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    Bartek, Luraschi you are saying is the italian setter you mean right?, well is is her, then unfortunetly she stopped playing volleyball due a problem in her wrist. Last season already she didnt play....and now she just became a mom! ^^

    Nobody is missing her as a volleyball player in Italy...but wish her all the best as a mother! ^^

    Btw, Rondon is even worse...she simply sucks like hell, I'd be so sorry for Perugia if they get her ;(

    Are you sure Weiss is gonna stay in Perugia? There hasn't been any announcement yet and on FIVB GP roster she is listed without club.

    Yeah I think i heard a few weeks ago that she was confirmed for next season. They were also looking for a brazilian setter but I don't know her name..(maybe Gisele Florentino?)

    This is strange...they have officially signed Olga Fateeva, and I heard from several sources that they also signed Nancy Metcalf. Now if those two and also Popovic will come, they will have 3 opposite hitters and none of them is a great receiver. Also I've heard Annamaria Quaranta (Italian OH/Opp) will stay too...

    Metcalf will not arrive in Perugia.....Annamaria Quaranta is an OH/Opp with excellent reception skills....and Sanja Popovic will probably play as OH cuz in future she will play in that position also in Croatian NT (with Barun Opp).

    So Perugia will be like this: Weiss - Fateeva, Leggeri - ???, Quaranta - Popovic, Arcangeli.

    Italy playing with youngsters...

    No, Italy will play with the best players and Gioli will play as OPPOSITE!(it's gonna be an experiment..) :super:

    setters: Lo Bianco :thumbup: , Bechis, Rondon.

    opposites: Gioli :thumbup: , Ortolani, Quaranta.

    middle-blockers: Barazza :thumbup: , Arrighetti :thumbup: , Crisanti, Garzaro.

    outside hitters: Piccinini :thumbup: , Del Core :thumbup: , Bosetti, Di Iulio, Barcellini, Marcon.

    liberos: Cardullo :thumbup: , Merlo.

    Sorry i didn't knew it last two years i started getting into volley i still have a lot of things that i don't know that why i am here :S

    From now on you will know! ;)

    Here are the players who won IECL Cup in the last 11 years:

    2010 Bergamo: Lo Bianco, Ortolani, Piccinini, Del Core (L.Bosetti), Furst, Arrighetti, Merlo.

    2009 Bergamo: Lo Bianco, Ortolani, Piccinini, Del Core (Bacchi), Barazza, Arrighetti, Merlo.

    2008 Perugia: Marinova, Francia, Pachale, Del Core, Gioli, Crisanti, Arcangeli.

    2007 Bergamo: Lo Bianco, Grun, Piccinini, Secolo, Poljak, Paggi (Barazza), Croce.

    2006 Perugia: Fofao, Zetova, Francia, Swieniewicz, Walewska, Gioli (Crisanti), Arcangeli.

    2005 Bergamo: Zhukova, Grun, Sokolova, Piccinini, Poljak, Paggi (Barazza), Croce.

    2004 Tenerife: Cacciatori/Lamas, Godina, Carvajal, Svistina, Visser, Dubinina, Lopez.

    2003 Cannes: Salinas, Ravva, Lehtonen (Brinkman), Mao (Zhang), Buckova, Kulakova, Fomina.

    2002 Cannes: Salinas, Ravva, Lehtonen, Mao, Buckova, Fomina, Shen.

    2001 Modena: Zhukova, Jelic, Phipps, Pachale, Leggeri, Ana Flavia Sanglard, Wang Zhiling.

    2000 Bergamo: Cacciatori, Rinieri, Soucy, Piccinini, Perez Del Solar, Galastri (Chebukina), Drewnik.

    1999 Bergamo: Kirillova, Costa, Mireya, Gavio, Caldeira, Ana Ibis Fernandez, Mifkova, Bragaglia.

    TOP WINNERS: Piccinini so far has won 5 CL Cups :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: followed by Lo Bianco, Del Core and Barazza who have won 3 CL Cups.

    I think it is still a great team in Bergamo

    Lo Bianco - Ortolani - Piccinini - Bosetti Lucia - Arrighetti - Nucu - Merlo

    I totally agree with you! Bergamo replaced Furst with Nucu, who is not as good as the German in blocking but is a great spiker, and Del Core with the 20 years old Elitsa Vasileva, one of the most powerful and promising OH in Europe. Apart from Lo Bianco, Piccinini and Nucu, the others players are very young and very talented, especially Lucia Bosetti, 21 years old, excellent receiver/digger, despite she is quite short(1,75 m) for being an OH she has an amazing jump that makes her a really complete player (and her sister aged 16, who sits on Villa Cortese's bench, seems to be even better than her!! :D ) .

    I think also next year Bergamo can compete for winning IECL.. it won't be so easy for Fenerbahce to defeat them.

    Kidding aside, what happened to Angelina Grün? She was Germany's main attacker before. Will there be a chance to see her again this World Championships?

    No, unfortunately Angelina Gruen retired from indoor volleyball last year....and she now started a new career as beach volley player! :aww:

    I think Erika did pretty well in brazilian league. She's a good receiver, blocker and digger. As a spiker I think she's not that powerful as she was back to 2000. So if the team needs an OH with good defensive skills I think Erika is a good choice.

    She's also a very good spiker. Three years ago she was the 2nd best scorer in the Italian League (1st best scorer was Sheilla and 3rd was Mirka Francia). Excellent transfer for Galatasaray... ;)

    What is it that makes Pesaro attractive for Brasilians? Sheilla,Mari two seasons ago, Jaqueline last season and now Paula. Also their coaches are generally Brasilians right?

    I guess it's also a cultural thing.. you know Pesaro is a sunny place on the seaside, has got delicious food and latin habits... so maybe this is what makes it attractive for Brasilians :thumbsup: