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    Maybe someone already posted this but I didn't see

    Russian vice champion Lokmotiv Belgorod signed Italian setter Giacomo Sintini (RPA Perugia), Argentinian middle blocker Alejandro Spajic (Drean Bolivar) and Russian spiker Alexander Kosarev (Fakel Novy Urengoy).

    Gazprom Ugra Surgut signed Polish middle blocker Lucas Kadziewicz (Lokomotiv Belgorod)

    Ural Ufa signed German spiker Robert Kromm (Marmi Lanza Verona)

    Dinamo Yantar Kaliningrad signed USA setter Donald Suxho (Prisma Taranto), Egyptian opposite Abdelhay Ahmed Salah (Al-Ahly) and Russian middle blocker Tretyakov (Fakel Novy Urengoy)

    Fakel Novy Urengoy signed Russian spiker Evgeny Sivozhelez (Dinamo Moscow), Russian spiker Dimitry Karsikov (Gazprom Ugra Surgut), Russian spiker Anton Kulikovsky (Zenit Kazan), Belarus setter Zhloba (Yaroslav Yaroslavich), Russian middle blocker Anton Astashenkov (Iskra Odintsovo) and Ukrainian opposite Konstantin Bakun (GUVD-Dynamo Krasnodar)

    New promoted Kuzbass Kemerovo signed German spiker Bjorn Andrae (Vibo Valentia), Russian libero Evdosenko & spiker Melnik (Ural Ufa) and USA middle blocker David Lee (Lokomotiv Novosibirsk)

    Another newbie in Russian Superleague GUVD - Dinamo Krasnodar signed Brazilian opposite Rodrigo Pinto "Rivaldo" and spiker Cleber De Oliveira (both Prisma Taranto)

    Hmm...looks like u in Bulgaria have similar problems with Prandi as we with Castellani. I'm also trying to understand why he avoids Kadziewicz so much.
    Anyway...I'm really looking forward to this tournament! It's gonna be really interesting! :)

    I have few friends in Poland and 2 of the are close to SKRA Belchatow & Polish NT and they said Castellani avoids Lucas because of his character. He isn't ''team'' player, hardly fits in every squad so maybe this is reason he changes clubs very often :)

    IMO right decision. Tsvetan showed that team can rely on him even he is young, so no need to have to ''older'' opposites in team because Tsvetan needs to feel Senior NT. Your statement that Yordanov ws best opposite in Greece last season doesn't stand... Miljković was far best opposite last year then Agamez from PAO. Maybe Yordanov had more points but you can't compare Olympiacos and EA Patron. First by other options in attack in both teams ( Kunnari and Kalteira in Oly as spikers/Novotny and Rodriguez in EA, not to mention middle blockers) so it's obvious that Oly have had much better options in attack but Tischer was giving ball in most cases to Miljković. Second Oly played much stronger matches during last year and finally third Oly won Greek champ'ship while EA didin't even get inot semifinals... :wavy:

    P.S. Czech Rep is also without Rak on Wagner Memorial :whistle:

    According to these squads RPA Perugia lost the most... all best players left club and players that should be key players are newbies in A1 league. I'm very interested in RPA because my former NT colleague setter Zhukouski came in RPA on loan from Macerata. He is very, very young but his talent is just magnificent. IMO he is better setter than Steuerwald and I really hope to see him in starting six.

    As you can see there is only one club in the world for me - Itas Diatec Trentino (but that doesn't mean that I don+t follow other teams). I have great admiration for Stoychev but don't understand some of his moves/or club board moves. First they shouldn't let Winiarski go last year. Juantorena is world class player but except him and Kaziyski Trentino doesn't have quality replacement on spiker position. Della Lunga isn't such good spiker and new signing Bratoev is unexperienced and need to work a lot to fulfill his talent. Herpe left Trentino so it will be very interesting to see what will happen if Kaziyski or Juantorena pick up injury :whistle:

    Vissotto left team and his absence can't be replaced IMO, really don't know who allowed this :mad: . His replacement is Stokr :aww: and he is far away from Brazilian giant and Vissotto's easiness in play will miss Trentino very much. Stokr have had nice numbers in RPA but I really doubt in his abilities. Sokolov is much better player then Czech so I cheering Sokolov get into starting six.

    Piacenza lost very important Marshall, Meoni & Bjelica, while Bravo is grateful player in rotation. Also Urnaut & Matti Oivanen left team and Copra lost depht. Zlatanov is too old to play alone so I expect Nilsson will take most points in copra this season. Great player, very rational in attacck and one of the most constant players IMO. But to sum all Piacenza lost too many important players so I don't see chances to cope with Cuneo, Trentino, Sisley even Modena. I forgot to mention setter Gonzales, his talent isn't questionable but he is psycho :lol:

    Cuneo kept winning team so only Volkov, Carletti and Galić (also my NT colleague) came in. Well balanced team, strong block (duo Mastrangelo - Volkov looks impressive), world class setter, wide attacking options makes Cuneo No.1 favorite to defend title.

    Macerata after poor last season get new coach - Berruto with slight changes. Swiderski and Lebl left team but they were out whole last season so Macerata used to play without them. IMO their main power will be again axis Vermiglio-Omrčen. Serbian NT players Podraščanin & Stanković are good defensive duo and now Vadelux joined them. Surely will will watch better Macerata this season...

    From new players I wish point up few guys : Zhukouski (setter, RPA Perugia), Galić (spiker, B.B.L Cuneo), Anderson (spiker, Vibo Valentia), Pajenk (middle bloccer, Marmi Lanza Verona) and Starović (opposite, Andreoli Latina). Trust me if those guys get their chances we will enjoy :whistle:

    Hi, Could you tell me about all rules of mercato? I mean for example, Is that true that if some team want to get some player, it must only pay for him? No cash exchange players between teams is impossible? Thanks for help.

    PS. Sorry for my poor english.

    Clubs and players are mostly waiting for the expiration of the contract and then signing players/changing clubs :drink:

    Fully agree with raylight. Japs are quite good team, IMO they are better then China and Korea. They didin't qualify for WL 2010 only because they played with Egypt and Egyptians made tremendous progress under the leadership of Italian coach Giacobbe. :obey: Opposite Shimitzu and spiker Fukuzawa are good players and Japs as raylight said playing very fast volley, with lot of team and fighting spirit. Tunisia is very weak, on last African cham'ship they were pathetic so I don't give them much chances against Japan.

    CBA Japan is much better then China and Korea IMO, so probably one of those 2 teams is going down in next WL. Ofc that will depend in what group they will play :whistle:

    Hi to all! :wavy:

    Many of you are thinking that I am from Bulgaria, due my nickname. I'm 24 years old, coming from Croatia :) I played professional volleyball in Croatia first league and for Croatian Junior NT but quit due various reasons and one of them is that I went to university. Now I use my volleyball knowledge for betting on volleyball :) I have 8 exams till end on Law University and I hope to resolve it soon. :teach: I'm glad to be here and i think we will have good cooperaion :drink:

    P.S. as I can see I'm 2nd member from Croatia :whistle: