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    That was probably one of the worst games I have ever seen 8| Both, Poles and Slovenians made an uncountable number of mistakes! Our guys knew they were not playing well at all so they started to jump merrily, like it was during WCH, to give ourselves this extra boost. Seems that we finally woke up in fourth set. Luckily, because it all started to look ridiculous :aww:
    But not close to the circus which a match GER-HOL was. That was even beyond ridiculous :what: Experts in our studio even discussed it widely, commenting everything, including legendary action of Broshog (?) catching the net like a monkey catches banana. I didn't knew we're so scary that everyone desperately wants to avoid us. And I don't know what makes Heynen so sure that Slovenia/Belgium won't be able to beat them or later that Bulgaria won't beat them again :aww:

    Heynen brought Schöps in second set but he played almost same as bad as Grozer, which was a quite difficult task yesterday.

    Yes indeed, I still think Schops should stay there for longer, no way he played worse, just no way! At least he's rather calm player in opposition to Grozer whom especially yeasterday looked as if he was going to explode or sth. Didn't look good for sure.

    Hi Bella!! 8o I can believe that someone still remember me :heart:
    Since MRoma left senior volleyball I haven't followed much the Superlega so I lose a bit of interested in it, I have to admit! But this WC was a nightmare: I had an hard time to watch the matches (only on pay tv in Italy and hard to find on you tube) and it's not a very followed competition in Italy, so I really needed someone to chat about it :D
    Ps sorry for the OT!

    Miky, generally, I remember people with whom I have had some nice conversations ;)
    Pay tv during WC? This is a robbery in broad daylight!

    Really? I love him and his 'madness' :cheesy: I found him very enjoyable to watch!

    I think he's like one big screaming exagerration. But you know, some people think Kubiak is annoying and others that it's N'Gapeth ;)

    I hope Slovenia can make a big suprise today and then Germany will face Poland in next phase. :hit:

    Poland won the game. :read:

    Hey, don't blame Poland! :P As if it was our fault that both Germany and the Netherlands didn't play nice!

    Thanks for the explanation, ravens! ;)

    Kk15, I haven't seen you for AGES, soo good to see you! :) :wavy:

    So, Germans looked a bit as if they've never finished this whole "hell week" and still was in hell. Bulgarians literally crushed them and it's sad to see Grozer giving more points to the opponent than scoring for his own team :huh: I think that Heynen kept him in game for too long, there is NO WAY anyone could play worse and if you have such player like Jochen on bench you should just try him... Anyways, block and communication in team Bulgaria worked really great. Every guy was present for the other one to secure :thumbup: True that Germans didn't cause any problems for the opponent but it has to be said that Bulgaria looked solid and very confident. And it may sounds crazy but I'm really pleased to see Bratoev, after all team works well with him. Yeah, too early to say that? :) But he's way better than himself the other day when everybody complain about him. Terrible pity that Skrimov is out... I wonder how the things will look like in tougher moment when one from Penchev-Aleksiev will choke. :knocking on wood: To end positively - that block on Grozer made by Penchev ROCKED!

    I'm still wondering, how in world Croatia didn't win this first set, having two set points and then losing four points in a row :aww: And I still dislike N'Gapeth. Very annoying attitude.

    Junaci! :cheesy: :obey: I have to watch this, because even for the biggest holder of "pink glasses" as me, winning to Germany in just 3 sets is like a dream!

    I have seen a few actions of SRB-SVK and have to say Serbs looked so unsure when Slovaks were leading! Pity this third set ended so ugly. But the main referee looked a bit out of this galaxy to me!

    Ok, I was hoping Antiga finally realized Nowakowski's poorness but the reason he put Kłos in starting six instead was... Nowakowski has some problem with his back. Please, the universe, make Kłos playing like a beast so he can stay there even if Nowakowski's back will be ok! Meanwhile, Kurek has not a serious but painful dislocated finger. And still playing. Kubiak was an awesome setter in this match! 8) Konarski - nah! nah! NAH! :pinch: Even the biggest, the most beautiful, most impressive block doesn't help him to create a positive picture of his playing.
    Generally - ok but "without going crazy". Lack of concentration in second set almost cost us losing it.

    But you should know most of the volleyball halls would be empty without bimbeminkias.

    Who, on sweet world, are bimbeminkias? :?:

    It's time for the depressing question again: where can a poor Norwegian see any of the action in the ongoing European Championship?
    Waiting for the even more depressing answer .... (sigh!) X(

    What particular teams/matches would you like to see? I'll try to provide you some links though I can't promise it will be much of use in your country.

    Estonian coach must be twin of Hannibal :what:

    Hahaha! He's scary though I have never think of him as a twin of Hannibal, indeed they're similar! Somehow I got used to this sight as he's coaching Cuprum Lubin. He even looked very friendly to me although his Hannibal-look-alike appearance!

    I know that Yavor wrote only Best Scorers, can You imagine match without MB Bella? lol

    Lol, so only you can be ironic here?

    But friendly or not, probably polish Setters can't play using MBs.

    Why? Because our MB wasn't among the best scorers in some friendly against Slovakia?

    Where were Poland's MB during the match?

    Relax, they have played, though I would consider the combination of Nowakowski and a verb "to play". Yavor probably wrote down the best scorers.

