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    That is it. Their is no better TEAM in the World than Conegliano.

    Both Novara and Vakifbank are ridiculous with all about Egonu and Zhu. Their game looks so boring.

    Not really. Both Sloetjes and Bartsch contributes well for their teams today.

    No idea 2 rationalize anything here. I think most of you are just ¨coming of age¨ and hence arrived at a stage of your life, either approaching shortly or surpassed recently the age barrier of 30, when other things becomes more important in life than socializing on a forum. The same goes for other activites such as ¨gaming¨ on a computer (World of Warcraft) etc. This phase would have emerged regardless of any external event such as a massive intoxicating inflow from ¨trolls¨ or so.

    4000 is the 5% all Busto Arsizio dwellers. 😂

    When I was there and watched the ECH 2011, with Gamova and Goncharova in the Russian team playing against Netherlands with Flier etc, hardly anyone I spoke to even knew where the arena PalaYamamay was located :lol:

    People are really good at taking things out of context here. I guess I need to clear some things up.

    I never criticized beri's English, for crying out loud, there's plenty worse than her, okay? And I don't speak perfect English either.

    All I did was point out her misuse of "then", a lot of people do this deliberately, they're perfectly aware of the difference between then and than, like some people type "their" instead of "there". It's annoying to me.

    I wouldn't care if you wrote "I must to play volleyball or I play volleyballs":rolleyes:

    Sorry about going OT.

    I didnt even refer at you though, it was a very hostile troll in the topic related to transfer discussions.

    Van Hecke is pretty good. Her efficiency or hitting ratio has dropped below respected levels some seasons, and she usually takes to many spikes to be particularily effective in general, but this season she has got it together better than in the previous one´s at least. Not top-10 in the world, but not all 2 far from it either.

    So slightly off-topic and I was just curious, at what age can a female volleyball player be considered out of her prime? Take Goncharova for example (she is turning 30 this year), although there has been a slight drop in her performance say from the last 3-4 years, she is still playing high level and can still be considered one of the best players in her position. I know Gamova retired in NT at 33 years old if I'm not mistaken. Sheila retired around the same age.

    This depends on playing style, apart from personality factors or overall mentality to go along with the age of her breakthrough, in my opinion; if the player relies heavily on athleticism or upon variation for example. Gamova, a great example of a more technical player, is an example of a late bloomer, her most impressive performances came in the WCH 2010 while she was already 30 years old. Whereas in contrast a lot of the best athletically gifted and highly explosive Cubans, such as Calderon, Carrillo and Carcaces, have showed signs of decline already before arriving at the age of 26-27. Destinee Hooker is another player who "peaked" early. Apart from that it also depends on how long the player has been performing on the highest stage. A player might merely have a certain amount of ages on top at her disposal, a maximum time or "buffert", and I would guess its somewhere around ten years. Hence a player who makes her breakthrough on the international or global scene at the age of 17 might be able to perform without decline on this same stage until 27 or so, at least according to what I believe myself. This, I speculate, is due to the fact a player either mentally or physically, or both, gets worn out after a longer time than that. They still might be world class even after this decline, albeit not on the same climatic level.

    Guidetti writes like Trump on twitter, very aggressive with a lot of exclamation marks, superfluous punctuation and poor vocabulary/grammar. His english is beyond deplorable. I noticed someone picked on beri ´s English, but Guidettis is 100x times worse. For a coach who likely carries a lot of his communication in English with for ex. players from China, Serbia or Netherlands, it´s remarkably second-rate. Is this man really considered some clever intellectual? For me, he seems to be all about testosterone and "wild" energy, hardly a "thinker". The definition of a "boyish" fake or pseudo alpha-male. Some players might obv. like this, but "down to earth" women like Sloetjes and Haak might be very annoyed with this personality. Overall it doesnt go in line with the sterotypical Dutch or Scandinavian (Swedish) mentality at all. Its very, very hard for me 2 see that Haak would relish under such a guidance unfortunalety. She is an extraordinarily calm and quiet woman, an overthinker, a bit like "Ferdinand the bull".

    I can watch both on TV. *rubbing it in*

    But I won't be able to watch anything until late tonight, and then I also want to watch biathlon and This Is Us, so I don't know what I'm going to do. Life is hard.

    This is far 2 much of a trivial mainstream concern for the clique of hacker/programmer-type of people in this forum I guess.

    Despite Novara is the clear favourite in Stuttgart, it can get anything but easy for them to win there. But of course it depends on the shape of both teams; remember how much damage Schwerin did to Conegliano and Scandicci at pool stage.

