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    I had no idea it was like that:pinch: we were able to watch VNL in Hong Kong last 2019 without any issues

    We don't know anyone in Japan...

    The arena does not have a lot of food options, so do bring food with you. Also there is not much for dining immediately around the arena as well. Kasadera is the stop for the arena that is closest and about 10 minutes from Nagoya station. Nagoya station has tons of dining options and also bento boxes available in the station.

    The entrance area is basically where all of the bathrooms and vending for food and drinks are.

    I had no idea it was like that:pinch: we were able to watch VNL in Hong Kong last 2019 without any issues

    We don't know anyone in Japan...

    Inigo, if you need any help getting tickets, I'll be in Japan after April 3rd and can mail them to you.

    I will tell you that the Nippon Gaishi Hall is fairly easy to get to, but I would stay by Nagoya station. Went to the 2018 Women's World Championships and stayed in Nagoya and went to the games there.

    The games in which Japan is playing have the following prices. (May 30, June 2-4 games)

    Super seat (courtside) 18,000 yen get VNL goods included.

    Arena (green) 12,000 yen

    Arena (blue) 10,000 yen

    Arena (yellow) 9,000 yen

    Stand S (light blue) 8,000 yen

    Stand A (pink) 6,000 yen

    Stand B (purple) 4,000 yen

    Stand C (brown) 2,000 yen

    if tickets are available after lottery, my expectations are that they will be. Can the order at some convenience stores after arriving. I did that for 18 World Champs

    Family Mart will have tickets after open to the general public April 3rd.

    Can say that trying to order tickets from overseas without Japanese address can be quirky.

    Position Movement After Today's Matches

    I have held the Toray, PFU and Victorina positions through the end of the season as they will not change.

    I will not be doing the update next Saturday morning as I'll be getting ready to go to Japan. First weekend of Final Four is in Takasaki, an hour north of Tokyo by Bullet Train, but probably will not go as I'm on vacation in Tokyo.

    Springs has 1 more match with Kurobe which they will undoubtedly win. But if NEC or JT win their games next weekend, Springs won't make the finals?

    If Springs get no points in a loss, JT with a 3-0 or 3-1 win, will pass them on points (67-66). NEC is already ahead of Springs on points, so with a loss, combined with 2 wins by NEC, NEC 71-Springs 67. All 3 teams being tied on wins.

    Tiebreaker on sets ratio may come into play with Springs vs. JT. If tied on points at 67, Springs at 81 sets won-49 sets lost (1.653), JT if 3-0 win, 83-47 (1.766), if JT 3-1 win (1.729). JT would take the tiebreaker.

    If tied on 66 points, sets ratio tiebreaker would be Springs lose 3-1 (80-49, 1.633), Springs lose 3-0 (79-49, 1.612) and JT win 3-2 (83-49, 1.694), JT would take the tiebreaker.

    Toray gets the 1st spot clinched for the Final Four.

    Saitama clinches their spot, but a win will give them second.

    Springs are a win and they are in or NEC/JT Loss they are in.

    JT need to win or they need 2 NEC losses. If JT loses, and NEC wins one match, NEC make the playoffs.

    PFU are safe with both Kurobe and Okayama losing.

    Kurobe either wins or Okayama loses, it will stay in V1.

    If Kurobe loses, Okayama must win to stay in V1.

    Himeji will be last at the end of the regular season after today’s results.

    Toray will be first with a win or Saitama loss.

    NEC has to win out (3 remaining) as the JT or Springs match loser can only reach 23 wins. NEC would pass that team on points to make the Final Four.

    PFU with a win or a Kurobe/Okayama loss will stay out of the Challenge Matches.

    Kurobe will not play in the Challenge Matches with a win and an Okayama loss.

    Okayama will not play in the Challenge Matches if Okayama win once, and Kurobe lose twice. Or if Okayama win twice and PFU lose twice, better or points or sets ratio than PFU.

    Think of it this way. If a team goes 8-4 in VNL, and does not make the Finals, you will basically have 4 positive results. Say 8 points a win. 32 points movement positive versus negative.
    Turkey as VNL hosts last year, were 7-5.

