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    DOM shall not escape from Tokyo 2020 now... I guess its women's volleyball team is really the pride of that small island nation :thumbup:

    I guess you don’t know that baseball is the number one sport in the country. In order for baseball players from the DR (an island country) to make to Major League Baseball, they have a phrase, “you can’t walk off the island.” Meaning they have to swing the bat aggressively to hit the ball to become successful.

    DR wins 15-9 in the fifth set to take the title.

    DR has had a good year this year. So glad that the USA has already qualified for Tokyo at this point. DR should easily take the NORCECA qualifiers.

    btw - in volleyball does "game" refer to a match or a set? I say 'game' and mean match but I'm anxious about it

    Originally in the rules they were called games. Eventually it was changed to set because it is similar to tennis in scoring (need to win sets to win the match). In 1916, Two out of three games determined the winner of a match. At that time a game was 15 points.

    Only with rally scoring coming in 1988 for deciding sets, did the number of points for a game needed change. Also in 1988, 17 points was the cap for all games.

    I really don't get why Speraw still brought Patch if he doesn't trust him to do the job. I know there's a statistic supporting the fact why Anderson is ahead of him but volleyball is more than numbers and sometimes passion can override normality.

    Sometimes inconsistency is a good thing because you'll never know when a player can become so hot no one can stop him.

    with Patch, the inconsistency at the NT level is a constant. The main reason for Anderson is because Matt is a better overall player. When USA needs 4 person serve receive, Matt can drop in easily, Patch can’t.

    That website didn't let Chrome translate it for me either. Yeah, they only have videos of the various finals.

    Use to get sites that will not give you text to cut and paste.

    JT Marvelous have changed their intro song, sorry the video is in two parts. The woman in the cheerleader outfit is former AKB48 star Yuri Tani.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    In part 1, soaring (:06), shori (victory at :10), speed, miracle team, JT Marvelous.

    Part 2, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, can't stop, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, JT Marvelous.

    Actually they did the same for the men's team JT Thunders.

    Thunders part 1

    Thunders part 2

    I think that it was the right time for change. This is so close to something big (medals of some color), but still so far away. Sadly, there will be little time to put it together as the national team season is over. Maybe Zwerver coaches them in qualifier?

    Look, it is impossible to watch every match no matter the tournament or league. I like this sport, but I follow basketball, American football, and English premier league.

    During club league season, I may try to watch a match or two, just because of the teams (be it men’s or women’s). Let alone CEV Champions League final. Plus being on the West coast of the USA, it is better for weekend mornings, during the non NFL season.

    I follow the Japan because of my time there and interest in the men’s and women’s teams. I really don’t watch the league that much, but following stat sheets gives me an idea of how the stars are playing.

    V.League is going to use the Hawkeye Challenge system this year. It's limited to the camera shots and won't show the floating ball animations. This should speed things up. Challenges have been notoriously slow up to now, often taking 3-4 minutes, which is longer than the break between sets.


    3 challenges in a match, but if you win, you keep your challenge.

    Interesting that 3 meter line is not on camera, but as the official can see it when spiked, I understand saving a little money with it.

    The example was to show that last year the team with fewer wins was ahead of the team below them in the standings due to more points. This year the was the standing will work is tied into FIVB rules, wins, match points, sets ratio, points ratio.
    so when you looking at conference standings for the playoffs as the top four teams make it, if teams are tied on wins, the match points won will affect those standings. So last year lots of 5 set matches meant that losing teams got 1 point, while winning teams got 2 points. Now, wins matter more, which has been in the FIVB rules since 2015/2016.

    Why is that the men's japan league has foreign players from china? Isn't it the rule must be 1 foreign from Europe or america and 1 from asean country only?

    China is not asean country.

    Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) is not China, per Chinese government.
    Reasoning is to expanded TV broadcast rights into volleyball interested markets in SE Asia, so it is easier to sell those rights when you players from those countries playing in the league.

    Can't wait that He leaves after he let Destinee Hooker at home in 2014...


    Yes, the team was horrible without Hooker, in winning the World Championship for the first time. He saw her as an assistant in 2012. Some coaches keep certain players out for a reason.

    Yes he probably should have Fawsett for Rio in 2016 and last year as well as Murphy was not great as an first choice opposite.

    The gap between under 20 and full national team is massive. Could they have beat Cameroon, Kenya and Argentina with the roster you are asking for? Probably. However with the rest of the teams, you would be really off. China, Russia and USA had their first teams (or damn close). Those would have been 3 losses due to height and blocking at the net.

    Netherlands hosting gives them a chance to go to Tokyo, but with Guidetti coaching it is a big advantage for Turkey. Not to say at times that watching him coach Turkey is entertaining, when they are losing and his is just exasperated as to “why are you not playing better?”

    5. I, literally, fell in love with the sport of VB back in 1964: watching the Japanese Women's team win the (again) Tokyo Olys that year. Was simply mesmerized by their teamwork, hustle + spirit. As one of the few Americans who even cares about USA VB, I feel that the coach - and his 1980's GM2 system - needs to go!

    I am guessing that Karch will be done after Tokyo. 8+ years in national team position is a ton and he’s been very successful in his position. I mean we are complaining about 2nd place at the World Cup, won the VNL for a second year in a row. A big question will be who would replace him? I can’t see any off the big name schools coaches doing it. However, a younger up and coming coach like at Oregon or Stanford might?

    50 swings @40% isn't a ton in a 5 set match and would be effective. My only point is that neither Yuki or Risa should be the player with the most swings. You're absolutely right Japan needs to spread the love, and I honestly believe they are as well equipped as any team in the world to do so because their reception and defense are so good. Look at the combinations Thailand runs (or the crazy stuff the U20 squad did), Japan needs some of that creativity

    against USA Mayu Ishikawa took 59 swings (21 kills), Ishii 55 swings (20 kills). USA with 17 blocks. Using USA volleyball’s data volley stats (unofficial), Ishii was blocked 6 times with 3 errors and Ishikawa 3 spikes blocked and 2 errors.

    So Ishikawa 16/59 (27.1% hitting) and Ishii 11/55 (20% hitting). It has got to be closer to 30% hitting to be a winning team with that many swings.

    That's why Japan needs someone, Kogo, Kurogo, Nagaoka, whoever, to take 50 swings and hit above 40%. That's not too much to ask. Using the middles more, or adding YOLO and Shion to the mix so that the right side of the court also becomes a threat would be icing on the cake.

    Yuki and Risa stepped up their game against NED, Yuki to a degree I've never seen. Thanks girls :rose:I love you both

    actually having some one take that many swings is a problem for Japan. Those balls are getting blocked or rebounded back. Just because you get a ton of swings does not mean that they are effective.

    The Japanese team in 2020 will play better at home and they always play better at home.

    However, there are some gaping holes right now. Outside of Araki, the middles are just seemingly standing on the court. Japan needs help in the middle and that is where this team losses most matches at the net. It is consistently outblocked by its opponents. Some of it is height but more offense has to come from the middles.

    without blocking Japan gets behind and making up 5 point deficits all match long is often a losing battle. 2-3 point deficits are easier to catch up in a set.

    Setter right now is all over the place. Tashiro/Tominaga are probably the best, Miyashita then Sato. Nakada has got to stick with two as soon as camp starts next year.

    Ishii, Shinnabe, Nabeya, Kurogo are your outside hitters, Shinnabe as a passing opposite.

    Koga is on the fence for me. Her passing is not as good as Ishii, and offensively she’s ok.

    Liberos are set with Inoue and Kobata.