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    It doesn't really matter if they played 3 or 5 sets, Poles are prepared :D anyway more likely Polish Team will be playing Turkey or Russia again in finals :P :thumbsup:

    how about that! Werblinska in action !!! Horses day she has, she is all over the court: in reception, digging, attack and serve !!!
    I really hope they will qualify as they play very good! And i remember when in topic POLISH NT there was many of u, whom didnt believe in Swiderek - it is next time when it came out that he is a good tactic but also good shrink :D;)))

    Summary: Good start by Poland; amazing win over Brazil by Italy; shameful lose to Iran by Poland; Russia fail to overcome Brazil again; Serbia, Argentina and USA quit the competition for podium, so they give points to Europe, Brazil and Cuba; stupid points lost but unpredictable points win blah blah blah; Russia and Poland book tickets to London but Poland suck in the very last moment; Italy give up prior to Brazil's finale; Ta-dah, this is World Cup.

    One thing to know: Poland's work rank will be No. 4 afterwards, the same position to their glorious 2006 season.
    So, That Poland volleyball federation bought the WLF and wild card was absolutely wise decision.

    And it would be good if they would buy the World Cup competition - as we could see Japanese halls were completely empty :D Why Japan is a host of WC for so long?! It should be changed, maybe same like WL, WCh host should be chosen by FIVB every 4 years.

    Hi again
    POLAND in London 2012!!! Great news for me and for sure many other fans of polish volley!!!
    LONDON 2012 is waiting same as me:)
    Polish team didn't take their changes to win the World Cup, i think the last round tired them mentally and mostly psychically. Even 2day they could have a lead 2:0, but i could see the lack of stamina.
    Now waiting for the next Poles' Olympic Medal!!

    JW - loads of good individuals but you can tell they need time on the court together... AZS has an advantage and they used it to gain a good result 2day. Bartoszek is the killer and his individual actions made him looked better than good playing also - Lasko. He deserved to be MVP.
    In JW Kubiak is needed - with Bartman both will be good on reception. Bartman is good in attack. Who is Nemer? Bozko? Did u hear of them earlier?
    Settlers rubbish game -dont have my opinion yet but there was a massive problem there 2day.

    AZS!! Bravo

    You said pretty much everything. Trefl showed pretty solid game, they were doing pretty fine against Skra, considering the fact that they just advanced to PlusLiga. True, Skra didn't show anythign special today. There were some cool points, but overall Skra didn't play so well. I was also sad that Aleksandar played just at the end of the 1st set :( But he was again Mr. 100 % :D He scored just two points, but those were a really good points, actually! :D

    I also think Nawrocki should have given Konstantin a chance. Bartek wasn't a shining star today, and I'm sure Konstantin wouldn't make their game looking worse or anything like that. I guess he was hoping for Bartek to wake up, but that's really frustrating, 'cause that way Konstantin may never appear on the court, 'cause Nawrocki will always hope for Bartek to wake up, doesn't matter how bad he plays :down: Anyway, rambling again.

    Tomorrow, tomorrow......... :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I think you a bit of harsh on Skra with your judgements. It is just 1st round, let see guys!!! Trefl showed good volley 2day - they just need to improve in reception, Serafin just past the test!As someone spotted it earlier - yeah double Lomacz - Oivannen looks good!! It just shows what Zagumny said : "There will be no easy bites this season"
    2day another match AZS - JW - i'm more curious of the new JW...

    The truth is that Dolecka doesn't want Kubiak in a team. She just need a money for him. And that's why this case has the end in court.
    Jastrzebski must "buy" Michal for 200 thousand PLN. You don't know how much Politechnika needs this money. They have to pay previous players overdue money.
    Grodecki is ready to pay for him. But this case could have the other end - Michal can be suspended by FIVB. And NOBODY will be happy. NOBODY.

    Michal went to the Court with case - termination of the contract. But this case was not to be decided in court. The reason why PLS will get involved right now.The transfer window is still open so as long as they will come to the agreement FIVB wont the involved - AZS and JW will need to go to CEV with the problem :P

    Yes, but if JW will pay.

    For sure they(JW) are prepared. Even so i think PLS knows that after the whole drama, Michal playing in AZS W-Wa wont be a good choice. After his last season in PLS and his good job in NT, all people look at him and see the bright future. He will play in JW.