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    I never saw a match of Rumia with her as Opp, I really would like to see that attacks from pipe with left hand :lol:

    She played as Opp at the beginning of the last season. If I remember correctly, she had her first left-hand-pipes in the match against Sopot.

    she is a girl with big character and that old Muszyna had something which this one doesnt have, thats why I dont support them anymore (a jesli dobrze pamietam ty tez bardzo "lubisz" pewna ligowa gwiazde 8) )...and Serwinski is annoying me more and more every year, probably too much of Muszynianka´s water in head X(

    My sentiments exactly... I really don't like 'new' Muszyna and when they signed contract with ABW, it was like nail to the coffin. Right now I only follow Radecka.
    Serwinski... plus Trojanowicz (the chairman of Bank BPS) - they both just piss me off. :mad:

    ah Legionovia, I forgot...I think that Silesia is not that strong as last year without Kandroa, Barszcz, Ordak, but who knows :)
    Czarna, that would be such a pity if she didnt stay in PLK and play somewhere in 1 league :lol: that first set attacks (to jak przebijala pilki palcami w 9 metr) that was gorgeous :D yesterday that exMuszyniankas MB was just great...I would take Dorota to NT but that one year she was, somehow she couldnt play that good like in league (except Montreux)

    Well, this weekend Silesia won match against Murowana 3:2, hehe. 1. League will be interesting.

    I like duo Czarna-Sylwia - they remind me of times, when Muszyna was such a nice team - with 'Aunt' Mirek, Ola Dzagilo, Iza, Kamila, Milena Rosner...

    I know she didn't play that good in NT, but she didn't get many chances too. Plus, Matlak as a coach :wall:
    Anyway, in Rumia she was everywhere - I'll never forget her matches as an attacker and her 'pipe' spikes with left hand :obey: And now she looks like she's in great shape. I love her attitude towards volleyball, her play, her colleagues, her work. True leader and, I don't know, role-model?

    Yeah, I know. I was so happy, when she signed with Piła. I remember her from her, erm, 'old' days, when Piła won Polish Championship 4 times. And I remember when she played in national team... good, old days :drink:
    You know, two years ago Piła had Kasprów and Matyjaszek and they were both so, so bad. If we had Archangielska then... ehhh.
    I don't know about her future. Probably she will find another club from Wielkopolska to lead them to PLK :lol:

    Oh, and btw Irina, have you read this article? ->

    I dont know but it was my dream she will stay for this season..but remember in PLK she should practise more and probably she doesnt want to play at that level once again although she is still able IMO..Im really curious if she doesnt end after this season :S

    Well, she lives in Poznań and Murowana Goślina is a little closer than Piła ;) She said that she wanted Piła to play in PLK again and after that she decided to help Murowana. I love her, she's still great setter and nice person too. I hope she'll get Murowana to PLK too :super:

    About yesterday's match - Sieczka is playing so good! Receiving, attacking and serving... :super:
    And Majka of course - she's the best :cup:

    sorry estra :lol: sometimes this i-v is like competition of the speed, you post a comment and look that somebody else wrote a minute before you :lol:

    Yeah, I know, it's crazy :lol:


    We're wondering about it too, you know :lol: Two years ago Skowrońska said that she is too weak to play in National Team. ( :white: ) To our suprpise, she went with the Team B to Universiade this year and, guess what, she was the only one, who really played anything (our team took 5th place). After PZPS changed Matlak to Świderek, I thought that maybe he will change her mind, but it didn't happen.

    No, just Milena. It was a small text message rolling on the bottom of the tv screen. But Jacek Grabowski, who will be a commentator on Polsat (with M. Magiera) is also the chairman of Impel Gwardia Wroclaw, so he might say something about those news during polish matches - at least I hope so ;)


    S: Diana Naga, Sabina Miclea-Grigoruţă
    MB: Nneka Onyejekwe, Iuliana Nucu
    Opp: Carmen Ţurlea, Daiana Mureşan
    OH: Alexandra Trică, Florentina Nedelcu, Mirela Corjeuţanu, Elena Butnaru, Ioana Nemţanu
    Libero: Nicoleta Manu

    Ukraine (polish transcription):

    S: Komisarowa Iryna, Degtiarowa Maryna
    Opp/OH: Dowholiuk Anna, Marczenko Maryna, Litwinowska Tetiana, Burbeliuk Hanna, Lisijenkowa Hanna, Kodola Nadija
    MB: Molodcowa Inna, Czernecka Natalija, Lidiajewa Switlana
    Libero: Denina Inna, Halkina Switlana