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    I re-watched the match again.

    Leon's services at 19-18, 19-19 were playable .Too bad Balaso and Kovar couldn't handle it ( they should have). Massari instead of Kovar could be a better choice.

    Age wasn't a factor.

    Balaso made many mistakes both in defense and reception.

    Leal was absolutely terrible. He was the main factor of Perugia's comeback at the third set. Many reception mistakes. Even Juantorena was trying to hide him on reception, which explains the tragedy :)

    Lanza did what Zaytsev was doing last year. I think he played a great game .

    Sokolov as fourth reception option is the worst decision ever. Every ball he touched turned into an ace. What a waste.

    For me De Cecco was the real MVP of the match. Fabulous !

    Colaci was another hero for Perugia.

    I don't understand how you can blame Osmany for the last ball (13-12). That was a terrible reception by Leal, very difficult set to score against triple block.

    His every good serve was cancelled by the Lube's blocking mistakes.

    I don't care the direct blocks, Simon's blocking is a big liability throughout the match. If you watched last years CL Final, you will understand the difference between Stankovic and Simon. Simon can't react quickly .

    What I don't understand is ; Leal is two times MVP of World Club Championship. He was there , he won it against Kazan.

    I don't agree. Throughout the match, he is giving way too much space to attackers. If the reception is good, they are automatically attaciking against a single block.

    If I had a chance, I wanted to see a challenge between 2010-2013 Juantorena and 2017-2019 Leon .

    I still can't believe they didn't use Stankovic who was a nightmare for Zenit in 2018 CL Final !

    Osmany is putting a fabulous reception performance. That is why they are going after Leal as much as possible.

    Bruno in the third set played terrible. He insisted too much on Sokolov (ciao Micah :)) which turned into a disaster for Lube

    Poor coaching by Fefe.

    Bruno was the reason of letdown in the second set, he couldn't change him after back to back poor passes.

    Juantorena is obviously finished after first set. He couldn't change him. I don't believe in Osmany's social media training shows. He gained weight and looks out of shape .Absolutely zero lateral movement.

    Not to forget Simon's ridiculous blocking

    After 7-0 , Bruno let the team down with his poor setting and choices.

    Trentino won the game 25-14, if you don't count 0-7 run.

    Juantorena looks already very tired. Simon is making Vettori a hero with his non-existing blocking.

    Juantorena was injured at the start of second set (score was 4-1 for Lube). He clashed with Simon after a block.

    Because he acted like he broke his pelvis, Fefe took him out and never gave him another chance despite his continues requests.

    As you can see at the end of the match, there was an argument between coach and player

    OFF TOPIC: Naz will leave Vakifbank and return to Fenerbahce. Her best friend Bahar is there. Also one of the leading figures of Fenerbahce's legendary years ,Ali Koç ( he was the vice-president at that time), returned to club as the president. Naz will surely return to Fenerbahçe

    In the fourth set Perugia had a run from 3-5 to 8-5 and all of them were the mistakes of Lube.

    The loser mentality is so strong right now , it is nearly impossible to break no matter whom the coach is.

    I think they need to change Juantorena or Sokolov or both of them in the next match. They are mentally finished after losing 7 finals in a row.

    In this match, they should have killed Leon with service , instead they sent slow motion services . It is great example to see how mental factors can effect the game.