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    New Salary guideline for Foreign player in Korean League
    Basic Salary is USD $400,000
    if it's the 2nd year playing in Korea: USD $550,000
    if it's the 3rd year playing in Korea: USD $600,000

    part of the reason for the high salary is as follows:

    Hopefully prevents leaving in mid-season as the teams would not release you from your contract. Let alone this should keep you registered for the entirety of the season.

    Also very hard to find a replacement in middle of season if you don’t like it there.

    Teams do not have compete over salary for foreign players. Kind of like a salary cap with KOVO does have, but foreign players will not hurt everyone. If you want to be paid well and then want to stay we’ll pay more is a good idea.

    Teams can choose where they want their player, opposite, outside hitter or middle, with feeling that they are overpaid by position.

    According to a post doc student from Stanford, there are rumors of Eda visiting Stanford campus next fall.

    you can visit but do you have the grades? I played in the older gym, Burnham Pavillion in a club tournament. Grades were nowhere near what was needed.

    I read somewhere (and posted about it here) where Marcos said he had no input on signing players. But maybe that has to do only with the Japanese players? It seems certain that he would have had input on bringing Lorenne in, not just a coincidence

    teams have general managers…with the foreign players they will probably get more help from the coach, especially if the coach is a foreigner. Also if the coach has experience with a player, kind of gets a green light automatically. However, if coach and player are both from same country, even with interpreting, coach can say something to a player without fear of mistakes.

    The news bit about "Lorenne's return" home is a little ambiguous , and she's not mentioned in the "勇退" blurb. In the news item about Black Eagle Flag they just say both foreign players have split to play for their home NTs.

    I think she's not coming back

    For me it is more of the coach that brought her to Japan is gone. If that coach is still there, then it is more on the player if they want to stay. Now, it would be does the new coach want her? She did have a visa, which makes it a little easier to come back, but with the old coach speaking Portuguese, no problem communicating. New coach maybe different language….

    so Lorene will probably not be returning then as well. Ageo was always just on the outside of the top 4 teams under his control.

    I think the team is kind of in an quandary. Good at one foreigner position Jaja, but not at the other. Also domestic players aren’t bad but outside of Uchiseto not great, while getting a good performance from the team. Still when compared to the JT, Toray, Springs and NEC they are a little behind them.

    Looking at the stats. It was almost like Nagoya was still in their pajamas against Suntory.

    match 2

    11 blocks for Suntory to 3 for Nagoya. 5 each from the middles

    6 service aces for Suntory to 0 for Nagoya. Muserskiy with 3 and Yanagida with 2.

    Then throw in 38 kills with 1 hitting error on 55 swings, a hitting ((kills-errors)/swings) percentage of 67.2%, even taking out blocks, the hitting efficiency ((kills-errors-blocks)/swings) is 61.8%. Yanagida was the only Suntory player less than this number at 5 kills (0 errors) on 9 swings.

    Only one player for Nagoya past 61.8% hitting efficiency, which was middle Ryota Denda at 4 kills (0 errors) on 6 swings. That’s not a good sign for Nagoya.

    Kurek with 20 (19k, 1b) for Nagoya only player in double figures

    Muserskiy with 17 (14k, 3a) for Suntory

    Haruko Ono 11 (6k, 5b) for Suntory

    Shikun Peng 12 (6k, 5b, 1a) for Suntory

    Golden Set to 25 points

    Not much changed, other than Kurek did not do much with the sets, 7 kills (1 error) on 19 swings.

    Muserskiy with 8 kills (0 errors) in 13 swings.

    Suntory with 0 errors, with 1 Nagoya block

    Nagoya with 1 error with, 3 Suntory blocks

    Suntory’s hitting efficiency 14 kills, 0 errors, 1 block on 21 swings, 61.9%

    Wolfdogs 12 kills, 1 errors, 3 blocks on 28 swings, 28.6%, which was an improvement on the 22.4% (36-8-11/76) in the regular match, but still nowhere near what was needed.

    Suntory won by 29 points today in four sets, and it wasn’t close. Nagoya may have been propped up by a number of forfeit wins this year, but being 3-1 against Suntory in the regular season and then getting the 3-0 win last week, this was a let down, and a deserved win by the Sunbirds.

    Japanese women of course will not host, but for the men's matches in Osaka, here are the prices.

    For the days that the Japanese men are playing

    Super Seat 15,000 yen

    Arena (south side) 12,000 yen

    Arena (north side and ends) 10,000 yen

    Stand A 8,000 yen

    Stand B 5,000 yen

    Stand C, 3,000 yen

    Wheelchair 3,000 yen

    All seats with tax included and reserved seats

    For the non-Japanese men match days, July 5 & 7

    Super Seat 5,000 yen

    Arena A (all sections, same as south, north and ends) 3,000 yen

    Stand (all of them) 1,000 yen

    Wheelchair 1,000 yen

    Canada vs. Argentina on July 5

    France vs. USA on July 7

    Canada vs. Brazil on July 7

    Anyone knows if 4T will continue to play in Japan? I remember seeing in this thread that apparently she had to go back to Vietnam and help her club there or something?

    you never know if teams are on loans with foreign players or if they are complete transfers. Also many foreign players are on yearly contracts, so it is up to team and player to commit again to each other. If same coach, then likelihood is there depending on the player. Plus pay in Japan is good and having interpreter paid for as well.

    Ahh okay. Someone online told me that there was a "training period" for US NT candidates or something like that, and that Annie is not confirmed a spot in the team?

    may want to take a NT break due to winning gold…..basically you have a 4 year commitment. And life sometimes happens too. Drews is married, but her husband stayed in the states during her time in Japan.

    Drews having to play her way onto the team? Not with the awards she has in her pocket…..

    Play abroad on a club level, right? Would she sign up for a Japanese team, now that she's also part of the NT? :/

    Also, how does playing for a university club work in the US? You can only play if you're a student there?

    NCAA requires that you as a student take classes and get passing grades. She has now graduated from college.

    Airi went to a junior college (credits can transfer to other colleges) first, to improve her English, while playing as a student. Had to play two years at a school in Idaho. From there, she was accepted to Minnesota as a student, who also played on the volleyball team.

    Many students right out of high school are offered scholarships, where the university pays tuition and room and board for the student/player (student-athlete is the preferred NCAA term). However, the scholarships are really on an annual basis by each school and if a coach leaves, the new coach can say, I don’t see you in my plans. Student is then free to go elsewhere, but may not get scholarship at other schools, unless offered. At schools with steady leadership, scholarships to players are usually kept, unless player wants to leave, due to playing time, other issues.

    not uncommon to see some players switch even between big schools. Lexi Sun going from Texas to Nebraska as a surprise.