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    Western media is anti-China. No point in posting these articles as evidence. It's just another form of propaganda. If you believe it, that's ok. Chinese government is doing a terrible job of committing genocide as Uyghur's population has doubled under communist rule. Here's a comparison of Gaza vs Xinjiang video. Believe whatever you want.

    Lmao the irony in claiming those articles are propaganda and then post that extremely one-dimensional and biased video from a rather suspicious source as "evidence".

    New Yorker has one of the most renowned fact-checking systems in the entire world and to categorically dismiss them as deficient with regard to credibility isnt very serious.

    Muslims countries support China. The only exception are countries that are part of the western block such as Albania. The same countries that show concern for the so called Uyghur genocide are the same countries that support Israel's genocide of Palestinians. These are the same countries that invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and killed millions of Muslims. Who are you trying to fool?

    There are literally thousands of youtubers showing videos of vacationing in Xinjiang and interacting with Uyghurs and yet you keep posting propaganda articles without any evidence supporting your claim. Wikipedia keep showing a picture of a drug rehabilitation of Uyghurs and called it a concentration camp. Meanwhile Israel is trying to censor everything they can but the world will not be fooled.

    US is banning advance chips sale to China and yet you claimed China has the best chips to even put in into the human brain. Sounds like a cheesy hollywood script written by falun gong cult members. Anti-China propaganda spreaders keep covering lies with other lies and often contradict themselves in the end. It's a 90 billion dollar business. At least come up with something more believable.

    Countless prestigeous or renowned outlets have written about the persecution of Uyghurs in China. Yes, they are primarily published by western media, but plenty of reliable evidence are nevertheless brought to light in these articles to support the claims of genocide. Surviving the Crackdown in Xinjiang…a-ai-surveillance/614197/

    The Uyghur genocide is just anti-China propaganda that has been debunked many times. I find it hilarious you even mention this at all considering what has been done to the Palestinians for the past 70 years.

    How delusional is it possible to be? You are the victim of propaganda efforts by the Chinese government to cover-up this issue from public scrutiny.

    In February 2019, the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson issued a statement calling China's repression of its Uighur minority a "great shame for humanity".

    The risk of the Uyghur genocide being forgotten is a grave concern. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not only employed deliberate and calculated tactics to conceal its genocide and crimes against humanity in East Turkestan but has also orchestrated a propaganda campaign to ensure others forget it is happening.…cure-the-uyghur-genocide/…ution_of_Uyghurs_in_China

    Speaking of genocide on a contemporary basis, I find it quite scandalous China isnt banned from OG this year. Why? Because they are persecuting the Uyghur miniority there on a considerable scale, presumably far more serious than Serbia did in Srebrenica during the 1990s. The Uyghur genocide has been classified as the most significant coerced confinement of an ethnoreligious minority since World War II.

    In January 2021, the United States Department of State declared China's actions as genocide and Czech Republic condemned the Chinese government's treatment of Uyghurs as "severe human rights abuses" or crimes against humanity. Despite those issues, in addition to the tension in Taiwan/Chinese Taipei, China is allowed to participate in the Games while Russia has been excluded. I find this to be hypocritical and incoherent by the ruling organization, IOC.

    Apparently China is using the Uyghurs there as so called "guinea pigs" for the testing and experimenting of chips in the brain. Hence the Uyghurs are walking around with devices in their brains which enable the authorities to keep them under non-stop surveillance and other even more frightening things.

    nobody's have a problem with Tuyen on the court for Vietnam in a womens competition ?

    This topic has already been widely discussed on this board and people are always offended by it. Personally, I believe she/he looks extremely suspect. Frankly, I have never seen anything like it in the past. FIVB needs to launch a serious investigation and bring clarity to this issue.

    Sweden didn't have a chance really.

    Is vietnam not a big threat? They will have both 4T and their opposite. I dont think both played together last year ?

    They are of course a serious threat to these teams, and I think they will relish from a de facto home-court advantage in case they play a team from Europe or America in the final. They are no punching bag for the European and American squads here, and I cant see them being steamrolled by any of them. Anyway, the "moral final" of this tournament is still the QF between Czech Republic and Argentina, imo. The winner of this match will quite possibly be favoured to prevail in the tournament as a whole.

    This topic was a creative initiative by QPL back in the days.

    Who is the Miss Inside Volley one entire decade later in 2024? Surely it would be intriguing to launch a broader survey to distinguish the chosen one.

    Yeah I recognized captain Grozer (and I'm a fan of her :heart:) but didn't know Slacanin yet. She seemed super tall already at only 15?! Wow! Their passing struggled but offensively those two did great imo. Hopefully they can give Germany a win this week! (Okay tbh I hope every team will win at least 1 match or make it to tiebreak to keep morals high in this age group)

    Is Slacanin super tall? She is listed as 182 cm by CEV, but it might be an outdated measurement from the past when she was younger.…er/95010-slacanin-leilani

    I just saw somewhere the list of belgium and they are sending a B team as they are already and practically qualified to the VNL

    So IDK whi gonna win in that qf

    So imo the winner of the match between argentina and czechia gonna be the champion and last qualified to VNL

    I believe Argentina will prevail in this tournament. The Czechs are strong, but I think Argentina is on another level. Cugno, their 195 cm tall opposite, is a considerable prospect for the future.

    With regard to Puerto Rico, they were outplayed by Mexico and barely defeated a quite amateurish Cuba. Frankly, I wouldnt be surprised if Kenya defeated PR in the QFs. Kenya played a rather balanced game vs Colombia last year, lost in four tight sets, and displayed substantial firepower in attack. Chumba, their opp, is a formidable force in shape.

    I just saw somewhere the list of belgium and they are sending a B team as they are already and practically qualified to the VNL

    So IDK whi gonna win in that qf

    So imo the winner of the match between argentina and czechia gonna be the champion and last qualified to VNL

    Belgium roster:

    S: Elise van Sas, Lien Van Geertruyden

    OPP: Pauline Martin, Saar Bertels

    OH: Manon Stragier, Kaat Cos, Nel Demeyer

    MB: Britt Fransen, Anna Koulberg, Anke Waelkens, Charline Humblet

    LIB: Britt Rampelberg, Noor Debouck

    In other words, no Britt Herbots and Silke Van Armaet. But they might prevail against Sweden without Haak anyway.