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    She asked to be let go from her team and the team previously in Sendai went out of business. She is known due to her time with the national team and for her she is trying to kept professional volleyball alive in Sendai with this team. The baseball team, Rakuten is known and because she is also from Sendai, she is supporting the teams, but with the name recognition of looking for potential sponsors, she needs to be out there.
    She is trying to build a base and Sendai when Japan would host FIVB was often a destination in the rotation of cities. Plus try in some Haikyu also based in Miyagi prefecture (when Sendai is) and it may be a better chance for her to succeed. Plus Japan is not known for taking chances, but she wanted to.

    there are decimal points that are not shown, and hence if tied on points the team that is listed higher would have a better decimal point value. Poland vs Iran in Round one, they can’t seem to keep away from each other.

    Yes, the set up would be correct and then the final two pots would be divided into groups of 6, based on the ranking, 13-18, 19-24.

    2nd best team in europe

    And italy

    no, Serbia already qualified as the World Champions. They qualified before the Continental Championships started.

    So, if Serbia won the European tournament, then 2nd and 3rd place would be the two slots for Europe.

    With Serbia making in the final, the winner of the 3rd place match would get the 2nd spot from Europe, and with Turkey winning, they get in automatically. Italy got their spot by winning the semifinal.

    As for the NEC branding, I will go in the opposite direction. Many Japanese teams in the past had logos that were very cartoon like, meaning children’s cartoons and not very modern. The Red Rockets (and the rugby team Green Rockets, plus the old Blue Rockets too) had that type of look. As sports have become more “professional” in how they are run and also how they look, having a cartoon look for the mascot is fine, but not as the logo or brand design.

    NEC is retiring the mascots and going with a new look as well and gave both mascots a going away video.

    Not feeling NEC's rebranding, they feel like an appliance store now. JT and Toray are awfully quiet:sleeping: I loved their goofy content

    Why is there a number 35 in PFU wtf who goes beyond 20

    in Japan, usually higher numbers imply that they are new to the team. Veteran players take the lower numbers. As veterans retire or leave, the lower numbers become available. Some players may just take a high number and live with it Karakurt….

    Turkey should be in group two, because they were the best finishing team in Europe after Serbia, who had already qualified as World Champions. Serbia of course being second in Europe to Italy.

    Part of it was that they were eliminated with two losses as the winner of Morocco-Nigeria was supposed to advance to semifinals. However with the delay in play for two days, the federation may have made the call to get out of the country Sooner than later, in case things got worse.

    As for Egypt and Tunisia, it may have been just cost savings sadly.

    not surprised with the change, I think he took them far, but he’s probably going to be running a team in Japan shortly. probably back to Sakai, maybe FC Tokyo?

    Updated from 09-19 14:25 UTC

    With the results Kenya and Cameroon winning the African semifinals, here is where the list stands.

    Argentina will be with a win over Chile on Sunday. Columbia will be in with a win, but if they can win a set, the drop in points will be less if they lose to Brazil.

    Czech Republic and Kazakhstan are basically hoping for Columbia to lose in straight sets to Brazil, plus one Mexico loss will help as well.

    Croatia is hoping for the same as Czech Republic and Kazakhstan to get into the top 22 spots.

    In Norceca, Mexico needs to defeat DR to have a chance at making the top 22. Canada was pushed into the probably with a 20 point swing with one match needed.

    Thailand are all but in, but a Colombia would lock them in.

    At present with the updated version of qualifying (top 2 teams from each continent), host, world champions and then the top 11 teams.

    Locks (regardless of finish in continental)

    1. Netherlands (host, Ranking 10)

    2. Poland (host, Ranking 12)

    3. Brazil (Ranking 1, will finish in top 2 in South America)

    4. USA (Ranking 2)

    5. China (Ranking 3, 1st Place Asia per AVC)

    6. Turkey (Ranking 4)

    7. Serbia (Ranking 5, World Champions)

    8. Italy (Ranking 6, European Champions)

    9. D.R. (Ranking 7, NORCECA Champions)

    10. Russia (Ranking 8 )

    11. Japan (Ranking 9, 2nd Place Asia per AVC)

    12. Puerto Rico (Ranking 16, NORCECA 2nd place)

    13. CSV 2nd place (Argentina 21, Colombia 19, Peru 30)

    14. Cameroon (Africa Finalist, Ranking 23)

    15. Kenya (Africa Finalist, Ranking 27)

    Probably in, Red are done playing, Blue are Still playing

    16. Germany (Ranking 11, 233)

    17. Belgium (Ranking 13, 230)

    18. South Korea (Ranking 14, 226)

    19. Bulgaria 191

    20. Canada 178

    Last spot of Chaos (Ranking points still moving), Red are done playing, Blue are Still playing

    21. Thailand 172

    22. Colombia 169 (could move to CSV 2nd)

    23. Czech Republic 158

    22. Argentina 157 (could move to CSV 2nd)

    24. Kazakhstan 157


    25. Croatia 152

    26. France 150

    27. Mexico 150

    28. Ukraine 133

    29. Peru 131 (could move to CSV 2nd)