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    problem is her offensive game...the nt is another story....her offensive game was not good in Poland and not great in italy either

    VB : Naz-Sheilla,Gözde-Hill,Rasiç-Kübra,Örge..not bad but seems they can have offensive problems facing opponents on the highest level

    I am not understanding the skepticism related to Hill at all. Vakifbank had the world record holder for points and she didn't do anything nor did Costagrande.

    Hill is a better receiver, server and can easily attack in a solid system. The focus on an offensive OH makes no sense. The US and Brazil have succeeded with pairs of balances OHs that are not overwhelmingly great attackers with Larson & Hill and Jacque & Garay. Kill seems to be an upgrade IMO.

    Are there any young OH players that can make an impact?

    Jelena Nikolic is getting older. Brizitka Molnar has never brought offense. Sanja Malagurski is still not where she was prior to her injury. Tijana Malesevic is not an elite player IMO. That just leaves Brankica.

    As the club season finishes up and American athletes make their way back to Anaheim, it looks like it will be a very competitive summer. Based on the updates from USAV, the athletes competing for roster spots this year look to be (with other additions I'm sure):

    S: Alisha Glass, Courtney Thompson, Molly Kreklow, Carli Lloyd, Jenna Hagglund
    OH: Jordan Larson-Burbach, Kim Hill, Alix Klineman, Cassidy Lichtman, Kelsey Robinson, Sonja Newcombe, Kristin Hildebrand, Regan Hood
    OPP: Nicole Fawcett, Juliann Faucette, Kelly Murphy
    MB: Foluke Akinradewo, Christa Dietzen, Lauren Gibbemeyer, Rachael Adams, Tori Dixon, Lauren Paolini, Cursty Jackson
    L: Nicole Davis, Tamari Miyashiro, Kayla Banwarth, Natalie Hagglund

    If the German NT would have her, it's a great opportunity for Michelle Bartsch. She's self-aware enough to realize her odds of playing for the USANT are very slim and she could have an immediate impact on the German NT. With two seasons in Germany, I think it's safe to say she understands what it's like living there and if she has has the desire I say go for it!

    btw..i dont want to be unjust to Newcombe...maybe she can do a very good job in a top team,who knows!

    i liked Rhyliuk in Bjk (she was not that famous at that time i think) she is playing in a strong team and doing a good job..of course she used to have good matches as playing for BJk too..

    I don't think you're being unjust. I think you're spot on. For the same reason that Newcombe hasn't seen action in the USANT is the same reason she probably won't be picked up by a top team on the club scene. Yes, she has a good all around game but her game doesn't stand out comparatively to other players at her position. She can certainly have a successful professional club career but I doubt she'll ever play for a top club in a major role. That's no knock to Sonja, just a realistic assessment of her career prospects based on what she's done thus far.

    I remember awhile back there was a report that the Korean League wanted to reduce the dependency on foreign players' offense, recruit younger foreign players who had less experience to even the playing field and incorporate a salary cap. Most of the top record scorers have been coming from Korea as a result of the over dependency on foreigners. Based off the release, it looks like they held a tryout in the USANT facility to select the foreign athletes for next year. Athletes had to be a maximum age of 25 years old and with less than three years of professional experience. From the tryout the players were given a ranking from 1-3 and 4-6. Players ranked 1-3 were eligible for $150,000 salary where as 4-6 players would make $120,000. Selected athletes would only be allowed to renew their contract for one additional year. It appears that the tryout was limited to American players.

    In theory, it sounds good and by limiting the age and experience the skill level of the foreign players will definitely be lower than the current athletes that has passed through Korea as of late who are established pro players but the over dependency on foreign athletes for offense will continue to be an issue.

    Hayley Spelman, Leslie Cikra and Liz McMahon are all traditional position 2 players.
    Taylor Simpson and Emily Hartong are position 4 players (whom I think have NT ability for the USA).
    Khat Bell is a position 3/2 player who could play either position well.

    It will be interesting to see how this works out next year.

    NCAA Signings/Transfers

    Estonian OH, Kadi Kullerkann signed with Pittsburgh University of her final year of NCAA eligibility.

    Source: Pittsburgh University Volleyball

    Georgia Tech University signed Belarusian OH Anna Kavalchuk and Brazilian L/OH Hellen Lacava.

    Source: Georgia Tech University

    Dutch OH and S Annelies Dokter and Dorien Den Otter signed with Winthrop University of two and three years respectively.

    Source: Wintrhop University

    German OPP
    Vera Horstmann transferred to Appalachian State for two years.

    Source: Appalachian State Volleyball