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    The league seems wide open for any team this season.

    There are no clear favourites yet.

    The two Zenits are struggling to win sometimes. Very troubling especially for St. Petersburg which invested quite a lot on Kliuka and Poletaev.

    Clear favs are Zenit's despite results so far as both teams were struggling with COVID-19 within team and they are far from optimal shape

    It's not hard to conclude why Shoji missed last 2 games.

    Meanwhile, Belgorod sacked Igor Juričić after only 2 championship games, both losses at home, but even Velasco cannot help this Belgorod team.

    Sport policy of Belgorod is totally missed, Juričić is 4th sacked coach in less than a year :sos::aww:

    Once great club is turning into mid-table team due father-in-law & son-in-law vision..

    True, they need to start Brizard. Toniutti is now in the twilight of his career.

    Well all tactics were based pass to Boyer and N'Gapeth. That worked well so far, vs Italy serving was great but one thing either Tille or Toniutti have forgotten, Lisinac - Podraščanin are one of the best MB duo's in the world and on simple tactics like today they are becoming beasts.

    In addition with huge motivation Serbia just couldn't lose this one.

    I was in Ljubljana last night and all comments that Poland have had a bad day or played on 70% are complete nonsenses :aww: Poland played as much as Slovenia let them to play, Giuliani totally outclassed Heynen tactically and that's the reason for Polish loss. Anyone who says opposite is totally clueless about volleyball :whistle:

    Slovenia played on 110%? Also a joke as several players, especially Urnaut looked pretty exhausted and tired but managed to find strength to pull out key balls and serves. Polish players looked much more fresh than Slovenians but that's not a surprise IMO. Slovenians played on 110% indeed but in several occasions

    Let me return on tactics - THE ONLY chance for Slovenia to win this match was to risk on serve as much as thay can. Čebulj, Urnaut and Pajek were hitting jump serves in most cases, Kozamernik and Vinčić were taking big risks with his float serves as he was trying to hit the lines and they succeeded in their intentions. In same time they didn't take much risks in the attack, they made only 4 attacking errors in 4 sets against Poland and I think all should bow to them for that :obey:Also they were focusing block on Polish wings as reception as quite poor and Dzyzga couldn't play with his middles much. Slovenia didn't have many kill blocks, their approach was to focus more on defensive block, leaving Kovačić and other players picking "dead" balls after the block. Vinčić isn't great setter, for me he is mediocre player with a lot of insecurity in his setting and that makes this result even bigger. If Slovenia have setter like or close to Kobzar/Toniutti level they would be much more dangerous team.

    Poland wasn't bad at all, just remember Bienek and Kubiak serves in the end of 2nd and 3rd set, Leon killed several hard balls but to expect him to beat Slovenia alone is pure underestimation of Slovenia. Claiming 2-3 hours airplane trip had impact on performance is... better not to say anything. Simply Heynen missed tactics, didn't pull right moves and that costed them. Not playing on 70%. :whistle:

    I also have to "reply" on comments Slovenia isn't world class team. Ok they aren't on Brazil, USA, France level but this team played final back in 2015, won World League Group 3 & 2 in just 2 years, beat Poland also in 2017 in Poland (!!) and for sure they can endanger even the biggest teams. IMO they would have more consistency if FIVB allowed them to join Nations League 2 years ago as they missed matches on high, international, level during that time and matches are the most important thing in becoming powerhouse. While Poland/Russia were playing with France, Brazil, USA, Serbia etc. Slovenia was fielding B/C squad in European League vs Finland, Ukraine etc. I'm not underestimating any of these teams but certainly they are weaker than Nations League teams.

    Don't get comments which are underestimating Slovenian success but this is one nice story which proves volleyball is great sport.

    it took two sets for Iran to finally wake up and do something. but obviously they are not that prepared for this competition, they even cancelled friendlies with Bulgaria and came to Russia directly.

    I would be OK with "not taking OGQ seriously" if I knew that's part of a plan but they don't have a plan. their plan is like "let's see what happens today, then we will think about tomorrow" still nobody knows which team they will send to the Asian Championships.

    Maybe I used too harsh words but I heard this plan 2 months ago, to focus on VNL and Asian OG qualies rather than on St. Peters pool from person close to a team.