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    The situation with Resovia seems to repeat every single year. They start badly and later on, when other teams lack of power, they start to dictate the pace in Plusliga. This year is same old story... and in the same time they have brand new demons. I don't remember when was the last time they had so much bad luck :what: Bizarre injuries, more misunderstandings on the line setter- attacker due to nervousness in game. In almost every 5-sets game they lost it was all about just one or two but important balls. I know that we can't blame just a terrible fate and call guys from Resovia unlucky fellows... The problem is that Kurek seriously sometimes seems to be the last man standing on the court. And I wonder when he'll be run out of any strength. Jaeschke should be back soon. Akhrem is coming back slowly. Very slowly. I would let Sliwka play more. But Kowal is changing and mixing the main roster like a crazy chameleon is changing colors while a little walk on the rainbow. We never know if it will be Ignaczak or Wojtaszek. Drzyzga or Tichacek. Sliwka and Penchev or Penchev and Lyneel. The truth is that Resovia, this contemporary one, never before had such a festival of beautiful disasters in front of its own audience. I mean come on, it's their fortress! I bet that the atmosphere in team is not the most colorful though I'm more than sure they'll survive it.

    Talking about good luck and bad luck... Look at this. It's from Resovia - Politechnika match:

    Oh, and I'm sensing Żaliński among the chosen ones for Berlin. Looks like Lozano pieced the guy together. Buszek is unfortunately making a closer friendship with the bench.

    Czarni - Resovia 3-2 (27-25 21-25 18-25 27-25 15-10)
    Scorers: Żaliński (OH) 24, Bołądź (OP) 19, Szalpuk (OH) 17; Kurek (OP) 21, Penchev (OH) 13, Śliwka (OH) 13

    Ignaczak with such horrible reception :wacko:

    Really? He seemed to do the job not bad since OH's were struggling a lot. I mean all the bombs he received... Maybe I didn't watch it that carefully, I have difficulties with focusing on game lately.

    Metodi Ananiev returns to any NT list for the first time in some years. You should know that this isn't the best of Ananiev we are having these days. His reception is mediocre, but his attack percentage (CL and Romanian league with Tomis) is what has earned him the call-up.

    This is so AWESOME. I'm dying to see Metodi in NT again! I may not be objective but... despite your words about his mediocre reception I still think he can be more useful than Gradinarov! Unfortunately I couldn't watch the game Tomis - Resovia and I missed watching Ananiev in this. Let's hope I will have another occasion :)

    Meanwhile Michał Winiarski came back from Munich where he was treated by German national football team doctor. Diagnoses are very optimistic, Winiarski himself is very optimistic about his treatment and return to playing. He took part in training but without jumping. He wants to come back on court this month but we must wait for how the things will turn out. It was said that after thousands of jumps and attack some of the muscles are more developed than the others so German doctor recommended strengthening the muscles that work less during training or playing.
    (source: Przeglad Sportowy)


    Spanish OH, Israel Calderon Rodriguez, signed with Skra Bełchatów due to Michał Winiarski's longer than expected recovery. Contract is valid to the end of this year.

    I have no idea what Jastrzębie would do without Masny. Big nothing most probably. I appreciate him so much for staying in Jastrzębie :heart: Clearly his teammates appreciate that too, the celebration after game was really heartwarming :) even though it became so hard for this team to win with anyone... I hope Hain will come back soon. We can be stronger with him on board. Any information about him, kondzio?
    Btw. I really like De Rocco. One hell of a hothead but still both useful and entertaining :D

    This doesn't sound good at all about Feru :S he suppose to finally found his place and to have strong position in team. And now this long break will ruin everything. At least he's still young, he'll be ok. But it's a big loss anyway.

    Shit. Samurai the Return :what: I mean Woicki ofc.

    Konarski :rolll: he's hilarious! It's the second time in a row when he started the game from being blocked :aww: Seriously I'm more and more thinking it's not only me being so obsessively anti-Konarski, but the guy truly delivers reasons one by another.

    What an awful performance from Bydgoszcz today! Almost hard to believe. And nothing explains this, even two main players excluded from the game. Anyways, I hope to see Jarosz soon because Krzysiek is clearly having a party on some other planet. While I'm not sure if Ferens will come back that soon, his injury seems pretty serious :S Pity.

