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    For whom interested in...

    Left : So-young Lee, Jae-young Lee, Ji-young Oh, Jung-ah Park, Yeon-koung Kim, Song-yi Han
    Setter : Da-young Lee, Na-yeon Lee, Ye-jin Sho
    Center : Jun-im Ha, Soo-ji Kim, Hyo-jin Yang, Hye-jin Kim, Hee-jin Kim
    right : Yeon-joo Hwang, Seung-joo Pyo, Yoo-na Bae
    Libero : Hae-ran Kim, Ji-yeon Nam

    Hi, I have a big question to ask: Would you mind tell me all those players' hanja? Chinese media usually translate Korean names by pronunciation because their hanjas are hard to find (unlike in Japanese), so as far as I know, there're a lot of mistakes, for example: they all mistake 金軟景(Kim Yeon-Koung) as 金延璟. Maybe they think those names sound better that way, but I'm kinda like the things what they really are.

    Is there any way to watch these games? I would like to see the current shape of Xu Ruoya and Tang Ningya. Both were as good as Zhu Ting in youth level, If this two improve as much as Zhu, CHN would be dominator of next decade :white:

    I'm afraid Xu Ruoya hasn't improved as much as Zhu Ting during the last 2 years and are not likely to be selected by NT in short terms. But now Tang Ningya is switching to the new position as opposite, we have a lot of hopes on her because good Opps are seriously in need in NT. We'll see how she's gonna do on the new position during this season's club matches.

    The East Asian games team is made up of Junior NT and Youth NT members, who won both world championships this year :cup: . So it's exciting to see how they can perform then. :super:

    Actually, China won Asian Championship in 2011 already, but I agree with everything else you said.

    Today, Shen Jingsi's backward setting is very problematic, neither Ma Yunwen nor Zeng Chunlei could hit comfortably, the only exception is her club teammate Yang Junjing. :aww:

    Chen Zhan seems a little nervous, after all she doesn't have Zhang Xian's international experience, let's give it time.

    So far, 3 young talented players born in 1994 impress me the most: Gabi, Zhu Ting, and Miyashita.

    Gabi is such a good all-around player that I think she can totally fill in the position which Jaqueline left behind, she could be the most reliable OH of Bra NT for the next 11 years! :thumbup:

    Zhu, having stolen thunder from everyone else during JWCH, including Gabi, shows a lot of her potential in attacking, and also improves her receiving and defending everyday :heart:

    Miyashita, it's never easy to be the setter of JPN NT, not to mention covering the blank of Takeshita, but she did it. She keeps running the team in fast speed and give spikers enough 1-on-1 opportunities, if not as many as Takeshita could. Plus she's a better blocker and a decent defender.

    As a Chinese fan, I won't be that optimistic and China is definitely not a beast right now, they have many weakness. They advance first because of relatively easier groups, the only strong team they'll face is Serbia, while the match only starts after both team have already qualified, god knows how much efforts those 2 teams would put into this last one. :whistle:

    U20 is for players born after 1994, so I guess U23 would be for players born after 1991.

    And I don't think we should send our A Team players, they're tired already. We should select an eligible squad from the rest.

    OH: Li Jing (91), Zhang Yichan (91), Fan Linlin (91), Wang Qi (93)/ Pi Yanchi (93)

    OPP: Tang Ningya (94), Wang Huimin (92)

    S: Zhao Jingxue (93), Liu Meiling (91)

    MB: Yang Zhou (92), Zhang Xiaoya (92), Liu Peixin (93), Wang Ning (94)

    L: Lin Li (92), Huang Liuyan (94)

    Well said. And one more thing, Macau and Hong Kong are different members in FIVB, so technically Wuhan is the only place China plays domestically.

    Any way, since it's called Grand Prix, of course events follow with market and prizes, Hong Kong and Macau both have a great volleyball fanbase for Team China, also sponsors there are willing to take out prize money for this team, Any other country feels unfair should try to find two adjacent countries where your team is the crowd favorite and willing to host the event with abundant prize money, then you can do the same. Otherwise your whining is pointless.

    Yeah, I've been following these news after WGP, there were different rumours of new stuff and new squad everyday:mad:. Wang Baoquan's resignation is not so surprising, but Chen Zhonghe wouldn't come back let me down a little bit :wall:. Now the real good news is, Zhou Suhong's back! :lol: :lol: I know I shouldn't get my hopes up too high, given her age and long time absence from the team, but I just can't wait to watch her play in WCH! :heart:

    Yes, we will play with China in fisrt match..It will be a great match. :win: You like Nihan? :D She probably won't be in starting 7..Gülden was back to the team and will play as a first libero! :drink:
    Do you have any news about Hui and Wei? Will they play in World Championship? :?:

    I know Nihan is not in starting line right now, but I believe she can still play good games.

    Hui just had a surgery, and won't play in the next half a year. Wei's injury is not so serious, she'll still play the WCH, but with the new coach and new squad, it's too early for her to pin a starting position.

    I think the big news is, Zhou Su-Hong has been back to the team, and will play in WCH, barring anything unforeseen.

    Too bad Turkey lost to China in China Tournament last month :(
    I dislike Chinese.

    Too bad you dislike Chinese, I'm drowning in my tears now. :lol:

    You know what? I also like Japanese women's team and have quite a few Japanese friends. So I won't be so narrow-minded to say I dislike Japanese.

    btw, to Turkish friends, I like Neslihan, Nihan and Naz, too, they are very impressive players. Turkey and China will be in the same group in WCH, and will play the first match of the group, I'm already looking forward to it.

    It goes without saying that the US team block is good, but Wei Qiuyue sets in the counter-attacks helped USA a lot in this task. The american blockers didn't even have to run in the net, cause the ball was set right in front of the double blocking.

    The American team is playing a very consistent volleyball, they are blocking well but what amazes me the most is their defense. They are defending like Italy was doing last year, which makes other teams a lot less confident when they attack.

    So CHN lost 0-3 to USA, it's disappointing, but not as bad as the score board looks. CHN's MBs performance were partly hindered by their multiple injuries. :( Also, I'm totally with you that Wei Qiuyue are not good enough to carry this team on, neither is Li Juan. Now the starting setter and the opposite are the major weakness of this team, but change will not come easily as it should be. Wei and Li come from the same city with head coach Wang Baoquan, who served for the same club in Tianjin together for the last decade. I highly doubt Wang's guts to cut off any of his fellow-citizens, including Chen Liyi and his own daughter, Wang Qian, from national team. And there won't be major changes before the end of world championship, we just have to accept it and endure it whatsoever. Hopefully with Hui Ruoqi's back, CHN probably could make it into semi-finals, that's as much I can expect. :wall: