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    Olympiakos - PAOK 3-1 (26-28, 25-14, 25-20, 25-22)

    PAOK was leading 17-8 in the 3rd set but lost it 20-25 :!:

    1st set: 11-15, 26-28

    2nd set: 4-8, 25-14

    3rd set: 8-17, 25-20

    4th set: 9-3, 19-20, 24-20, 25-22

    Olympiakos: Hippe 22 (20/50), Hood 18 (16/32), Lazarevic 15 (12/41), Zakhaiou 12 (6/16), Lambrousi 7 (2/9)

    PAOK: Erzen 18 (16/46), Polinopoulou 11 (5/13), Konstantinidou 10 (8/17), Kaczorowska 7 (4/23), Chantava 6 (5/32)

    AO Thiras - Pannaxiakos 3-0 (25-17, 26-24, 25-21)

    AO Thiras: Chatzieustratiadou 15 (11/13), Merteki 14 (13/28), Mendaro 13 (10/26)

    Pannaxiakos: Amaral 11 (8/22)

    Markopoulo - Thetis 1-3 (18-25, 15-25, 25-18, 20-25)

    Markopoulo: Tsitsigianni 17 (12/40), Nikologianni 16 (13/36)

    Thetis: Vlachaki 21 (18/36), Konstantinou 15 (14/37)

    Aias - Panathinaikos 1-3 (25-19, 16-25, 22-25, 20-25)

    Aias: Roberts 16 (12/36), Brokes 16 (13/33)

    Panathinaikos: Potokar 17 (13/33), Kalatantze 12 (8/14)

    Aris - Porfyras3-0 (25-15, 25-17, 25-21)

    Aris: Agost 21 (20/32), Simic 15 (12/25)

    Porfyras: Giovani 9

    Ilioupoli - Ilisiakos 0-3 (17-25, 15-25, 23-25)

    Ilioupoli: Legros 17 (14/42)

    Ilisiakos: Chatzikonstanta 15 (14/29)

    Volley LUGANO - LP Vampula HUITTINEN 3-0

    Livingston 19 (18/33) - Andrikopoulou 19 (16/29)


    Klisura 18 (14/37) - Buijs 17 (17/31)


    Znidar 16 (13/25) - Trach 12 (9/29)

    AOF Porfyras PIRAEUS - Olympiacos PIRAEUS 0-3

    Dragoumanou 8 (7/26) - Hippe 14 (9/24)

    Today is the greek battle between Olympiakos and Porfyras. Olympiakos is 2nd in the greek league with 7p. in 3 games. Porfyras is 9th with 3p.

    They played against each other last month and Olympiakos won 3-0.

    They use MIKASA

    Olympiacos won the Cev Challenge Cup 2018 and took the 2nd place in 2017. They managed to win some very good teams like Bursa, Canakkale (5th&6th in turkish league), Yenisey (3rd in Russia). Last year they won 1 match against Volero.

    Two greek islands (Santorini/AO Thiras)-(Naxos/Pannaxiakos) have been in the quarterfinals of challenge cup the last years.

    This year Olympiakos, Thira and Porfyras are playing in Challenge Cup.

    The last 7 years Olympiacos won all the greek titles.

    This year most teams have improved. There are many teams who can be in the first places (Olympiakos, Thira, PAOK, Thetis, Panathinaikos, Pannaxiakos). Aris has one of the biggest bugdets of the league but the opposite from bosnia and the oh from turkey are not helping the team. Yesterday Agost scored 20points and the second scorer of the team was the setter. Aris had singed with the captain of Canada NT (OH), but she didnt come to greece because of an issue with her husband.