    BOOOOOCIEEEEEK! :obey: He was playing like nothing happened throughout this last year. Fantastic serve performance and powerful attacks. Konarski can watch and learn. When I saw him beginning this new season hitting on clear net out I was like :rolll: and later on stuffed up on one-man block :aww: Simple choice between those two - if Bociek is healthy and ready to play full-time, Konarski can already make friends with the bench.
    Nice performance from Buszek and Tillie. Very LITTLE playing by middles. I'm expecting Deroo's awakening next time! Overall Zaksa looks very interesting as a team :)

    Generally I didn't know on whom I should focus my eyes :rolleyes: Lozano. Szalpuk. Bociek. Deroo. Buszek. Solid dose of greatness. This is an amazing thing to see Lozano back, I almost feel sorry for him due to not winning this game in the end, it was so close! But when I see Bociek turning the tide of the game I can only say HURRAY! :D

    I see Poli starts in their very own style :thumbsup: from 0:2 to 3:2, nice! Dynamic duo, Zagumny - Samik again... :rolleyes:

    As for Jastrzębie... Ehhh, they could end this in just 3 sets :aww: Glad to have this 2 points at least, though! And Rocco's save by leg... HUGE :obey:

    Can't wait to see Czarni - Zaksa! Both teams promise to be interesting. A galaxy of interesting characters :)

    So as you see it's something different. You don't have to ask where is missing player. I can understand Skra and Winiarski's situation, his home is Bełchatów, he had problems with health in last season but he helped Skra to reach FF and they have Marechal ready to play as alternative but Resovia? I can understand transfers like Ngapeth, Marechal, Tillie to strong clubs but Lyneel? Would you transfer someone if you have high ambitions who is not able to play sińce 2013 and everytime needs surgery? At the end from 'wide roster' you need send to play child Śliwka.

    :what: Easy, with the words, ok? As for the polish club I don't see any other reason for buying Śliwka but giving him the most space to play. He is there not to sit on bench and gain experience from there. For me, on this moment the starting duo is Śliwka - Penchev. Also I'm pretty sure Akhrem will come back to better shape, he just needs more playing time after long break. And Jaeschke has time to show some tricks from the hat, I kind of believe in this guy. Those Americans from uni league, pretty reliably prepared... Lyneel is another world. Still in terms of transfers Resovia is, on paper, the biggest winner, right next to Zaksa. But what will happen, we'll see.

    why is Le Roux playing opp ?

    I'm guessing because it's a kind of replacement for Sokolov who is recovering after a surgery. Has Halkbank any other nominal OPP in roster? Le Roux successfully can perform both as MB and as OPP though we all know him better as MB player.

    can an elf be 208 cm tall??????? :D

    Why not? He's one hell of an elf! With hair, face and those ears mostly! :D

    i knew French team was fav against Bulgaria in semi final and Slovenia in the final therefore i supported Bulgaria and Slovenia against France :D ..French team deserved the title but they didnt/dont seem to be a special team to me, anyhow.i mean they have good players but not superb ones.(maybe volleyball is not only having superb players)

    They have superb TEAM and that's maybe the case ;) and if you ask me Grebennikov is superb, he's even more than this, he's a torpedo!

    a question : where are Kaziyski and Sokolov in Bulgaian team ? what about Russian team ,injuries or regeneration?

    Long time since Kaziyski is not playing for NT, it's all because of disagreement with the federation that had a culmination after they fired Rado Stoychev. It's already 3 years without Matey in NT... Sokolov had a serious shoulder surgery and is recovering now, probably coming back to playing in the beginning of upcoming year.

    But where I tend to disagree is with your criticism towards the MBs. Tell me a more solidly blocking team during the whole tournament than Bulgaria. Tell me two players with better presence than Todorov and Yosifov at the net. Maybe Todorov is not the brightest attacker and you would be right, you would be right that a middle blocker is not only supposed to block, but then they are not supposed to be the best spikers either. Bulgaria, to me, was the best blocking team at the Championship and deserved these two awards.

    Yes, indeed! Guys did an astonishing job in block, for sure one of the best performances in this element I have seen in years from them! And I say that though Niki Nikolov didn't even play and he's not only one of my fav MB but for sure a serious advantage of the team also.

    ha, bella, i've always thought le goff looked like an armoire out there, and he's cute like a big bear too. he's the opposite of le roux, who's just a big tall stick.

    Le Roux looks like an elf.

    I was cheering for Slovenia though watching France not only playing but also enjoying the moment and doing funny stuff with happiness I asked myself how it's even possible to not like them? :D Such an enjoyable and nice team! Once they lost Antiga, Samica and Henno, I wondered if I ever love this team so much again. And here we are. Even N'Gapeth didn't ruin my feelings, this cheeky basta*d somehow even fits there. Jennia is just eh... STUNNING :heart: For me Toniutti should have take an award for the setter also. Oh, and one more dumb thought that went through my head: Le Goff looks more and more like a wardrobe. And not just a regular wardrobe but a HUGE wardrobe, kind of the one that leads to Narnia :gone:

    Congrats to all the medalists! Hugs for Bulgaria, I feel you guys! Another sad moment of this tournament for me...

