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    how many players Russia is going to add this first week squad for the Olympic Qualifiers ? Mikhaylov, Volvich, anybody else ? Butko ? anybody else than Zenit Kazan players ? is Muserskiy healthy ?

    I'm just trying to figure out is there any chance for Iran to upset Russia. :lol: I know none of European users here want such a thing but thinking is free :whistle: Russia with Sammelvuo didn't hugely impress me . now I can give something like 5-10% chance to Iran

    Max, Artem and Butko surely will join team for OG, also Muserskiy who undergo inguinal hernia surgey. Read some rumors Verbov will join team for OG Qualies. In general I don't Iran will stand a chance against Russia as this Russia is far from ideal form and clearly Sammelvuo is still experimenting. They need to find automathism in gameplay, adopt his ideas as he is totally different coach with different ideas than Shlyapnikov. I expect Russians will grow from week to week in some aspects but don't think Sammelvuo will insist on reaching F6, IMO the very first thing he will insist on is players adopt his ideas and tactics.

    I really don't get this criticism on Lozano.

    I simply don't think China is athletically there yet to compete against the best and I don't believe the chinese players will suddenly and constantly rip a 130 km/h serve any time without making a number of faults.

    Honestly their attack and block is already there, they just need to improve on their defending and serving to take them to the next level and that's probably the hardest to train especially with a different language. Most Chinese players aren't even playing in european clubs. I really wonder how many of these players are truly experienced enough as professional volleyball players. Even Shanghai didn't really do much in CWC IIRC.

    Are you serious :aww: 29/71 with only 3 Iranian blocks is good attack :rolll: What does clubs have with NT? Does most of Japanse or Iranian players are playing in Europe? China has powerful, tall players which should/must dominate on the net,

    Last few years Lozano is a clown living on his previous results and taking money.

    Read more about Chinese program for talented athletes and their professionalism. Then read again what you wrote.

    Everyone who knows little bit about volley can see this China isn't improving under Lozano. It's pointless to discuss with person which has 0 days in profi volley about things above. :win:

    of course he is, why do you think he is not leaving Iran despite having several offers from European clubs in past few years ?!

    Didn't expect a win here, even against this Italy, and the first 1.5 set was also disastrous but Fayazi's presence was key from the second set.

    To be honest I've expected much easier win for Iran as this Italy is quite young and unexperienced on this level. IMO class difference was visible in those rare occasions when Iran managed to serve, block and attack well.

    Because Raul Lozano is head coach. Cant remember when physically superior team like China comparing to Germany looked that poor in first 2 sets... all thanks to Lozano.

    Norman played in Croatian league 2 years ago and I can say only that guy is tragic player :white::aww:... If he impressed then I can play in Korea next season.

    It's true that Leo Andrić is close to sign a contract :whistle::whistle:

    Biryukov and Makarov in Ural Ufa, Antipkin in Fakel Novy Urengoy, Kruglov, Shcherbinin and Abaev in Loko Novosibirsk

    Thanks mate :drink:

    well to be honest level of forum, mostly discussion , dropped a lot lately :white: Women section is still good but men is quite poor (except few users) so nothing to say much :)

    Regarding Zanini I'm really glad to have him on the bench as he did great job with Turkey and Slovakia IMO :obey: ofc we cannot compare to these teams in terms of logistics, number of quality players but we still have decent NT. Under previous coach we won EL Silver edition but it's a joke competition and after that there was debacle in ECH qualies where we were losing to Albania, Austria w/o Berger and Buchegger.

    Hope Zanini will return some players to NT which refused to play under Rancic and remove few of them. His appointment seems like a long term so hoping for better days:whistle:

    Head coach Ivan Rančić announced wide roster for the upcoming NT season. Croatia will take par in European Silver League, Mediterrean Games and ECH qualies.


    Tsimafei Zhukouski
    Petar Višić
    Nikola Šćerbakov
    Bernard Bakonji
    Mario Močić


    Ivan Raič
    Petar Đirlić
    Leo Andrić
    Ivan Matoković
    Krešimir Prlić
    Luka Osojnak


    Hrvoje Pervan
    Sven Šarčević


    Marko Sedlaček
    Filip Šestan
    Fran Peterlin
    Danijel Galić
    Marino Marelić
    Ante Giljanović
    Tino Hanžić
    Marko Oršolić


    Ivan Mihalj
    Sandro Dukić
    Tomislav Mitrašinović
    Dominik Brčić
    Stipe Perić
    Kristijan Šućur

    Shkulyavichus was a top scorer in the regular part of the season. He definitely deserves a chance in the NT, especially in VNL in order to rest Mikhaylov and Poletaev.

    French OH Nico Marechal joins Yenisey Krasnoyarsk.

    Setter Sergey Grankin returns to Dynamo Moscow.

    OH Lukas Diviš signs with Zenit St.Petersburg.

    Macedonian setter Gjorgi Gjorgiev in Paris volley.