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    He is getting so much hate, but if people stop doing ad hominem, avoid bias toward crovolley, and try to understand what he actually says, you would be surprise how right he is.

    Unfortunately cheering for the most populist opinions is the new trend in this forum.

    PS: what I said is only valid to his opinion on covid issue. His fanaticism and obsession on Conegliano also gets on my nerves as well.

    You hit the top of the nail here, Serdar. The victim to blame, imo, for this populistic trend is the rise of a so called pseudo-intellectualism - based on sheepish conformism - on a universal scale. From USA to South Korea, we are currently witnessing a paradigm shift from knowledge and learning based on academical merits to positioning and status-seeking. The point is no longer to incubate on an exclusive insight in some obscure cellar, this is far too elitistic for our "equal" democratic times, but to be able to perceive where the wind blows, and then water it down, promote and sell the trendy and "correct" ideological current in an entertaining and over-simplified manner, albeit with some doses of pretentiousness, like an advertiser to a global audience by force of a broad mainstream appeal. The concepts are basic and devoid of originality, the thoughts are cheap, yet they are wired by a net of beautiful, so called "high" words. We are no longer compelled by truly being clever, but by exhibiting a mask of supposed cleverness in front of others through parroting and posing, all for the purpose of being confirmed or validated by others. We are becoming like "wannabe" singers who mime in front of an audience instead of using their own individual voice, intellectual bodybuilders. With this being said, I am not anti-democratic per se; this phenomenon is just an unfortunate side-effect of such a system.

    Just as William Shakespeare once formulated it: "My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”…ellectualism-cc1756bd83ea

    How about the salary of foreigner men player in Russia's super league?

    And the salary of foreigner women player in Turkey's league?

    Isabelle Haak earns around 1.000.000 million dollar per year in Vakifbank according to reports by media outlets from Sweden.

    i remember another Russian power bomb, the one with tattoos on her arm. where is she? is she playing in Russia too? she has a very big swing.

    i think one of the problems for russia is a creative setter like i can see in this league so far. Startseva hasnt played so i cant judge her. But thank God Russia got rid of that awful setter few years ago.

    I dont know any power hitter from Russia with tattooed arms tbh.

    I like her. She seems very calm and relax when playing. Is she the next star of Russia? She is still young right?

    Still can’t get over the defensive system of this Urachloka team 😂

    I like her as well, she is versatile and has the complete package. However, no, she isn´t that young anymore, 26 y.o, and hence I doubt she is the upcoming supernova from Mother Russia. I have seen a pattern from her of being better domestically than internationally. While playing for the NT or on the global scene overall, Parubets has usually not lived up to the domestic hype. There are other and vastly younger players, such as Antropova and Kadochkina, who come across as more promising prospects for being the "next big thing" on the block. I guess Russia will play with Antropova as OPP and Kadochkina/Parubets as OH´s in Paris 2024.

    There is an extraordinary prospect, Ekaterina Antropova, born 2003 and 202 cm tall, representing Sassuolo in the A2. She delivered 31 pts in the first game and 28 pts in the second, both times with striking efficiency.

    Some favourite books by volleyball players:

    Zuzanna Gorecka: Autobus Energii

    Maria Vorobyeva: The Fault in Our Stars

    Ksenia Smirnova: Books by Erich Maria Remarque

    Victoria Russu: The Little Prince

    Simone Anzani: Il cacciatore di acquiloni

    Ergul Avci: The Devil Wears Prada

    Erik Shoji: To Kill a Mockingbird

    Valentina Diouf: The Angel's Game

    Stefana Veljkovic: Anna Karenina

    Bruno Mossa Rezende: The Da Vinci Code

    Valentina Arighetti: Lord of the Rings

    Chiara Di Iuliuo: Un giorno in piu

    Taylor Sander: Animal Farm

    Nicole Fawcett: The Bell Jar

    Priscilla Daroit: The Da Vinci Code

    Walewska: Carandiru

    Milena Rasic: Eagles Fly Early

    Dennis Del Valle: The Hocket

    Lukas Kampa: Illuminati

    Olivia Baluk: Pretty Little Liars

    Wiktor Rajsner: Dennis Rodman - The Autobiography

    The art of loving by Erich Fromm

    An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser

    Compulsion by Meyer Levin

    The loser by Thomas Bernhard

    In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

    A Gentleman in Moscow by Amos Towles

    Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada

    The secret history by Donna Tartt

    The goldfinch by Donna Tartt

    The remains of the day by Kazuo Ishiguro

    The bonfire of the vanities by Tom Wolfe

    The kool-aid acid test by Tom Wolfe

    Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier

    The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Was she injured last summer or it was just by her unwillingness?

    She was slightly injured but not more than that she could have played if strictly necessary. She cited mental fatigue and physical exhaustion as the main reasons to not participate and that it was a precationary measure to not obtain something of a more fatal or chronical nature in the future. In other words, she just wanted an additional amount of rest/recovery and wasn´t in need of an operation or so.

