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    It really makes me funny how Turkish fans are afraid of Polish NT. Have you really seen how Poland played this year? We could have some chances with Wolosz and Medrzyk on board and muuuuch better coach, but if we win at least one set it will be huge surprise. And even potential lack of Boz should not help us much.

    Omg, Poland is the worst led team ever. After 5th set Stysiak should receive Belgium citizenship. And Rozanski sub after 4 sets in the freezer for one action only was really great move... Playing with 3 spikers and none could finish the ball. Not much hope for Poland to be honest as those supposed to be the best players (except Wolosz) we can send and each player except maybe Efimienko made regress with comparison to 2019. These girls train together for 3 years at least and look like they never played together.

    Uff, it was almost impossible to win with Kazan yesterday! I think MVP was Sliwka, he had some issues in one of the sets, but for the most difficult balls he was precious. He is such a smart OH. Semeniuk for me had bit worse day in attack, he was not able to finish the most important balls. Kaczmarek has the best season in his career, he improved a lot. It was very good maych for Smith too, Kochanowski did not have a signle block in this game. Kazan was such powerhouse while serving, so little number of errors, Ngapeth was brilliant and hard to stop and Mikhailov is such a fantastic player. Kazan just missed one more world class OH. Voronkov gave great sub yesterday - very good serving and passing and quite solid attack, but they need someone better than him or Bednorz, who seemed to close his way to Olimpic Games by this season. It was not good season for polish players in Russia.

    They really ought to switch Herbots and Smarzek. I don't know why they're letting Smarzek drag out the rest of the set when she's clearly playing badly.

    You really think thay Herbots with 4/21 in attach yesterday will solve the problem. I was wondering what is happening with Smarzek, but definitely there is lack of trust from the Hancock (or tacticts). Smarzek was terrible in first two sets, but not that bad in third set. She was used to be the main option in attack with huge number of balls and now she is third option in attach, so I am afraid it is hard for her to find her rythm. Anyway, she has terrible season. I would really like Hancock to start using MBs in attack. Sets were inprecise as hell, it was such a pain to look at her game, especially right after the fantastic match by Paulter. Washington was terrible today, it was like looking at Kakolewska - late and lost most of the time. Novara should really think over the rooster for next year, most of team should be replaced.


    Let's start the carousel:)

    So, first of all Toniutti will go to JW, Zaksa negotiates with Christenson and Kampa is supposed to go to Modena. Tavares-Rodriguez will move from Lubin to PGE. Also Resovia is interested in Zatorski, Sliwka, Kochanowski (from Zaksa) and Kwolek (from Verva).

    I am so devastated. It is unfortunately so typical for Poland to loose several match-points and then the game. Smarzek has been always saving Nawrocki's ass, but for teams led by Guidetti, you need to have something special and Nawrocki just did not have balls to change the tactics. However I doubt that any coach would risk so much and move in the final sets Stysiak to spiker position, let Kowalewska Fedusio and/or Gorecka. Whole Polish bench showed that they were ready and in great shape during this tournament. I am not sure if it was Wolosz idea or Nawrocki to play only with Smarzek-Stysiak duo, but not using Alagierska in attack is such a waste or putting Stenzel for Kakolewska. Wolosz setting in NT team is always below expectations for me. The sets are not adjusted to the spikers. Sets to Stysiak very often too low and too fast, sets to Smarzek much better, but still too often inaqurate. Sets to Kakolewska on her elbow level. I really like Wolosz, but it is hard to understand for me why she is seen as best setter worldwide right now. She may be the fastest one, but her choices in NT especially in crucial moments are terrible. Guidetti once again showed that he is magician. Honestly speaking he had just one star player- Eda and all others are mediocre with good potential (not counting Naz after long break). He had balls to put Ebrar on bench and Meryem did the job and played match of her life. He showed that even if you have very mediocre OHs, you can win the match. Germany has right now the best team in many years since Orthmann joined with good performance, also MBs seemed to improve a lot and they are working like perfectly matched mechanism. So we will see today if emotions will win with the German order:)

    I do not understand fans of Strasz. It is libero with really well defence, but her reception is a nightmare. I think Sawicka would be the best option, later Zenik and Medynska. I also do not understand E. Skowronska supporters. She is not player on NT level. She is extremaly unstable in reception and her attack is quite fine, but it is too little to play against the best in the world. I do not really think that Tomsia will play as OH and IMO it is not good idea. I would add Czyznielewska instead of Zaroslinska

    It is very sad to watch this year Euro, I am afraid this is the lowest level ever. It is quite disappointing that such team as Belgium reaches semis. There are not really many differences between teams, but it is not becasue of higher level of teams, which usually played worse (France, Czech, Belgium) than others, but because this former better teams (Italy, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands) play really bad now