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    Francesca Piccinini has officially announced her retirement from volleyball.

    The interview with the announcement will be broadcasted tomorrow afternoon during the Italian TV program "Verissimo" (Channel 5).

    Some extracts have already been anticipated:

    "I have lived a dream for many years, but now I have to say goodbye to this amazing chapter of my life, it's time for me to start a new one.

    It's a very hard decision, but I am 40 years old and I will quit as a winner, as I've just won my 7th Champions League a few months ago.

    We will see what the future will bring me. I don't think I want to become a coach, even if I would love to work with young girls. I'd like to make a family and have children, but it's not easy to find the right person.

    I want to thank this amazing sport (volleyball) for helping me become the woman I am today."…iglio-3402647482141.shtml

    Also CEV says thanks to this amazing volleyball legend with a video tribute:

    If Tirozzi is coming to Pomi than they need two strong attacking MB with Bosetti and Tirozzi duo. Very stabile at reception and good in defence.

    Similar Pomi as in 2016./2017

    They also need a good scoring OPP IMO.

    I love Cuttino, but she's still very unexperienced and can't be in charge of all the attack load and the pressure. With this defensive OH duo Pomì needs an experienced reliable OPP. Someone like Kasia Skowronska, who is still free as far as I know..

    Now we know why Stevanovic did not join the Serbian team.

    I don't think anyone wants to play VNL. They all rather be traveling 😍.

    I don't know why Stevanovic didn't join the Serbian team, but this holiday in Formentera has nothing to do with it. As you can see she is there with players of other NT who are all playing VNL.

    You should really think twice or more before writing here, I am totally fed up with your dumb posts.

    Oh I didn't know she had such a bad injury :white: But good to know that she is fully recovered now:super:

    She should definitely be called to NT even if she is just 18 yo, she might be already better than both Brayelin Martinez and De La Cruz. Her jumping/spiking skills are insane.

    Guillen is just 1 year younger than Pietrini and same age as Fahr. Like the two Italians she should be given the chance to play with the "adults" IMO, she is too good to be wasted in youth competitions. She could be very useful for Dominican NT ar the next Olympics 2020, as Bethania is getting older and she's past her prime now.

    Why isn't Madeline Guillen already in senior NT? She is just 18 years old but I think she's better than Rivera and some others. I remember her two years ago at the U18 WCH and she was simply amazing. Definitely one of the biggest talents of her generation together with Karakurt and Pietrini. But after those WCH I haven't heard of her anymore.

    Well next season Egonu will be the highest paid player for sure, followed by Slöetjes.

    Last year both Egonu and Haak didn't have a huge salary because when they signed the 2-years contract with Novara and Scandicci they were still very young and kinda 'unknown'. They were getting something like 100/150K. Vasileva maybe around 200/250K? (Even if this is surprising considering that she was coming back from a sever injury..). But I am not so sure that she was the highest paid player, as also Rahimova had a very high salary in Pomì.…GDZQmGwlU2hXLW3UNOJe_fjqM

    Speaking of Novara, their president said that Piccinini is still unsure about her future, but they can't wait so they are done with her.

    He said that Novara's budget has increased by 20%, that Arrighetti's transfer was wanted by Barbo and he also added that Vasileva was the highest paid player of Serie A last season in Scandicci.

    They want to do well at the WCCH.

    He also said that he is very happy about the players they have transfered and that Brakocevic is one of the best 5 Opposites in the world:what:=O

    She never shined in NT, just a solid player. In 2013 she was the back-up of Valentina Diouf and later she was called but never happened to make herself as a real starter OPP. It seems like Mazzanti is deciding who he’s gonna take as Egonu’s back up, it must be either her or Ortolani, his wife (or girlfriend, Idk if they are officially married, but they have a daughter).

    Ortolani won't play in NT anymore. Egonu's back up this year will be either Sorokaite or Nwakalor, for Tokyo2020 also Enweonwu might have a chance.