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    company has us working from home, we are a manufacturer and have people in the plant. Now working from home for a week.

    I used to work from home in my past work, so not an issue. However in the past I could go to the gym in the middle of the day. Now not so much. I did go for a lap walk of the street today, which was great but maybe at most 10 minutes and still kept my distance from others not that there many out.

    Weren't they just out of business for the 18-19 season? There seems to some continuity from the coach to the captain to Momoko Wada who played with them for years and is now "manager".

    It's hard for me to piece together the story from scarce foreign language sources. I think I read they got an S1 License and were going to promote to V1 for the 18-19 season but that's when they collapsed financially and is why V1 had only 11 teams that season. Is that right?

    Also, do you know anything about the "corporeal punishment" kerfuffle? Who was the player and was it a big deal, or just a quiet sanction? As best I can tell the coach involved is the coach now.

    the previous version of the Forest Leaves were in the promotion spot in 17-18. They also had an S1 license, but the players were not being paid by the end of the season in 18.

    No one stepped up to support or take over the team and the team folded.

    The league decided not to promote another team in their spot and hence 11 for 18-19.

    this new version has an S2/S3 license and has had to start from scratch.

    About the coach. In 2013 he was suspended for a year. Yukigasen Nakajima current and past manager of the Leaves slapped players 2 or 3 times at a team camp. His then boss followed the leagues rules as the league suspended his for a year and could not be on the bench.

    now the other problem is, teams qualified 2 years before the games... will they retain their form for next year?????

    This is going to be FIVB's call. If everything is getting pushed back on a time calendar, I just don't think that there will be time to have another qualification round.

    VNL was to be after Olympics. Olympics were to end August 9th.

    So say VNL was to start two weeks after Olympics you are looking at August 25 (Tue-Thurs for Women). Throw in 6 weeks of play before finals.

    You are looking at Sept. 30 for the end of play and that's before a final, if they do play 15 matches. I think it will be more like 9 matches because of the club season coming.

    Club beginning end of Sept, early Oct.

    Get back to normal end by May.

    I just do not see that it is going to be possible to replay everything.

    Trump today said don't get together in groups of 10 or more. There were 16 people on stage with him.

    He also said that I give myself a "10 of 10" on his dealing with the coronavirus. Most people would probably say 0.

    This also does not even take into account trying to pay $1 billion for an exclusive test for the States. Glad the Germans did not take the bait.

    Actually, I think there is a minimum number of points you will gain, guaranteed, if you win. So you can't lose points if you win 3-2 to a much lower ranked team.

    I think if you lose to the 20th ranked team in the olympics, you'd deserve to lose points lol. But I think it is different if you lose in the pool matches vs. elimination rounds. Guess it's a way to avoid match fixing/throwing.

    Minimum number points could be rounded to 0 actually. This would be due to an under performance win.

    No difference in the Match Weight Factor (MWF) between Pool play and Elimination Rounds. All of those matches are worth (50 MWF/8) x Match result points.

    Olympic Qualifiers were MWF of 35.

    World Champs 45

    VNL 40

    World Cup 35

    Continental Champ 35

    VNL Challenger Cup 20

    Continental Champ Qual. 17.5

    Other Continental Tournaments 10

    LVSF + LVSM : QPL = V.League Division 1/2 : sitenoise


    Further down the list. As a first destination for American players it is good right out of college. However, the pay is not great compared to Europe. Also, if you are not yet determined to be a professional player, it helps give you experience to make that decision.

    the rating, in theory, is self-correcting. So if a team has a bad performance one night (e.g. someone can't play), then over time if they return to their level eventually it'll average out in the end, because teams can gain and lose points. It's not like the old system where points gained are there to stay until an expiry date.

    Yes it is self correcting as more often than not, if you win you will gain points. However, if you were supposed to win 3-0, but only win 3-2, you will not benefit as much if at all. If have a really bad loss, say to the 20th ranked team, in straight sets in the Olympics, you'll drop points.

    There is no expiration date on points now.

    Ranking points are literally only important year before Olympics and maybe for WCH, but way more before Olympics.

    So for the best teams VNL will be only important in 2021 and 2023....:gone:

    In the old ranking yes, but I'm not sure do points from past year VNL (2020) will be cancelled and automatically replaced by the new one (2021) in the new system.

    Points in the new system are not cancelled. It is similar to the ELO Chess model, where all of your results are taken into account.

    Hence it does not matter if it is a A,B or C team, the result is based on historical results of point values from the past and expectation of match results.

    Ranking points matter at all times as they will place you in pools in any tournament, continental and world.

    The FIVB may adjust the seeding in the future for world tournaments after the VNL. I cannot confirm this, but it is a possibility. Olympics pools would probably be before VNL.

    I was wondering if the guys may have a new year of elegibility because of the season cancelled (a special redshirt or something like that for this season). Any idea brahmin ?

    No clue at this point, the NCAA sometimes is really dumb on giving additional years (or not giving). Also this could possibly affect the number of scholarships a team can offer (teams are only allowed so many of them in a given year). If players are kept on for the next year.

    Just have to wait an see.