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    Kooy is de grote verrassing op de lijst van vijftien spelers van Benne. De pas 23-jarige speler van Modena kreeg namelijk een half jaar geleden de hoon van vrijwel het complete team en de bondscoach over zich heen toen hij tijdens de reeks wedstrijden van de European League het team verliet omdat het niveau volgens hem te laag was. Het zou zijn ontwikkeling en zijn basisplek bij zijn Italiaanse werkgever in gevaar brengen.

    Na de laatste wedstrijden in de European League spraken de bondscoach en toenmaling aanvoerder Jeroen Rauwerdink duidelijke taal: Kooy kwam er niet meer in. En toen de ploeg zich eind augustus ten koste van Roemenië had weten te plaatsen voor het pré-OKT dat eind deze maand in Kroatië wordt gehouden, werden die woorden nog eens ondubbelzinnig herhaald.

    Translation ( google):

    Kooy is the big surprise on the list of fifteen players from Benne. The only 23-year-old player from Modena got the scorn of almost the entire team and the national coach six months ago when he left the team during the series of matches of the European League because he thought the level was too low. It would jeopardize his development and his basic place with his Italian employer.


    Only Zaytsev can beat his diva behaviour .Let's go

    I'm dead, you're exaggerating too much, this is not a Cinderella situation, you talk like the odds are all against her:gone: :aww:

    If you're reading Turkish forums, it was :wavy:…liyor-hasan-ugur-epirden/ There was much discussion about her in volleyball sites ,forums

    For me Vakifbank and federations Haak and Melissa Vargas choices are very important for her career.

    Bringing Haak and Vargas means I don't trust you. There is no other explanation.

    Everybody wants to compare her to Egonu and Boskovic ,that is why she looks not so good (!).

    For me the difference between Bosko and Ebrar is; Boskovic was physically ready to compete at the highest level since day one.

    Ebrar is physically still maturing. Right now , she is physically weak for her position. Even her posture is problematic.

    We are talking about a player , who hasn't played in her original position five matches in a row in her professional career.

    Ebrar needs time. I think physically and hopefully mentally she will mature around age 21-22.

    Yes Ebrar is older than Pietrini but only two months (January 2000/March 2000):whistle: Pietrini is the one who refuses to wear knee pads, because without them her legs will look better

    This still doesn't change that fact that She is annoying and super rude on the court.

    She can be the best but She needs at least not to bu rude...

    Are you sure you watched her recent matches?Her attitude significantly changed this year. I will admit she is a difficult person but she is so young. It is a learning process for her, this also includes learning acceptable attitude on the court . I can't understand why some fans are so stubborn not to give her a second chance?

    I want to write about Ebrar Karakurt.

    This young lady never considered as the future of Turkish volleyball by majority of fans/ Turkish volleyball officials until today.

    Although she is 3 years older than Ebrar, Hande Baladın was always the 'the golden girl' in Turkish volleyball community. When it comes to future of Turkish volleyball; Hande ,Zehra and newly added Derya were always there; but Ebrar usually not. Giving Melissa Vargas Turkish citizenship and giving her the opposite position was the most popular subject of summer until today.

    Ebrar was always the 'the bad girl'. Some of those community members (not fans) even suggested banning her from volleyball after her famous red card (U17 Italy-Turkey) . There was always negativity around her. Very few people stood behind this young girl.

    Even her club Vakifbank didn't trust her. As we all know Vakıfbank brought Isabella Haak,who is only 5 months older, in front of Ebrar and gave her a contract which is 10 times better than Ebrar's. There were rumors Vakifbank would sent her to one of the worst clubs of Turkish league.

    At the start of summer, in Montreux tournament coach Guidetti forced (and still forcing) her to play as an OH. I must remind you this girl is 196 cm .

    Despite everything this young lady never got intimidated.

    Today she shut everyone, both those famous Turkish volleyball experts and fans .Now everbody in Turkey suddenly turned into biggest Ebrar supporter.:what:

    Congrats for your award Ebrar! Now next goal is shutting all those Brazilian fans , Italians fans ...

    We know you can do :heart:

    the problem is here, Turkish players are dependent on Gui's words. If you take Guidetti out, I feel like they won't even play like that. It's my personal opinion. I dont think Turkish players are individually better than Polish players. The coach job is great working for Turkey IMO. When the coach tactics failed and cindirella story came to an end.

    now Turkish players are hugely underrated :sos: They maybe not a world star yet but surely better than polish team

    So Pool A and Pool F are too weak. With the returning of Simon and co Pool E become super interesting. If Russia loses the pool , it will be a disaster for European volleyball. Pool D is tricky, Pool C will be between Italy and Serbia.

    None of the teams will qualify through World Cup ,right?

    It will be enormously difficult to qualify through European qualification tournament.

    Russian victory is a must !

    Hande isn't ready yet. She was the reason of the meltdown in the last part of the set. Error after error.

    With Ebrar ,you have a feeling that , she has still time to explode. She isn't there yet. There are enormously positive signs but it is still not the time. I hope that time is olympic qualification

    Here it is;

    - After several lacklustre performances, Modena fans started to show their dissatisfaction towards Zaytsev. There were 'boos' that increased by the time and in one match which was broadcasted by Rai, Zaytsev showed middle finger to own fans. ( of course Italian volleyball media didn't report it )

    - Although against media, Velasco protected Zaytsev in every interview, his substitutions with Pinali annoyed Zaytsev very much.

    - So when Sokolov's Kazan transfer and Anderson's Modena return were finalised ; Zaytsev's manager offered Lube his player for OPP position ( the offer came from Zaytsev's side)

    - Negotiations were nearly finished; the house in Civitanova, kids nursery care centers were determined. Only problem was uniform number because Yoandry Leal was wearing number 9 and Zaytsev wanted it at all costs. They were preparing to give him number '12' designed as 'IZ' his initials.

    -Then coaching change news came from Modena side. Zaytsev who secretly hates Velasco because of his use of Pinali ,got the chance to reunite his favourite coach Giani.

    ( Before Velasco's departure, without any reason Giani (coach of Milano) shared a photo with Zaytsev ( player of Modena). I don't think it was a coincidence. I sense some dirty plans were used for Velasco's departure)

    - After Velasco's departure, two options became all suitable for Zaytsev. Now money played the biggest part.

    - Civitanova didn't want to pay the buy-out and demanded Zaytsev, players himself to pay it. It wasn't what Zaytsev wanted. So at first he decided to stay in Modena.

    - After Zaytsev's latest decision , Civitanova increased their offer so this time he decided to go to Lube but at the same time demanded salary increase from Modena.

    -In the end, Modena gave him the extra money and he stayed in Modena. He got extra 1 million dollar . Not bad I think .

    -Now he is sharing #Asone , trying to sell his decision is solely based on his love for Modena :) He is an opportunist and used two clubs to get more money.

    I know from the beginning he will do everything, I mean everything ( including porn :) :) , (I can't remember who wrote it :rolll: but can't stop laughing)) for money . But this time he got what he wanted. No Velasco, more money. Even an experienced manager like Cormio got tricked.