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    fyi - I updated the first post in this thread with my best understanding of what we know and don't know about the 2020-2021 V.League format and schedule. brahmin please give it a quick scan when you get a chance. I think I understand it now, but it's hard to put into words :S

    Will fill out the actual match schedule soon and continue updating the team rosters as time and ambition permits :thumbup:

    looks good so far.

    Hisamitsu has changed their logo and mascot.…/1278893418379280384?s=21

    Final Stage is literally semifinals then finals for each of the 3 levels.

    9-12 in regular season are battling to stay up if they win. Losers will then battle determine who they play in Challenge Match (if team does have S1 license).

    Cup is split into 2 groups of 6 and play one match against each of the team, so give matches. Top 2 teams advance to semifinals and final.

    V.LEAGUE announced their 20-21 schedule.

    One League of 12 teams, no more conferences. 22 matches in total (2x vs all opponents)

    regular season starts October 17 and Ends Feb. 14.

    Final round will be broken into 3 4-team pools (1-4, 5-8, 9-12)

    semifinals will be on Saturday, Feb. 20, Finals on Feb. 21 with the semifinal winners And losers battling for the final positions.

    no mention yet about promotion/relegation.

    all V2 teams minus GSS Tokyo Sunbeams, Ohno Oil Hiroshima Oilers and the new Forest Leaves Kumamoto have S1 licenses and are available for promotion (all classified as of today with the license status).

    Japanese Volleyball Magazine said that she would have a surgery on a finger in her right hand.

    She will move into a second career with the newly established Saga Hisamitsu Springs team, The new holding company for the team.

    she said that she had expected to retire after the Tokyo Games, but with their postponement and an injury (did not specify the injury) that would require a long rehab she decided to retire.

    Will there be Tokyo OG next year. We are now halfway 2020 and virus cases are still climbing up. When will they allow players to train? Will the US Team able to train given the events in the country?

    if you are looking at this as a US team issue, the answer is easy! Yes they’ll be able to train.

    It may be more if players are overseas and cannot get back to USA.

    USA has the Training center In Anaheim, so they could train together in the off season.

    As for the Olympic Games, if they do go ahead, it maybe limited to athletes, coaches and officials (volunteers, Referees, etc.). All would have to arrive very early, be quarantined for 2 weeks. The Olympic village is designed for multiple people (2 per room) and could be a nightmare if people do not go through quarantine before the games. Masks will be required when not in competition, and spacing on buses to venues will be social distanced as good as possible.

    Japan can do it well, and while it may seem impossible right now, they might be the only one’s that could pull this off. Still it is very dependent on following their cultural rules (Putting the many before the one) and athletes being diligent and prudent in following those requirements. If an athlete is not willing to do that, then they will be excluded from participating.

    I have a sad feeling there will not be any NCAA matches this year. With many states having increased COVID numbers and let alone the travel required to play across state lines.

    We are basically 2 months from the season starting this week.

    Yes, things are fluid but if players cannot safely travel, eat and stay in a hotel for 2.5 months on the road and at home, chances are going to be low for a complete season.

    if the Olympics happened this year, she probably would have retired after them, or finished out 2020-2021 season.

    add an extra year of training for both and I could see how the grind would get to you as a player.

    I don't see Hisamitsu Springs as a title contender anymore, unless Foluke actually signs for them and comes back to her best shape.

    Is Nagaoka still playing volleyball?

    Nagaoka is still practicing with the team. She is in twitter photos with team.

    Does that mean she also leaves Japan NT? That's a huge blow for them as Shinnabe is arguably their best passer.

    she is completely done. Big hole for Japanese passing. Plus she was a passing opposite. Now my thought would be Ishii, Kurogo and Koga/Mayu Ishikawa as your three starters. Nabeya off the bench.

    biggest problem right now for Japanese League is that so many countries are in a travel ban (coming to Japan), including USA and Europe.

    Agents can be working to get the players contracts, but basically, they are going to have to quarantine (if reopened in Japan) for 14 days as soon as arriving, plus no public transportation to get to teams. So teams will have to pick them up possibly at the airport and then have them not do anything for 2 weeks. Players may be arriving in July/August because we have no schedule yet.


    5.3.1 The following documents shall be submitted to the FIVB:

    a. One (1) original copy of the respective FIVB form (see, duly signed and stamped by the player, his Federation of Origin and the new Federation; and

    b. Proof of two (2) years continuous residence in the country of the new Federation. Residence means the place where the player “lives and sleeps” and can be found in the majority of the days of the year; and

    c. Copy of the player’s International Passport of the country of the new Federation.

    5.3.2 The administrative fee for a Change is CHF 15,000 (fifteen thousand Swiss Francs). If the player has played for a senior national team, the applicable administrative fee is CHF 25,000 (twenty-five thousand Swiss Francs).


    5.4.1 If the player has never played for any national team and already had the nationality of the country of the new Federation at birth, the FIVB may approve the Change as follows:

    a. The conditions of Article 5.2 shall be met, except for the condition of 2-year continuous residence.

    b. The documents mentioned under Article 5.3.1.a and 5.3.1.c above shall be submitted to FIVB, along with proof of when the player acquired the nationality of the country of the new Federation.

    c. The applicable administration fee is CHF 2,000 (two thousand Swiss Francs).

    d. The National Federations involved and the FIVB may agree that the Player’s transfers between the two (2) National Federations will be exempted from the payment of administration and transfer fees.

    a. the player has established residence in the country of the new Federation for a minimum of eight (8) continuous years; and

    b. the application for a Change is filed with the FIVB on or after the

    1st of January of the calendar year during which the player turns

    35 (for men) or 32 (for women); and

    c. the conditions of Article 5.2.2 (nationality) as well as Article 5.2.4

    (agreement of the new Federation) are met and the player's Federation of Origin does not raise reasonable and justifiable objections to the Change,

    the condition of Article 5.2.5 (administration fee) shall be waived.

    per FIVB Sporting Regulations 2018


    5.1 GENERAL

    A player's Federation of Origin may be changed only once. Changes of Federation of Origin may be approved only by the FIVB Executive Committee, upon proposal of the FIVB President, and provided that the right to be heard of the current Federation of Origin has been respected.


    A change of Federation of Origin (hereinafter "the Change") may be approved only if the following conditions are cumulatively met:

    5.2.1 The player has established residence in the country of his new Federation of Origin (hereinafter "the new Federation") for a minimum of two (2) continuous years immediately prior to the time of filing the application for the Change.

    5.2.2 The player has obtained the nationality of the country of the new Federation.

    5.2.3 The player's Federation of Origin agrees to the Change.

    5.2.4 The new Federation agrees to the Change.

    5.2.5 The applicable administration fee for the Change has been paid to the FIVB (see Article 5.3 below).

    Any news about foreign player transfer? Almost all "star players" have their club teams now. When will the season start? Maybe some club team will just use local players then. Other USA player are playing in china.

    in Japan often it is often 1 year, but if both club and player like each other then, it continues.

    Right now people cannot fly from USA to Japan easily. Not saying they’ll be there soon, but still have plenty of time as the league has not announced its schedule of any sort.