    Porfyras - AO Thiras 1-3 (20-25, 25-17, 24-26, 18-25)

    Porfyras: Dragoumanou 22 (20/42), Giovani 22 (20/42)

    AO Thiras: Mendaro 20 (18/39), Brinkmann 13 (11/32), Merteki 13 (11/36)

    Panathinaikos - Olympiakos 2-3 (24-26, 25-23, 15-25, 25-20, 13-15)

    Panathinaikos: Oikonomidou 20 (16/46), Potokar 14 (12/37), Kalatantze 13 (9/19),

    Olympiakos: Hippe 25 (24/60), Lazarevic 14 (12/32), Zakhaiou 10 (3/11, 7 blocks), Christodoulou 10 (4/8, 5 aces, 1 block), Lambrousi 9 (5/9), Hood 7 (6/39)

    Pannaxiakos - Aias 3-0

    PAOK - Ilisiakos 3-0 (25-17, 25-18, 25-08)

    PAOK: Erzen 17 (15/27), Chantava 11 (10/20), Konstantinidou 10 (5/6), Kaczorowska 9 (8/13)

    Ilisiakos: Chantzikonstanta 9 (7/29)

    Markopoulo - Ilioupoli 3-0 (25-18, 25-14, 25-21)

    Thetis - Aris 3-1 (20-25, 25-22, 25-23, 25-22)

    Thetis: Vlachaki 25 (21/41), Konstantinou 18 (11/31), Georgiadou 12 (9/21), Goudimenko 7 (5/8), Apostolaki 5 (4/13)

    Aris: Agost 20 (20/55), Konstantinidou 7 (2/5), Pitta 6 (1/4), Simic 6 (5/25), Anthouli 5 (3/7), Hocaoglu 5 (4/20)

    Many greek fans were saying that if a greek player did the same, Turks would have jailed him or even killed him.

    Many people in greece believe that greeks want to be friends with turks, but turks hate greece. I think that in turkey they believe the opposite. 😎

    For me is very important they way the media describing the whole situation. The greek media probably are describing the situation as E.E. wants. So i think that the negative comments against Turkey are because EE wants so and not becauce Turkey is considering an enemy of greece . Even in 2015 E.E. has some problems with the greek government and the greek media were only supporting e.e. and even with fake news against greek goverment. So greek media are caring more about EE.

    First of all greek media this period havent said anything about the kurdish terrosism. Some people remember that Turkey had terrorist attacks from Kurds, many greek people dont even know that and many people had forgot that maybe like me.

    When Erdogan is saying something about kurdish terrorists most people in greece are laughing because they think that this is something that doesnt really exist.

    Although i dont agree with the turkish invasion i think that many greeks would support a similar invasion if greece had similar terrorists attacks.

    Nothing has happened so far in greece from terrorists (isis or everyone else). I remember before some years a man from Pakistan raped and almost killed a Greek girl and the goverment expelled thousand of Pakistanis who were living a greece. Even if there also greek rapists, greece reacted with this way - for only one person .In Turkey is not only one who has been killed from Kurds. If greece had so many victims i am sure that they supported an attack against the terrorist populations.

    As i said before greek media arent saing anything about the terrorists they only say that Turkey is killing innocent people and they show many video of dead families etc.. Also they are saying that turkish army are allies with isis and many times are describing as the same thing. So to the eyes of greek people (and not only) the soccer players who are making the salute dont have any difference from the people who support isis.

    I remeber a video from a greek channel (the owner of this channel is the owner of Olympiacos FC). In this video a man said that Erdogan doesnt want a buffer zone in order to put reffuges but in order to put ISIS soldiers and in the future he will make them members of turkish society.

    Here is a video of a former turkish soldier who was arrested from Kurds and know he is living in greece. He speaks from 1:25 untill the end of the video in turkish language.

    Some of the greek people who disaggre with the turkish invasion believe what you posted before "violence+violence is not peace". On the other hand nationalists hate turkey no matter what although they pretend that they just dont want wars. But if the invasion wasnt from turkey but from serbia they wouldnt write so many negative things about serbia. Also if israel without a reason killed innocent turks i dont think that most of the nationalists would be really sad.

