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    Japan Emperors Cup is the next two weekends

    First Round Dec. 14

    A. University of Tsukuba vs. Daido Steel Red Star

    B. Osaka Prefectural Otsuka HS vs. Sendai University

    C. Rakunan HS vs. Fukuyama Heisei University

    D. Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler vs. Chuo University (Yuki Ishikawa & Issei Otake's old school)

    E. Juntendo University vs. Voreas Hokkaido

    F. Aichi Gakuin University vs. Kochi HS

    G. VC Nagano Tridents vs. Waseda University (my old school in Japan)

    H. Tenri University vs. Higashi Fukuoka HS

    Second Round Dec. 15

    I. Panasonic vs. A winner

    J. FC Tokyo vs. B winner

    K. JTEKT Stings vs. C winner

    L. Toray Arrows vs. D winner

    M. JT Thunders vs. E winner

    N. Suntory Sunbirds vs. F winner

    O. Sakai Blazers vs. G winner

    P. Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza vs. H winner

    Third Round Dec. 16

    I winner vs. J winner

    K winner vs. L winner

    M winner vs. N winner

    O winner vs. P winner

    Semifinals Dec. 22

    I-J winner vs. K-L winner

    M-N winner vs. O-P winner

    Championship Dec. 23

    Semifinal winners

    I think the translation of head coach is unknown. Remember when the Turkish dude, Ferhat announced himself as Head Coach of Japan NT? :lol:

    Kantoku is manager (properly translated), there is also head coach (heddo kochi). Japan also uses assistant (ashisutanto kochi) as well.

    Manabe is the GM, so he is making the calls on players, while Takeshita (kantoku per Himeji website) coaches the team. She does have two coaches and a manager (I am guessing that the manager in this case makes all the travel arrangements, and makes sure everything is available for the team on game day).

    Empress Cup goes the next two weekends.

    First Round 12/14

    A. Japan Women's College of Physical Education vs. Kinrankai HS (Airi Miyabe's old school)

    B. Kurobe vs. National Institute of Fitness & Sports in Kanoya

    C. Matsuyama Shinonome College vs. JA Gifu

    D. Kyushu Bunka Gakuen HS vs. Juntendo University

    E. University of Tsukuba vs. Victorina Himeji

    F. PFU Blue Cats vs. Furukawa Gakuen HS

    G. Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku HS vs. Hokusho University

    H. Okayama vs. Chukyo University

    Second Round 12/15

    I. Hisamitsu vs. A winner

    J. Hitachi vs. B winner

    K. NEC vs. C winner

    L. Denso vs. D winner

    M. Toyota Auto Body Queenseis vs. E winner

    N. Toray vs. F winner

    O. Saitama Ageo vs. G winner

    P. JT Marvelous vs. H winer

    Third Round 12/16

    I winner vs. J winner

    K winner vs. L winner

    M winner vs. N winner

    O winner vs. P winner

    Semifinals 12/22

    I-J winner vs. K-L winner

    M-N winner vs. O-P winner

    Championship 12/23

    Semifinal winners

    Ebata was at least on the roster for PFU today. Still not in the match though.

    Just looked at the East standings and Hitachi could be second if they did not have 5 5-set wins.

    NEC's coach is looking really smart (sarcastically saying) for signing Rhamat. Reaching the halfway point in the season, has not played her once. And a 5-5 record. Lost to Ageo today, which should have been an NEC win. The team is not as good as advertised.

    The Springs took advantage of no Araki. If Erika is in there, maybe it is a different story. Still the top 3 in the West all have fewer losses than everyone in the East.

    Okayama, PFU and Kurobe are a combined 0-21 against last year's Premier League teams, the gap is big between those levels.

    As soon as the ball is served, none of the rotation matters except for libero (always a back row player), setter (if player is in back row) and any player attacking from the back row.

    The rules prohibit a back row player from blocking at the net, libero from hand setting in front of the 3 meter line for a kill, or a player from the back row attacking above the net when jumping in front of the 3 meter line.

    Libero in back row is usually 5-6 zone, as the setter would play in zone 1 in back row. With a spiker in the back row, the libero may shift more to 5 or 1 depending on team.

    Don’t forget that crazy save plays can put players out of position so even players switch a zone in the middle of play as well, just for court coverage.

    Teams have insurance, but in loan situation teams probably need both sets of doctors to confirm their opinions before final decision on surgery or not.

    Japan has national health care system.

    432 front

    561 back

    4 must be to the left of three and in front of 5 to start play (at time of serve)

    3 must be in between 4 (left) and 2 (right) and in front of 6

    2 must be to the right of 3 and in front of 1.

    5 must be to the left of 6 and behind 4.

    6 must be in between 5 (left) and 1 (right) and behind 3

    1 must be to the right of 6 and behind 2.

    Nagaoka got injured with Imoco, but with the article on, it said that she was returning to Japan and getting a review by Hisamitsu's doctors. So anytime that you see a player going overseas from Japan, more often than not, the team will loan the player out and not be a free agent move.

    Hey blue, I may have misunderstood this ... do you mean the OH just rotates position 4, 3, 2, and hits from those positions? Or that the OH will hit from position 4 for three plays until she goes back to serve?

    If it's the second one, that's what they all do. They have to move into position 3, then 2 for the serve (what I call the fake lineup), until the serve goes off and then they just go back to where they want to be ... OH to position 4, OP to position 2.

    It is not a fake lineup. That is the rotation from the starting lineup. They then shift into their attacking or offensive/defensive positions.