    Second game against Slovakia, opened for the fans and showed in tv: Slovakia - Poland 0:3 (19:25, 16:25, 20:25) additional sets: 0:2 (19:25, 18:25)
    Nice hall, nice atmosphere in hall! Slovakia didn't do much changes in roster while in team Poland all player got chance to play, in additional time of game played the second squad. Szalpuk was so awesome :heart: Kurek looked like terminator, like there was nothing that can affect him... I hope to see this side of him on ECh. Guys generally looked ok, I mean mentally, they smiled and it's visible that the amosphere in team is still great. And they say that physically they feel surprisingly well.
    I wouldn't be myself to not add that... of course Konarski is just spectacular, donnu why this guy pisses me off even in friendlies :cursing: Guys were fighting and spectacularly defended the ball just to give the point to Slovaks in the end because Konarski hit the ball straight on... single block :aww:

    Mine Vaganti is among my fav as well! Great great movie, very warm and cheering :) One Day is one of the greatest though too sad ending for me to watch it again... And yeah, Milla Jovovich is awesome ;)

    Actually, the game was played last night. I wasn't active here, otherwise I would have provided you with a link. However, the game was a real friendly indeed, nothing spectacular, so you shouldn't worry you have missed it.

    Bulgaria - Serbia 3-0 (25-23, 25-20, 25-16) stats

    Craaaaap, donnu why did I get it wrong and understood that the game will be played today! Thanks, anyway! In a few days I will watch them ;)
    Btw where is Skrimov?

    Bulgaria - Slovakia 4-0 (25:23, 28:26, 25:22, 25:22) stats

    Played in a smaller sports hall in Sofia without audience. Today's game will be at Armeets Arena but still without audience, media, and online coverage.

    And? How's the second game? Rosters, maybe? :)

    How is Leon situation? Wouldnt he play for Poland?

    sorry, I dont follow male volleyball that much.

    No reason to say sorry ;) The situation of Leon in our NT is rather complicated, he just got a polish citizenship and our federation is doing simply everything so he can play for us as soon as possible. Though it's needed to have an agreement with Cuban federation or our federation will talk with NORCECA. It's almost not possible to see Leon in white-red team in Olympic season. Unless FIVB will make an exception.

    Tuomas Sammelvuo announced the Finnish squad for the ECH.

    Setters: Ville Juntura, Eemi Tervaportti
    Opposites: Mikko Oivanen, Olli-Pekka Ojansivu
    MBs: Konstantin Shumov, Tommi Siirila, Jukka Lehtonen, Sauli Sinkkonen
    OHs: Olli Kunnari, Niklas Seppanen, Antti Siltala, Urpo Sivula
    Liberos: Lauri Kerminen, Pasi Hyvarinen

    Guys, anyone, what is Pasi's current shape? I haven't seen him like for AGES!

    And WHERE IS Matti Oivanen? :huh:

    Well, sadly here everything is more predictable as Sivo and Baranov have a very different background. No matter how average Sivo is (and he still is very average) he started early and he was playing at a serious level very early in his life too. That is, coordination, habits, dynamic stereotypes were all there, he plays like a proper player who slightly forgot how to jump and how to see the block/the pitch during the attack. After that, although Sivo has had some problems and surgeries like every year he has never joined the Sergei Baranov club.

    Baranov is the opposite case in all possible ways. Having started to play very late (at that age Sivo has already played in the Superleague for two years), he was always valued solely for what he was doing above the net and hence used extensively like some kind of working animal. The result is the elimination of the right shoulder of the 208-cm tall opp. The only good side was that "the disease received its name after him" - i.e. every volleyballist disabled thanks to incredible overuse and poor strength training would be automatically compared to Baranov and symbolically welcomed to the Baranov club. In the end, Baranov is already 35... ideal age perhaps to move into politics as people keenly do in that part of the world. No doubts that his biography, body shape and especially family name will make Sergei very popular among the local sheepish conformist electorate.

    You know that you just made me smile and I smiled a very first time for a few days :D

    One step away from Rio...

    Fortune is switching sides every one minute in this game. Once we're lucky, in the next minute Italians are.

    Stunning Colaci. Zatorski is not worse. Kurek is not playing his normal 50% even. Bieniek is the only one doing damages on serve. Luckily Italians aren't as monster on serve as I expected, hopefully it won't change.

    Ok, you won. I also have such moments in my memory. But we can have much better sub for Kurek. I do not want to mention that I am dreaming about Wlazły come back for OG :D but even ommiting Mariusz - Bartman would be much better than both mentioned Opp subs.

    And you're not the only one, Wlazły will be always needed. I think Bartman is more useful than both Jarosz and Konarski in terms of fighting spirit and distinct character. However his instability if it comes to switching the position doesn't help him. There is no way for him to return to the team as an OH. But Antiga won't ever take him as an OPP as well if he'll be playing as an OH in club, somewhere in China in addition :whistle:

    There are many better volleyballers than Kadziewicz who don't need celebrity fame. For example I have never seen Winiarski, Zagumny or Wlazły in studio before matches.

    Guma was in studio few days ago in the day of our match against Russians if I remember well :D I can remember Winiarski being in studio during some other tournament though he was a bit shy ;) Kadziewicz is a person who lives being a celebrity and loves it and why not if he is not playing volleyball any longer? ;)