    Also many greek people believe that if turks are killing kurds and no one stops them, if they decide to kill greeks no one will stop them again. So many greeks think that the turks who support the turkish invasion in syria also want an attack against greece. On the other hand if someone doesnt support this invasion it means that he doenst hate greece and thats why some turkish players like enes canter and hakan sokur have became famous in greece and are having many supporters.

    So some fans post comments about the former handball player of Olympiakos like "you dont respect the country you are living".

    Also Acun ilicali supported the salute of football national team and many greek said" if you supported why are you visiting greece?".

    But the salute has nothing to do with greece. YPG are not members of greece.😊

    Also some reliable and famous greek sites have posted a map in which many greek lands were in red colour and they said that is official from a turkish minister who says that in the next periode turkey will try to take these lands. But finally this map was from a facebook fan page and there was nothing official.

    Omg i wrote too much. I must stop!

    And this is the last thing that i will write.

    I learnt that the laywer of Ocalan was a greek man. I know this man because in 2015 made some very homophobic comments about a gay who had lost his partner. I thought that homophobia was the only reason that made him famous but finally he had a "worldwide career". In his facebook page he is always writing hate comments about gays and turks. Today i read my favorite 🙃 "if we want to be protected from Turkey we must stop accepting LGBT community" :wall:

    Left-wing parties were considered the most turkish-friendly part of greek society and generally in europe. But after the last developments this has changed a lot.

    A Greek anarchist group raised a banner on the grounds of the Kemal Ataturk Museum.

    Museum guards and Greek police officers quickly removed the protesters and detained twelve of them.

    Also they did something similar to the Turkish Airlines "area" in a greek airport.

    Juventus fans asked the team to fire Demiral after the salute but the president of the team said that he will remain in the team.

    In Germany one soccer player showed his support via his instagram to the turkish army and his club fired him.

    Today Olympiacos handball team ended its collaboration with Turkish player Ali Tinkir, bacause he celebrated with salute in a game of his NT.

    AO Thiras - Thetis 3-1 (25-16, 22-25, 25-18, 25-19)

    AO Thiras: Merteki 19 (17/32), Mendaro 18 (16/39), Brinkmann 15 (13/33), Emmanouilidou 14 (10/15)

    Thetis: Konstantinou 12 (11/30), Reid 11 (7/29), Georgiadou 9 (7/11)

    Olympiacos - Pannaxiakos 3-2 (25-15, 21-25, 25-16, 24-26, 15-08)

    Olympiacos: Hippe 23 (17/55), Lazarevic 18 (18/36), Hood 20 (18/43), Zakhaiou 11 (6/8)

    Pannaxiakos: Millen 21 (17/58), Amaral 19 (18/55)

    Ilisiakos - Panathinaikos 0-3 (15-25, 18-25, 11-25)

    Ilisiakos: Papageorgiou 7 (4/8)

    Panathinaikos: Kosma 11 (10/25), Dioti 7 (5/12)

    Ilioupoli - PAOK 0-3 (09-25, 15-25, 08-25)

    Ilioupoli: Ikospentidou 5

    PAOK: Klepkou 10 (7/16), Erzen 10 (9/26), Kaczorowska 8 (8/13), Polinopoulou 7 (4/8)

    Aris - Markopoulo 0-3 (24-26, 20-25, 20-25)

    Aris: Agost 17 (15/37), Simic 12 (11/24), Kioutsouki 4 (3/6), Hocaoglu 4 (4/13)

    Markopoulo: Cvijovic 15 (14/30), Nikologianni 12 (7/15), Tsitsigianni 11 (9/23), Dikaioulia 7 (3/6)

    Porfyras - Aias 3-1 (25-14, 19-25, 25-15, 25-17)

    Porfyras: Dragoumanou 12 (9/26)

    Aias: Roberts 15 (12/23)

    Two suprises today.

    Olympiacos lost two sets against Pannaxiakos, a team who start lately bulding the team and didnt manage to find good local players.

    Aris lost 0-3 from Markopoulo.

    So AO Thiras is the only team with 6 points.