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    Congrats with the Champions League win, Fenerbahce def has the best Turkish internationals and foreign players.

    Since Fenerbahce is a powerhouse in volleyball the NT is also doing good, 6th in the WCs and a bronze medal in the ECs.

    Turkey rocks this championship really, beating the European and World champions is not easy, they deserve gold.

    I think Turkeys performance shouldnt be a surprise since their players have won the Champions League and WC for clubs last season.

    To tell the truth yes! I think Italy could have won this match 3-0 if they wanted!
    Damir Jurko says Italy guarranteed the first place so they played for money )

    If Italy wanted to lose the game on purpose they would have lose it 0-3 instead of 2-3, you got fuzzy logic.

    Current squad and transfers.

    Seda Tokatlıoğlu

    Eda Erdem

    Nihan Güneyligil

    Naz Aydemir

    İpek Soroğlu

    Yağmur Koçyiğit

    Çiğdem Can Rasna

    Cemre Erol

    Lioubov Sokolova


    Duygu Bal

    Didem Ege

    Merve Dalbeler

    Seda Uslu Eryüz

    Kim Yeon Koung

    I must not agree with should not take off the credit of Bergamo victory over Fenerbahçe in last Champions League, Bergamo did deserve to win. And you cant compare the situation that happened in april with the one that happened some weeks ago, cause both teams are completely different! Bergamo had a very strong team last season, and played really well not only the final but hole Champions...the girls showed a lot of heart and a lot of respect for their adversaries...and they could have beat Fenerabahçe 3x0 in that final if I record well. Fenerbahçe is a incredible team this season, you put a lot of money on that to build that team....but you should respect your opponents, I dont see why Fenerbahçe deserve more then any other team that work as hard for trying to do their best before even the game happens, so deserve maybe is not the right word. If Fenerbahçe wins this tournament, that is likely to happen, will be cause they played the best, and for that they deserve the victory. As same that in last final of Champions Bergamo played better, and deserved the victory.

    bullshit mate, Fenerbahce had a great comeback but everyone knows how Italians are they steal the victory on the last moment in every sport, Fenerbahce had to win that tournament not Bergamo.

    Fenerbahce is just the best team out there, I think they really had to win the CL in April, they beated Bergamo 3-0 a few weeks ago, Fenerbahce is just better than Bergamo but they had stress in the final of the CL thats why they lost there, I must admit here in Japan everyone became fan of Fenerbahce after their comeback in that final, you deserved the title and for me you guys are the real winners, good luck winning the world cup, you are the best.

    Since Nati Osmokrovich (fenerbahce) is not playing for the Croatian national team, we should give her citizenship and have her play for us

    Why? Turkey has a lot of good players, like Naz Aydemir.
    Dont need such things.

    Very simple, the results speak for themselves:\

    2006 World Championship 3rd place
    2007 World Cup 5th place
    2009 European Championship 1st place
    2010 European Championship 1st place
    2008 Olympic games 5th place

    I think you mean European League.

    I dont think Serbia is better than Turkey.