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    2006 was the last time they did 4 team groups, but only played two matches. So 32 teams, 8 groups of 4. Many groups had 2 teams win their 2 matches and advanced to round of 16 playoffs.

    In 2006, Tsukuba University and Aoyama Gakuin University made the round of 16, where both got swept 3-0.

    In the current 4 teams, 3 matches in 4 groups format since 2007, Tsukuba University would be the first to advance to quarterfinals.

    According to this news, Bartosz Kurek said he will work hard to change the medal's color next season.

    I think he's staying in Japan with Wolfdogs Nagoya.

    Wolfdogs announced on their Twitter page that Head Coach Chris McGown and Coach Robert Poole are both leaving the team after one season. No official statements from either coach on the team's homepage yet.

    Whether this means that Kurek stays is an interesting story. He is the captain of the team and is probably being paid fairly well. Team is in a decent position in the league and parent company is willing to spend some cash if needed.

    With Nishida coming back to JTEKT (unless some foreign team comes calling at a good price), you've got 6 stacked teams fighting for the title.

    But I think maybe I did determine it to be Haruka from some such document based on the おおやま はるか ... whatever they call that phonetic Japanese

    Hiragana, which is the normal Japanese alphabet, vs. Katakana which is the Japanese alphabet for foreign words.

    If you see the name hiragana written on top of the kanji, then it is called furigana (either using hiragana or katakana)

    Italy taking this year's VNL seriously :box:

    Well I mean the World Champs are not that much farther past it. This is the trial run for that roster.

    They lost in the World Champ final in 2018, had a down Olympics last year. Expectations are high for the Italian women with Egonu and de Gennaro. Italy fell in love with the team in 2018, but still with a strong Serbia, Brazil, Turkey and USA, they have to be at their best to win the World Champ title.

    I think Haruka Oyama 大山遼 might actually be Ryo Oyama? I've never seen it Latinized and thought I took it from Haruka Miyashita 宮下遥 ... being a one character given name, but apparently not. brahmin , any guess?

    Per the 2021 Kanto University League 1st Division player list, it is Haruka.…9f42cca0c18301f325e17.pdf

    I would say with boys, the chance for it being read as Ryo, it would make more sense.

    in the old days, it was promotion relegation pre V.League.

    The Nippon League was considered the top level. However when you look at the Japanese volleyball pyramid (using the term that is used for soccer levels), you had to start in your prefectural league. If you won there you would be promoted to the regional league, then if did well, there was a “championship round” and if you won or finished second, would then have a chance to be promoted to the top or second level league. So many of the new teams, looking to reach V.League level licensing right now have to start in their prefectural leagues.

    I saw something about that but don't understand the "ownership" thing. I thought PFU was kind of like Okayama in that they were a corporate team that went rogue. What does "PFU" stand for?

    yahoo articl

    PFU were always a corporate team.

    P is for Panasonic and F is for Facom (part of Fujitsu) which is this case merged in 1973. U is for USAC (a different electronics company) that merged with PF in 1987 to make it PFU. In 2010 the company became a complete subsidiary of Fujitsu.

    the Blue Cats started under USAC in 1979, becoming the USAC Volleyball Division in 1980. In 2002 they finished the 2nd in the championship round of all the regional leagues, which allowed them to playoff to get into the then V2 league. The team that they were supposed to play were folding and they got promoted.

    FC Tokyo men’s team has been saved and will change their name to NatureLab and remain in the V1 league from June, after the Kurowashiki (Black Eagle) tournament.

    no logo or nickname yet for the team from NatureLab, which makes many grooming products (men and women) that are sold online.

    Friendlies are basically near non-existent in the sport because of the lack of time between club and national team seasons.

    Let alone coaches are going to test rosters out in a match on a set by set basis.

    I have seen the USA men play twice in Portland for exhibitions.

    USA women played Japan and Brazil in exhibitions before World Cups or VNL seasons in the past. We are talking two matches at the most, non-scrimmage.

    DR played Okayama Seagulls in Tokyo run up last year.

    sitenoise here is some taraflex and some wood courts

    Taraflex is a lot softer, easier to land on. wood courts would be last choice here... but taraflex courts are expensive and you have to move them if you want to use the court underneath

    many schools are not going down that path in a multi-use venue. Whereas those with smaller gyms and not as many things going on could install it easily.