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    The video is shameful. I couldn't identify the others who were near him but if they were his teamates they should be treated with similar disgust as they seem to try to defend him and pretend nothing happend.

    Kazan used to be my favourite team, but now I am more than happy to see such a disastrous season both in the national russian league and in the world club championship.

    While I agree with people saying Efimova isn't very good and I don't think she should play for Russia, it was more than just her that didn't play well on the court today. If your OPP and both OHs aren't scoring reliably, you don't have much chance to beat Italy no matter who your MBs are.

    When you read the comments it seems like Efimova had a terrible match, but she actually had 7/8 + 1 block. It was not really a bad match. The problem for me was clearly the two OH, both shaky in the reception line and not scoring on attack, apart from some dubious choices from the setter.

    PS: I do not think Efimova should be in the team either, as mentioned here she lacks athleticism, and there are better options, but i have to say that she has improved in attack over the summer IMO.

    It's not an excuse, I'm not anyone's lawyer. I'm giving you an explanation of what may have gone through those 3 players' heads. I know what they did is wrong.

    As was posted before by someone, you may be overstimating how informed some people are about racism, despite being well-travelled professional players. It's not really a matter of "common sense", if it was common sense then things like KKK or those popular european xenophobic political leaders wouldn't exist. Education plays a big part in preventing this.

    Totally agree. When it comes to cultural perceptions, differences exist, by extent, ignorant behaviour is inevitable. It doesn't necessarily mean racism though. I personally don't consider myself an uncultured person and yet wouldn't think this is deemed as a racist gesture.

    Some people seem to not accept that others may come from a different background. Dialogue is what should be pursued and not

    constant public bashing.

    Congrats to Russia!! Overall they had a nice tournament since group stage and managed to test a lot of the youngsters. Despite the title I don't see them in the top when the other teams bring their best.

    With this current line up Russia have a very great floating/jumping service balance. A lot less prone to error , yet efficient. Volvich main contribution for me was his floating service, but now both Yakovlev and Kurkaev have got it too and they are more complete so unless Muserskiy is not returning I don't see him back. I definitely wouldn't bring Butko and Grankin, but I sense that at least one of whom will be called. Kliuka-Volkov duo is unstable so is Poletaev ( especially out of system ) so Mikhailov return is essential here. Kudos to Golubev and the the defense-reception line, a clear progress.

    France played poorly in all aspects today.

    Russia was dominant in the net but I wouldn't rest the starting six against USA. Kliuka and Poletaev looked rusty, they need more playing time in order to get rythm. Poletaev 7/23 - Kliuka 4/17

    Yakovlev is the biggest surprise for me. He had quite an inconsistent season in Fakel being subbed a lot of times, but in this VNL his confidency and efficiency in attack and blocking is really impressive, apart from his great floating service.

    Brazil is a question mark to me at the moment. They are the only top team who played with their best squad for the whole tournnament with the addition of Leal and yet stuggled more than once against teams that are not particularly that strong. Feels like that with Leal the team is not in sync and a lot more prone to error, which is not the usual.

    They always comeback though, but my question here is more about performance than results...

    It was announced today that Simon and Hierrezuelo will play again for Cuba.

    Not in this competition though, they will be back maybe in the olympic qualifier or at the latest for the norceca championship in September.

    Cuba is back baby!

    I've seen this news a little while ago. Bozhulev Sanchez was supposed to integrate the team as well which in case turns out in reality will undoubtedly bring Cuba to at least a decent middle level in the international stage

    I was always pro Kovalev but I have to agree that Kobzar has earned and deserved the starting position. I also don't think statistics tell the big picture of a match, and that goes not only for the setting stats....
    Anyway, I just hope Butko and Grankin do not return, because although neither Kobzar and Kovalev are super skilful, the veterans had already way too many chances and for many times did not deliver.
    I am curious to see as well how Abaev will perform after his season abroad and wether Pankov will be considered again in the near future

    I've always been pro Kovalev due to his huge contribution in the blocking and service line, regardless his off sets, but I have to admit that Kobzar has improved a lot since his departure from Kazan. For me, Butko and Grankin can stay out too, especially Butko.