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    Yeah MUSZYNIANKA - ATOM 3:0 (25:13, 25:22, 25:18 )

    Anyway for Atom the time will come more likely next year - same like SKRA loads of money - this year they didnt have time to build a very good team - i mean they did but they missed a good receiver so - ATOM's times is coming. Happy cos our Woman Plus Liga is getting stonger. Now we have 5 strong teams not just 2 :)

    Agree with no hestitating. I hope this young team handles the pressure and Anastasi will help our boys to succeed. We need ranking points this season :teach:

    YEAH! Fingers crossed - shame MIchal is not 200 cm tall, then he would be proper kiss ass 2 after Kurek and we would have nice young receivers on the court, but soon MIKA will join them :P Can wait for WL - Lodz and Katowice are waiting :) Looking forward to it

    it`s idea PZPS, but I think that Świderek is also not good coach for our NT

    Swiderek has his own way of talking to woman.... i remember when he came to Calisia Kalisz and wont gold straight away... Later he didnt have good times... he lost competition to be a coach of NT - maybe it is time for him and PZPS should let him try... Matlak has change completely since becoming NT coach - he really has come down... and i really dont see the gold future in front of him, im loosing my hope

    Yes Abramov after a good year in Polish Plus League(Jastrzebie) is thinking of going back to Russia to Iskra where Santilli is the coach. Santilli moved there after 3 year contract with Jastrzebie they had a very good year winning Polish Cup - Abramov MVP and took 2nd in play offs...
    Jastrzebie is trying to keep Abramov - but he said in one of the interview that he wants to go back to Russia and also has been offered bigger money....
    The thing is Jastrzebie is not the richest club in PL Plus League - considering budgets they were 5th out of 10 with 6 mln PLN in 2009/10 season - is not much.
    As far as it goes Jastrzebie plays in CEV Champion League but we dont hear about new transfers yet - hope they will surprise us soon with new coach and players :)

    Delecta Bydgoszcz lost a settler they try to get Andrej Zekow BUL from Greece :)

    Polish Plus League really gets better and better year by year and officials are still not happy and complain about it (on other hand is good put the bar up) but remember leagues in there were so rubbish when i was a teenager just 2 clubs fighting for championship...

    Hi Guys

    Im polish guy living in London in UK where valleyball is not popular at all but i have this "bug" in me since my teen-years :) Looking forward to get all the updates and give u as much info as i can... :)