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    I can understand the silence due to sanctions and punishments, but some deliberately choose to speak up and face the unknown consequences and that is why I have to state my admiration for Ekaterina Gamova, her works and statements clearly against it speaks volume.

    War is sad, period.

    But when it reaches sports and people we follow it adds an additional uneasiness.

    I have always been a been of Russia in sports, and although in the beginning, I was not pro some measures against them, as the time passes by, it is harder and harder to defend.

    I hope I don't see any of my favourite players like Kliuka, Bogdan, Yakovlev, Mikhailov and so on in this war, would rather see them retiring or seeking refuge than battling a pointless war.

    I could not watch much of this year's season, but this was one of those cases that exemplify how single matches are not really the best indicator of the best team!

    Kazan deserved the title, and to be honest it was sort of boring to see Dinamo winning after such an underwhelming season. Would have preferred Lokomotiv to prevail a lot more.

    Not much to say, apart from Zenit's continued deception...

    I haven't been able to follow closely this season, but in all fairness, this story about the captaincy seems more like a gossip
    than anything.

    Sammelvuo is stubborn sometimes and in Zenit, he is definitely not doing a good job, but I don't see his "Kuzbass" boys as a feud.
    Podlesnykh for example even after successful years in the club team did not secure a spot on NT, Poletaev never managed to be in the starting six, Butko only lost his spot because he was really bad, otherwise, it would not happen soon...

    Anyways, I hope Zenit improves and shows what they are capable of.

    Unfortunately, there's always about 5% who have bad experiences with customs. Some places more than others, but everyone is liable to have a bad employee, even the best of places... What surprise is that he probably had a lot of paperwork to probe everything, so it should have been easier to sort it all out.

    PS - it doesn't happens only with non-europeans.

    I personally think it is good for Kliuka to play as OPP sometimes. It can help him to have more firepower at clutch moments as he gets too passive at times.

    Considering Kliuka's switch, and the experimental character of this team, it is quite hard to fathom why the coach hasn't rotated more throughout the competition - there were aplenty of chances to give more playing time to others...

    Let's see now against Poland. Although they are clear the favourtites I wouldn't rule Russia out.

    I had high hopes too, but so far he hasn't lived up to the expectations.

    Since his time in Belogorie, those "small" injuries would always come up, so...

    I am also glad to see Voronkov back as I thought his non-friendly exit of Kazan could backfire on him.

    There is really something fishy going on. The fact that lazarenko is not even on a wide pool surprises me. Like wth, lazarenko has the best stats during superleague. And you put a midget kotova on MB position. Lol

    Sorry but there's nothing fishy about it. People see and evaluate differently.

    I would choose Kotova as well and I know there are others that would so too.

    Lazarenko is a good attacker but a slow blocker so there's no point in bringing a lot of players with the same profile.

    PS. But I agree that maybe in the wide roster she should be.

    In light of Poletaev's injury, Semyshev was called in NT for preparation of ECH. I hope he won't get the boot this time after being called last minute :gone: Russia has now 5 OH, I don't think they will take all of them.. Podlesnykh could use a rest IMO I know his wife just had a newborn child :wavy:

    Yes, I don't think he would be called last minute to be booted, so I expect one of the others OHs to be.

    It is unfortunate for Poletaev again... The bright side is that we may be able to see how Klets display his game in the international stage. Although I think Zhigalov will be the starter, which would be understandable too as he is more experienced and did a good enough season.

    I think it is the right time to test non experienced players. Also glad Kotova and Enina will be able to display their game.

    I just think it is not a balanced team on the pins. Who is going to receive?? The liberos aren't inspiring either so it is likely to become an unbalanced team on the reception line, which can trouble both middles and attackers with b/c passes.

    In a post final match interview Lucão also expressed his desire to stay.

    Good news!

    There's no need for him to play ECh and we also need Poletaev to get more playing time.

    In 2019 he was flying, you are right, but past season he was nowhere near, so we can just hope he returns to that level and maybe even excel - learning how to deal with high balls.

    I hope they choose Klets as sub for Each, but Zhigalov is also acceptable.

    I second that!!

    I just can't talk much about Ilya Fedorov cause I've only seen him play once or twice...

    Kudos to Russia for fighting back.

    Podlesnykh deserves a mention as he helped o stabilize the reception/defense and coupled with good serves ( Similar to MIkahilov - rarely an ace but often one that turn into a pass B)