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    I want to ask does the participation in WGP brings some points because no one can convince that Bulgaria deserves to be so down in the world ranking after a teams like Romania, Azerbaijan, Great Britain and even Costa Rica, Chile, Senegal, Uruguay, Colombia, Trinidad, Algeria and many others that maybe we can beat with our youth girls.

    Elitsa Vasileva missed the two matches with Serbia because yesterday died her father from heart attack only 52 years old. Amazing man known in the whole city of Dupnitsa. :(


    Are you ready to apologize now?Are you ready to apologize now?


    Yes i'm clearly apologize for my words. When i saw all this amazing funny moments with the ball in the air of Bira and this head of Savani in the end of the second seth i thought that this is too much. Maybe italians wanted to help Argentina to comeback in the game but the heads of the boys from the silver country are somewhere else.

    Zaytsev don't want to score point. Same with the others italians. Argentina is totally cracking today :lol: . Oh men what a discusting porn is this ! I'm going to puke and turn off the computer. I can't watch this pathetical theater from italians. Congrats Argentina you are host and should be on the semi finals. It' s not impossible you to miss semi finals with this organization. Shame FIVB Shame !

    What a discusting theatre i'm watching. I want to puke. Shame on you italians :down: The shocking out of Birareli, then this with the head of Savani is too much !!! DISCUSTING !!!


    I think either there will be another qualification tournament to WGP or maybe ranking of ECH will decide the other qualified teams. Giving the tickets to EL finalists is probably a way to motivate teams to play in EL and also to play with their best players.

    Thank you. So this means for me that we should forget about next year WGP and to prepare to play again in this ultra intressting tournament with sooo many groups with very motivated first team players if you understand my irony. We have a looser mentality like a nation and no one can prove me the opposite thing. Men team is just a momentary shine.

    Has now Bulgaria chance to play in WGP 2014 ? Because we qualify this year but whatever when all european teams will participate again without qualifications. I don't see the meaning of this EL finalist quota.


    BUL-POL! This is going to be a WAR!!! I wonder how many empty bottles and lighters will land on court this time

    Well that will be hard battle and the behaviour of the public in Varna will depend the attitude of the Polish players. I have to be honest many bulgarian fans doesn't like Polish players. I remember interviews from bulgarian players who said that from all volleyball players in the world polish players behave as arrogantly and haughtily and unlike other national players they almost never salutes bulgarians. I have not feel such arrogance and disregard of Polish fans in the forum so maybe this is typical only for their players. And i can say that Kurek is one of the most antipathetic volleyball player especially for the fans that I know.

    Officialy i can say that Slavina Koleva is a future substitute in the place of Eva Yaneva. Very nice and positive is her inclusion in the squad. In the start of the season i was been very dissapointed because of the absence of Kremena Kamenova but Slavina is a nice move and appreciate it.


    I don't know actually Vakıfbank has one of the best physiotherapist in europe (Alessandro Bracceschi now he moved to Germany NT from Bulgaria NT because Abondanza came to Fenerbahce and he didn't find it ethic while he is still working in Vakıf) but Polen's body didn't expand too much but she is much better comparing with previous years,we shouldn't expect a big progress suddenly but i said before her spikes are quite powerful but main problem she can easily injured with that body [

    Maybe it's not in the topic but Alessandro Bracceschi is boyfriend of bulgarian player Gabriela Koeva and he was reason of her decision to play in Turkey last season so i think she will follow him.

    Excuse me but this friendly match between Bulgaria and Serbia is not even a real game. In Bulgaria media theere is no any information about this game.Also see that according to the stats was played Slavina Koleva and she wasn't in the list of players of Abbondanza. Today in 16.00 BG time (15.00 CET) is the official game and will be transmitted here.