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    Do they really have to be quarantined for 14 days? Couldn't they be tested after 5-6 days (recommended time for testing after possible exposure)?

    it is government’s call on this. In Japan, as a foreigner there are sometimes you can get around the rules (within reason). This one, just getting into the country, is not too much to ask. Plus, as a foreigner you have to register with the local government (you have to carry a card with you which states that you are legally in Japan to live and work and are registered where you live). As a tourist you carry your passport. In Japan people follow rules, and her teammates would probably freak out if they tried to break out of the quarantine.

    Just to give an example, people flying into Japan as a foreigner have to be tested upon arrival, and then you cannot take a train or a taxi, by current rules. So things that I would normally do as a tourist cannot be done right now. A shuttle bus or personal car could be taken to a hotel or home after passing the checks. So Annie or Hanna were more than likely picked up by the team and driven to their homes for the season.

    Maybe more of visa problem? I think most of these foreign are still waiting for their visa to approve. If they have to undergo quarantine for 14 days i don't think that will be a problem because they don't have a choice but to follow the protocol.

    it is not a visa issue. Japan was estimated to have only 1,700 foreigner travelers arrive in May.

    Kyodo Article

    the list of countries with restrictions On entry into Japan is really long.

    I had no idea there was another one. I know Shonen Jump is in theory directed at boys and (mostly? I don't know) features mangas with male protagonists, but come on, someone write and publish the female equivalent to Haikyuu already.

    There are others in the past. Attacker You! which the Italian women did before the 2018 World champs.

    My article in 2018.

    Reasoning for Japan hosting, easy to get to (relatively), lots of cities with appropriate sized arenas (some are dated but in the size), good transportation system between cities, good hotels in those cities. Willing TV stations (Fuji and TBS) and sponsor money.

    TBS has the rights to the World Championships when Japan hosts them (and even overseas in 2014), so no vabo-chan, but Volleyboo. Where as Fuji had both the World Cup and Grand Champions Cup.

    Fuji is invested in the Haruko national high school tournament, so it make sense for them to promote national team after they are high school stars. Fuji also now has invested in a new volleyball anime project "2.43".

    I couldn't find any media reports about abolishing of the WGCC and WC that prompted a rebuttal from JVA. But this livedoor blogger has a pretty bleak post outlining the importance of those tournaments for J-Volleyball, echoing some of the sentiments I've seen here about Japan buying their way into the other two quadrennial FIVB tournaments and getting unearned world ranking points by virtue of it.

    It's in googlease (unless you read Japanese), so it's not fully comprehensible but you can get the main gist: Those tournaments kept the women's team on life support longer than they should have, and if they go away it won't be just a little less volleyball in Japan. It could spell the end of the women in international competition, except for VNL, I suppose.

    I like those tournaments but am tired of the baggage that surrounds them. My interest in Japanese volleyball is such that I would gladly give them up, and all else it would entail, if Japan would let me pay them to see the university championships :)

    The answer is simple, they drew good TV ratings but the on court performance has not matched the desire. Saori Kimura, Takeshita and Araki basically gave the Japanese women a good run from 2010-2012. Right now other countries have surpassed them.

    When the Japanese teams are doing well, then it is not hard to have Japanese sponsors and TV channels want to support the JVA. However, 2014-2018 have been not good as Netherlands, China, USA, Brazil and Serbia are way in front of the Japanese women. 2018 World Champs were a money loser for the JVA and it needs some medals in Olympics (if they happen) to keep up the interest in the national team. Men's side is a whole different story with young players who are good (may not be the best in the world, but competitive).

    Right now, Araki is her last go towards the Olympics and the youngsters are still growing (on court not phyically. Japan women may be rolling back down the hill.

    Supposedly from Sept. 8, Japan will allow long-term foreign residents to return.

    What this means for foreign players is another question. Neriman would probably qualify for this as she's be in Japan for so long (yes leaving after the season, but).

    Did find this about visas for foreign athletes playing in Japan.

    It does appear that players will be allowed in but may have to do testing pre- and post-arrival, and then 14 days isolation.

    Four men's volleyball teams have opted out of this season's V.League. I hadn't even considered that possibility.

    Remember the lower level teams are not fully professional. So as they are regular employees who also happen to play volleyball, they may interact with way more people that you would like because of work, and then throw in some travel for the team. Just not worth the risk for those businesses right now.

    Many arenas in Japan have wood floors without lines. in the case of Ota City Central in Tokyo, the movable seats cover lines for outer courts, but are clean for the main arena.…55d1529d804819ca853d15848

    JTEKT has used the complete floor in Karita Wing Arena because there are way too many lines on the “bare floor”.

    Denso has used the complete floor as well in the past in Nishio.

    the green and red are basically big patches of floor coverings. Where as the blue courts are actually similar to what would be used by FIVB for events.

    This also may be the difference between the primary tenant and multi use facilities.

    I liked those events. Hope they don't go.

    if Japanese men and women are playing well, then tv channels can put up the money. But lost money on 2018 World Champs. If you are not making money hosting these events, the federation cannot waste its money.