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    Keep in mind that situation is very specific. FIVB had to find already verified host who can keep WCH at decent level of organization having only ~5 month to prepare it.

    if people are complaining that the same country could host in a chaos year, it just is ridiculous. You don’t have tons of options on short notice.

    Let alone FIVB has to rebrand logos, websites. They are going to aim towards those places that have done this before with good infrastructure built in. Oh hey World Champs from 2014 and 2018, yes please from FIVB is a quick answer.

    the league changed their rules before the season, to ensure that as best as possible, all matches were going to be played. They had to move the final back to begin with because of positives. Later when matches could not be played, they turned into forfeits.

    sadly because of the earlier push backs, it pushed into the Asian club champs, Black Eagle tournament and national team training. This was one of the reasons for putting single opponent back-to-backs was to prevent teams catching Covid through multiple teams in one venue. As the league wanted to have 33 matches, instead of say 22 (play each team twice), this essentially forced 17 weeks to be played, 1/3 of a calendar year before finals. Plus with the league not wanting mid-week games unless absolutely necessary, which this year it was in the last month of the season, any deviation from the normal schedule was just going to make it impossible to have a massive change at the last moment.

    Venue for final was in one location, then had to change due to push back, throw in last batch of Covid and the league just had no room to fit something in.

    the reason for the announcements of a team catching Covid was to ensure teams knew before hand if they could play each week, and potential later for rescheduling. At some point, if your team could not play the match, while the other team could, it was a forfeit win. When both teams are the cause, no-match was the only answer. And because they did at least play one match, with Hisamitsu winning, a head-to-head result in a final is a tiebreaker.

    the reason for no extension is as follows. If only one team was out due to Covid,you would have a forfeit, per the rules. However with both teams not able to play and an unknown number of days needed to make both teams available, it just isn’t feasible. Let alone the national team starting practice soon as well.

    Hisamitsu winning the first match and being declared champs, I think is fair to both teams.

    Didn't expect that SWP will be considered for renewal after how she was utilized this season, but I guess it's happening.

    right now, Getting visas in Japan is a pain due to Covid, so if you already have one, it is easier to be resigned even if not with same team, hence Acosta with Denso, which needed a foreigner with Plummer going to Imoco.

    She really fit in with the team and that usually is a good sign that they want you back.

    Kelsey is a really good player and could play anywhere in the world but chose Japan. We’ll see if Toyota still wants her, but I would not be surprised if they bring her back with their play last half of the year.

    Foluke is up to her. She loves Japan and her team is very supportive, even as a mom, which may not be easy in Japan.

    Lutz had a tough year, but Kurobe are not big spenders and they are still in V1, and she appears to like Japan on her Instagram page.

    Tapp is still great for Hitachi, but if she may want to be in a bigger league, she’s put her time in.

    Drews is in same boat as Tapp. Also team is still winning titles, have some work this weekend though.

    Also one odd quirk right now is the exchange rate. Last couple of years it is in the 108-114 yen to US$1. As of today it is around 125 yen to US$1. If paid in yen, you conversion to $ is down about 10%. If paid in $ you get 10% more.

    i think that China was the heavy favourite in Tokyo. USA imo was not favourite in this Olympics. Italy, China and Serbia were favourites.

    But USA was favourite in London 2012. Brazil Lost a Lot of games against USA before Olympics. The only team who IMO at that time could beat USA was Rússia. If i nota mistaken, after 2010 WC Rússia main team didnt face USA.

    China sent the B team to VNL and then the A team. USA did not put out their best lineup against China as they were very solidly in the Top 4 for the Finals.

    USA not a favorite with the #1 ranked team in the World after just beating full squad Brazil in VNL final. Out of the backup teams, only Serbia got anywhere close to a medal.

    Yes the expectations were for a very competitive tournament with the regulars coming back again full USA and Brazil.

    Let's go back to Beijing. A little luck got us Silver.

    2010 World Champs, Lost in five in 3rd place match against a team playing at home. About right finish.

    2012 Olympics one of the favorites, but that 1st set blow out in the final, was just a nightmare after that. This one would be "should have been gold"

    2014 World Champs, I will not say this one is luck, but taking care of Brazil in the semifinal and then taking down China in 4, was a little better than expected even with their world ranking.

    2016 I think that USA gets gold if Foluke does not have her injury in semifinal.

    2018 Two losses to China and Netherlands (both in 5) in third round to finish 5th, was a little underwhelming.

    2021 Were the clear favorites coming in, still with the injuries in the tournament, this team overcame and achieved.

    as a USA fan, I was crying in 2014, because you could see the heart and soul of Karch. The most successful player on the men's side at that time, having seen the failures in 2012, and taking them to gold in the World Champs in 2014. Then the same failures in 2016, 2018 and then the finish in Tokyo, with a brutal dominance against Brazil in that final. The ladies and him earned their medals through failures Olympics and World Champs with a number of successes in the VNL and World Grand Prix.

    Sometimes luck plays a role, but in Tokyo, luck kind of went against the USA, but the backups, were ready, it all clicked at the end.

