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    I'm afraid Eczacıbaşı is in danger zone. Both THY and Galatarasaray are peaking and can get surprise wins against Vakif, Eczaci and Fener.

    Right now both THY and Galatasaray have 5 loses, Eczaci 3.

    If everthing goes as expected THY will end up with 7 loses, GS with 8 loses and Eczaci with 4 or 5 loses.

    But THY or GS's possible win over Eczaci can change everything.

    THY will play against Fener, Eczaci, Nilüfer and Yeşilyurt. If they win 3 of these matches ,I think they will be in.

    GS will play against Vakif, Fener, Eczaci and Nilüfer. They need to win at least 2 of these matches ( especially against Eczaci)

    Eczaci will play against Vakif, Fener, THY and GS. If the lose both of them , they will be out.

    This is what I was trying to say. Last year was stolen from Ebrar by Guidetti and co. Maybe she isn't as good as Haak but Ebrar deserved chance to play as an OPP last year. Forcing her to play as OH and not giving a single chance at OPP position wasn't the right choise. For me it was borderline mobbing.

    I hope this match will be a turning point for her mental maturity. Vakifbank chapter is closed with this match. She has long way to go to become a great player but hope is there

    First Guidetti banned her using jump serve ( at that point she served 3 aces in match) and at the end made her cry in front of whole team / fans etc. 6599c148e26d42cd26d1c1cede512aae-full.jpg  

    This is becoming one nasty 'mobbing' case. I know nobody will do anything right now but in a few years it will be talked and discussed.

    Why are you claiming things you don't have any proof? It is all your conspiracy theories or do you have any document you want to share with us?

    I believe in Italy volleyball media. Because they are very close to agencies, they are usually spot on when it comes to salaries. So I believe 1 million euro per year part is true. I don't care who shares it . The part that concerns me is Vakifbank is paying 1 million euro per year for this transfer. This is huge even for Turkish volleyball league standarts.

    The contracts's amounts are not public in Poland but when Glinka came to Chemik club also transfered like 8 players from her husband's agency + later coach Cuccarini, assistant coaches and managing director.

    And you think this is normal? The story you shared is also so wrong .Because it happened doesn't mean acting this way is all right. For me unethical.

    Wow! Now you are implying that Haak was bribing Guidetti or sharing the money:what::aww:this kind of fraud accusations are too much of conspiracy theories for me.

    I know you don't like the fact that Ebrar is not playing as starter (I have been screaming for months that making her outside is not gonna work). It is unnecessary to push Haak around. She was the best player on the market except Boskovic, Egonu and Vargas. So I don't think it was a bad move to invest her. Although ebrar is talented she showed that she is not stabile enough to carry a team in CL. This is vakifbank, not Yeşilyurt

    Hmmm no no .I don't believe Guidetti is taking anything from this transfer but Guidetti has a different relationship with Gold Sport Modena agency. I think there were photos of him going to holiday with player agents of this agency. So it doesn't surprise me if he influenced Vakifbank to overpay a Gold Sport Modena player.

    Ok Vakifbank is not Yeşilyurt. Ebrar can't carry the team but Haak can(!). But how can you explain the fact that Guidetti didn't use Ebrar as OPP so far? Not even as a reserve?

    Nobody is claiming Ebrar is better player than Haak. But not giving her any single chance to compete for the position doesn't seem right to me. There is something wrong with this approach.

    And btw someone said 'Male legendary players don't even make that much' apparently triggered bcs of this in 2019.

    Are u kidding me, men make more literally in every sport/workplace/everything everywhere in this world. Volleyball is maybe the one and only place (def in sports one of the only) where women get appreciated more than men and ppl still dare to mention it here with a non-pleased attitude.

    I hope when Zhu Ting comes she makes 2-3 million USD or more so these people get triggered even more. :rose:


    I think you should be a politician. That manupilation is something else :lol: . Nobody is questioning the amount female superstars like Zhu Ting, Boskovic,Egonu are taking. They can have better salaries than male colleagues.

    Volleyball is not like basketball. There isn't much difference between men and women volleyball in terms of attraction, impact. If you claim Haak has bigger impact and deserves more than than Zaytsev, Juantorena,Bruno,Ngapeth etc then you're right. But Haak is an unproven ,very young player. She can easily accept much lesser salary and play for Vakifbank. Instead, Vakifbank chose to overpay her despite already having a very young, promising ,award winner(!) OPP. Guidetti even doesn't let Ebrar play as OPP. He forbids competition with Haak. So here is the situation; she is taking superstar money, her natural rival is eliminated by coach. Isn't it logical to expect superstar performances from her? This includes not choking against big teams, for once (!) killing out of system ball , hitting crucial spikes etc

    If she is taking 10 times better money than let's say Ebrar ,Zehra then she should give much better performances against big teams.

    Ps: I don't believe Haak is alone taking all the money.

    Lol poor Haak. :)

    Nobody is claiming Haak chose Vakifbank for money. She would came even if club offered double of her Scandicci salary.

    There was no competition for Haak. No other Turkish team made offer.

    But for some reason Vakifbank decided to severely overpay her. And it is our right to question why.

    They didn't pay 1 million euros to Egonu, Boskovic , they paid it to an unproven player. Vakifbank also did it despite having the most promising Turkish young opposite player in their squad.

    So far the only players that earned over 1 million euros from Turkish clubs were champions, already proven MVPs

    So if she is earning on bar with Zhu Ting ,Boskovic, Leon, Ngapeth ; double of Vargas, Kelsey Robinson, Zaytsev, Juantorena; 10 times better than young Turkish players like Ebrar, Zehra, I'm expecting special peformances from her. Not choking in crucial moments, for once hitting out of system balls etc .

    She is young ,she is there to learn, give her patience part is too romantic for someone taking 1 million euros per year.

    Vakifbank has the best opposite player of VNL at the age of 19 in their side and decided to pay 10 times more money to someone at the same age. At this conditions you are expecting patience for Haak and criticizing Ebrar for not being motivated enough. This is laughable. I hate when people always choose local players as scapegoats and giving princess treatment to overpaid foreign players