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    Wow. Did they really skip the match point!? :what:

    LOL I thought I was the only one who didn't see the last point.

    Anyways, the moment Buszek missed that hit basically gives the victory to Civitanova... Good games from both sides after all. ZAKSA really had fought till the last minute. I was amazed by the energy Sam showed in this match. Hopefully two consecutive 5-setters won't exhaust the players. It also depends on whether Sada will wake up in today's match.

    Good luck to ZAKSA. Respects <3

    So for your next trip you could do Hamburg/Lüneburg. Should be fine from a touristic and from a volleyball point of view.......

    Hmm seems like my last DM didn't go through again. I was gonna say that if you're up to meet I could travel to Hamburg after Münster and fly to Warszaw from there. What do you say?

    And is there other messaging tools you use? DM on this forum apparently is too broken.

    Hey Tim!

    Thanks for the message! I'm definitely looking forward to contributing to this forum more again.

    About the match on 24/2... Actually I was hesitating between this game and a Plusliga game but Poland cities are not easy to get to (compared to München which serves tons of US desitinations) and I have a friend in Innsbruck... so there we go. Sebastian Kühner is still on my list, along with Robert Kromm and Steven Marshall. I unfortunately doesn't know anyone on the host's side, which is kind of deja vu of a game in my last trip, Innsbruck vs Skra Belchatow :)

    About Nörd Deutschland... I remember you are based in Berlin, right? I was debating how to get to Warszaw from Düsseldorf. By flight it is definitely faster but after a quick look up I found that the train probably isn't a terrible idea. Then I should be able to make a stopover at Berlin. Do you think the views en route worth the extra time?

    Just let me know what you think. DM on this forum seems not working for me. Feel free to add me on FB to chat about details!

    Schöne Grüße

    Hey guys!

    Hopefully still there are someone who remembered who I am... I have been inactive on this forum for so long! I should have come back more often and I'll try to do so again!
    Soon I will be going on my second trip to Europe (embarrassingly the most recent post in this thread is the first part of the my last trip's report, which I guess I never finished ...), Plusliga is again the main focus, in addition to a Bundesliga match and an ECL match. My current plan is to stay in Europe from 24/2/18 to 11/3/18. And here is the tentative itinerary -

    24/2 (from Seattle) München, DE, then to Innsbruck, AT. [Bundesliga: Unterhaching vs Berlin]
    25-27 Around Innsbruck, AT and Wien, AT.
    28/2 to Paris, FR, then to Reims, FR [ECL: Chaumont VB vs Skra Belchatow]
    1/3-2/3 Düsserdolf, DE, then to Münster, DE
    3/3 to Warszaw, PL. [Plusliga: ONICO Warszawa vs ZAKSA KK]
    3/3-3/6 Around Warszaw, Lodz and Belchatow, PL
    7/3 to Rzeszow, PL. [Plusliga: Resovia Rzeszow vs Curprum Lubin]
    8/3-9/3 to Gdansk, PL
    10/3 [Plusliga: Trefl Gdansk vs Kielce]
    11/3 Back to Seattle.

    So, if any friend is near the regions I mentioned about and would like to meet up, just hit me up and I will be happy to arrange. This itinerary is still tentative and very flexible (except for the match days) so if you are not in the specific cities but not to far, I will be able to detour as well.

    Leave me a message if you're interested!

    Cheers. :drink:

    Skra got another 3-0 win against Gdansk. The 2nd set was actually quite intense. Bednorz's sub made a difference today, especially the two consecutive stuff blocks at the end of 2nd set on Gdansk's set points. Now that Penchev became most teams' serving target, Skra really should more actively exploit Bednorz and Szalpuk.

    Today Result:

    Lotos - ZAKSA 1-3 (18-25 25-21 24-26 23-25) MVP: ? stats
    Scorers: Mika (OH) 22, Romać (OP) 17, Pashytskiy (MB) 11; Konarski (OP) 20, Deroo (OH) 17, Wiśniewski (MB) 9, Buszek (OH) 9

    MVP is Sam Deroo.

    I'm still kinda upset about Skra's loss yesterday. Apparently the good passing from the match against ZAKSA didn't carry on and the middles didn't work well. Lemanski is definitely evolving - he was a monster at blocking yesterday which caused the biggest trouble for Skra. Before the match I predicted that Penchev whould have been whom all Resovia's services went to... well it happened and Penchev didn't survive.

    Anyways, looking forward to the second meeting on 1/27!

    Yes. President Piechocki also mentioned that Kurek would be playing attacker, but the final decision is up to Head Coach Blaine. Also for now the highest priority is for Kurek to get full recovery.

    It's confirmed that Bartosz Kurek returns to Skra Belchatow.

    I couldn't be happier. After 4 years finally he is back home :D.

    I don't know how much he'll play this season, but hopefully he has a good recovery and become the old Skra Kurek lol.

    it's just NT, he'll play in AZS Politechnika Warszawska in upcoming club season ^^

    btw. it looks like they'll be grat games :D

    Was there livestream, or is there video of this match? I only saw some clips on instagram but I really want to watch the full match.

    And is the match on Sunday going to be aired on Polsat-1 or Polsat-News? Those seem to be the only channels that can be accessed through ipla subscription.

    Nice and consistent performance by Poland! I really like to watch that Poland were playing like a team that everyone was making their best possible contribution to the victory. On the other side, really amazing serves by Symeshev! I kind of underestimated how much trouble his serves may bring to Poland. Anyways, I'm really glad the red-and-white boys handled it really well in the end.

    The second SF was like a roller-coaster. I guess the whole match could be just highlighted in the last 6 points. Ukraine was trailing 8-13 and Plotnytskyi stepped to the service line, and six rally later everyone was shocked by Ukrainian's 15-13 win. I literally could smell Italy's coach's desperation as he was sorrowing and squatting by the court. I think Polish boys must be warned. Even though Poland had an easy win in the preliminary round, the story might be different tomorrow.

    Is Plotnytskyi playing in any major leagues? I saw that he played in Rio in beach volleyball (another shocking fact to me). I won't be surprised if he's the next rising star.

    The 2nd round of ECQ is around the corner!

    Just out of curiosity - who will be the head coach of Germany in this tournament? On the official website it still says Heynen, who I believe has signed a contract with Belgium... Is that correct?

    I watched Poland vs Germany. Before the match I was thinking Germany are big candidates for SFs, so this match would be determining the top place of the pool. Well, totally didn't expect such a quick win for Poland.

    For me, two reasons contributed to Deutschen's collapse. Actually in the first set those guys played quite well, they were leading in the first half of the 1st set. But they couldn't handle Huber's serve... Huber is the only float server on Polish team and normally float serves are not as powerful as jump. Anyways, I believe it was Balster who messed up the passing and Germany lost 5 points in a row and most likely lost themselves in the remaining of the match. Another reason might be the opposite, Auste stayed only a brief period in the 1st and 3rd set. To me he was not too bad, because his sub Moennich played really badly. Opposites are supposed to be reliable attackers in their teams, but Moennich made so many faults.

    Krick is definitely a player to watch. When a 210cm player standing in front of you, even Kochanowski cannot ignore the block. Another one is Bogachev - he has pretty decent serves and attacking skills on the left. Actually he was the player who gave Germany the 2 points lead in the 1st set. I'm a big fan of his selfies on Instagram. (BTW why does he label himself as Russian?)

    Pool I has a very interesting situation per se. Poland should have no problem to secure a spot in final 4, but the other spot is open to Bulgaria, Ukraine and Deutschland, who are directly competing each other in the next two game days!