    Can someone make some revolution and allow Slovenia to participate in other important tournaments? This team is too good to be gone :call:

    It's truly pleasure watching Slovenia playing and surprising the world of fans. Fingers tightly crossed for the coming final between Slovenia and France, two of the fastest improving teams in the recent volley world. Beers are ready, Laola1 is ready, fire on!

    I can't read Polish, or understand the German commentator... So can anyone help to explain a bit why the group of Polish fans cheered for Slovenia rather than Italy during the semi, please? Don't get me wrong, I think that was very cute :)

    Well, I think Poles expected to see their guys fighting for the final, turned out to be different, that's life :) Slovenia did absolutely everything to deserve this true sympathy among Polish fans, I think that thanks to Slovenians beating also Italy and advancing to the final this defeat became less bitter for Poles. Generally polish fans rather support the team that is less expected to win and they decided Slovenians deserve their support more than Italians. Besides, we have never been true friends if I remember all polish-italian clashes :P

    And if it comes to the flag with the description which polish fans were holding, what's written there means: "Faithful after defeat. Berlin will be ours" ;)

    SLOVENIA! :obey: Giani :heart: This team is really exciting to watch this whole season long and now they're the strongest ever! Congrats, guys, I was keeping my fingers crossed to the end! I would be more than satisfied seeing in the final Bulgaria agaist Slovenia but that's life, I guess. I feel sorry for Bulgarians, again they were so close. I only remembered our game with Bulgaria two years ago on ECH when we were leading 2:0 and then Bulgarians fought back defeating us... So I know the feeling :S Still can't believe this. In first two sets, here they're - mighty Bulgaria with stunning block work. France again proved me - eliminate N'Gapeth and they're cooked. Though I'm pretty much surprised with Rouzier's performance. I bet he was the first one to choke, as almost always in such moments, while he was carrying whole team until the guys woke up. And nah, this is exactly why I don't like N'Gapeth... Awful atmosphere when he's not doing well and still complaining and killing his teammates with his eyes although no one was guilty of his own disastrous perfromance but him :thumbdown:
    As for Bulgaria, pity Vlado had no reliable sub, he was clearly tired after giving a very good performance in first three sets. Still it's a mistery for me why Niki Nikolov didn't play AT ALL. Todorov and Yosifov stopped in some moment, changes were necessary ?( Toshko and Niki - both with an OK performance. I liked libero :thumbup: some defences - AWESOME and work in security zone - generally good. Big words for someone who had Grebennikov vis-a-vis and a figure like Salparov on bench. Btw, in which club exactly Vladislav is playing?

    Hahah and by the way - so awesome to see this polish-slovenian club of fans giving a huge support for Giani's team :thumbsup:

    Now - with all my sympathy for team France but - Slovenia go for it! :box: I really think they can do this, my pink glasses before these semis weren't only literally pink, I believed in them before it became the fact. So, one more step to amaze the world even more :D

    And I DON'T WANT TO SEE FREAKIN' 4TH PLACE, EVER AGAIN!! Хайде, момчета! :box:

    what happened to skrimov and sokolov? why aren't they playing here?

    Tsetso missed whole season as he had a surgery because of problems with shoulder and now he's recovering, probably coming back in a very beginning of next year. Skrimov was out of the competition just before Euro started due to an injury as well.

    is this a balkan thing? crovolley thinks everybody hates CRO, deian thinks we hate BUL. just because sometimes we don't pay attention, doesn't mean we are disrespecting a team.

    A very "delicate" case. Balkans consists of small countries and big nations. People can feel neglected there since there are still many legends about them with an emphasis on the adjective "wild". Mostly if someone didn't get to know sth tends to base on the stories instead of taking this effort and see for oneself.

    Bulgarian team had very tough couple of last years and didn't manage to achieve medal though being very close almost every time. And I see people tend to laugh at them that they're pemanent citizens of fourth place and stuff. Somehow hurts since in a very early start of my interest in volleyball I considered this team as really powerful and always ready to win with the best (in times when I was frustrated like hell that we can't get a single win over Brazil they did it, like during WL 2006 and 2007 and yeah I know both editions won Brazil but I can also remember Bulgaria was the only one that beated them in finals). Now Bulgaria is different team having its problem and still trying to refer to its volleyball traditions. As long as they're fighting I will be standing behind them and they will be always my second pick in every tournament which Poland already leave.

    As for Croatia unfortunately the thing is that we can't get to know this team closer since there are very little occasions for this. Remember? Easy to get the impression that people don't like sth they don't know well. And successes are quite a big driving machine to attract the fans. Honestly speaking I really bet Croatia will advance from group stage and I feel so sorry for Omrcen because as for such a great player this wasn't the happiest farewell with NT.

