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    Another good google translated word salad post-match (Toray / Himeji) interview at vbm. It seems like the interviewer is asking Toray if they are trying extra hard to win every game in case the V.League gets shut down because of increasing coronavirus and they just go with the rankings at that time =O

    That's the first I've ever heard anything like that. There are a few teams (Toyota, PFU, Saitama) that are holding "remote" only matches (non-spectator), but beyond that things appear to be going along swimmingly. IIRC there was a Toray staff member who tested positive -- don't quote me on that -- but beyond that I haven't heard of any positive cases connected to anybody related to V1 or V2.

    Maybe a poor translation

    Toyota had a staff member positive before the season started. JTEKT on the men’s side did as well a positive before the season started.

    Look, no one was on Saori Kimura’s level. Koga was supposed to be the next one in 2015, but she is still a step below that level. Shinnabe was a rock, but never going to outscore everyone. As the opposite Nagaoka could carry an offense but not the passing portion of the team.

    Ishii is probably closer to Saori’s level but still not there either.

    Kurogo is probably closer, but I am going with Mayu Ishikawa. Learning from her brother experiences. Still height is going to be a problem for her.

    I guess everyone forgets that basically Hisamitsu was essentially the national team after London to Rio. Excluding Kimura and Sakoda and Araki.

    Kurobe are not power players at this point. Lee is the focus of the team. She is getting some help from Mabashi and MASUDA. Still in 9th place.

    Hisamitsu, is working more closely with the prefecture than it had in the past. Mascot switched from a Salonpas patch to a bird. Tosu also has a J-League that is bleeding money right now, and probably has gone to the prefectural government asking for money.

    PFU will probably stay up through the Challenge match and many V2 teams do not have a foreigner.

    Pfizer made sure to mention that had used no funding from the Trump administration in the statement made today.

    Still the volume of doses needed will take a while to get there. Hell I mean even flu vaccine is never enough to begin with.

    People complaining about wearing masks are just children. Literally this thing could be done in 2-3 weeks. However, people just cannot take into account of not being able to do something even for a short amount of time.

    Instead, people get a false sense of invincibly because “I’ve had the virus”, without realizing what it will have done to their body. Then try something and find that their body cannot handle something that they could do before.

    I am an introvert and try to stay home as much as possible because I am trying to do my part and keep others safe.

    A friend had a 17 year old son die from this.

    Google translated Japanese is usually pretty nonsensical so I just make up what I think they are trying to say :) Like in this exchange with Hitachi setter Keito Saiga and Osanai about their impression of playing against Foluke. I think they're basically saying "Holy crap, she's fast!"

    Any reasoning why she's one of the best in the world? Jumps out of the gym and gets side to side fast. Been a big fan of hers with the US women's national team.

    Can someone translate the part where they were asking Kobata, Akutagawa, Shibata, Hayashi and Jahstice at the panel? This is literally the only team I'm invested on at the V.League lol.

    the TV network is based in Osaka, near where the Marvelous are based. Annie was still going through quarantine and could not attend the event. Kobata as the captain, others are possibly known would be a reason.

    my way to figure out hitting errors on FIVB is as follows

    Team total spike errors - blocks. Sometimes this is 0, sometimes this is negative (rarely). Sadly it cannot be done for an individual player easily. You can do some excel work, but it may be not worth the hassle. Trust I’ve done it.

    i still don't get hisamitsu's formation. when are they planning on utilizing foluke? they miscalculated with their starters in that JT match and it should've been a foluke-nagaoka combo. also zayasu was useless in the match, way too slow to react. they need another libero alongside mana toe

    Foluke is getting up to speed as are many of the foreigners. They've had to make it past quarantine and let alone did as much work as they could before getting to Japan.

    Don't be dissing Brazil like that....Netherlands might be right for Denso. Saitama, I'd probably go Thailand as you they may surprise or not do anything.

    The League just released their Licensings for next year. Everybody has an S1 (which allows them to play in V1) except for GSS Tokyo Sunbeams and Legendary Forest Leaves Kumamoto who have S2. Ligare Sendai, Arisa Sato's team got S3. I think that means that Ligare Sendai can play in V2 next year because there is no V3

    brahmin :?:

    That would be correct. I still find it hilarious that literally 2 teams cannot get a S1 license. Ligare as a new team, can only be S3 to begin in the league.

    I get your point, but one would argue that if other top leagues like Turkey, Russia, Italy, Brazil, and China can give free streaming in one form or another (thru live broadcasts or replays), why can't Japan do the bare minimum? That's on top of the other considerations; not the least of which is the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Japan often has this idea that people outside of Japan, don’t know about things. Island country and all. However with the internet, YouTube and travel, more people know about things. Still some in management don’t understand that. In this case the league does, but the domestic TV partners don’t care. Hence the TV deals are primarily domestic. The small foreign TV deals are ok, but limited in games provided.

    I notice that a lot of Japanese female players favors the hitting style like Sarina koga's of bending the forearm. Saori Kimura, Ebata , Mami Uchiseto and a bunch of other club girls as well. It's seem effective, but I always thought it looked a bit strange or doesn't provide as much power that way🤔 ....though not only limited to Japanese players. Kim hee jin and Chatchu-on also seem to have a similar style like that too......dont mind me, I probably have no clue as to what I'm saying. Lol

    Actually, it is the wrist not the forearm. If the forearm bends, it breaks.

    The reasoning for the Japanese players is to make a last second adjustment on control of where the ball goes. Saori Kimura in 2010 was great at line cut shots, while looking cross-court.

    Highlights will be on the website later. League is doing what they can.

    However, I will say the following, "If you like the sport, pay for it." Nothing supports the sport more than actually putting your cash out.

    8000 yen (men and women) or 6000 yen (just for one sex) for 12 months, is a very good price, in my mind. Yes, I get the understanding of that it should be free, but content has value behind it. Believe me, watching international volleyball in 2010 with illegal streams from Brazil or Poland were great and free. However, some countries are being very strict with Intellectual Property, so Japan is one of those where penalties could be very harsh.