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    Brakocevic in her best current shape is, despite being in decline, way 2 good for the OrlenLiga. With the addition of Stysiak, they should be somewhat out-of-touch for the remaining teams in the competition. Chemik is a decent and balanced team, but they lack firepower in attack from the outside and should have a hard time here normally, since their deficit in this regard in relation to Budowlani should prove to fatal to compensate for. Since Lodz looks better on paper and they have the benefit of home court ad I´d stick with them as the clear-cut favourites. Stysiak has been with the team for a bit over a month now, so there are no excuses in terms of chemistry. But its female volley and everything can happen on this a bit lower level.

    Stysiak has, by the way, been receving really, really well in the matches she´s been involved in for Budowlani hitherto. In the last game she received 25 balls without a single error and had by far the best efficiency ratio among the receivers in the game overall. I have acctually never seen a player 202 cm+ play as an outside before on a professional level, and given the notion I´ve been following female volley for many years it quite tells something. This should be a rare phenomenon. More than 9/10 a 200 cm+ player is either used as an OPP or as a MB.

    According to worldofvolleyball Haak will make 1M with Vakifbank...and if all the rumors are true....I wonder if this is getting in her head? Like she`s not able to focus right now because she`s already thinking ahead for next season... And Scandicci staff must be already thinking who will replace Haak....this could be getting on the way also. Too much going on....

    I doubt it. Haak is a middle class-swede and could make a great amount of wealth working as a normal professional there, for ex. as a psychiatrist. The average salary in the private sector in occupations similar to it not rarely exceeds 100k euro per year, and the average salary overall for a worker in Sweden is about 40k euro/year, about 5x times as much as let say in Hungary, Serbia or Czech Republic. People do not care about getting excessively rich here, since they can expect, riding the normal train, be financially well-off to relish anyway. Even people on welfare, that is, depending on financial supply from the government, earn more than in many other decently developed nations for regular work. This huge safety net creates people most commonly labled as something in Swedish perhaps most appropriatly translated to "safety addicts", that is, people who primarily cares about surviving life rather than excel in it or put it metaphorically rather are living to eat than are eating to live. Haak is thus a great exception of a rule here. She is one of the few non-conformistic and commodified Swedes who are not tired and bored out of a life destined to serve them rather than vice verse, but instead has prefered to go out of the box and strived for actual excellence and dream-fullfiling in a pursuit not widely recognized by others. Still, she is neither in need of money from Vakifbank in order to turn-out as a millionaire - if this is her main goal in life - nor any other money from any other similar volleyball-related endeavour either. This solves itself fine anyway. Her ambition to be an elite level volleyball player should not, and in a strikingly less proportion in relation to most other stars of the game, boil down to any financial motives as the mainspring.

    What in the world happened to them? I didn't watch the match, but the stats seems very weird. It looks like everyone did a decent job for a change... except for Haak. That's new.

    Haak started off the match in superior fashion, but fell off the cliff after the 1.set. I think, if I am able to recall properly, she had eight pts already after the 1.set and then only four or five pts (!) in total the remaining three sets. Hard to pinpoint down any particular cause but I know she has stamina issues due to her low level of iron in her body, and apart from that she has ventilated in swedish media her primary focus this season is CL and not Serie A for both herself and the team of Scandicci as a whole. Perhaps, then, we should take the domestic results, in the Lega and Coppa, with a grain of salt.

    Stats aren't objective. They're just text. The most Derrida thing of all :teach: A lot of folks give them subjective (money ball) value instead of only using them to support a narrative they've already chosen, like I do :lol: Objective, experiential reality is watching how players behave on court.

    just funning with you hakin12  :drink: Those were my boys, back in the day

    I know that everything is up for interpretation according to this line of thought, but all I wanted to assert is that I dont agree with it myself, perhaps should have been clearer.

    actually I like players who do tips lmao I mean I don't get what you're trying to argue with me? She is the better player TO ME. I loved some of Haak's tips in CL but in Italian league and in general I did not like her tips, it was not Gamova style.

    Also sometimes when she can't score she reminds me of Meryem Boz when she can't score xD (exaggeration so don't get wild for a joke)

    For sure Haak is a great player, but I am just giving my personal opinion on what I think of their strength currently which you can do also about yours but I have no clue why I'm specifically being mentioned lol

    I am not sold on your argumentations or conclusions either, but have to respect them. Sure, Haak is a streaky player, this is something I dont like with her either, although its to be expected from a teenager of course. Besides, Vargas isnt that different from what I´ve seen. I´ve only watched her play in the domestic league like 3-4 times and thus not really able to tell for sure, but I remember she used to get blocked tons of times in those matches. Against Besiktas she was blocked like 6-7 times just in one set if I recall properly. I like her, she is a top notch prospect and already an elite player on world level, but her game to me is predictible and a bit "wild" or risky/over-aggressive. I cannot say whether she has continued to get blocked down this often or not but in case it has continued, I would stick with Haak over her if I had to pick one. But as I said before, judging out of pure numbers there´s no wide margin between the two objectively and highly boils down to subjective preference.

