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    It was said a few weeks ago that Mika will not recover until ECH. And Klos resigned from ECH because of personal reasons and will be back for the next season.

    I'm surprised that coach took average Buszek instead of Śliwka.

    Same thoughts! Gosh, I usually trust in coach's decision but for some time Buszek is just hopeless and I could see some fire from Śliwka. I believe he would be more usefull. Still picking Buszek I would even take Śliwka instead of Szalpuk. But honestly both should be in. Szalpuk and Śliwka can be a powerhouse.

    I`m not really sure about this Polish team anymore. :pinch:

    and Muzaj is out?? Voww.... Ferdinando is doing on the same direction Poland was , the problem is that this is the wrong direction.

    Spontaneous decision and I think it will paid off. Muzaj had a lot of chances to prove himself. Kaczmarek had only one, coming on the court in game against Russians last week, and took this opportunity in 100%. It was his debut and he played like there's no pressure. Honestly I am very excited to see him in NT. He will be only Konarski's back up though.

    I have to say that our young team has the character. Wish the older watch them carefully so they can be inspired and get this spark back. Don't know if Kozub will be good enough in future to join the team though, honestly, ANYone would be better than Drzyzga. But. Coming back to the youngest. I guess that everybody watching the games are not surprised anymore and stopped asking questions how the hell happened that "such a no-name" like Kochanowski appeared in the senior team playing in WL. Hopefully will be more of him in future, no Wrona and - thanks heavens - no Nowakowski. Guy is quick and usually has great efficiency in attack. And yesterday he was like the best scorer of the team. Middle blocker. Nice. I also like Fornal and Kwolek. Maybe the second one more, although he didn't have the best day yesterday. We need him today. Whole team lost too much energy letting Brazilians enter the game and fight back. Now we will play against more rested Cubans and I only hope that youthful enthusiasm and hunger for victory will lead the guys for the crown. Lets go lads!

    Felipe Roque reminds me a bit of Sidao and Evandro. :mirror:

    YES! Especially Sidao.
    btw. Another interesting brazillian attacker.

    the same might happen in Poland, when Polsat Sport is broadcasting WL games :wavy:

    I hope they won't block it in Bulgaria... I'm waiting for Bulgaria - France. Every time I have to look for some good broadcasts online I'm about to kick my laptop, router and everything into space. So frustrating. So for now I simply appreciate the idea of watching it on youtube. By the way it's so super interesting to watch KOR - CZE game with korean commentary :D

    PS. Marek Beer. Epic surname.

    PS.2. And Michal Finger.

    Wow. Jastrzębie are on fire. I couldn't be more proud after beating Skra and reach men from Rzeszów 8) I have to say that I was worried after Masny left but from the beginning of the season guys are doing this well :thumbup: Probably there will come the day when both Oliva and Muzaj will choke and then we will be doomed. Because let's be honest, our attack base on these two. For now Oliva is the beast. Muzaj gives more than I have ever expected from him. And Popiwczak is a little goldie :) Sometimes I don't know what to think about the middles. Generally, the biggest winner is Boruch whom I didn't expect to be a starter at all. And for now he's doing just fine. Kosok is not my favourite. He's chimerical like Joe Hart. With the difference that he's never more than just average. He has awful moustache, doesn't matter if it's Movember or not. Basically, he rather can't play a match being good in both block and attack. As long as Muzaj and Oliva will keep scoring like 20-30 points every game, we are ok. Being realistic, such matches like the one against Będzin will happen, sooner or later. For now it's YAY! we're fighting! :thumbsup:

    I have to share this! It's from Olsztyn - Skra game

    I think Schulz has improved a lot compare to last season. Do you think he has a chance in the NT? (but they already have Kurek, Bociek and Konarski at opposite)

    Well, I would take him instead Konarski!!!!! And I'm sure Anastasi will make Schulz even better, the guy has still a lot to learn. So far Konarski learned nothing from De Giorgi. Which is not De Giorgi's fault btw :P

    I hope Mika's fine ... I noticed that he's been wearing the knee pad for quite some time, just hope that it wasn't too serious because both Lotos and the NT need him a lot! same to Schwarz and Kurek they must have been really tired

    Mika's knee bothered him already in Berlin and he was playing "on credit" back then. Unluckily Berlin tournament echoes now and will be for a while as most of the players left not only hearts on court but also forgot about small injuries and pains and played despite it all...