    For me, it seems like Haak just does not care very much about Swedish NT. I get the sense that she considers it as a secondary priority and that her effort/motivation into it is low. I mean, the organization and management of the particular NT in question are substandard or third-rate, hardly professionally managed, and so vastly inferior in relation to what she experiences abroad while playing for a top team in a prestigious pro league that I doubt it´s easy for her to redirect/adjust and take it very seriously. The last summer she didn´t even play at all for Sweden and I doubt she will play much for them in the future as well due to the reason mentioned above.

    We have seen a dramatic increase of Corona-cases during the last day in Turkey. I read some reports regarding the ongoing issue from basketball-players (Frida Eldebrink, Farhiya Abdi etc) who played in Turkey during the last season, and they told media that the authorities in Turkey seem to not have taken the threat of the Coronavirus seriously as long as they were playing there (until recently, some week ago). How is the atmosphere in Turkey now, are people and autorities getting more aware/serious about the issue and if so, to what extent?

    CEV is all about money. I am pretty sure they will do their best to keep the tournament, however it is hard to tell anything right now since we don't know which month OG will be organized. The announcement just said 'it will be organized no later than 2021 summer'. This is very vague to make a guess

    Yes, but I suppose that if they succeed in their effort and make it happen, then we will, unfortunalety, in effect see a decline in prestige and a lot of withdrawals from key players to the extent a lot of rosters might effectively appear as rather second-rate or B-teams, regardless of if the tournament occurs prior or after the OG. If they make the tournament before OG, more "stars" might appear but hardly particularily motivated and very cautiously due to an obvious unwilllingness to be affected by an injury at that point.

    What do you expect will happen now when it comes to ECH 2021? The tournament is expected to unravel next summer with Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania as the hosting countries. Do you believe they might play be able to put it through either before or after the OG, and thereby avoid to cancel it, or do you expect ECH might be canceled altogether?

    She will switch to sandvolley after 2020. (Like Kerri Walsh)

    Plummer is 201 cm tall according to legavolleyfem. It´s rare with players that tall (200cm+) to play, and succeed for that matter, as a pro on the beach. Klineman and Pavan, both around 194-196 cm, are the tallest pro´s among the players currently ranked within top-100 in the world. It will be interesting to see how frutiful this ambition turns out to be in reality.

    Belgium NT roster for the Olympic qualifying tournament:

    S: Ilka Van de Vyver/Jutta Van de Vyver
    Opp:Grobelna/Karolina Goliat
    OH: Britt Herbots/Celine Van Gestel/Jodie Guilliams/Manon Stragier
    MB:Dominika Sobolska/Marlies Janssens/Silke Van Avermaet/ Nathalie Lemmens
    L: Britt Ruysschaert/Anna Valkenborg

    Lise van Hecke, Laura Heyrman, Charlotte Leys, Helene Rosseaux and Freya Albrecht will not be there.

    Why is Andrea Drews even nominated in the best OPP category? Besides, a big lol at Smarzek having received more than double the amount of votes over Haak. I can not see another reason for this than that the voters to an disproportionate degree are polish, at least in relation to the numbers of Swedes, but the overall count (21 votes) is also way too many in relation to other players number of votes. I mean, are there even non-polish people dwelling on the globe who are seriously picking Smarzek over Boskovic, Egonu and Haak?

    I just checked Alexa Gray's stats, they're mighty impressive. She is averaging 18 pts per game and has killed 47% (!) of the balls in attack. For an outside hitter, such numbers are rare independent of the context. It makes no sense whatsoever to dispatch the best offensive OH, in terms of attacking efficiency, in the entire league. The great with it, on the other hand, is that it enables her to show off her talents in a more competent environment already this season - serious clubs in need of an OH should have their eyes open for the development.

    The management of Caserta could hardly have been asked for much more given the material they are in possession of. The current record of the team after half of the season - two wins and ten losses - reflects fairly well where they stand in terms of individual quality in light of where the other teams in the league find themselves in this regard, at least in my opinion. They could, from a realistic view, hardly have expected a very contrasting outcome than this before the start of the season. If so, they would either have to be suffering from lack of volleyball knowledge or simply being deluded with serious reality distortions.

    Ouch, I am able to recall one television commercial here in Sweden for Italian pasta. It went on something like this: "Italians are simply more passionate about life than the rest of us. When they love, they love, and when they cook, they cook". This time, one might assume they surprised with their passion in a less fortunate fashion. In order to balance the view, they could - with toxic comments from Diouf and Pavan (Italian citizen with Italian parents) in mind - have added something like this in the advertising: "when they get unprofessional, they get unprofessional".

    I think this issue is fairly easily resolved. In the NCAA, the American college league where Tapp presumably got her measured height, it´s standard to measure the height of every player with shoes on (which give the players a boost of about 3.0 cm). In addition to that they usually measure them early in the morning, when they are 1.5-2 cm taller than in the evening as well as preferably rounding half an inch up rather than down if a borderline-case pops up, i.e a player who is 6´2 and half an inch will likely be listed as 6´3 (191 cm) instead of 6´2 (188 cm). Hence a player who is 185 cm can easily come across as 191 cm given the variables involved in this system of measurement.