    Thailand finished at 5-7, so they dropped points as well.

    unless there are some big upsets, Germany has too much ground to move. Canada is even further out. Thailand would need to probably reach semifinals to boost their score. Let alone gives them a chance for 3rd place.

    Poland and Netherlands needs to have 6-6 record basically to stay in contention for the top 10-11. Belgium will not lose as many points with CEV Europe League, but a loss to a lower level side will cost more than a 5 set loss as worse competition.

    VNL wins can get you 5-10 points possibly 15 if big upset.

    Position Movement with March 12th matches.

    Maximum Standings, Points

    1. Toray 27-6, 76 points, clinched Final 4 berth

    2. Saitama 25-8, 74

    3. JT Marvelous 24-9, 71

    4. Hisamitsu 24-9, 69

    5. NEC 23-10, 73

    6. Denso 16-17, 50

    7. Toyota 16-17, 45

    8. Hitachi 16-17, 48

    9. PFU 14-19, 41

    10, Kurobe 13-20, 38

    11. Okayama 11-22, 37

    12. Himeji 9-24, 32

    Himeji loses one match, they are in the Challenge matches

    PFU with Okayama loss or PFY win will be out of the Challenge matches

    A Kurobe 3-0 win over Saitama will put JT in 2nd place on sets ratio

    There is no "allowed" restriction ... there was just that part of the new V.League vision about moving to "community based" teams, and that teams would all have a home venue they could put butts in

    There's complete Fake Home games like JT or Saitama being the home team at Ota Ward (NEC's Arena) and semi-fake home games like Denso homing in Sapporo because they have a "agreement". Most teams have those agreements as a way to bring fandom to unrepresented areas. I believe SAGA has one with Kanagawa somewhere

    SAGA's specific thing with Kobe is that , IIRC , their "Home" was SAGA but their practice facility was in Kobe. With their new Arena in SAGA I presume they are saying goodbye to Kobe

    Teams have always played "neutral" site games, but only with the new version of the V.League teams did actually sign agreements with second cities to host some "home" games.

    what's the format for the final 4? Is it back to zero? Or they have points depending on their ranking by the end of the elimination?

    round robin in Final 4, but get advantage points based on finish in Regular Season

    1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 1, 4th 0

    Top 2 teams at end of Final 4 go to the final.

    Final 4 tiebreakers

    1. Wins (only in Final 4)

    2. Points (Advantage + Match Results)

    3. Sets Ratio

    4. Points Ratio

    5. Higher Finish in Regular Season

    Maximum Record and Points for each team

    1. Toray 27-6, 77 points

    2. Saitama 26-7, 76

    3. JT Marvelous 24-9, 71

    4. Hisamitsu 24-9, 70

    5. NEC 23-10, 73

    6. Denso 17-16, 52 (eliminated from Final 4 and Challenge Matches)

    7. Toyota 17-16, 48 (eliminated from Final 4 and Challenge Matches)

    8. Hitachi 16-17, 48 (eliminated from Final 4)

    9. PFU 15-18, 44 (eliminated from Final 4)

    10. Okayama 12-21, 40

    11. Kurobe 13-20, 38

    12. Himeji 9-24, 34

    Kurobe loss or Hitachi win will keep Hitachi out of Challenge Matches

    Kurobe loss will all but keep PFU out of Challenge Matches, may need a point or two to ensure that

    Position Movement after March 11th Matches

    Toray will clinch their Final 4 spot with a win against Denso or an NEC loss.

    Saitama will be in front of JT after 29 games as they are already at 21 wins, JT and Hisamitsu at 20 wins with 29 played.

    If Saitama wins, JT loses and NEC wins on Sunday, then NEC jumps into 3rd place, JT drops to 4th and Hisamitsu down to 5th.

    In the Challenge Match Zone, Victorina Himeji is right on the edge of the cliff right now. A loss means they can only reach 8 wins, and a max of 30 points (if loss went 5 sets). Okayama with a win, would mean that Himeji would have to win out to even have a chance of getting out without even thinking of Kurobe's results.

    what happened to jt though? are they getting the burn out? why the sudden decline in performance

    just looking at stats, they are getting beat by opponents spikes and JT not being as efficient spiking either.

    some games they get outblocked.

    started the 2023 year at 10-2 with 29 points and are now 10-7 in the year with 30 points gained in 17 matches.