    Conferences are not set in stone, some teams would be more set than others. Basically the area between Osaka and Nagoya (and north of that) is kind of the grey zone. Toyota and Denso could both be in the same conference as they are close to each other. Let alone PFU and Kurobe (who are together).

    The Green Wings right now do not have an S1 license, so they WOULD NOT have a chance of promotion at this time. If the S1 license paperwork gets approved, then they could be promoted (or playoff to be promoted).

    If Gifu is 1st, they are promoted and Hamamatsu finishes 2nd, then PFU would playoff against Hamamatsu for the final spot in 2019-2020.

    I would bet that if only one team finishes in the top 2 in V2, then they will get automatically promoted to make it 12 teams. The 11th place team, right now PFU, will either be safe (only 1 team promoted) or have a playoff (S1 licensed teams in V2).

    Himeji would probably be stuck in V2 due to it being their first season and only having an S3 license (as a new team) and the V.LEAGUE would require that they pass each level on the licenses. So, my bet is that they'll be up in V1 in 2020-21.

    2018-2019 V.LEAGUE rules in Japanese

    From the league rules.

    For the 2019-2020 season, there will be 12 teams. This is where it gets tricky and I'll start with V1.

    The bottom 3 teams of V1, 5th & 6th place in each conference (for 2018-2019 season), will play a round-robin between the three teams. The worst team will finish 11th in V1.

    For V2, the team with an S1 license will be automatically promoted to V1 if they win the V2 championship. If they finish within the top 2, then there will be a playoff with the 11th placed V1 team. So, at this time only JA Gifu Rioreina and Breath Hamamatsu are eligible to have a chance of being promoted.

    So, PFU (right now would be last, 11th) may have to play a promotion/relegation playoff. Gifu are in second place in V2 right now (6-1, 17), while Hamamatsu are 4th (4-3, 12). V2 will play 18 matches (10 teams) this season.


    The top 4 teams from each conference will advance to the Final 8. Just like the Final 6 last couple of years there will be points awarded for the regular season finish, but a little different to last year.

    Depending on where you finish in the conference will determine your points to start the Final 8.

    1st Place, 6 points

    2nd Place, 4 points

    3rd Place, 2 points

    4th Place 0 points

    Each team will play the other 7 teams once, for 7 matches

    Teams will be ranked on points, not wins. If teams are tied on points, then it will be the regular season points (6,4,2,0) will be the tie breaker. There is no mention about cross conference ties (teams that finish in 2nd place, etc.) tiebreakers in the Final 8. I am going to guess that it will be winning percentage (as it is elsewhere) or head-to-head

    There is a calculation for serve efficiency. Get points for aces and then smaller points for an effective serve (scorer makes the decision on that) add those together and then divide that by (total serves x 100).

    You are probably looking at the blocks per set average.

    Okayama is just throwing stuff against the wall at this point by not having Miyashita setting. Okayama is probably needing to get rid of their older players like Yamaguchi, but don’t have enough of a budget for a foreigner, even from ASEAN countries. Miyashita is a good player and even the national team had her as a service sub in 2017.


    even when they played in Nebraska the arena was not sold out....if they played in L.A I don`t think anyone would show up...just like nobody shows up for the USAV CUP or Grand Prix.

    There is a big difference between NCAA volleyball and the USA national team in knowledge of players. If it was the University of Nebraska (NCAA) playing it is a sell out at over 8,000 fans a match. I really doubt many volleyball teams have that kind of attendance numbers. However, if you shift from Nebraska volleyball to the national team, that number drops. The reason for the USA playing in Omaha and Lincoln was to see if they could get a crossover. Plus having a couple of former Nebraska players on the team Larson and Robinson to push that up a little further. USAV Cup, is a friendly and usually near USA practice home in Anaheim. Additionally, the sport has a foothold in the LA area in clubs, high schools and the beach.

    USA got 5,000 people in Lincoln on three consecutive weeknights, with little promotion (thanks FIVB).

    You also forget that the USA has large foreign populations (that may be interested in attending to support their birth country). Poland matches in Chicago are essentially road matches for the USA and the Iran game vs. USA in LA was the same.

    Except that no stars are volleyball fanX/

    Why are the LA Lakers popular? It helps that the basketball team wins, but the star power helped attract people to watch NBA games in New York and Los Angeles. In the early 1980s, the NBA Finals were on tape delay, only live on the weekends. As the sport became more popular in the USA, let alone the world, you'll never know who you'll see in the crowd at an NBA game, even in the smaller NBA markets.

    In Japan, the Japanese TV networks try to work with music groups to help promote the event, hence many songs with boy bands recently.

    The FIVB wants to make volleyball a sport that people want to watch, it takes a combination the sport itself and entertainment to get people involved. Entertainment is of two forms, participation (Monster Block, Ace Serve, etc.) and then the who factor (who's here that I might recognize).

    The challenge of having the USA host the tournament is just that the country is so large, time zones, distances etc. The FIVB I don't think has ever thought of a really compact World Championship. This would be a different version, but I think would be more fan friendly due to its single area nature.

    With Japan hosting their games are always better attended than the other nations. Yokohama has big Chinese crowds for the semifinals and 3rd/final matches

    I have a crazy idea. I want the USA to host all of the tournament in LA area. It has venues of various sizes (college and NBA), Hollywood (easy to get stars to attend). Plus, people could see many teams in one area. Many times people only go to one venue/city and only watch one team. This would be very different hosting.