    Yes, I am aware of that. I watch volleyabll since those days. It's just that lately FIVB wasn't organizing VNL and Grand Prix stages in countries other than the ones participating in the competition.

    Right now, if countries don't want to pay for hosting, the FIVB/Volleyball World are more than willing to put it in places that would be interesting hosting.

    Philippines team is nowhere near as competitive as other teams in Asia. If they were positioned higher in Asian Confederation, then possibly could be in the VNL playing.

    Final Series, Game 1, April 10

    Wolfdogs Nagoya 3-0 Suntory Sunbirds, 25-19, 28-26, 25-21

    Bartosz Kurek (POL) with 20 (19k, 1a) for Nagoya, Dmitriy Muserskiy (RUS) with 21 (19k, 1b, 1a) for Suntory

    Kenta Takanashi and Hirota Denda each with 3 aces for Wolfdogs

    Wolfdogs lead series 1-0

    If Wolfdogs win on April 17th, they will be champions

    Suntory must win on April 17th to force a 25-point Golden Set.

    Challenge Matches

    2 match series, with total wins, total points, total sets ratio, and total points ratio as the tiebreakers

    April 10

    Voreas Hokkaido (V2 1st Place) vs. VC Nagano Tridents (V1 10th Place)

    VC Nagano Tridents 3-2 Voreas Hokkaido, 35-37, 25-19, 22-25, 25-14, 15-10

    Yu-Sheng Chang (TPE) of Voreas with 33 (29k, 1b, 3a) and Rivan Nurmulki (INA) of Nagano with 23 (18k, 2b, 3a)

    Series tied 1-1 win each, 3-3 points each, 5-5 sets won each.

    VC Nagano 233 points scored to Voreas Hokkaido's 218

    VC Nagano Tridents stay in V1

    Fujitsu Kawasaki Red Spirits (V2 2nd Place) vs. Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler (V1 9th Place)

    Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler 3-1 Fujitsu Kawasaki Red Spirits, 29-27, 25-21, 34-36, 25-19

    Brian Baganas (PHI) with 32 (26k, 3b, 3a) for Oita, Mori Yanagaida with 24 (23k, 1a) for Fujitsu

    Series tied 1-1 win each, but Oita wins on points 4-2

    Oita Miyosh Weisse Adler stay in V1

    I will admit, Sheila was for me as a USA fan and absolute pain with the Brazilian team in the early to mid 2010s.

    It always seemed that she would get important points at the worst times for the USA in finals matches. While the USA could not keep the opposite position consistent after Hooker.

    She was a part of that Golden generation from 2006-2016, that seemed to win nearly every thing except the World Championships.

    After 2016’s loss in the Olympics to China, which in my mind should have been a Brazilian finals appearance, my view changed on Shiela. I later realized, she was the quiet one, who let her play do the talking. Jacque could melt down after a mistake. Thaisa would just explode after a block or kill, Fabiana the same as Thaisa, but Shiela was the one that was the go to, when it was needed and more often than not delivered, and then allow the rest of team to feel confident.

    In the domestic league she was kind pushed to the curb and international club teams said no thanks, so when AU came calling, it was attractive to her even with Covid.

    We all know the she’s a mom from Brazil comment, which while not the best way to start her introduction became a rallying call for her. Do not disrespect this woman, by the end of the 6 weeks, she was her bad self. Even getting called back into NT in the VNL. Being one of the captains during this AU season, still showed she was one of the greats int this sport.

    Brazil in the 2006-2016 time frame, was damn tough with Shiela, but without her, they would have been a little worse and probably not as successful. You saw the respect that some of the greats had for her in that video, plus her NT teammates. I would guess that others have spoken with her privately, but still great to see Jordan and Betty give compliments after getting to play with her in the last two years.

    The thing with V2 teams is they can play well enough but they make silly unfortunate mistakes. Except for Set 3 yesterday, the Allies have played this the closest I've seen of a BCS-free V2 team giving a BCS V1 team a run for their money. Another 25–23 set loss the Allies could have won if not for silly blunders at showtime

    Brilliant Aries got V1 quality. Yuka Tomizawa is a racehorse. Maybe next time :rose:

    Kurobe have not lit the world on fire in V1 either, but there is a gap, and also what teams are willing to spend. Gunma and Route Inn are probably going to be at the top again in V2 next year. Route Inn could probably bring in a ASEAN player as well to improve more. I don’t know if Kurobe will do that. Will Kurobe try to bring in a different BCS than Lutz?

    Foluke had 5 blocks. Word on the street was that if she had 3 or more blocks SAGA would win :teach:

    when Foluke is on with the blocks, she is one of the best of all time

    Statistically, the both teams seem almost matched although Foluke's 69% attack rate is admirable.

