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    I am almost sure there will be a surprise in these qualies, I hope it won't come from Opava :) Slovakia seems like a decent WCH candidate based on what I see in the Finland vs. Ukraine match. Sivula has been playing awfully lately, can't understand the decision to use him as a starter in the NT as well, Finland will have trouble against Slovakia.

    I have to disagree with YavorD on Sivula. He's clear starting opp since Mikko Oivanen couldn't get out of China. And he played well today. Though I have to agree that SVK is tough opponent on Sunday.

    Here are Finnish stats from FIN-UKR game:
    Urpo Sivula 23/+10 (att 20/43, 2 blks)
    Antti Siltala 10/+4 (att 7/22, receive 44%, 2 torj, 1 ässä)
    Olli Kunnari 13/+3 (att 11/25, receive 69%, 2 blks)
    Matti Oivanen 9/+4 (att 6/9, 2 blks, 1 ace)
    Jukka Lehtonen 13/+11 (att 9/14, 4 blks)
    Mikko Esko 4/+4 (att 3/4, 1 blk)
    Lauri Kerminen (lib.) (receiving positives 61%)

    " Quoted from "kondzio"


    Where, for sweet heavens, is Pasi Hyvärinen??"

    Hyvärinen has not played in the Finnish League or any other major league for couple years now. I think he's concentrating on other things. Kerminen is young and promising guy, and he was already our first libero in the last ECH. Generally he's got very good skills in defence and serve receiving, but he needs to set better and get more strength to his feet.

    Final roster for the qualifications can be found here:

    As you might notice Mikko Oivanen is missing from this roster, since his club team in China does not let him to participate. Quite interesting.

    Finland is second after Russia in Pool II and got the place in the semis. Pool I is still ongoing, but Poland has secured the first position. Second team from that pool to semis is decided in tomorrow's games. Italy seems to have good odds since they are playing against Bosnia-Herzegovina, who have lost all their games.
    So, Poland will face Finland, and Russia probably Italy, in the semis.….aspx?NewsID=14521&ID=596

    Finnish roster in Poland and Brazil:


    2 Eemi Tervaportti

    23 Antti Esko


    13 Mikko Oivanen

    10 Urpo Sivula

    Outside hitters:

    5 Antti Siltala

    6 Tuomas Sammelvuo

    7 Matti Hietanen

    8 Jari Tuominen

    9 Jouni Palokangas


    15 Matti Oivanen

    18 Jukka Lehtonen

    21 Tommi Siirilä


    11 Jesse Mäntylä

    19 Pasi Hyvärinen

    Olli-Pekka Ojansivu has an injury in his abdominal muscles and will out for 4-6 weeks. So, he will be out of the rest of this year's WL. Urpo Sivula has recovered from his ankle injury and will replace him in the Finnish roster.

    Yes, he is Mikko's brother. He plays also as a setter and is currently playing Finnish League semifinals with the VaLePa team, which is also Mikko's original team. Antti has played previously some matches in national team mainly as backup setter or serving substitute.

    This is the Finnish roster for Olympic Qualifications and World League.

    # Name Pos Born Height Team Caps

    1 Sauli Sinkkonen MB 14.9.1989 195 Isku-Volley 2

    2 Eemi Tervaportti S 26.7.1989 193 Ajaccio, FRA 50

    3 Mikko Esko S 3.9.1978 198 Modena, ITA 200

    4 Tommi Roininen L 1.2.1984 185 Isku-Volley 2

    5 Antti Siltala OH 14.3.1984 193 Bydgoszcz, POL 140

    6 Tuomas Sammelvuo OH 16.2.1976 193 San Giustino, ITA 278

    7 Matti Hietanen OH 3.1.1983 199 Gdansk, POL 171

    8 Jari Tuominen OH 11.9.1986 200 Cantú, ITA 37

    9 Jouni Palokangas OH 23.11.1986 193 Team Lakkapää 0

    10 Urpo Sivula OPP 15.3.1988 195 Berlin RV, GER 99

    11 Jesse Mäntylä L 24.3.1987 176 Hurrikaani-Loimaa 33

    12 Olli Kunnari OH 2.2.1982 196 VaLePa 177

    13 Mikko Oivanen OPP 26.5.1986 198 Gdansk, POL 130

    14 Konstantin Shumov MB 15.2.1985 205 Monza, ITA 132

    15 Matti Oivanen MB 26.5.1986 198 Nizhni Novgorod, RUS 152

    16 Olli-Pekka Ojansivu OPP 31.12.1987 197 Avtomobilist, RUS 72

    17 Toni Kankaanpää OH 18.3.1984 194 Korson Veto 20

    18 Jukka Lehtonen MB 22.2.1982 197 Citta di Castello, ITA 94

    19 Pasi Hyvärinen L 22.11.1987 184 Kyyjärven Kyky 69

    20 Lauri Kerminen L 18.1.1993 182 Kokkolan Tiikerit 0

    21 Tommi Siirilä MB 5.8.1993 203 Kokkolan Tiikerit 0

    22 Petteri Penttinen S 21.11.1986 194 Hurrikaani-Loimaa 0

    23 Antti Esko S 30.7.1982 190 VaLePa 12

    24 Elviss Krastins OH 15.9.1994 192 VaLePa 0

    25 Aleksi Kaatrasalo MB 24.5.1990 193 Hurrikaani-Loimaa 0

    This should be the final draw:
    A: Russia, Cuba, Serbia, Japan
    B: Finland, Poland, Canada, Brasil
    C: Italy, USA, France, Korea
    D: Argentina, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal

    I would say the draw could be rigged if some team announced beforehand that they need to face Brazil in the pool phase in order to rehearse for the Olympics, and then they get it. I thought draw is a draw, not something you can discuss based on what you would like.