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    Springs just released the video of the interview with the shots also of her teammates. You can see that many of them are crying. Also the thing I forgot to mention was that they said it was two years since she had been in the starting lineup. This was an incredible performance for her. She actually did really well then.

    Miyu has had more league MVPs than anyone in the V1 female division afaik all that without reaching 230 games yet

    She is at 218 per league stats page.

    230 is essentially 10x23 matches. League arbitrarily came up with this number at 2-3 matches per opponent a year in regular season (18-27 range) plus, playoffs (3-5) range. Say a team played in a 10 team league plus made playoffs you might have 21-23 games. In an 8 team league 24-27.

    Right now 33 games (3 x against all teams) plus 3-4 playoffs.

    with Nagaoka’s body betraying her. She cannot play every game like she did in the past. And give that their highly paid BFS (big foreigner swinger), did not play as a starter, Miyu had an incredible game, tied for the lead in scoring at 21 with Toray’s Kulan.

    I cried when she got on the court a couple of years ago just to even play. She is putting in the effort and her teammates who have been there with her through the pain for what is going on 4 years at this point, just wants to see some success. One of the things about Japanese that is most respected is effort (issho Kenmei gambarimasu, doing one’s best to all ability). Teammates see the fight in her and considering she doesn’t get much time on the court, but was a great player previously, she is an inspiration to the rest of the team, to say don’t give up, keep fighting. Plus with many of the players on the roster seeing that and her, she is a member of their families essentially.

    I was critical of Nakada for keeping Nagaoka on the national team roster in 2021 going into Tokyo. This was because national team roster spots (the entire roster) basically lock at a certain point due to rules and the likelihood of Nagaoka making the Tokyo games in my mind was zero percent. Still Nakada did it out of respect for her player (both a club and NT). Looking back I can see why she did it.

    I think I just noticed a horrible flaw for Kurobe, their rotation.

    Tugba had the most serves of her team, so you might think when she back she gets a decent amount of back attacks, nope, Pinpichaya had 18 attempts to Tugba’s 3.

    Why so low?, because Pinpichaya is one rotation earlier, playing both foreigners side by side. Just crazy, considering they are not middles.

    It is basically to get all VNL matches. Normally in Japan you only get the Japanese matches, so this is basically to get all matches like those of us in the rest of the world.

    I know with my VBW subscription, the matches with Ishikawa and Takahashi in the Italian league have Japanese commentary available.

    so looking the stats today.

    Quick fun question, which team had 4 more aces, 1 less service error and 2 blocks that their opponent (so +7 points) and still lost 3-0 and -10 points (76-66).

    Your answer is Kurobe vs. Denso.

    Pimpichaya did fine with 19 spikes, but they basically are getting nothing from anyone else. 18 spikes from 6 players, in 3 sets, literally 1 point per set per player. Can’t win like that.

    considering how competitive the league is, you have to have the ball hitting the flow.

    Some teams will get a weekend off in the middle of the season, just one of the quirks of the schedule.

    Queenseis have a spiking problem, when you have basically all of your team have the spike percentage (kills/attempts), it is not good. Let alone the opposite who you pay the most is at that level as well, its not her fault, except when she gets nearly twice as many times as the outsides.

    JT is a problem for many teams because they can spread you out and then Karsta, while not Annie levels, is still a good fit for the team.

    Saitama was outspiked by JT in a 3 set match by 19 points.

    Hitachi falling back to earth with the loss to Toray. Kurogo coming in as a serving sub with 2 aces on 6 serves.

    Who is this Sakiai Nakajima?

    pictographs when used for names, are all over the place at times and this is one of them.

    It is #21 Sae Nakajima.

    saki and Ai would also be correct readings of the pictographs when used, hence the Google translate saw those. I would not have known the reading except by going to the Springs website.

    culture shock for Japan is still probably in the honeymoon period as they are still in the first month, whereas a Neriman or Hanna are in adaption have been there numerous years.


    for me after a month with a host family, I moved into private dormitory, which also had its own culture and especially as someone who is a little more individualistic, It took a couple of months to get adjusted to that too. Luckily my classes were in English (outside of Japanese class).

    for the players have translators helps, but trying to put up sayings and phrases outside of volleyball can be challenging without the interpreter/translator. I don’t know if teams really put players in language schools for an hour or two a day during the season. I know for me have 2 hours of language class, 4 days a week greatly helped my language skills, even after having studied 2 years before going to Japan.

    Saitama top of the league with 0 set losses. At this rate, those 3-0 wins will keep them ahead of teams on points or sets ratio down the line.

    Every team minus Saitama have gone 5 at least once already and we are only 3 matches into the season.

    Hitachi with 2.83 blocks per set leading the league.

    孝子 filial child

    貴子 precious child

    Both are spelled Takako

    It is really up to the parents to name their kids. I have never asked my Japanese friends why they were named the way they were. The pictographs probably give some of the reasoning by the parents.

    This is a very particular example but most of other leagues have big rivalries in dependent of political motives (either coming from same cities or a rivalry between two big/rich cities.

    Excluding teams based on political moves of the country is a very slippery slope. Especially when international associations turn a blind eye to certain countries while being harsh to others is not fair. I'm all about consistency.

    While not justifying Russia's/ Putin's actions, detaining them from Olympics is not fair. If America or israel can get away with all invasions without any punishment in sport area, I don't see point of punishing Russian sport players now. Double standards is just hypocritical

    I will go down this path with Russia. Caught cheating from 2014, country got slap on the wrist in 2016. Has book thrown at it 2018 and 2020 and 2022. Then throw in a war against a neighboring country.

    yes many of the players have nothing to do with the current government. However, the current administration is the same one that caused the problems for Russian athletes going back to 2014. Fool me once shame on me. Fool me five times, nope you (in this case the administration) are the problem.

    Whoever can detach themselves from sports and politics with national teams playing in international events is just living in some fantasy world.

    Can anyone explain the Barcelona-Real Madrid rivalry without a combination of political and sporting results? The answer realistically is that you can’t.

    Madrid being the capital, while the Catalan region looking for independence (yes knowing that it does have some semi-autonomy) fights against the capital. Also having both teams be successful on the field as well doesn’t hurt, but the political stakes makes it mean more. Both teams working together to be part of the Super League is hilarious because of course politics makes strange bedfellows.