    It was neither a total domination nor a complete landslide. It felt more like luck in a way, given the amount of mistakes that were made :white::call:

    let’s do some Foluke math. When the middle has 20 points just swinging and the match only went 4 sets, it is not admirable, it is pure dominance.

    she outscored every one on JT bar Drews and Tanaka just in spiking. 20-19. She out blocked Thatdao and Akutagawa 5-4 by herself. If she has a similar performance in match 2, MVP of Finals.

    now if Ishii had anything today, this would have been a blowout, however 5-35 (1e) would have killed The Springs today without Foluke.

    Hayashi had an off day for JT, 10-38 (5e), which basically meant she was Ishii on the other side of the net.

    JT must win to get this to a Golden Set next weekend.

    Looking at the 3 matches between JT and Hisamitsu.

    Feb. 26 Hisamitsu 3-1 JT, 96-88

    Foluke (Hisa) with 7 blocks, 15-10 Hisamitsu blocks

    Akutagawa (JT) 4 blocks

    Drews (JT) 17-48 (1e) spiking, 1 block

    Hayashi (JT) 18-36 (1e) spiking, 1 block

    Arisa Inoue (Hisa) 16-45 (3e) spiking, 3 blocks

    Yuki Ishii (Hisa) 13-39 (4e) spiking), 1 block

    Miyu Nakagawa (Hisa) 3 aces

    Hisamitsu +3 serving (1 ace, 2 service errors)

    Mar. 16 JT 3-2 Hisamitsu, 111-106

    Foluke 12-32 with 2 blocks

    Thatdao (JT) 7-14 (2e) with 6 blocks, JT 11-10 blocks

    Drews 34-78 (4e) with 3 blocks, 2 aces

    Hayashi 13-41 (4e)

    Arisa Inoue (Hisa) 14-50 (3e) with 4 blocks

    Ishii 21-58 (3e) with 4 blocks

    Mar. 30 Hisamitsu 3-1 JT, 95-87

    Foluke 8-16 with 0 blocks

    Thatdao 9-14 (1e) with 0 blocks

    Drews 18-49 (3e) with 0 blocks

    Hayashi 18-38 (2e) with 1 block

    Arisa Inoue (Hisa) 19-55 (2e) with 1 block, 3 aces

    Ishii 14-28 (2e) with 1 block

    Hisamitsu +6 on serving (2 aces, 4 serving errors)

    Both teams focus on their offense through two players.

    For Springs Arisa Inoue and Ishii, while JT with Drews and Hayashi. If Annie is off, this is a win for the Springs. If Drews is on, then swings in favor to JT.

    If Foluke is getting 3+ blocks then Springs are probably winning the match. Thatdao is similar on the JT side of the net.

    Both teams are efficient in their serving, so not much of an advantage, other than Drews usually has more errors than other players, 57 errors, tied for 2nd worst in regular season. Nakagawa and Arisa Inoue being the leading ace servers for Hisamitsu, 5th and 8th in the league respectively.

    Challenge Matches

    2 match series, with total wins, total points, total sets ratio, and total points ratio as the tiebreakers

    April 9

    Voreas Hokkaido (V2 1st Place) vs. VC Nagano Tridents (V1 10th Place)

    Voreas Hokkaido 3-2 VC Nagano Tridents, 33-31, 19-25, 21-25, 25-18, 15-12

    Yu-Sheng Chang (TPE) of Voreas with 43 (40k, 1b, 2a) and Rivan Nurmulki (INA) of Nagano with 33 (30k, 1b, 2a)

    Voreas lead series 1-0

    Voreas will win series with a win.

    VC Nagano will win series with a win in less than 5 sets. 4-2 on points

    If Nagano win in 5 sets, series will be tied at 1-1 wins, 3-3 points and 5-5 sets. Nagano will need to outscore Voreas by 2 points or more to stay in V1.

    Fujitsu Kawasaki Red Spirits (V2 2nd Place) vs. Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler (V1 9th Place)

    Fujitsu Kawasaki Red Spirits 3-2 Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler, 25-20. 25-22. 21-25. 19-25. 15-13

    Brian Baganas (PHI) with 21 (16k, 5b) for Oita, Mori Yanagaida with 21 (17k, 3b, 1a) for Fujitsu

    Fujitsu will win series with a win.

    Oita will win series with a win in less than 5 sets. 4-2 on points

    If Oita win in 5 sets, series will be tied at 1-1 wins, 3-3 points and 5-5 sets. At present after the first match the teams are tied on points at 105. So if the match does go to Oita in 5 sets, they will need to at least match Fujitsu on points scored to stay in V1. If Fujitsu would score 1 more point in the five set Oita win, Fujitsu would be promoted to V1.

    Final 3 Match

    Suntory Sunbirds with a 1-0 advantage to start the series

    Panasonic Panthers 3-2 Suntory Sunbirds 25-19, 19-25, 25-23, 21-25, 15-10

    Series tied at 1-1, forcing a 25-point Golden Set

    Golden Set

    Suntory 25-21 Panasonic

    Dmitriy Muserskiy with 12 points (10k, 2 a) in the final set'

    Finals, Best of 2 series, if tied at 1-1, 25 point Golden Set

    Wolfdogs Nagoya vs. Suntory Sunbirds

    April 10 & 17