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    Tsimafei Zhukouski, CRO NT setter and ex-player of Monza, Umbria and Molfetta ;)

    After surprisingly (or maybe not that much) losing the Montenegrin title last season for the first time in years, Budvanska Rivijera Budva ceased its existence :S The official reason was the financial inability to maintain the team. We remember some mysterious foreigners playing for the club in the past 2 years, I don't know, though, if it has (in)directly led to the outcome.

    I was writing about that a few months ago. Their chairman, Marović, was detained due financial malversation therefore club funding is cut. Most of the players left team even before last season end, they also lost Cup finals. In general their funding was "corrupted" as budget wasn't set officialy. MNE league is very weak, I would say amateur, so interest of sponsors doesnt exit at all.

    I suppose Jenia is having some health issues, no way he took him to Japan to sit on a bench.

    Yeah, France will fight for gold in Tokyo. This is veeeery young team, Patry and Boyer are 21 y.o., Bultor 22, Clevenot 23, Rossard 24, Chinenyeze 19 (!!) and they are playing against top teams. I don't doubt they'll make huge impact in next 2-3 years. If you add that "veterans" are under 30 now they'll have a hell of a team in Tokyo.

    Regarding performaces here - they simply dont care about GCC. This is 4th tournament in less than 4 months, motivation isnt high after ECH, they are tired and exhausted both mentally and physically so I'm not surprised with results here. We should not take GCC as their true face :wavy:

    Ok I though you meant today!

    If you're speaking about the whole summer, we can add also Spirito and Ricci to Balaso, even if we all wished they could have played more at least during the WL!

    Building a new generation is really difficult, especially if you are top team used to medals. Even though I'm not fan of Blengini's skills he did a good job with these players. Italy will be top contender for gold in Tokyo 2020, as well as France, USA and Russia.

    I wouldnt be harsh on Frenchies. Ok, they fcked up ECH but after WCH qualies and WL they simply faded :gone: As I heard they didn't even practice much after ECH, N'Gapeth and Le Roux are missing, next club season is going to be extremely difficult and long. If I was on Tillie's place I wouldnt even take Toniutti and Grebennikov to GCC.

    What I ment under good match is prospect of these teams not quality in general :) Ok Italy played whole summer in this composition but that doesnt change fact that some of these players, for the first time, playing regularly for the NT :win:

    Despite level isn't that high IMO this is good match. Both coaches fielded younger players due various reasons and in a year or two these players will be leaders of France and Italy. I would point out French setter Brizard, great prospect, who signed for Politechnika. Also both MB's, Chinenyeze and Bultor :whistle:

    And we keep doing mistake after mistake...

    And for the second time Vettori couldn't kill a smash ball!

    Also Mazzone almost couldn't kill a ball so far (but he knew I was about to write something bad of him and suddenly did a very good block :lol: )

    As I remember Italy made 83-84 mistakes in first two matches, over 100 if we add matchs vs Japan. Simply too much

    Is grebennikov injured? What happened with boyer? He’s tentative and missing his killer instinct we witnessed during WL. Even toniutti’s performance is way below his usual level.

    All of them are dead tired. It's impossible to maintain form on a high level for for consecutive months. Today looked better than on ECH but still they've made 23 errors in just 3 sets. Clear proof they're lacking concentration and freshness