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    i cannot understand if his answer is the apology that fivb asked for. I didnt expect to change his opinion but he didnt even pretend that and he said again negative things about iranian volleyball people.

    This is racist, and you don't get to tell me otherwise unless some Iranian and Arab users can confirm to me that it is not racist.

    i dont say that i agree with that comment. i posted because you asked for it.

    Didomak IR

    Mr. Kubiak has a right to be upset with Iran volleyball fans and players. In all sports, Iranian fans and player show little tolerance specially when they lose a game. This was the case in IRAN-JAPAN football match.

    Too many pressure for winning makes players upset and nervous. Besides Iranian fans overwhelm players and teams with no respect.

    Iranian sport officers must show most responsibility for these kind of happenings. My late brother was a national volleyball player and he suffered the issues in all his matches as a plyer or a coach.

    So as an Iranian citizen, I feel partial sympathy with Mr. Kubiak.

    The answer of Kubian

    Dear fans!

    Due to unnecessary media noise which was result of the interview I gave to Jerzy Mielewski in "Prawda Siatki", I declare that:

    First of all – like everyone else – I have the right to my own opinion.

    Secondly, I have the right and even the duty to answer when my family, my friends from the playground and myself are object of threats and insults from the opposing team's players and their aggressive fans. And such situations took place during matches with Iran national team.

    I strongly emphasize that the words that I said were directed only to people I personally dealt with, i.e. volleyball players and their chauvinist fans.

    I express regret that my words may have misunderstood. Maybe I spoke them in the wrong context. At this point, I would like to point out that I am so far away from xenophobic views that I have been credited for several days. Racism, lack of respect for national colors and opponents are unacceptable and invaluable to an athlete. At the same time, I have to emphasize that I do not change my opinions on Iranian volleyball players and fans who have insulted my family and friends.


    Michał Kubiak


    "We are very emotional and sometimes such provocations are inevitable but only in the heat of battle. It has nothing to do with personal animosities. The match is over and I've already forgotten everything that Kubiak said. I respect him because he is really a great player in terms of sports level. He is among the world’s top players,”

    “Kubiak has his own style and I am not going to talk about him, because we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. I have read several books about the history of Iran and Poland. Relations between our countries have always been good,”

    “I've already forgotten what Kubiak said. Outside the game, we are all friends together, but on the pitch, sometimes we are angry with together. Personally, I have very good contacts with many players from different countries. Undoubtedly, I will shake hand with Kubiak in Chicago,

    Igor Kolakovic

    “Dear Michal Kubiak, you are the great volleyball player, but you have the right to make a mistake. Come to Iran, please, to see how wonderful people live here,” Kolakovic wrote on his Instagram.

    Another Drama between Iran and Agamez

    Kubiak against Iranian players for another time

    Idk bout beard and all but both Sokolov and Juantorena are hot, anyone who denies or even debates otherwise is either jealous they don't look as good or angry they never have a chance with them.

    At least both are miilleeees better then some of the other guys y'all have been drooling over in this thread, like Klemen Cebulj or Dimitri Volkov (sorry) :rolll:

    i didnt say that Juantorena is not hot


    Vasiliki Arvaniti is playing her 176th FIVB beach volleyball tournament, which makes her the female athlete with the highest number of appearances in history!

    This mind-blowing number includes three Olympic Games, six World Championships and three age-group World Championships. “Qualifying for my fourth Olympic Games would make a great end to my career,” Vicky Arvaniti told after she and Panagiota Karagkouni won their first two games at Espinho and advanced to the main draw. In addition, the 34-year-old Greek has played at tens of continental events on a path marked by impressive success, including two European Championship titles.

    Greece has planned a series of friendly games against Hungary and Belarus, another two EuroVolley contestants. The matches with Hungary will take place on 25-27 of July, with the matches with Belarus following on 2-4 August. All of the friendly games will be taking place at Karpenisi. On August 9, Greece will travel to Hungary to compete in the international tournament ‘Savaria Cup’ against the home team, France, Spain and Slovenia. Hungary is also one of the four countries co-hosting the 2019 edition of #EuroVolleyW.

    charalampos love it!! XD make the south gay again!!! My fave part is his underwater effect, that was 100% real I think :D and his purple hair :cup:

    i read underwear instead of underwater..haha

    Unfortunately now his hair are not purple

    I remember a phrase i read last year "macedonia is not greek, its homosexual".

    He speaks a lot of about sex (especially in the past) and he receives many negative comments like "we will find you and we will kill you:". Also many make comments like "if we have people like you, we will not take istanbul back"

    hahaha so its nice to see this turkish squad

    I noticed that the videos of the big 4 have english subs so i will try to watch them.

    The greek version of James Charles has also an ass bigger than the battle between italian-turkish league.

    He looks like a diva but he is a very friendly guy.

    Also i ve learned a lot of things from his videos ( i didnt know who was james charles, jefree star..what is sugar daddy.and many phrases like spill the team, drama and of course the eggplant emoji). It was like a school for me.

    Sertab 😊


    Michael Finger (OPP, CZE), Ronald Gergye (OH, HUN), Dimitris Tziavras (L, GRE), Menelaos Kokkinakis (L, GRE), Theodoros Voulkis (MB, GRE), Gazmend Husaj (OH, ALB), Dimitris Rizopoulos (OH, GRE), Akis Aspiotis (OPP, GRE) to Olympiakos. Only the last transfer is not official