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    30 player roster released this morning

    Captain is Erika Araki

    Middle blockers: Eika Araki, Aika Akutagawa, Mai Okumura, Nana Iwasaka, Aya Watanabe, Mai Irisawa, Mayu Oikawa, Nichika Yamada

    Outside Hitters (includes Opposites): Sarina Koga, Riss Shinnabe, Yuki Ishii, Yurie Nabeya, Ai Kurogo, Mayu Ishikawa, Miwako Osanai, Yuri Yoshino, Arisa Inoue, Rei Kudo, Kotona Hayashi, Haruna Soga

    Setters: Haruka Miyashita, Kanami Tashiro, Miya Sato, Nanami Seki, Tamaki Matsui

    Liberos: Mako Kobata, Kotoe Inoue, Akane Yamagishi, Rena Mizusugi

    It is going to be a hard roster cut down for the Olympic 12.

    Reasoning is that Toyota had 6 points to Toray's 5 points in the Final 8.

    Hisamitsu finished in 7th because they had 1 win with 3 points, while NEC had 0 wins.

    Just saw a video this morning of Megumi Kurihara. Here is something from the 2016-2017 board.

    It seems that Megumi Kurihara is coming back to play well after so many injuries

    Kurihara announced today that she had suffered from cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, which keeps blood from going throughout the brain. She could have actually died from it. It was caught and she had to do rehab to get back to playing shape, let alone walking.

    In Group B

    Okayama 6 pts, 2-0

    JT Marvelous 6 pts, 1-1

    Toyota Auto Body Queenseis 5 pts, 1-1

    Hisamitsu 1 pt, 0-2

    winner of Okayama-JT is in at 8 points.

    If Okayama win, they will finish first with 3 wins.

    If Okayama win in 5, Toyota must win to get in. Toyota reaches 7 points but 2 wins and JT also at 7 points, would only have 1 win.

    If Okayama win in 3/4, Toyota needs 2 sets to reach 6 points with JT. Toyota would win sets ratio tiebreaker as teams would also be tied on wins.

    If JT win in 3/4, they will finish first at 9 points.

    If JT win in 5, and Toyota wins in 3/4, Toyota will finish first due to sets ratio as they would be tied on points and wins.

    If JT win in 5 and Toyota wins in 5, JT is first at 8 points. Okayama and Toyota tied at 7 points and 2 wins. Toyota wins sets ratio of Okayama (8-5 to 8-7).

    If JT win in 5 and Toyota loses in 5, JT and Okayama are in. Okayama 7 to Toyota 6 points.

    If Toyota loses in 3/4 sets Okayama and JT are in.

    Winner of Denso-Toray is in. They will reach 7 or 8 points, but 2 wins.

    If Toray wins in 5, Saitama must win as Denso hits 7 points, but with Denso 1 win and Saitama with 3 wins. Saitama is in.

    If Toray wins in 3/4, Saitama must win 2 sets to reach 6 points. They will be tied with Denso on points, but Saitama with 2 wins to Denso’s 1 win.

    If Denso wins in 5, Toray is at 6 points, 1 win. Saitama must win 2 sets to reach 6 points. Saitama with 2 wins gets in.

    If Denso wins in 3/4, Saitama is in.

    Oddly Denso-Toray is the first match, better match first?

    NEC has been eliminated in Group A as the winner of Toray-Saitama will get to 2 wins. NEC can match on points, but they can't match on wins.

    Denso would prefer to have Saitama lose in <5 sets. They would only need to win 2 sets to get to 7 points, while Saitama could only get to 6 points.

    Hisamitsu is now on the bubble and must win vs. Okayama to stay alive in Group B.

    May I ask, how was it made possible for you to write for FIVB? :) Nice article, btw!

    past work on, Volleywood and Volleycountry (regular site that Jiri runs). One person recommended my work to FIVB (they are now working for them) and submitting examples of that work on sites above. Discussion over the phone as to whether I would be interested in writing.

    Thank you for the review. Others coworkers and friends have said similar.

    I try to give some background if people are not familiar with Japanese leagues or tournaments. Each league is different, so just a quick background helps connect the reader.

    brilliant Aries do have license but GSS don’t

    sitenoise , what was that ceremony at the beginning of the JT match? Awarding as winners of the Star Conference?

    werka…yer.php?stream_id=1049060 I just looked and JT Coach was awarded a 1,500,000 fake check, so yeah that's probably what it was. At about 18:20 in

    If that's the case, congratulations to Denso and JT on your hardware and cash!

    there is prize money for the regular season finish and then different amounts for the playoffs.