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    As far as I know Babkevich signed long term contract with Fakel and he is programmed as new Fakel leader so his transfer to Novosibirsk looks unrealistic. Also, Lokomotiv have Klets & Sapozhkov on loan and one of them (probably Klets) is going back to Loko.

    Nimir could go to Peters as Urnaut is leaving, Kobzar won't leave as Grebennikov is staying for sure so no point in hiring foreign setter when they have Russian NT player. Not sure what will be with Kolodinsky. Also, Zenit's transfer campaign is going to be affected with new coach, so far they are targeting Piazza :rolll::aww: but all key Russian players are staying, only Poletaev's situation is unknown due numerous injuries since he joined.

    I doubt Louati is going back to Poland as he didn't have the best time there due some non-volleyball reasons, as well as Al Hachdadi :whistle:

    Hmmm:/ They already have Efe-Batuhan-Hoag and Mirza as OHs. I guess Mirza will be loaned then.

    As far as I heard he wants to play as starter and that's why he refused Italian clubs while Hoag apparently, promised him starting line up. Maybe something changed but this source was pretty reliable so far

    Because Kobzar and Pankov are similar setters. Abaev atleast offers something different from both setters including Butko with his aggressiveness.

    Similar setters? How can be similar setters, Dynamo was playing super fast volley this season, no one expected that while Kobzar style is more orientated on higher balls. Only similarity is both using MB's a lot but again Pankov is setting more faster.

    With this performance from Kobzar, I'd rather have Abaev for Tokyo.

    Pankov is a leader. This should cement his place now and I hope all his doubters should too as well.

    Really strange opinion, what bloody Abaev? To put him huge pressure on this young guy & lose him if result wouldn't be favourable for Russia? Kobzar is playing the best volleyball in his career, leading Kuzbass in all aspects and for 2 poor sets Abaev should go to Tokyo?

    Pankov style, I mean lot of fast plays with little bit less precision suits Russia more like teams vs Japan than Kobzar's style. Less precise balls can be solved by Russians due physical advantage comparing to the Japs.

    Forgot to add I like Iran under Alekno so far despite 2 losses. It's obvious he is trying to implement some of his own visions, especially playing on high balls, and giving younger players (partly due missings) a chance to prove themselves.

    Also I would like to underline that Igor Kolaković selected younger players & introduced them to senior team and Iran have nice team for the next 10-15 years.

    it’s week one. Early days

    Doesn't change fact France is looking pale and they haven't faced top teams yet. Bulgaria dropped 24-21 in 1st set, 20-17 in 3rd one, Germans were better team in general and ref's doubtful decision gave Frenchies crucial point in 5th set. It's true its not all in gameplay in first days but French players looked disinterested so far and I rarely seen them looking like that.

    Everyone, with any knowledge about vball, can see Australians are extremely poor with MB Beau playing as OPP, with 65-70% of team coming from ACOE or local league. These guys pushed Tillie to put Brizard, Rossard, Chinenyeze etc. and that is worrying.

    France doesn't look good at all, I was expecting much more confident performance against really weak Australians. Turned to be completely opposite, N'Gapeth very poor and with obvious overweight problem, Gueye looked lost on field despite he is big big potential. Diez very pale, invisible for libero both in defence & reception. Same could be said for games vs Germany & Bulgaria, very pale France despite 2 victories.

    The league seems wide open for any team this season.

    There are no clear favourites yet.

    The two Zenits are struggling to win sometimes. Very troubling especially for St. Petersburg which invested quite a lot on Kliuka and Poletaev.

    Clear favs are Zenit's despite results so far as both teams were struggling with COVID-19 within team and they are far from optimal shape

    It's not hard to conclude why Shoji missed last 2 games.

    Meanwhile, Belgorod sacked Igor Juričić after only 2 championship games, both losses at home, but even Velasco cannot help this Belgorod team.

    Sport policy of Belgorod is totally missed, Juričić is 4th sacked coach in less than a year :sos::aww:

    Once great club is turning into mid-table team due father-in-law & son-in-law vision..