    I think if Egonu has a couple of normal days at work, Novara will prevail rather unthreatend. I mean, Novara hasnt impressed a lot seen over the season as a whole, but when it has truly come down to it, such as during the final four in Coppa Italia, we have seen an entirely different version of the them. Sure, if they show up something even remotely resembling of last weekends performance against Chieri things might be rough, but I wouldnt bet on it 2 happen.

    Fener will target Vasileva for sure. Scandicci is probably the team I´ve watched the most this season and I have to say Vasileva has been a disaster in that regard while watching her at least. The question is whether they will be able to cover her good enough or not imo, because they might start 2 bleed pretty heavily in case the turks manage to put some constant pressure on her.

    A pity there isnt a prediction game avaliable on the forum at this point. Whats your thoughts on the games for the weekend? I think personally both Fenerbahce and Eczacibasi will prove to hard nuts 2 crack for the italian sides although they are the hosts. Do you see Conegliano threatening Eczacibasi? I know the latter didnt perform very well against Uralochka, losing a couple of sets, and Vakifbank, losing in straights, but still...Conegliano isnt in great shape either, losing two sets to Firenze at home during the weekend. Obviously playing front of 5000 at PalaVerde is going to facilitate massively for the italians, however I really doubt whether its going to be sufficient. Given how abysmal the performances of Scandicci has been the last weeks, or even months, I am concerned of their capability to put up a fight against Fener while being in such poor shape.

    Guys Haak being offered 1 million is only a rumour! I'm pretty sure she won't get that amount, even Rasic doesn't, Robinson doesn't...

    Someone even said it might be a rumour started by Haak's agent which honestly would make sense.


    The rumour has likely dissipated out of the reason some journalist, likely Swedish, has asked an "insider" in Turkey or Italy regarding the "typical" salary for an OPP in Vakifbank and then used the reply out of that question as a benchmark premise to use in order to estimate Haaks salary. I have come over some news regarding the issue in swedish media and this seems to have been the case, at least if you read "between the lines".

    Like this: 1) Sloetjes plays for Vakifbank 2) Sloetjes earns almost 1 million dollar per year 3) An OPP playing for Vakifbank earns almost 1 million dollar per year. 4) Haak might play for Vakifbank next year as an OPP 5) Haak will probably earn around 1 million dollar next year.

    This method is obviously wildly speculative and of very questionable relevance, in case its been used, and not more scientifically valid than lets say a fatwa handed out by a government relying on the laws of Sharia.

    Kadochkina is number 3 in hitting efficiency, I wonder if this is mainly playing as OPP or OH.. I think Russia has found their new rising star, she is still young I hope she gets to play as OH in NT, but seems like Kazan in making her into their next big opposite good news for Russian NT

    Primary as an OH.

    Her father, Alexey Kadochkin, played as a spiker in the Russian SL not all too long ago, relatively speaking considering he is her father, and represented Prikamie Perm during the 06/07-season for example.

    Yes, but I could count just as many, probably far more, who are 188 cm or above. Only in Russia, for example, we have Pasynkova, Kadochkina, Bavykina, Russu, Kosheleva, Markova, Ksenia Bondar-Naumova & more. This is the basic height for a Russian OH. Sokolova, Estes and Godina wasnt shorter before either, all of them above 190 cm. In Bulgaria we have both Rabadzhieva and Vasileva over 190 cm. USA has like 100 promising OH´s in high school/college who are 190 cm+ and their most hyped prospect, Plummer, is 199 cm. And Stysiak, the polish OH, is 202 cm tall. In the light of these numbers I doubt you could label Ohrtmann "very tall", maybe, at best, "tall".

    I think she's 190+ tall now. She look taller than Adam(188).

    Height of american players are almost always inflated. I will give a recent example: Trintin Savage, a volleyboll player for UCLA in college, has a listed height of 6-7 or 201 cm, but according to her own instagram she is 6-5 and a half inch, that is, 1.5 inches shorter than her listed height without shoes. In the NCAA as a rule they take the height in shoes and round it up. This procedure is a general principle even in Europe, but Ohrtmanns listed height might be her "real" one.

    I mean with Molten She has quite good reception. She is very tall and her attacking is very good but still with some silly mistakes, but that is something that She can improve for sure. Her jump serve is great. She is little bit slow in defence but overall quite good OH. And if She keep improving She can be very powerfull player in near future.

    Ohrtmann (188 cm) is not very tall at all, rather ordinary or average in that regard in relation to other european players on her position.