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    Any transfer news for japan league next season for foreign players? Or who will stays?

    Foluke Akinradewo has announced that she will leave Hisamitsu.

    Laura Heyman has been let go by Hitachi.

    Brankica Mihajlovic will leave JT Marvelous.

    These are confirmed but others could come soon.

    I would bet that Denso, Toyota, Toray, PFU and Ageo are keeping their foreigners, or may add or replace one.

    NEC and Rhamat May split, I don’t know with that one.

    Okayama and Kurobe may go without.

    Victorina Himeji will probably stay with Suelle Oliviera and may try to add a Thai player (in my mind).

    They are going to play 2 matches a weekend at least. I think that the Final 8 will be dropped to a Final 4, which will be semifinals and final both rounds in a single match, instead of the two-match series.

    They can play 22 matches, with a 2 week break for Empress Cup but there is no break otherwise.

    Nippon daihyo chimu ga hatsu shutsu jo shite imasu.

    Translated First participation of the Japanese national team (in this case the U-18 girls) in this tournament.

    I 'am wondering if KOVO already drafted a Middle Blocker as foreign player?

    I mean on the application it says Position: No Limit but based on previous selection I haven't seen any middle blocker drafted for the V-League.

    Teams pay for production and it is hard to justify it for middle in a single foreigner league. An all-around or opposite are the targets for this league, just like in Japan.

    Can anyone find the old FIVB Rankings? Oh, wait I did that already.

    The pictograph for Zone or Zonal, can also be read as region/regional. What the AVC uses, I would use that term.

    Next Season Schedule Announcements

    2019-20 season, kicks off on October 12, 2019, it will be held in the period up to January 26, 2020.

    The 18 pieces of special shape panel Mikasa Co., Ltd. Shin ball Co., Ltd., which was uniformly placed in order to optimize the visibility and aerodynamics "V200W" was decided in official use sphere.

    They are moving the season way up in order for the national team to be prepared for the Olympics. And when I mean prepared, I mean exhausted. I mean six months, including the VNL for the team of preparation.

    The new Mikasa ball was used in a match, if you can call this a match, for the first time today.

    I don't know. This is just my opinion But I think it does count . It counted for Egonu's CL Game as she scored 39. ( I'm not sure how many came from the Golden Set) Last year it counted for Nelishan as well.

    It is not a different match. It is just a extra set. Unless there's a rule where a official volleyball match can only go for 5 sets.

    It is a different match because it is a tiebreaker. CEV states in documentation that the Golden Set will have a 3 minute interval (similar to normal set break). Also the 2nd match “Away” leg data has to be finalized after the Golden Set. Data is kept separate for the “away” and Golden Set, and uploaded separately.

    V League had the Golden Set data completely separate from 5-Set match.

    I thought the separation between was 30 minutes, but it was still 17 (4:30-4:47, per stat sheets). Still a longer break than CEV and also to 25 points not 15. So in my mind, they are not comparable, and hence not a record. Still 50 in the women’s game is a big number.

    The characters mean leave and organization in that order. So the team has released the player they are a free agent. Last year Megumi Kurihara had been released before the All-Star but had been selected by the fans to play in it.

    With the Japanese players overseas, they may still be “owned” by the Japanese team and only a on loan to the foreign team. This may not be mentioned but like with Nagaoka and her injury in Italy, she came back to Hisamitsu to have their doctor look at her second injury.

    The Japanese national teams (men and women) practice at the Ajinomoto National Training Center (many Olympic sports train there) in the north part of Tokyo. The Ajinomoto Stadium is a soccer stadium in the western suburbs of Tokyo. There is an indoor arena in the area there, but the national teams have never been there for practice.

    Actually the arena next to the Ajinomoto Stadium is where the VNL matches will be played for both men and women. Musashino Forest Sports Plaza.

    There is also a Cuban by the name of Regla Martinez who recently joined NEC Red Rockets. Not sure if she is naturalised as NEC already have a foreign player in their team.

    If a foreigner has played in high school or college, usually they are treated as a domestic player. At 21 she would have to decide if she wanted Japanese citizenship to play on the national team.