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    LOL. I can't even... I had so much fun watching Bulgaria - Serbia game. I think I didn't have such a fun watching volleyball for a while :D :D Dunno if the dj in the hall tried to break some record in the number of played songs and be sure to the end of his career that no one's gonna break it, holy shit. :rolll: Secondly, I had zero focus every time Luburic was showed by cameraman because of his ridiculously shortened shorts, I mean kur*a what was he doing :rolll: and when cameras showed Luburic and in the same time dj played "CAN'T TOUCH THIS" I was officially finished :rolll: Thirdly both teams played just poor and it was just a matter of time who will turn out to be more poor. But because I'm outstanding optimist I truly believed Bulgarians are gonna take it, especially that they showed some moves in defense tonight that I honestly didn't expect from them for a long time already. The way of celebrating every point was just cute, even polish commentators noticed and admired :D and then there came this amazing finish by Valio "one-man-show" Bratoev :D when I at first was shocked and seconds later excited that he managed to score one important point, he gave 3 free points in a row to Serbs :thumbsup: bravo!

    Can someone enlighten me and tell me what happened with Jastrzebie in game against Zaksa? Where did this spirit from game against Skra go? Looking at the result Zaksa crushed us, only in 3rd set it looked like oranges woke up to fight.

    As for the first game... Quiroga seemed fit well into the team. His name next to Oliva looked promising for me even before. True that we have no "stars" on bench but still I believe in those youngsters waiting for their chances.

    I wonder how much ZAKSA got affected by De Giorgi's departure to and from National Team.

    They looked weaker on paper now that some players left.

    Is Toniutti even coming back?

    Toniutti is still part of the team :) it was questionable but in the end he stayed as he said he feels good in team and in our country. True that they may look weaker on paper. Tillie left so theoretically there is no back-up for Deroo and Buszek on reception. Theoretically, because I really hope some of polish youngsters will take a chance to shine. The team doesn't need Tillie, if you ask me. Torres is also one hell of a mistery, if he will do well in Plusliga...

    For now I can't wait for the holy wars, one between Zaksa and Resovia tomorrow and second between Jastrzębie and Skra on Sunday 8)

    Did I miss sth here? Do we have now CELEBRITIES on this forum? WOW.

    Just wait for Bartek to appear here from the dungeons...

    I also haven't seen here raylight for a while... He used to be pretty famous too

    Luca, what did I say once about you? That you look like a nice mix of Tsvetan Sokolov with Karim Benzema, I think... :D

    Kondzio, both sided of you are cool enough :thumbup:

    Hello there! Newcomer inspired by the latest grand success of German male NT? ;) Feel free to write, join us!

    He actually had a lot of these "not-my-day" days in Bundesliga too and wasn't even a safe starter for Friedrichshafen. There is potential and he is still young, but imho he has to learn really quickly to survive in polish league. I am not sure he will manage to do well, unless he improves significantly.

    Well I said it because he really got my attention when I watched Belgian team. Since Deroo struggled a lot and there were moments when Rousseaux took over the leadership. I think if he would come to some top polish club like Skra or Zaksa, he would have more tough times. In Olsztyn he can only gain a lot and I strongly believe in that :) It will be quite interesting team, anyway.
    Thanks for the information about his performance in Bundesliga, I couldn't say much myself since I didn't follow, so it's sth interesting for me to note. I will keep an eye on him even more closely ;)

    Ok. Both teams that I cheered for in the end of tournament eventually lost. Which made me think from postition of a fan, how unsuccessful this edition was and I want to just forget about it...

    If I would be German, I would be like "goodness, SO close!". But hey, you guys, I know the gold was close but did anyone expect reaching final, actually? Enjoy this silver, it's a massive success ;) I don't know who was more touched, Grozer or Giani.

    Giani, Giani, Giani... He is becoming more and more hot name in coach's society. Italians will be so foolish not to at least try him as a coach one day. Yes, KK15, I read your post about him and his conflict of the interests with federation. But maybe one day... :)

    Probably for the first time I didn't cheer for Serbs, no matter who their opponent was in the moment. In fact, I don't quite like present team. I like maybe Uros, because he is exactly the type of player that I like, although he is annoying little snot. Srećko still will be among my fav MBs as well. As for Luburić, he was playing and in the same time overcoming real tiredness. Still managed to pull this of. As for the setters of both sides, I seriously was lost deciding who was worse, Serbian or Belgian, oh my world... Couldn't understand also why Van Walle was subbed in one moment but that doesn't matter any longer. I just thought it was stupid decision. Pity that Rousseaux didn't have his day yesterday... Still I'm excited to watch him in Plusliga this coming season because I consider him as an interesting player. As well as Volkov, who makes this Russian team a bit more interesting. Together with his majesty Mikhaylov :win: What a player. Even if he struggles, he can sort himself out to bring some quality needed in tough moments.

    Congratulations to the winners! To those who lost also, even if they lost, they achieved sth. Germans with silver, Belgians with... well, nothing physically but still can be proud of overall performance and result. Kudos for making at least the last day exciting.

    Giani's time out :lol: I think he invented a new language! :rolll:

    Why did Kampa changed his hairstyle? ;(

    Well, I guess that since his hair already started to remind of lion's mane or Russian terrier's hair and visibility because of that was limited, he needed to do sth about it.

    Still, Grankin got the Best Setter award, maybe mostly based on his overall performance, but it should've been given to Kampa if we look at the final only.

    That weird thought bloomed in my head when award ceremony started, that actually Kampa deserved again to be the best setter. And then I just got this hunch that in the end Grankin will take it. And hey, I wasn't mistaken. I just thought that there were so many situations when Grankin came up with some strong and unexpected attacks what in case of chosing the best setter could have been some added value.

    Aww wow and Rousseaux in this hairstyle looks like D'Artagnan. Not sure if it fits him

    Sorry for my comments today, I'm too mentaly exhausted today to write sth very wise :gone:

    Bad starting. But I still believe in you, Belgium!

    Surely Giani is not Guidetti .Guidetti is doing wonderful job at club level ,if I'm not wrong Giani had to resign several times because of poor results .No doubt he is better than Blengini (Germany's overall talent is not better than Italy) but luck is on his side

    Yup, I still remember him as a coach in Roma times... Didn't look good, to be honest, some dramas happened :D People even used to give him as an example how wonderful player can you be and later how poor coach you can become... Well. He grew since then. He did flawless job with Slovenia, he now repeated the success with another NT. Few years more and I think Italy will pick him as a coach for its NT.

    Sometimes I think that Grbić really doesn't know what is he doing, ya know...


    Congratulations to the winners, I am even happy for them, since still I have some sentiments for Grozer and Kampa is precious with his hairstyle sets. It looks like polish land is lucky for German guys, since they also surprised the world there 3 years ago ;)

    Woohoo we are having a boiling pot out there in Krakow Arena :box:

    What also amazes me is how good Serbs can play having Jovovic. Still, go go Serbs :box:

    Do you belong to the Markus Boehme's hairstyle fan club?

    (I guess, in German it will be like MarkusBoehmeHaarStyleFanKlub - would the experts korrigieren mich bitte?)

    Nah, my reaction on his hairstyle is usually like :cursing:

    Btw. I can't understand very much from german

    Surely Belgium vs Russia will be extremely interesting this evening. Who would have thought that Belgians will appear to be such monsters in block. I didn't watch much of their game but these stats look good. Go go Belgium!