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    Regarding Michal Kubiak and his team for this year! 2day the court declined the case as it isn't in its scoop of work. PLS is going to make decision on Wednesday - Dolecka said : "i do understand that i can't make him play for AZS."
    Obviously she is after the money! And they will come to the agreement on Weds with JW and PLS involved -V-ce President of PLS said:" Michal needs to play!"
    SO shortly we will see him in JW!

    I think Germany can win this Euro Championship

    Turkey is playing good Volley 2. Neriman Ozsoy is good in reception and she supports well Darnel in offence!
    Would be interesting female semis - Germany - Turkey - Italy and Poland :)Maybe Poland will play in the final with GER ;) - that would be great !!!

    Yeah Goli and Del Core both were like a monsters :P
    Rosia out !!! Surprise surprise ! I thought Poland will beat them in the semis :)
    German team looked good in the match with Serbia! Grun brought in loads of sparkle and extra power to the team.
    Really hope Polish girl will beat Serbia 2morrow! Fingers crossed they survive the Serbian crowd.

    And on Friday 30th of September it is about to start - ONE OF THE BEST LEAGUES IN THE WORLD !!!!

    League is closed, more money, better players - next 5 years we will have best player in PL!!!

    I wouldn't criticize the whole idea of closed league, just give it some time... I think our league will grow strong :) and might change to even something new and bigger then i think in the future :)

    Holy crap.…_Prezes_zmieni_sklad.html

    President of Polish Volleyball Federation, Miroslaw Przedpelski said, that if Kaczor and Gajgal are healthly (which will assess the doctor, who's recommended by Przedpelski) they will back to the NT by his warrant.

    Love Magazyn Siatkarki - more please....
    At last the sneaky fish has been caught in the water...
    They are grown ups and behave so childish. Przedpelski didn't have any idea about calls with Serwinski i Swiderek, was very surprised :)
    Bogdan is a good actor thou, i think he is a bit jealous as he never was even considered as a NT trainer candidate :D
    Generally speaking that doesn't look goood in the year when we want to do best and qualify to Olympic Games London 2012.

    Hope girl wont be affected much by this and concentrate on training and the game.

    hmm this squad is maybe not even worse than the squad in ECH 2009...I am waiting what will Jaszewska show as OH...when she will be in 6 (which is quite possible), if she can play and attack so many and well like in Plusliga

    Wow i missed loads for few days of absence... And yes i was thinking you all were just talking about Kasprzak, Ciaszkiewicz, Frackowiak but nobody mentioned about Kasia Sielicka-Jaszewska :)
    She is on the way back to her best as she was in 2003-2007. She was the one with good attack and receiving skills as Werblinska today, but unfortunately couldnt play much in NT, injures wouldn't leave her. She has constant problem with her back (spin). After longer recovery in Organika Łódz(I league) she got pregnant (2009) and now she is back as remembered her in 2005, she is back living her second youth.
    I hope she is in good shape and she will quickly find same vibrations with settlers, wish she was in 6 with Kosek :)

    Happy to see Skowrońska and Kasza back, but Podolec as somebody noticed she had good block while WGP.

    Skra again in the season coming has an advantage - the change was just a little if u compare with Resovia or JW . In my opinion Kedzierzyn has a chance to claim gold again, but will see... Shame Czestochowa's people dont try to get good sponsors and buy some valuable players - every year gets worst, but wish them luck!!!