    AZS - Politechnika 3-0 (25-17 25-19 25-18 ) MVP: Rafael Redwitz stats
    Scorers: Patak (OH) 17, B.Lipińki (OP) 10, Szymura (OH) 9; Samica (OH) 11, Świrydowicz (MB) 8, Filip (OP) 8

    One hell of a surprise for me since I have thought that Częstochowa is so hopeless! :dance6:

    honestly, I don't know how anyone can dislike Kubiak at this point. I seriously think that people are so used to complaining about him, that they haven't notice what man he became. He just grew up so much, since he became the captain. And honestly, I think he is the best captain we've ever had (and it's me who is saying that, me who will always put Winiarski above everybody :whistle: ). He just NEVER gave up, honestly, I don't remember one single match, where he stop fighting and stop believing before the last whistle. When all of our primabalerinas during tough match pray for the end of it, he is the one who gives them a sign to fight. I cannot even count how many matches he saved for us this past few years. Michal Kubiak is THE captain. Michal Kubiak is what volleyball is about. He cried in Japan this year and he cried yesterday too. He gives us his heart and this is why we love him

    He is not criminal like Ngapeth, he is not psycho like Spirydonow, he just cares to much.

    before the match I said, that it all depends on Kubiak, if he is able to put the team together, get through them and make them angry about everything what happened this year (including one set missing in Japan and two missing points with France) instead of being dissapointed and resigned. Somehow he made it. It's because of him, the hell didn't freeze over and I don't have to live in reality where Poland is not going to OG

    I would sign under this using caps lock!! Kubiak is one to remember forever. A legend being barely 28! :)

    UNREAL. Why do we keep coming back from heaven to hell and back and again and again? I can hardly remember when was the last time when I couldn't find a place at home watching this horror, literally running everywhere and back, breathing through sleeves, praying and cursing... I guess that NEVER. Hope is always dying last but there were moments when I felt it was slipping away. We fought with ourselves. We fought with our fears. For a long time we've waited for sth good finally happen to us and that was THE moment. World Cup maybe broke us, I've seen it the most looking at Fabian. But today miracle unbroke us. Maybe we suck big time, losing first game to Germany, practically giving awya yesterday's semi-final to France. But in the end we are ALIVE. I couldn't imagine better team and I couldn't ask for more. I know some of you criticize Kubiak but I also couldn't imagine better captain. He's annoying, ok. He's expressive, often shows some gestures that can be received badly, provokes. He doesn't do anything without a reason. If someone pisses him off at the net, he gives tiit for tat. And Germans weren't saints Franciscans. At the top of everything he does, he always does everything for his team. I can't imagine anyone more big-hearted than him. And in Poland everyone knows it, he is simply loved exactly as he is. In the end, believe me, he grew up and shows full respect for any opponent he faces. But he would do anything only to help the team even if it's equal to throwing sb off balance. Still a warrior, big hero, smart player. Nothing more to add but great personality.

    Watching the game I was really thinking "omg, we have so much bad luck!". In the end of fourth set and in tie-break fortune favored us. Finally. We did too many mistakes, we played worse than in two first sets against France when the pace of the game was deadly fast btw. We didn't have block, good service, defense didn't work at all, in crucial moments guys hit the balls out... And then Możdżonek is coming in and doing some block plus (WTF?) defending on the 10th meter! Bieniek suddenly started to block as well (he generally scored plenty of points as for MB!). Kurek again fighting with himself but... blocking! in a key point. I swear, there were moments when Mika was pissing me off like hell but I'm thankful that Antiga let it be and didn't change him in the end! Zatorski and Wojtaszek - good job. Kubiak? Do I have to say? You've seen. A heart and energy source of whole polish machine. Last but not least - Łomacz. You know? I couldn't be more proud of him. Couldn't! Come and criticize him now but for me he is a playmaker that didn't disappoint. And it was the only moment of peace for me when he went on serve, our best, most lucky rotation!

    Congratulations, Russian! It was a pleasure to watch your comeback from the shadows. See you in Tokio, France! I feel sorry for Germans, you were a trully competitive rival. Twice!

    This game is already LEGENDARY. Road to Rio is sorrowful and challenging but EPIC.

    Thanks for your consideration you all, guys, and stay tuned. 'Cause polish machine is still rolling and as our captain said: "you can beat us but can't defeat us".