    First, I have to congratulate Slovenia. Truly. I had a feeling as if they were playing the match of their life. Normally, in some moment, one of the players would choke for amen, it happens to teams which don't have a full house on bench. But they were like a machine, everything just worked for them. I saw our guys were exhausted, from the beginning of this tournament nothing worked good. For sure we still have this WC in our heads as well. But no one can take away from Slovenians this victory which they achieved mostly by their solid work.

    Second, I have really no one to blame after this defeat. I feel that it was like everything that guys could actually do. Normally I would say sth like "Nowakowski fuc*ed a momentum" but how in world I could if he wasn't even on court most of the time? Somehow, I can't even ease myself if I can't find a guilty one and, being totally ironic and mean, blame it on him. I only hope Kubiak won't again blame himself. First, after this WC. And now... he gave our team a match ball, placing the ball between the opponent's hands and the net. Then he was blocked and it were Slovenians who had match ball... Generally, he said, we had an awful year, we won nothing. I know he is strong but right now I can feel how much he is broken, as well as all of the guys :S

    Third, I hope it was really last time I've ever seen Konarski in white-red jersey. I know, I just wrote that I can't blame anyone. I don't blame him. Honestly, I already lost all of my hope long time ago, a hope that in some moment he'll rescue the team or sth. After WC Kadziewicz said: "If Konarski went to Japan on holidays, he might as well pay for it himself and pick a nicer place". And he was damn right. In Japan Antiga didn't try him at all. Today he tried and the guy proved again he just can't give Kurek a break. Kurek has no break having such a back-up. Which means that eliminating Kurek is eliminating one of our players at all and we can play in 5 with the same result. Clear message for the whole world. Let's hope the same clear for Antiga after this whole season long.

    Fourth, HUGE congratulations for Bulgarians. I've never stoped believing that guys have chances against Germans. Well, here you are and here is all the tactics Heynen ever commited ;) I don't want to be bitter, I still like German team and in some way Heynen's weirdness as well, but it just makes me wonder if sth came through Heynen's mind after this defeat. Sth like, you know, very in shape of "we could beat Poland so easily"...

    Fifth, I'm putting my pink glasses on now and I'm seeing the final Bulgaria - Slovenia through them 8) And please, don't criticize me, guys, call stupid, anything... Some dreams are ruined, some other are formed. If we assumed that Italians are already mentally in the final, Slovenia can surprise them very much. If we assumed that France has its ups and downs and Bulgaria is, well... Bulgaria :D and plays home - anything can happened.

    I'm not so surprised Italy lost it to France in the end. France looks to me like a team for which no result cannot be turned upside-down. So after two sets I was waiting patiently for Italians to be more relaxed and for the French to be more determined to win. I feel sorry for Lanza, he somewhere became such a cool player, for sure he was the best yesterday on Italian side, and just one action was the key for France to open the doors to the victory. Nice game, Pippo, anyway :thumbup: On the other side, France amuse me so much when they celebrates some extra point :) Very nice team, overall, as long as N'Gapeth stays acceptable with his behaviour. I know, I know... someone is going to say to me suddenly - Kubiak and stuff :D

    Guys, what exactly happened to Salparov? I hope he will be ok for next matches. Also the absence of Niki Nikolov worries me a bit. I'm hoping there is a sense and logic of not putting him on court so he can start firing on more important stages of this tournament. Still I can't believe as well that Penchev is sending these super boring float serves...

    who was POL avenging against? please tell me, i wasn't following the 2010 WCh at the time.

    Well, it was weird tournament during which was more beneficial to loose than to win. Poland secured first place in first group (having a questionable win over Serbs whom clearly didn't want to win this) just to share the place with Bulgaria and Brazil in second group (and lose to both teams). And, as I remember well, then was also this "famous" game between Brazil and Bulgaria when Brazil had no real setter on court and the balls was distributed by Theo, while Bulgaria played without Kaziyski and Nikolov.
    Old times, still well remembered though... If we were stronger, we would win at least with one of Bulgaria/Brazil (ok, defeating Brazil was at that times sth like a daydream). But we weren't strong enough and that's the end of story.
    And nothing can justify our losing on purpose to Slovakia during ECH2011. The ends justify the means, huh? Believe me, I remember the bronze from this tournament and I remember the great matches but in the same time I remember as strongly that one match against Slovakia. I know that today's volleyball allows teams to manipulate. Still remains some disgust.
    Partly, I can understand Heynen. Why someone has to be saint if all the rest are not?

    No way they lost this on purpose when on the other side there's Germany, the joke of world's volleyball, and LOLgaria. However Serbia has always been a tough nut to crack, I believe we have far better chances to win against Russia.

    LOLgaria is not the happiest expression, you know? :huh: And I would be very careful calling Germany the joke of world's volleyball. I think I don't have to mention what other teams, also Italy, have on their conscience.