    It is my opinion and its not based on stats, it is based on what I have seen of them when they were younger and currently, Vargas spikes much better out of system sets and bad sets also imo while Haak tips a lot more. As I said Haak in VB might be something completely different though so I can't say about the future, sure both are huge talents.

    I get what you mean, but just because I for example prefer the playing style of Zhu Ting over Boskovic´s doesnt necessarily imply I favour her as a better player as well, its two different things of course. You might dispraise players who regulary do "tips" but still acknowledge Gamova, who did it frequently, as the best opposite ever at the same time without being contradictory. Personal preference with regard to the form shouldnt affect how you objectively assess the players in terms of actual content. Cubans and Russians rarely tips at all, which in turn in such case makes them advantageous by default over, lets say, more technical players from Brazil or Germany. The players from beforementioned countries are relatively one-dimensional players with primitive playing styles, and to praise that as an actual strength seems a bit like "mind fuck" to me.

    For me Vargas at this time by a margin. But Haak will work in VB! She will improve greatly there

    For sure there is no margin to talk about here. They are very close in terms of level for the moment, at least if we strive to settle the issue based on some objective variables rather than post-modern subjectivism inspired by Derrida or Lacan. Just look at respective players stats in the current CL-season. Each player has accomplished four games behind them, and their all-in-all stats out of these are highly tied-up in the most relevent categories given their position. Haak has scored more than Vargas, both in absolute terms and relative terms, with 100 points and 7,14 pts/set in comparision to 88 pts and 6,77 pts/set for Vargas, and she has a slightly, albeit of an admittingly insignificant margin, better ratio of killed balls or spike percentage (51,2% to 51,06%) than the Cuban as well. I know, four games are not that great of a sample to be fair, but its the only relevant sample we have to go at for the moment against similar quality of opposition.

    I think its just because of their mediocre game. Value today for bettors is on Budowlani Lodz 1.61 :lol: I might place a bet myself on them now with Stysiak

    Stysiak will not play in this game, nor any other one in CL this season, for Lodz due to the fact she´s already represented another team (Chemik) during the current campaign, thus not eligible to play. However, they might prevail anyway. I think they are a better team than Cannes on paper.

    I agree with Yavor's asessment here.

    And i may add that even"off the court" Berlin could, for the moment, be a good choice for him. Remember, this is his first time playing abroad and there are many many russians/russian speaking people in Berlin, including almost every aspect of cultural and social life.

    Still, the difference between Moscow and Berlin is about as overwhelming as it gets in terms of culture; Moscow is glamourous and flamboyant while Berlin is a mecka for decadent underground subculture with a lot of hippies, hipsters and other outsiders. I visited Berlin just some weeks ago during christmas-new years eve and have to say the capital is dirty and hackneyed, in particular the area of Kreuzberg plus its surroundings.

    Great match by Kim and a decent one by Boskovic for Eczacibasi, meanwhile Kadochkina impressed for Kazan while once again being the most productive in attack for the team (13/29 killed balls).

    Malygina 0/6 in the 1.set :down:

    I dont understand why the coach of Kazan insists with having her on the court. Bavykina, who is on the bench now, would be a better option (to try as an OPP).

    I expect both the Italian teams to prevail without any severe difficulties. However, I would not be surprised in case Kazan managed to shake the Turkish side up a bit at least, they showed off a fairly convincing display and seemed to be in good shape when they defeated Moscow prior to this match in the last weekend. I wish they, once again, equips their roster with Kadochkina as OPP for most of the time instead of Malygina. Primary because Malygina isnt much of a contributing asset for the time but also given the fact reception is the soft spot for Kadochkina at this point as an OH. She makes as many errors in ten receptions as Ilchenko in 100, although I am able to sympathize with the experiment of her at this position in the light of her necessity on that position is higher for the NT than on the OPP-position since they are likely to be able to rely on Goncharova for at least some years to come from now on.

    Isabelle Haak has, for now at least, denied the rumours of a clear-cut deal with Vakifbank. According to a statement given to a public service media channel in Sweden, she isnt even negotiating with any club whatsoever for the moment. This of course the most, and only, reasonable and expected statement to ventilate at this point of time, so I am not sure of how many switches its worth to pull of from it.

    Futhermore, the swedish newspaper Expressen reports that Haak´s salary will be about 10 million swedish crowns per year, that is, equivalent to a sum of approx. 1 million euro.…far-tio-miljoner-om-aret/