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    I don't think Stysiak - being quite unfamiliar until recently even for the hardcore-fans - has found time yet to summon a solid pack of haters to be honest. She had some skeptics, for sure, but I suppose a lot of them have vanished now after her classy performance so far in this championship.

    I watched long bits, perhaps half of the game in sum, between Italy and Russia. I have to say that with that type of performance Italy displayed there, Serbia should just drive through them in a rather convinient fashion; no stability whatsoever in neither reception nor attack isnt going to constitute a miracle medicine against the well-oiled machine they are up against tomorrow. With that being said, Italy can for sure up their game just in time for the semis, although I find it somewhat unlikely myself. Just as some persons have already pointed out, Egonu isnt close right now to being as dominant as she has been, and, as long as it does not change, I believe Italy will be forced to pay a high price for it in the shape of coming up short in this "battle of titans".

    Erodogan should have as a slogan "Make Volleyball Great Again" before the next elections! MVGA

    Turkey x Netherlands - the host team have the upper hand here between the two on par teams, no wonder the betting odds skews to the host team. Still much a balanced match.

    The odds are not leaning against Turkey as the favourite at this point but Netherlands, though. The odds for Turkey are about 2.3-2.4 on most bookies fight now while being down at around 1.6-1.7 for Holland to win.

    I think Finland over performed too. I know they didnt qualify to the next stage, but most of all, they showed a good game for their standards. And one of the most important elements, they showed a lot of fighting spirit, something that many teams lacks, even the ones which advanced to the next round.

    I really liked finnish setter and libero. They have the level to play in any mid-level team of italian league.

    But so far, I agree that Germany is a "cindirella" in the making in this ECH. If they gets the semi, this would be more than an overachievement.

    There is actually a specific word in Finnish describing a high dose of spirit, called "sisu". Regularily when an athlete or a team plays well from Finland the Scandinavian neighbour countries refers to his, her or their success as an effect of "the Suomi sisu". This legendary force was particulartily put up at test in the WW2 when Finland sustained mighty hardships against an, on paper, overwhelming opponent in the Soviet Union with a population about 100x greater and vastly superior artillery. Girls as young as 12-13 years old took voluntarily to out-of-date arms in order to defend themselves against the Soviets with modern Molotov-cocktails etc and won several battles, humiliating their opponents initially. In the light of this, its not hard to see they could put up noticeable upsets in contexts such as volleyball as well. The degree of fighting spirit and patriotism among Finnish people might be second to none, hence it will be intriguing to follow these girls in the future, could they improve technically I see "sky as the limit".

    Not a playback, but in the context of trashy Balkan-artists, this man surely belongs there just as well as the fish does in the water. "Adinatoor" or Andrijano Mijanovic, a reality show contestant from Sweden with his roots in Balkan and an "artist", has probably executed one of the cringiest and most trashy performances in history through his song called "Allt för mina cash" (in English "Everything for my cash". The entire Sweden has laughed at him for the "song".

    Btw, this guy is notorious in Sweden for his sexist view of women and vulgär or thuggish way of speaking, hardly drawing one full sentence without the existence of words like puzzy, dick and fuck, or slang-words with references to such words.

    I agree with Beri that a lot of the men in the thread are not, for me at least, hot from an objective standpoint, that is, they don´t have a lot of characteristics we typically associate with the ideal appearance for a model or an actor for example Marcus Schenkenberg, David Gandy or Bradley Cooper. Volkov, with his very weak facial features and receding chin, is unlikely to front the magazine for GQ or in an ad for Calvin Klein. We could just as well take in Artem Volvich or Dima Muserskiy. However, there is a subjective factor in beauty as well and I surely think, without going into too much details, the ideal man appearance-wise differs a bit out of a homosexual man´s view in relation to a heterosexual female´s. Besides, in all such comparisions between players there will be a partial factor involved, since I guess many people will, subconsciously or not, prefer their favourite players on the court over others even in this widely different domain.

