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    The Star Conference is all decided now with JT, Toray, Toyota and Ageo all making the Final 8. Just positioning to determine who goes where.

    Toyota has played 6 5-set matches and is 5-1 in those matches, but those 5 points dropped may hurt them badly in the Final 8 bonus points.

    Okayama needs a WIN or Hitachi LOSS to clinch their berth in Final 8.

    Interconference play is over now. Star 18-18 Premier

    Interconference records

    Star Conference

    JT 5-1, 15 points

    Saitama 5-1, 14 points

    Toray 3-3, 10 points

    Toyota 3-3, 8 points

    PFU 2-4, 7 points

    Kurobe 0-6, 0 points

    Premier Conference

    Okayama 5-1, 14 points

    Denso 4-2, 9 points

    Hisamitsu 3-3, 9 points (10-12 sets)

    NEC 3-3, 9 points (9-12 sets)

    Hitachi 2-4, 9 points

    Himeji 1-5, 4 points

    Denso and Toray clinched Final 8 spots today.

    Kurobe is locked into the bottom 2 in the Star Conference.

    A win by Ageo and a loss by PFU will clinch Ageo’s spot in the Final 8 in the Star Conference.

    Toyota will drop to third in the Star if matched on wins with Toray.

    Okayama will clinch a Final 8 spot in the Premier with a win and loss by Hitachi.

    Hitachi is now 2 wins behind Hisamitsu and with 2 fewer matches to play. Could pass them on points, but the lack of wins will kill Hitachi.

    Lol Japanese league is one of the best league.

    For foreigners the paychecks are very good.

    If you want to rank leagues, my opinion:

    1. Turkey

    2. Italy

    3. Brazil

    4. Russia

    5. China

    6. Japan

    7. Poland

    Biggest differences is that China and Japan do have restrictions on the number of foreigners playing.

    Hitachi's biggest problem is that Hisamitsu will have two more games to play. Hitachi needs wins to catch the Springs. Playing PFU right now, but will still have Himeji and Kurobe, which could get them to 7 wins.

    Hisamitsu still has to face Denso 2x and NEC 2x, let alone Queenseis and Ageo.

    Hitachi may have a schedule advantage for the last spot in the Premier Conference.

    Star Conference 11-8 Premier Conference before end of PFU-Hitachi and NEC-Toyota for the Interconference title.

    Must play well in-conference to even have a chance, let alone play well out-of-conference. There are over 300 schools broken into 30+ conferences. Really only six to seven conferences matter (have a chance of winning title).

    ACC (Georgia Tech’s conference)

    Big East
    Big Ten

    Big XII (Twelve)



    West Coast Conference

    Whoever was saying there is plenty of time before the Olympic Qualifiers is crazy. 1 month to rearrange things appears easy, but a decision prior to the qualifiers by FIVB at this point will throw things into some chaos with Asian and European qualifying tournaments.

    I am not saying whether S. Korea gets in or some other European team gets in at this point. There are rules that IOC & FIVB agreed to before all the World Qualifiers started.

    Just remember Russia (in all sports) could have been thrown out at Rio, but the IOC made the call to say “no”. Still things continued after the fact. In Pyongchang, they competed under the OAR name. For the IOC to completely remove Russia (in all sports)from the games would be massive for the IOC and even Putin’s credibility possibly.

    As soon as the verdict is out for Russian NT, I hope FIVB already has a plan on how to take this matter on. To avoid complications, I hope it happens before Asian qualifiers.

    FIVB would probably use World Rankings to put the best team in that is not in, if they wait until after qualifiers in January. I think the FIVB cannot make a decision until the IOC makes theirs.

    essentially at the half way point of the season. Star conference top 4 teams are probably set right now just the order is in question. Queenseis have advantage of wins right now, but a loss will drop them possibly to third in the conference.

    In the Premier Denso with a 2 win lead over NEC and Okayama with 11 games to play. Probably still best in the conference. Hitachi and Himeji are probably chasing Hisamitsu for 4th as both are behind in wins and with two less games to play.

    That link to the NEC Building didn't go anywhere, can you link it again? I'm wondering if you mean it's the building where the girls do data input during the week, or their gym. The reason I asked about Kawasaki is I was wondering about these "first" (and second) Homes. And, if I got it right that Ota Ward is NEC's First Home why it's in Tokyo ... but realize this is a little slippery.

    NEC to Ontakesan map

    V.League team page has Kawasaki as the first home and Ota Ward as second home.

    No other team is based in Tokyo in V1.

    GSS Sun Beams have Chuo Ward in Tokyo as their home town.

    I still refer to that map you made. I'm also trying to pay attention to the arenas. All NEC's home games are in Kawasaki, but I think Ota Ward is their "real" home. They are the only team I've seen do a darkened theater flashy lights team introduction. I think those perks have a lot to do with the resources of the arena.

    Ota Ward is literally across the river from Kawasaki and even if you follow the bullet train route that goes right by the NEC facility in Kawasaki (lived in Ota as an exchange student by the bullet train line at Ontakesan and saw the Red Rockets building last year on way to Nagoya for Women’s World Championship last year)

    Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo is near Kamata.

    NEC Red Rockets Building in Kawasaki

    Home/Second homes for teams

    Hisamitsu: Tosu, Saga /Kobe, Hyogo

    Denso: Nishio, Aichi/ Koriyama, Fukushima

    NEC: Kawasaki, Kanagawa/ Ota Ward Tokyo

    Hitachi: Hitachinaka, Ibaraki/ none

    Okayama: Okayama/ none

    Victorina: Himeji, Hyogo/ none

    Toray: Otsu, Shiga/ Matsuyama, Ehime

    JT Marvelous: Osaka/ Nishinomiya, Hyogo

    Queenseis: Kariya, Aichi/ Toyota City, Aichi

    Ageo Medics: Ageo, Saitama/ none

    PFU: Kanazawa, Ishikawa/ Goshogawara, Aomori

    Kurobe: Kurobe, Toyama/ none

    V.League also has "Fake Home" games. Like this Saitama v Hitachi match is a Saitama home game but it's in Kyoto. The Himeji match was there earlier but the second game of the night gets Real "Fake Home" status. They get a banner hung up at end court :rose:

    teams have home games and second home games. Hisamitsu home is in Saga but Kobe is their second home. Kobe is literally just east from Himeji but the Springs last life as Daiei Orange Attackers was in Kobe.

    I was starting to get a little worried Annie was getting too many sets right out the gate for her. But it's slowed down a bit recently. Good for her, and good for the team.

    Annie's at 371 swings (33 sets played), Tanaka at 327 swings (41 sets played), Hayashi 305 (31 sets played).

    remember that Drews started her season late, so the total numbers are down a little from where they should be.

    AQT draw and schedule, surprised China wasn't the highest seed ! they could end up with IRN/AUS and Korea in a possible group of death.


    it looks like AVC went with Asian championship results minus Pakistan for the serpentine grouping and then China was placed as A1 and Australia as B1. Then drawing for the spot in the Berger tables.

    They've lost more games now than they lost in the last TWO seasons combined.

    it is on their spiking. Second fewest back row attack kills. Also their kill percentage is really bad as well. Passing is really good but kills aren’t happening.

    Odd stat Araki and Fabiana have the same number of kills, but Araki has done it in fewer swings.