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    you can follow the grand prix qualification tournament from this site watch the animation by clicking the 'BAŞLAT'(don't forget to turn on the sound :lol: ) then choose 'TURNUVALAR' again click:'BAŞLAT=START'
    milli takımımız=national team (you can see the infos by clicking the photos)
    maç programı ve sonuclar=schedule and results,stats
    tv yayınları=tv schedule and special topalak tv (which will show special scenes from inside the stadium)
    basında wgp elemeleri=media (newspaper)
    foto galeri=photo gallery
    canlı skor=live score

    Quote from "Youstyna"

    what happened there?
    between Poland and Germany can this way be but not in the volleyball.
    most Poland competes with Russia in not only a volleyball, always some implied meanings will be and needs to prove something.

    Germany was the strong favourite of the match but only 3-1 victory for Poland would secure both teams place at the grand prix. Grun,the best player of the tournament until that match , didn't play because of diarrhea! but somehow was very active at the bench . Germany took the first set then it was all polish girls.
    Turkish fans turn their back to players during the match.After this match Andre Meyer changed the grand prix elimination format

    Quote from "bobaas"

    Poland vs Germany
    Matches against this team are usually very close. But there are not any non-sport situation. I think that this is because our history (World War II). The same with Russia.

    Poland-germany !Please ...
    Did you remember the scandalous match between Germany and poland at Grand prix elimination ?

    Quote from "Jo11"

    This year with Vakifbank she plays twice against cannes, and the second match she win 3/1 in cannes.
    In the two match she played a fast game giving a lot of ball to Aysun Ozbek, her middle player.
    In the match they win in cannes Agca played very well, setting lot of slide for the middle player and setting very fast balls for her outside hitters. That why they win this match.

    With Fang as coach she will learn and improve a lot.

    Yes after komissarova(who is super fast) and strong criticism from fans ,Elif started to play a faster game. Although she sometimes overuses Aysun ,she is the best setter at utilizing her. But in national team she somehow can't use the other middle blockers well.
    She is young I hope she improves her decision making and add variability
    to her game.
    I wish best luck to her ,she sure has talent and that's a golden opportunity for her.

    Quote from "Jo11"

    I think Cannes signed Agca to be the first setter. I don't like very much this player but she play a very fast game and that what Yan Fang wants.
    Cannes has good middle players, so it will be important to play a lot with them, and Agca like to play with her middle players.

    When Vakifbank made the final-four two years ago ,the setter was irina komissarova not Elif. Maybe you're thinking about the wrong player. Elif isn't fast indeed that is one of her main problems. She doesn't read the game too well and overuses the star players. But she is young , tall,good at blocking and serve .Turkish volleyball fans aren't too fond of her but she is always the first choise of coaches. So I don't know. As I say she is young and this will be a great opportunity for her to improve herself.

    Quote from "Nastja"

    Oh and about the fenoglio thing.... He is a great coach for sure, but i dont want to share him :lol:
    no seriously, i think a coach should have just one team. That means just a club OR a NT.............

    If he decides to coach Turkey,he will have to leave Foppa :wink2:

    Some news from Turkey;

    Turkey's captain Ozlem Ozcelik retired from international competition .
    Natalia Hanikoglu is pregnant :wink2: so Turkey will be without her this summer.
    Turkish federation is still searching for a coach. There is a rumor that they are interested in Fenoglio (the head coach of Bergamo)

    In other news; Beppe Cuccarini replace Motta as the head coach of Eczacibasi.