.Fenerbahce will be number one all of the world.We will finish new sport complex coming soon.12000 capasity also 25 billion supporters after became champions put your hands up 55000 supporters for Fenerbahce players in Fenerbahce Stadium.Fenerbahce has big quality complex in İstanbul,Ankara for stay.Five stars hotels

    Definitely Eczacibasi must join to CL Because Eczacibasi is very strong team also has a big volleyball culture during years.
    Fenerbahce will sign to Luibov Sokolova Kilic tomorrow in Fenerbahce Staidium.Also Fenerbahce TV will give to live
    I think coming soon Aquero,Furst or Lo Bianco one of them come to Fenerbahce
    Bergamo Coach Lorenzo Micelli can come to Eczacibasi

    Experience very important If Pesaro was super team They didn't lose to Bergamo in Cl.They earned first match and second match their saloon.Also Skovranska never super player for me but Costagrande amazing.Villa Cortese hasn't experience.Infact this series look like FB Acibadem VGSTT Every match VGS loose even though leader 2-0 or 2-1 also Villa Cortese made a ot of mistake 21-17 leader but loose the set.Every time Aqureo don't be a hero or Citakovic ı think pesaro made little fault than Vila Cortese MVP for me definitely Costagrande