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    In Madrid, Queen Maria reached 500 WTA match wins (beating Ana Ivanovic :love: in semifinal) and will now battle Serena for the title and World #1 ranking.

    From what i understand their budget is increasing day by day :lol: first it was 12 now 20 somebody stop Police

    I have heard this 20 million rumour for a while... but how to get such money, and how could they spend it all... on a team not in European competition...? = 4,8 million euros (or 6,4 million US $)

    hanks, that's good to hear. She's one of the most talented players of that generation, so I hope she'll make her way there! I just saw that Nancy Metcalf and Jordan Larson have been at Nebraska, that's certainly a good sign :thumbup:

    Sarah Pavan also played there. And USA NT libero Kayla Banwarth.

    Rumours that Chemik Police are close to signing Gosia Glinka, Agnieszka Bednarek, and Anna Werblińska.
    Also that Marek Brandt and Dorota Świeniewicz will be involved with club.

    I remember her as promising talent :roll: Although her reception is quite decent comparing with Kasprzak, Sieczka and Polak, she lost her spiking abilities, what proved last matches in OrlenLiga. Overall she's mediocre - she can be in NT, but only in wide roster. Better are Werblińska, Kosek, Grejman, in league Skowrońska, Kasprzak and even Pyziołek played better. Comparing reception and spike players' stats in league + Kosek (from Turkey) she wasn't in top 10 OHs.

    I hope Elżbieta Skowrońska is called and willing to play. This season, I have only see her play against Atom... but I think, if not for her, Atom would have Polish Cup and probably already gold medal.

    I have had high expectations for Bogumiła Pyziołek, but only because of her sister... which is completely unfair to her.

    I will mention Śliwa... I would like to see her return to coaching staff. :)

    Anyway, I do not expect Bełcik to return, but wanted to write a few words in her defence without sounding like obsessed crazy person... which reminds me of another question...

    Should Klaudia Kaczorowska be called for NT?

    Do you guys think Belçik is out of NT or there is still a chance for her to play in NT ?( I was quite impressed by her performance whenever I got chance to watch her in Orlen Liga, she is a good blocker as well

    Bełcik is a good setter, with good blocking and serving, experience, and leadership. She has a great love for volleyball and her country, and NT would be fortunate to have her.

    I think Wołosz should be first setter now, with Skorupa as backup. Of course Skorupa is better, but we need transition to younger players. Really, we need to find young player who can become backup for Wołosz... but I do not know who.

    Scrolling through Facebook today, I saw this picture of Alex Morgan... which I first thought was Debby Stam.

    I had never really noticed similarity before... so I went to Google image search... and I found this post. :D

    USA soccer player Alex Morgan reminds me a bit of Debby Stam. I couldnt find a good photo, but watching the World Cup, many times she reminded me Stam it was weird..hehehehehe