    USA Women's Junior National Team Roster

    • Name (Position, Height, HS Grad Year, Club/Region, College, Hometown)
    • 3 - Brooke Nuneviller (L, 5-11, 2018, Aspire VBC/Arizona, Oregon, Chandler, Ariz.)
    • 4 - Mia Tuaniga (S, 5-9, 2020, Apex1/Southern Cal, Long Beach State, Long Beach, Calif.)
    • 5 - Azhani Tealer (OPP, 5-10, 2019, Texas Image/North Texas, Kentucky, Grand Prairie, Texas)
    • 6 - Logan Eggleston (OH, 6-1, 2018, Alliance/Southern, Texas, Brentwood, Tenn.)
    • 7 - Jenna Wenaas (OH, 6-1, 2020, TAV/North Texas, Minnesota, Frisco, Texas)
    • 9 - Skylar Fields (OPP, 6-2, 2019, Houston Juniors/Lone Star, Texas, Missouri City, Texas)
    • 11 - Molly Phillips (M, 6-2, 2019, Texas Image/North Texas, Texas, Mansfield, Texas)
    • 13 - Ella May Powell (S, 6-2, 2018, Ozark Juniors/Delta, Washington, Fayetteville, Ark.)
    • 15 - Katie Clark (M, 6-3, 2018, TAV/North Texas, TCU, Arlington, Texas)
    • 17 - Anna Dixon (OH, 6-3, 2019, KC Power/Heart of America, Kansas State, Louisburg, Kan.)
    • 20 - Heather Gneiting (M, 6-6, 2018, Club V/Intermountain, BYU, Provo, Utah)
    • 19 - Kendall Kipp (OPP, 6-6, 2019, Laguna Beach VBC/Southern Cal, Stanford, Newport Beach, Calif.)

    The final round of the U16 ECH for women will unravel in a couple of weeks with Russia as one of the participants.

    Here is the roster:…aspx?TeamID=11074&ID=1113

    Though this is a thread primary about the senior team, I cannot but be taken aback by the height of those 14-15 year old players. This team, consisting of players born 2004, has four players that are 195 cm or above. Most senior teams, which benefits from a much wider age span to select between, rarely manage to obtain this quantity. Given their age, several of them might grow even more in the future as well.

    Goncharova looks incredible, but her tatooed eye-brows, a specific attribute tied to inflated ratios of narcissism in females according to scientific research I have come over, coupled with her (now gone) nose-piercing, t-shirts for 500 euro, several body tatoos, fondness for McDonalds (her favourite restaurant), rap/hip hop music as Max Korzh and frequent night club visits makes her every bit of a stereotypical Moscow-chick imo; the flamboyant vulgarity. Personality-wise she is my absolute nightmare I have to say. The type of "cosmopolitan" woman who adores Audrey Hepburn and never has read a book in her life except for maybe some erotical novels.

    Sloetjes was fantastic in Vakifbank. She attacked in CL one season, I think it was the 16/17 campaign, with a percentage of killed balls, above 55%, per attempt in attack rarely seen the last decades and merely matched by the likes of Zhu Ting, Boskovic and Egonu. No one else apart from them has produced such numbers, but while these three mentioned are somewhat universally recognized as extraordinary Sloetjes is enigmatically underrated here and everywhere. She is much better than she gets credit for! Definitely an all-time great in this sport.

    Stysiak is really good considering her age. For an 18-year old, its a remarkable feat just to be in the main line-up for a squad in the VNL. Kasia Skowronska debuted for the Polish NT at the age of 20 for example, to put this accomplishment into some perspective. We have seen a dramatic rise of very young superstars who have taken a shortcut past the normal path from being newcombers to stars in a very short amount of time, such as Egonu, Haak and Vargas, which in turn have made us oblivious of a more broader historical context where its been rare to make a breakthrough already as a teenager. Neither Kosheleva nor Goncharova or Tandara were something special as teenagers. Kosheleva, for example, was far from considered main-line up material at 20 in OG 2008. Goncharova made her breakthrough in 2009 at the age of 20. And I mean, look at Smarzek now and then think about where she was in terms of level back in 2015 when she was in Stysiaks age right now.

    Besides, usually players of extraordinary size, 200 cm+, tend to need more time in order to grow into world class-players. Gamova was never anything special before lets say 2001-2002, when she was already 21-22. During Sydney Olympics 2000, at the age of 20, she was a bench player.

    In Polish, like in other Slavic languages, "c" = ts. So, it's pronounced "Katsper". Just like Brankica is "Brankitsa", not "Brankicka".

    Ivana is Ivanka also as well? I thought I heard someone pronounce it so recently, don´t remember the context.

    Where is Camila Weitzel, the very young, tall and talented MB?