    Holy crap :what: that was probably the weirdest game we played in past few years! I'm only thankful that Antiga let guys rest and put in some substitutes. Still it feels weird to lost to Germans. I can't really remember when was the lost time we lost to them. Which doesn't mean I underrate Heynen's boys. I was watching this with more and more big eyes when Schwarz was ending another attack out of nowhere and they were saving another ball in defense. I see that from the beginning of this tournament we fight our own demons :S Mika doesn't look good and surely is in pain with this knee. And we need our strong service and well organized block back against French! We're not chanceless! In this whole thing I can distinguish Wojtaszek who is almost unreal with some savings. I'm sure he won't look just like a regular neighbor against Grebennikov today!

    Someone said about bulgarian jerseys? Then can someone enlighten me please what is all about these pistachio german outfit? It's beautiful ok, looks like summer, sunshine and ice-cream... :D but looks more like a training jerseys and is even funnier than these green jerseys for liberos in CL! I wouldn't be surprise if it was another Heynen's idea who secretly at night is sewing outfits for distracting opponent's attention! Oh man, I have never seen Germans playing in such colors. Oh wait, Tille once played in pink jersey, possibly in french league...

    In the end, I feel very sorry for both Bulgarians and Serbs. The victims of government's policy. I would say, go the hell to these morrons. Waiting for the better years for volleyball where Olympic champions, World champions and European champions don't have to play murderous tournament, slaughtering each other, to advance to OG.

    Holy my... I was really surprised by Łomacz's passing! Really! It doesn't mean he somewhere became a genius but it was one hell of a solid work from him! 8) All guys actually were a TEAM and that's the biggest victory. Zatorski made me stand up for a few times when he received the bombs and very important balls in the same time. Mika was killing me and suddenly he was hit straight in his face... And here we are, a reborn of a hero with a tampon in the nose :D he scored like a dozen important points right after that while I was pretty sure he will be substituted soon. Kurek and Bieniek - great, nothing less and nothing more to add. I liked our stability on serve. Kubiak, as for the comeback after break - good again, clever as always 8) I expect a lot more from Kłos and Wojtaszek though. But I'm pretty sure they will warm up in coming games ;) All together - damn good job!
    Still we couldn't quite stop Atanasijevic. If he only would have a stronger support in OHs...

    Meanwhile, Nikolay Penchev is in bed with a pneumonia, thus further reducing Bulgaria's chances to make it out of the group.

    NO WAY! This is very unfortunate :(

    btw. Antiga tried Szalpuk as backup OP :D

    You do realize what does it mean :D Antiga finally get to know how shitty is Konarski if he did such experiments. I'm more than sure it would be Bociek going to Berlin if he was healthy.

    we'll probably with 2 L - Zatorski as receiver and Wojtaszek as digger ^^

    I would love that!

    It's a very good choice, I have a hunch :thumbup: I believe in Żaliński more than ever in my life. Still I would go with Szalpuk instead of Konarski. Anyone could be better sub for Kurek than him, even Możdżonek, c'mon...

    What bothers me the most is pretty much hopeless Drzyzga who had lost himself somewhere in Japan after this disastrous WC...

    Happy Christmas, everyone! Lots of love, happiness and peace. And let's hope that Santa Claus won't lose his belly baking himself this very warm December in the result of global warming. That would be very unfortunate! Ho ho ho ho ho :D

    Dejan Brđović tragically passed away today.
    He was a member of the Yugoslav team that won bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics. Later he took up coaching in women's volleyball and worked in Asystel Novara and Rabita Baku.
    He's the father of Aleksa Brđović, current setter on Serbian NT.

    What happened? :( Barely ten days ago I read news about Energa Ostroleka which he coached. There are no news in our media. Can you give your most reliable source?

    Giant Lemański... What a huge game today :obey: I couldn't believe my eyes that Poli was doing so well in reception, it was actually the key for the game! Even without Samica! I shouldn't be so enthusiastic as they beated badly my team but still... Impressive middle, stable reception, understanding in defense. Plusliga would lost colors without Poli on the board! :)

    Can you imagine, Bieniek and Lemański, one day, both in NT?

    KONARSKI'S PRESENCE IS KILLING ME :cursing: While Jarosz is doing very well in league lately! Now I blame Skra for selling Antiga to Delecta where he made very suspicious friendships!

    I'm very hopeful about Kubiak going to Berlin. He's such a tough guy!

    The biggest Bartman's problem is that he can't decide on which position he play. Now he is an OH and it's not going to happen to see him playing this in NT. If he only stayed in Jastrzębie and played there as OPP instead of going to China with Łasko...