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    Thanks mate :drink:

    well to be honest level of forum, mostly discussion , dropped a lot lately :white: Women section is still good but men is quite poor (except few users) so nothing to say much :)

    Regarding Zanini I'm really glad to have him on the bench as he did great job with Turkey and Slovakia IMO :obey: ofc we cannot compare to these teams in terms of logistics, number of quality players but we still have decent NT. Under previous coach we won EL Silver edition but it's a joke competition and after that there was debacle in ECH qualies where we were losing to Albania, Austria w/o Berger and Buchegger.

    Hope Zanini will return some players to NT which refused to play under Rancic and remove few of them. His appointment seems like a long term so hoping for better days:whistle:

    Head coach Ivan Rančić announced wide roster for the upcoming NT season. Croatia will take par in European Silver League, Mediterrean Games and ECH qualies.


    Tsimafei Zhukouski
    Petar Višić
    Nikola Šćerbakov
    Bernard Bakonji
    Mario Močić


    Ivan Raič
    Petar Đirlić
    Leo Andrić
    Ivan Matoković
    Krešimir Prlić
    Luka Osojnak


    Hrvoje Pervan
    Sven Šarčević


    Marko Sedlaček
    Filip Šestan
    Fran Peterlin
    Danijel Galić
    Marino Marelić
    Ante Giljanović
    Tino Hanžić
    Marko Oršolić


    Ivan Mihalj
    Sandro Dukić
    Tomislav Mitrašinović
    Dominik Brčić
    Stipe Perić
    Kristijan Šućur

    Shkulyavichus was a top scorer in the regular part of the season. He definitely deserves a chance in the NT, especially in VNL in order to rest Mikhaylov and Poletaev.

    French OH Nico Marechal joins Yenisey Krasnoyarsk.

    Setter Sergey Grankin returns to Dynamo Moscow.

    OH Lukas Diviš signs with Zenit St.Petersburg.

    Macedonian setter Gjorgi Gjorgiev in Paris volley.

    Yes, he was 3rd libero last year. I think he is the tallest libero in the world :D 197cm if Im not wrong :) And he is better than Rosić and Majstorović...

    No Nemanja Petric.

    Serbia always bring new players to NT and they can keep their level. :thumbsup:

    Petrić is having problems with both knees so Grbić decieded to rest him in VNL.

    Big news is that Dragan Stanković retired from NT.

    Rains Škundrić is playing as a libero his entire career, absolutely nothing changed about his role.

    The worst Belgorod I've seen in years. A spark of hope showed in 1st set @19:24 but it's unbelieveable how they missed to convert 5 mp's in a row due to poor reception. But what I really dont understand is lack of vision in terms of coaching in Belgorod. Kosarev, Bogomolov, Cretu, Kuzyutkin and again Kosarev couldnt fid to use potential of this team. Ok, they lacked width on OH position but still this is huge failure for Belgorod.

    Kuzbass was brilliant in both matches, I was stunned with calmness in 1st set, fighting spirit and tactics in general. Sammelvuo is doing great job and I'm sure they'll win CEV or Challenge cup next year

    Still not worse than the one that had Suxho-A. Ferreira-Sokolov a few seasons ago. :lol:

    Ferreira is volley doctor for Lanza, and Tsetso is a God fot Vettori. Lanza is a total disaster, Mosna should get rid of him ASAP as he is cancer of this team. I'll start to hate Trentino coz of him. ZAKSA would rape them with Deroo today :white:

    It seems all/most of the team (or at least, of the starting six) is against Rado, so that could explain their position.
    But to be honest – considering that the society is apparently standing by Rado, so he probably hasn't done nothing truly wrong, beside being the 'iron' and pretending coach he is known to be – from such professional players I would expect a different position, or at least silence.

    I can understand their personal affection toward Earvin (don't know about Swan) and I would never expect Bruno to be against Earvin, but standing publicly with him means also standing against the coach and so the society they love/loved, and that sounds like a 'betrayal', like they're trying to do a mutiny. I got the impression they're thinking 'ok, if we all stand vs Rado and pro Earvin, to preserve the team they'll have to kick Rado out'.
    I hope I'm damn wrong!

    Well, I investigated a little bit, called few people, and situation is very complicated. Almost all players are against Stoychev because of his attitude apparently and Earvin is leader of a riot. Pedrini is in delicate situation coz she admires Earvin while she brought Stoychev to create total domination. Also he has really big contract and she is in tough situation as both sides wont give up...