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    Does any one know if players can talk to other teams while they are still suited up? Or do they have to resign before they can talk to other teams?

    I would probably guess that there is an end date of the annual contract. Player cannot leave before that date, which is probably uniform for all teams in the V.LEAGUE. Now, could discussions take place, I would think so.

    Yes, that looks about right.

    I kow that you as an athlete doest watch all games, but there are a coupple of names that are legendary.

    FIVB is working on a doing a better job of keeping its history understood. Even just the media history is a little wonky because of the broadcasters. Hence the roster project. If you have not watched the sport over the decade, then here are some current and past players with this project.

    Also don't forget Americans may only watch every four years, but getting beat by Brazil means you know those players possibly. I remember her!!!!

    My bet for the reason why the foreigners are playing is as follows. Drews and Plummer as national team players or potential for USA were allowed to not play. Foluke is getting into shape. She probably told USA volleyball that playing would be better for her right now. not doing the New USA league.

    Other international players, not playing in Olympics and hence available for team.

    Domestically it may be up to Nakata to determine if they played. Tokoku did not get a ton of time in the season, so if she can play a little more that’s fine.

    Yoshino tore her left ACL on Sunday against Okayama. She is out of the national team training sessions and will be having surgery and starting rehab soon per Ageo website.

    I honestly do not understand why Nagaoka is on this list. If she is not completely healthy or ready to play a full match, she should not be on this roster. She played 27 sets in 18 matches in the regular season. I know she has worked her hardest to get back on the court, but I am just past her being on the national team.

    I have never understood the way the individual pictures have be put together by the JVA. It is not by position or even Japanese alphabet order.

    Shimamura played well this year and should have been the squad.

    My expectations for the 12 Olympians, if we get there.

    Outside/opposites: Kurogo, Koga, Ishii, Ishikawa, Nabeya/Hayashi

    Middles: Araki, Shimamura, Okumura

    Setters: Seki, Tashiro

    Libero: Kobata, Inoue

    In my mind Hayashi had a much better season than Nabeya. Minion is a bench spark plug over the years.

    If going with one libero Kobata, and they would add a middle, I would go with Nichika Yamada.
    my choice of Seki is mainly due to the Toray connection with Kurogo and Ishikawa.

    FIVB, whom I am also employed as writer for, is trying to shift its view as a sport. It knows that it can be popular to watch due to the volume of people playing it through schools and club sports. Sport is already popular in major financial or potential financial countries, USA, China, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Russia, through kids playing.

    The YouTube streaming experiment did well, however there was a big issue as no advertising could be done easily as there were no time for commercials. Yes having the sport be available for free is one thing, but who is doing the infrastructure? In a federation that needs money to survive, the expansion of the World League and Grand Prix can be seen too much infrastructure needed for the sport. With the VNL in 2018, 16 teams, 12 teams who are firm and 4 as possibly swapping is good to have a solid core to maintain contracts and if wanting global sponsors for the tournament.

    The new partnership with CVC is going to allow cash infusion for years, while allowing the sport to maybe do things out of the box. One place for all volleyball leagues to broadcast. OK, RAI pays for Italy and its domestic league, but Brazil or Japan if you want to watch the Italian league, come to FIVB streaming page or partners. Japan prohibiting people from outside Japan subscribing to the V. league’s streaming service is in My mind stupid as it would possibly prevent illegal streaming. Also keeping the price point for the streaming fair is key. $20 is probably too high, but $5-10 is fair. However some people complain about $5 a month for ESPN plus, which in my mind is a bargain.

    The reason for the blackouts on television with USA sports is the following.

    Markets are allocated to teams as “home cities/regions”. Some are very large. This was to encourage people to either attend games in person in those markets and this was long before streaming, protecting the gate revenues. As more games were becoming broadcast on television or cable channels through regional sports channels, this never changed.

    Once streaming started, it became a way to protect the team’s television contracts which continued to grow in value and in years. So if you are within a market, you are encouraged to either attend (pay for parking, food and seats) or watch on TV. Streaming allowed you to watch all of the other games not in your market. However, if your favorite team (not based in your home market) traveled to your home market, the streaming is not available with the out of town broadcaster. You are forced to use the in market channels or attend.

    It is antiquated, but also protects teams’s financial interests. Still annoying as a fan.

    I agree, they need some big name players if they want to expand the league. I find it funny that some Americans only watch NCAA and are not interested international volleyball. Do they not realize how much more entertaining and higher level it is? But if they just want to keep it in the US and only focus on local players then I won't be heavily interested. The route they're going isn't going to make the league last long.

    It's different here... The US has never had a sustainable pro league... so the highest level is the NCAA (and the Olympics)

    Like they'd feel the same way for you not knowing the best of the NCAA (granted you probably do because they all went pro) but thats besides that point

    I am going to be the get of my lawn guy.

    As we have seen in under the last president, Americans have no understanding of global issues. Many American sports like baseball, basketball and hockey are considered to be the highest level in the sport. Trying to bring international stars to a brand new league is not a good idea. They are going to make more money playing overseas in Italy, Turkey, China, Japan, etc.

    Volleyball in this country is a popular playing sport, but many parents only go, "Olympics are on is the USA playing?" Then we'll watch. So every four years, volleyball does well. However, in high schools and younger club volleyball is very big. However, matches from Europe's league are also on weekends, so kids playing club have no understanding of any level of professional volleyball anywhere in the world. Also the national team plays few matches domestically in non-Olympic years, and hence why I yell at people to say the VNL/World League/World Grand Prix is important! If volleyball is relevant every two or four years, then the sport needs an annual event.

    VNL for the USA should be in LA or Chicago area because fan base is already there and great crowd interaction. Let alone get entertainment stars in the front row. Japanese TV does in for the events in Japan with the music. Omaha/Lincoln are great volleyball venues, but getting there is a pain.

    Getting back to the high school kids, many coaches have no understanding of the sport outside of their team and domestic realm. I was crazy in my coaching and showing them the Brazil's, Japan and USA teams from the 2010 World Championships. Showing them high level play to demonstrate what can be done.

    NCAA for many women's sports in this country is considered to be for many as far as they can go. Even many college coaches do not have many international connections other than players under them or those who have graduated. Courtney Thompson was a good player at a good school and had no idea that she could play professionally. Kim Hill went to a USA team tryout on a whim and became a World Champion MVP.

    We are oblivious over here sometimes to our own detriment.

    they have a new point system which tbh i don't understand. i'm also not sure if it only applies to v1 women's division. they implemented it after kurobe and pfu cancelled a bunch of matches.

    There is normally a point system. The point system was thrown out because of the number of games that could not be played.

    All teams had played 13 games by the end of December. Because of the JVA wanting to give the national team so much practice time for the Olympics, the league basically had no way to get all of the games in, after Denso, PFU and Kurobe missing matches. The winning percentage shift was quick and easy to do if teams could not all finish the season.

    So using the system of winning percentage (number of wins/number of matches played) was a quick fix to determine the positioning. If teams were then tied with the winning percentage, set ratio and then points ratio would be used as tie breakers.

    Winning percentage is basically used in American and Japanese professional sports for baseball, basketball and American football.

    The V.League in the past had used that as well, but has shifted to points to be more in line with the rest of the world. However, the shift really did not make it difficult to understand, if you win more times than you lose, you should make the Final Four.