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    A few times he is being blocked one on one because he is trying to bury the ball all the time. Because he likes to play the very fast tempo ball his hitting options are quite limited, and his opponents know ho to block him. He is a very good player, but he does need to add more variety to his game now - especially given that there has been talk that he has knee injuries, etc. It's obviously not easy to do, and players like Kubiak and Uros play like that naturally - but he could really try to start hitting high off the block, wipe offs etc, which he could do. Lube can also go through a lot of phases playing out of system, this would help him a lot....

    Playing very fast tempo ball is his last choice ,he prefers high balls 🙈 I think he is physically looking out of shape ,very immobile in the field . Also mentally he doesn’t seem to be ready for season final,very fragile.But that is the story of his post -Trentino career .Nothing new

    Is it me or match by match Leon is losing his effectiveness ? Italian league’s competitive structure is starting to affect him , since he isn’t used to playing back to back tight matches with Kazan . Now at the end of fourth sets and fifth sets ,perhaps because of tiredness, he is making too many mistskes both in service and attack

    Trentino-Lube ; for me today MVP was Osmany. He is obviously affected by knee injury (he can’t jump) but today despite struggling in offense, he showed great leadership at the crucial second set . Lube dpesn’t need him to score 30+ points ,they need him to show leadership when things aren’t going well

    Total meltdown from Lube by shouting ,fighting each other

    Juantorena can't receive and kill anything then shouting everyone, screaming in his teammates faces.

    Leal can't receive or dig anything

    Bruno is totally out of the game

    Juantorena and Leal needs to be taken out because of their ugly behaviours


    Single handedly gave the first set to Modena with terrible reception, spikes and digs

    Giani should already used Maar. I'm not sure if he wants to win the game against Modena

    De Pandis seriously sucks. He should have received that services. Tired of watching Zaytsev's lucky plays. This guy has some mysterious luck. Most of the time there is someone wih stupid mistakes to make him pseudo hero

    I re-watched the match again.

    Leon's services at 19-18, 19-19 were playable .Too bad Balaso and Kovar couldn't handle it ( they should have). Massari instead of Kovar could be a better choice.

    Age wasn't a factor.

    Balaso made many mistakes both in defense and reception.

    Leal was absolutely terrible. He was the main factor of Perugia's comeback at the third set. Many reception mistakes. Even Juantorena was trying to hide him on reception, which explains the tragedy :)

    Lanza did what Zaytsev was doing last year. I think he played a great game .

    Sokolov as fourth reception option is the worst decision ever. Every ball he touched turned into an ace. What a waste.

    For me De Cecco was the real MVP of the match. Fabulous !

    Colaci was another hero for Perugia.

    I don't understand how you can blame Osmany for the last ball (13-12). That was a terrible reception by Leal, very difficult set to score against triple block.

    His every good serve was cancelled by the Lube's blocking mistakes.

    I don't care the direct blocks, Simon's blocking is a big liability throughout the match. If you watched last years CL Final, you will understand the difference between Stankovic and Simon. Simon can't react quickly .

    What I don't understand is ; Leal is two times MVP of World Club Championship. He was there , he won it against Kazan.

    I don't agree. Throughout the match, he is giving way too much space to attackers. If the reception is good, they are automatically attaciking against a single block.

    If I had a chance, I wanted to see a challenge between 2010-2013 Juantorena and 2017-2019 Leon .

    I still can't believe they didn't use Stankovic who was a nightmare for Zenit in 2018 CL Final !