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    Brazil x USA game was another proof of how teams are really similar and that Brazil is still prone to crumble in tough matches and USA can still beat anyone if they managed to advance.

    To be completely honest, the key in this OG for me will be on service line, the team that keep consistency on serving and receiving will have a HUGE advantage, because i don't see much difference in the so called favorites ( Brazil, USA, Italy, Russia, France and Poland ).

    The final outcome can go either way :!:

    I feel frustated to be honest with so many people thinking Russia as a nation should be banned from this OG or the next one.

    YES the whole scandal it's disgusting and all the guilties should be punished, but if there is one clean, this person should NEVER EVER be punished by others mistakes.

    We as person and society may not agree with so many things, but somethings we just can't change it, only do ours part. So i can understand an athlete having knowledge of bad things but stay quiet and be fair to yourself just.

    Well, good that IOC did the right decision and not acted considering politics.

    Actually Lucão used to be a great server in Cimed's time and it seems his Italy's journey helped him to back on track.

    I've always been fan of Lucarelli, he is certainly one of the best players nowadays, but i don't trust on him in crucial times. Both in NT and club he's been accumulating defeats, and considerang our second OH can't score, it will be all about him at OG. Hope he manages to deal with it and develo in this period .

    Iran kept the level of OG qualifier what is not enough to threat Brazil, the positive point was the good presentation of Manavinezhad, but Iran can do A LOT MORE.

    Congrats to Kazan once again !! :super: :super:

    Kazan, a team that in my opinion is quite boring to watch, effective tough, won but struggled against Trento that had a very average team this time, still managed to get to the finals.

    Even tough we had two 5 sets today, i did not ejoy that much this final four, the level was not that high. And that ball in the end was out, in the first image the ball was not in the floor yet, the sequence showed the ball was out, and afterwards Urnaut had the chance to level to game, but...

    WoV says that he fails drug test :S

    How is possible none of these players' staff realize it wasn't allowed anymore ? Such an amateur behavior

    It's a pitty, cause i really like him and he had finally took his chance in NT

    Let's see what happens, i just hope a fair outcome for them, especially Sharapova ;(

    Congratulations Poland !!! :dance6: :dance6:

    This was insanely exciting to watch, thank both teams.

    Poland deserved this spot for many reasons, but Germany deserves a mention, what a great and fighting starting line up, i'm sorry for them and Serbia, they deserved better lucky

    Good to see that even if FIVB tried to screw it uo, both on woman men competitions the ones that should qualify, made it ( maybe Turkey is the only exception )

    I'm so relieved for Russia, i really wondered if they would end up in top 3, but they did it :drink: :drink:

    Now it's time to step up, because playing like this will lead them to nowhere

    It is not over yet, but i don't see and don't want Germany winning tomorow, it wouldn't be fair with the champions of world and europe

    I don't know why so many people dislike Volvich. Okay, he is as slow as a turtle, but he is a really good attacker, his efficiency is always high and a think the team needs a good attacker in the middle. Aschev is already there to be the blocker, Volkov is a question mark right now and for me Scherbinin is invisible, he is like Abrosimov, Smoliar...

    AH NO!!

    Dinamo shouldn't waste this opportunity after such a great comeback.

    Markin doing fantastic in front of Alekno, it might guarantee him a sport on NT. Filippov also showing his guts, hope him got a chance soon

    I just hope them don't let down, Go Dinamo :super: :super: :super:

    I may not agree with all the names, especially in exclusion of Kruglov , but Alekno has been doing some courageous and wise decisions since he returned. Good to see Bakun finally on the list, even tough i doubt he will make the cut.

    In this moment Berezhko is yes the best " defensive OH " after Tetyukhin, one of them should pair with Kliuka. Really nice to see Spiridonov and Illinikh out :wavy:

    And i just hope Vlasov stay, he must play more with NT to gain more experience, cause that guy is sick

    It is interesting to see this rise of rugby worlwide, ESPN Brazil is providing a massive coverage, broadcasting all the games with pre match and so on, even if very very little people do like it ( but i like :) ) , while volleyball the sport that gained everything for us is still ignored.

    I wish i can live yo see a change cause i'm a sport lover and i think sports should be given a fair treatment not just the fucking football, and the change must star with the fans of its sport supprting more games and not just their favored teams. It is so sad to see empty halls in important tournaments

    Definitely Anzani should be starter, he is a good attacker and blocker, but is far way of the best in the positions

    Buti played really well for Perugia 2 seasons ago, but right now is in a terrible shape and Piano can just block, he works in attack only if there is a good setter with, allowing him to spike without block, like happen in Modena.

    Even Beretta used to do better than this

    Talking about MBs, Vlasov is totally intimidated, for me who has followed him throughout all season is weird to see him so shy in terms of attack, but the good point is that he stopped to do the countless mistakes in service line like he used to do in Fakel.